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    A moment method Ouda suddenly looked up, with a shock of black hair wizard almost instinctively from its place.

    Because at that moment, Loren view clearly see that from the hands of the old "wood", already became in the "black line" wrapped like a spear to stab himself like ghost!


    Life is a rock "instant burst spear", into tiny ice crystals scattered on the ground, as if it is never existed.

    The black wizard's complexion a cold - touch rock is not what the "spear", but wrapped in wood that is like substance like, exudes the flavor of black light is unknown!

    It is in the middle of the night, it is completely around the dark, but the dark light is still in essence like around the law alder body will flow slowly, everything can all become engulfed by color.

    Yes, from the beginning, provoke each other, let law Ouda irrational is Lauren and discuss tactics as Gabriel, after all, with a total dog is easier than dealing with a sane;

    But the Dark Wizard suddenly some regret, he is likely to do a very bad decision......

    "Flash, do not be met!"

    See escort Knight holding a "gem star" went straight into the arms of law alder, eyes of the Lauren stopped him.

    Alert escort Knight immediately reverse the pace, direction and dropped the sword to cleave, but still did not mean to stop.


    Not until the Dark Wizard could cover the black beam has fallen on his side, like the black hole of devouring everything silently to escort Knight figure sweep!

    Snow, ice, rock, mountain wall...... Everything is the black light touch, has turned into a scattered ice and dust, disappear.

    "Croce ah, if we can soar in the sky, we will embrace your glory......"

    Whisper guard Knight even dodge do not mean that speed will be completely with the dark beam behind!

    Have to admit that if there is no "enhanced beyond perception", their true level is nothing compared to the escort Knight - even in a strengthening state, is only slightly better than first tier.

    "The gun pointed" spewing black "beam" kept roaring, always firmly locked running dodge shadow; and every time they are escorted to the knight behind, but it has blocked five step up in Europe can not close outside the law.

    Until... The way the figure stopped in front of cliff......


    The dark "beam" is approaching, nearly a foot on empty guard knight has time to dodge panic; a foot to the side walls, expressionless again he waved the "gem star", to have positive like madness by alder.

    No time to hesitate!

    Loren once again raised the things that vanishes in a flash, the left hand, forming a fireball thrown together in the air than red dawkins!

    "Boom -!"

    The cracking sound shook the entire cave, even on the outside of the escort knight, can clearly feel the explosion can destroy everything.


    What is not.

    Time seems to stagnate at this moment, the dark pupil Loren with incredible colors.

    Is not the "Turin fire force is suppressed, does not spell failure at that moment touch, he clearly saw the golden red flames burst scene.

    But at that moment burst out of the fire, was an easy job to do "kill" alder!

    Just the touch of a finger, the gold and red flames like fragile creatures have life, struggle, in the old black light finger covered crying, screaming, eventually...... Dissipation。

    Even the slightest trace, never leave!

    This is... The "death" of power?

    Not only is deprived of "life", but the exact whenever the presence of substances that can be eliminated?

    The Icy Touch Up Black wizard's body, fear of the moment touch clenched his heart...... Aas Muriel said yes, now he is not Lehmann 's opponent.

    The frowning Roland, looking at the figure of European law.

    The next moment, a trend which cannot be halted have rushed to the escort Knight law alder body before, is full of gap "gem star" with a torn air whistling calm down!

    The sword, cut off by Odar arms, with a ferocious expression head was flying through the air.

    Cleave second sword, the elderly will be cut, the upper body lost in the head from the central is a trend which cannot be halted near the open series of broken ribs exposed chest, suspected heart "meatball" touching the sword ridge instantly burst, the residual limbs will be reduced to fragments.

    In this brutal killings, who hold still frowning;

    Wrong... Should not......

    But the black wizards still follow the first plan, almost at the same time and escort Knight out of the cave, burning toward the direction of the left hand behind suddenly thrown out of the fireball.

    "Turin fire"!

    "Boom -!!!!"

    Crackling flames swept, the tumbledown cave collapse moment, countless snow and gravel law Ouda remains buried in the depths of the.

    The end of the... The night once again return to silence.

    Just like that? Is it too smooth......

    It seems a long time, Leng was beside escort Knight slapped woke up in situ dark wizard.

    "Alder is not dead, he is still alive."

    Deadpan escort Knight slightly narrowed eyes, look solemn look to the Dark Wizard and then shook his head:

    "No, it should be his body there is no concept of life and death -- we can do is just stuck with him, and... Is temporary."

    "The sad people, already know what is life."

    Sad person? Aware of what the look back to the guard Loren knight, eyes meaning: "you know it... Who is he?"

    Like hesitated for a moment, escort Knight nodded, but did not say what.

    "Can you tell me?"

    Escort Knight shook his head again.

    Well, it is no exception...... Black witch he shrugs.

    At least until now, the whole project is going well by the Cthulhu Odar apostle temporarily can not stop their entrance, could not find the Dragon Wangcheng;

    So the only remaining problem is suddenly "Resurrection" of the guard and pharnaces knight; although Loren very much hope that each other's objectives and their different, but according to Eboden's experience, I hope this probability is extremely slim.

    To confront Cthulhu apostles, the two sides may be the only line of cooperation.


    In Lauren and escort Knight are ready to leave when a part company each going his own way, a sudden sound alert at the same time let two people back.

    The dark silence of midnight, even the slightest sound in the storm has become very clear!


    The snow and debris covered the ground suddenly stretched out a pale withered arm, a hold of the right leg guard knight!

    Guard the knight's face flashed a surprise, then pull out the sword will cut off the arm can star.

    Somber two successive backward. Or surprised or frightened eyes staring at the ground around -- at the same time, on the ground around one after another appeared again more pale and Haggard's arm like a reptilian drilled the ground.

    No, not just the arms, legs, head and body...... A few hundred head, head and even more carrion fiends are drilled out from the ground!

    Don't wait until they could surprise, more strange things happened.

    Originally buried in the collapse of the French cave Odar limbs, just like "living" like to drill out from the ground, slowly toward the same direction with the.

    Split the "heart", the chest, limbs fracture reduced to fragments, rolling head...... Around with carrion fiends like ice roar, escorted limb again stitching together the knight break!

    "Do you really think I would know that this is, in a trap. Still no equipment?"

    Like a marionette like method alder, mouth mechanical closed said, was filled with black eyes emit light is abnormal:

    "Now... Are you going to do 'kill' old?"
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