#81 is "out of control" plan (on)

    > bounded mountain fortress, North wall.

    "Your Highness connaght, really determined?!"

    Just get the fortress command deputy commander, Ernst hurried to the middle-aged Cleveland, standing behind sacland Prince panic does not choose ":

    The deputy commander of the fort as I ask you to reconsider the proposal!"

    Look cool, Desaliang connaght overlooking the ice bound wilderness the endless horizon, dominated by the ice storm of hell, also once had a powerful kingdom of world supremacy.

    "This is what I thought after the results, otherwise it will not be delayed until now." Connaght hands a fist, look dignified:

    "I will personally lead North Valley -- blood skeleton!"

    "Your Highness connaght, this command I won't......"

    "Why" the Sage 'Brandon I will abandon the bounded mountain fortress defense advantage in blood and bones Valley invasion of the monster army fight?"

    Suddenly ask connaght interrupted the middle-aged Cleveland words, staring at his face;

    Ernst is a very slight frown, said hesitation:

    "And because the monster Army force and compared to the number of bounded, mountain fortress defense is too narrow not enough depth, once occupied......"

    "No! Ernst, right... This is the imperial history writing, is a fully understand the strategy and tactics of the later words! Tell me in your own experience and wisdom, why!"

    Ernst is the prince of sacland looking solemn words plug, rendered speechless.

    Sigh gently, middle-aged Knight raised his head hard to look at him:

    "I don't know."

    Connaght nodded slightly, in the eyes of the dignified ease slightly,

    "Me too, I don't understand this almost like gambler behavior -- the so-called deep weak, 4 apostles appear at the same time, confidence...... Flattering flattery only, they don't know the real reason for Brandon Thi's."

    Tried to calm the mood, connaght replied: "the real answer is really very simple, Brandon made a wrong judgment."

    "Wrong... Judge?"

    "Yes, but not long ago, I have made similar mistakes -- that the Welch family's illegitimate child and his men are a group of road does a deserter, this is my time judgment; and now more and more evidence that I might be really wrong!"

    "No matter what God apostle, if it is found that Wangcheng lost the dragon, the result must be disastrous!"

    Suddenly turned to look like connaght angry ferocious dragon like: "just four gods apostles, let Empire must go all out to avoid the fate of destruction; for those who truly gods awakening, more and more military fortress, it is absolutely impossible to resist them!"

    "It's the Holy Cross enemies let Qunlong wings, the devil will be dragon kingdom of ashes......"

    But if this is my own mistakes, then I will go up personally!"

    Slightly clenched the hilt, sacland Prince looked at his deputy commander of one eye: "what do you want to tell me?"

    "Only one." Ernst sighed: "Ain Rand, who came with his Highness Prince Brandon of the alchemist, claiming to want and you can go to blood skull valley."

    "Ain Rand told you, I don't agree, I promised Brandon to protect his friends in the north, I can't do this point." Said: "let the light connaght Rangers and the army ready to storm a stop on the official starting."

    Ernst's look solemn reverent and respectful bow:

    Yes, "!"


    The ice like roar, roar of the storm, metal collision whine, ice crushing......

    The nameless snow mountain, on the head of carrion magic hair siege wizard and escort knight is desperate to support.

    Method Odar power is indeed let black wizard some accident, can own and escort knight two people at the same time will alert hundreds of head rot unburied in ambush around; but on the other hand, it also shows that the other is still crazy, just a little "experienced" the madman......

    If from the beginning he released the first time carrion magic, rather than engage in this "drill out" in the stunt, when the cave himself died without burial ground!

    Toss up to now, also deliberately what "the dead" trick, is entirely superfluous, purely to meet the so-called abnormal bad taste.

    Even if there are hundreds of head carrion magic block, this distance is 90 still hold a defeat each other, and then use the "Turin fire" will blow it into fly ash.

    But... It has no meaning at all, is a "kill" success, Ouda method will revive in the wilderness glacier; tens of thousands of monster army still will contain their actions.

    Not to mention the throat cut through the sword then wear brain dead, pharnaces......

    "Pan -!"

    In consideration of Loren "absent-minded" moment, escort Knight hands "gem star" to block him from the right side. The Ice Lance, cracked ice left a bloodstain in the Dark Wizard's face.

    "Now is the time of God?!"

    Escort Knight growl complexion of indifference, the gap will be filled with stars as the axe can waving, screaming in front of carrion magic sword instantly reduced to fragments.

    "I'm sorry!" A slight tilt of the mouth sliding Loren grey blue Dodge, like the beam from the head Jianmang like carrion magic head over a light side turning dodged another from behind the chest nearly ice lance.

    Hundreds of carrion fiends, constantly in the two "no" reduced to fragments with screaming down one after another.

    The method Odar just slightly haggard sneer, such as firewood is only slightly open fingers, gently lift;

    The blink of an eye, already pale figure smashed to pieces again stood up, a roar of the ice to pounce on their.

    There is time to apologize, then think of a way to quickly!" Eyes always fixed on the move Odar escort Knight sink roared, Janus again cold will be just "Resurrection" monster smash:

    "Continue, failure is only a matter of time!"

    Grey blue Jianmang through carrion magic head, then light deflection, grab before the guard in a knight long block down.

    "If you say so, I do have a way." Black Witch: "look dignified but you may need to make a" small "sacrifice......"


    "Adults pharnaces guard Sir Knight, excuse me......" Lauren's mouth showed a significant smile:

    "...... Could I have this godless pseudo believers, witnessed a miracle of the Holy Cross?"

    Escort Knight look slightly loose, eyes flashed a decidedly.

    "Pan -!"

    The heavy impact sound, chastity can inserted into the earth beneath the stars;

    Look solemn escort Knight fell on one knee, arms flat tail can hold star blade instead of the hilt, in front of the body to form a "Holy Cross" shape.

    See this scene of the law Ouda instinct feeling a sense of panic, the body over the black line also appears to be the familiar signs under slightly trembling.

    "My Lord, please allow me to make my motto, wash iniquity......"

    "Arrogant as I as I envy, greed, and tyranny as I as i;"

    Please refer to the "Holy Cross of light, illuminating the darkness"

    "To forgive to violent, a blessing to shame......"

    A look startled law Ouda suddenly like what is remembered, the hands of the wood again gathered from deep black light, at the kneeling figure.

    The ice like roar came from the surrounding, originally ordered to attack the carrion fiends suddenly like crazy left side of the Dark Wizard, turned toward the motionless figure.

    "The sun rises, the world will be like heaven......"

    "You will be walking on the ground, as the walking in the sky......"

    "Boom -!"

    To guard the Knights of the carrion fiends by a sudden blast instantly broken off, leaving an arc like shape in the middle of the clearing.

    High order spell, impact force!

    "Convert to The sin is great. acts, will be redeemed......"

    "This is the...... The vow of the sword!!!!"
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