In the Seventy-eighth chapter, we declare the Holy Cross...... (2)

    The night is deep, but still do not see signs of the storm.

    The whistling wind, falling between the dark side of the glacier has not heard carrion fiends that ice crack like roar; the stars only can clearly see, but the towering shadow ned Hoge.

    In the monster army fled down the day black sorcerer hid in a deep snow cave cave, desperate to gasp, pounding heart almost broke through the chest, the whole body torn apart!

    Holding the hands of the "bright silver", disordered breathing Loren rely on the mountain sitting on the floor, entrance pupil motionless staring at the dark cave, eyes not offset a moment.

    He was waiting, that had been trying to kill himself for a day of himself looking up.

    And they will come.

    No other reason, as the apostle Lehmann at this point is enough - "skeletons." the dog and its owner, also have the same hobby "".

    In desperation, the plight of cornered, heavy linger under siege downhearted......

    Abnormal madman like the mouth, isn't it?

    The snow outside the cave has not relented, icy winds gradually let the body stiff and numb, a little bit of the remaining heat in the body tired devoured, grasped the hilt left to keep the activity, not to lose consciousness.

    Messy hair under the dark eyes are bloodshot, in the light dark night almost can not see what the frozen teeth chattering; hair gently licking chapped lips wizard, to keep myself calm.

    Fuzzy vision, a teeter figure appeared in the caves.

    "Talkative little sir, we did not expect so soon again."

    On crutches by Odar entered into the cave, gentle and implicative words, but through the icy breath: "hurt, or that your friends have you left dead beat?"

    "Ouda sir, you can be nice to see."

    The whistling wind let the body gradually numb Lauren managed a little while with hair standing on end, smile: "actually, I should not continue to get away."

    "Very good......"

    The tone of the elderly increasingly cold: "before the proposal is still valid, the entrance ned Hoge told the old, before things can let bygones be bygones, old will let you embrace death without pain."

    A gasp, dark haired wizard struggling to climb up from the ground, the dark pupil exudes a glittering eye: "in fact, I have a proposal for you......"


    Method Odar expression is very delicate, a bright eyes: "we are preparing to give dying kicks... It is unfortunate!"

    "Such a naughty old creature, must replace the" skeletons. "Punish! Torture, torture, torture! Steel nail ear exoculation, cut nose, pry the cranial from brain, thoracic cut and chop sticks, dirty man peeling boneless......"

    Just calm the old man suddenly smell blood like a ferocious beast like muttering, throat kept the issue of breaking wind like sound.

    But his voice broke another footsteps, appeared in the cave.

    And from the sound of the sword.

    Just a moment, excited by Odar restored the original indifference, the head also don't return the old man nodded slightly, mouth with teeth: "this despicable foul smell nidering, remember the old crystal clear......

    Yes, only dogs will cross distribute the taste!"

    Deadpan escort Knight unsheathed sword, is not anxious not to move closer to a step by step behind the Alder is full; the gap can star drag down the foot of snow on the ground left a deep scratches.

    The black haired wizard rose slowly down the hands of bright silver, chapped lips softly whispered, grey blue Yousui Jianmang blooming glory in the dark of the night, like the cold flame constantly handling flames.

    Method Ouda clenched hands crutches, looked at almost a look of contempt of an eye guard behind the knight, coldly watching black sorcerers eyes.

    "A wizard and a knight of the church...... You had time braving mortal risk will lead to the old man here, this is your trap?"

    "Yes, this is my trap, this is my last, only." Loren slowly open mouth: "you will die here!"

    "Ridiculous, man power......"

    "Cthulhu Lehmann tex -- the so-called" dead bones "Hiddink arch-criminal carrion this magic monsters, control of the 'death' of the ending form of the devil, in other words, as long as the" to kill beasts "in front of it is absolutely not worthy!"

    The sudden opening cold Loren interrupted the old man: "whenever" dead "is Lehmann 's servant, can take away life can also be given, or even continuous transformation between."

    "So we are still mortal, in front of Lehmann Benitez has absolutely nothing to do."

    "But... You are not the Liemandt J law; Ouda sir, you are only Lehmann 'apostles...... So, you have the power is limited, or 'extremely' co.."

    "Isn't it? If the gods Lehmann Coates, even hundreds of thousands of carrion magic can rubeishizhi, even is a series of patches of snow mountain in front of it, suddenly turns into ashes!"

    "Rather, the reason that this barren land will become today's appearance, it is because of Lehmann 's forces created by the wrong?"

    Lauren cool speed fast, said method Ouda more and more ugly face under successive stop:

    "If you have comparable Levin mendez... No, just close to the strength of cast in only one who had ashes; the reason why until now not because in how smart, not because you intentionally."

    "If you want to describe it, if Liemandt J is the moon, you are just a piece of fluorescent stone; the dreaded power actually is a poor but clumsy imitation, and poor level of the caster be roughly the same!"

    "So the real answer is very simple, your strength is not enough to kill me, because you are......

    Too! Weak! -!"

    The voice echoed in the cave, approaching from the rear guard Knight stopped, squint at the body trembled for the elderly".

    In the Dark Wizard's sight, the method of Ouda cold face constantly distorted, change the vagaries of the face kept tight heartstrings; Loren hard swallow slobber, clenched the left hand started to sweat.

    Aas Muriel... The best you don't fool me, or I go to hell will drag on for you!

    "Oh... Really, my dear Loren began to doubt the poor as Gabriel." A boy's voice sound sigh in Loren mind:

    "At this time, I really did not lie, as I mentioned, each are very familiar with each other on the gods; and Lehmann Benitez this metamorphosis crazy, perhaps thinking, curiosity, nausea and strange behavior of indulging in various kichiku sacrifice ceremony......"

    "But, like all the sick and the madman, most can not stand is the verbal provocation and stimulation!"

    Not until notice Loren over, an instant, Ouda like Xiongshou method a ferocious roar, trembling with the right hand raised black skull!

    At that moment, as if to see the tree wall Loren first opened the "valve" of their own.

    A black thread from the skull, along the withered arm, neck gradually poured face, until the last full body, let the screaming sounds like law Odar apart!

    Slightly changed the face of the Black Knights and wizards guard looked at each other, they almost simultaneously raised his sword, slowly moving pace, ready to go.

    All over the "black line" method of alder howl, suddenly bowed his head! Twitching limbs like a monster in his body to walk the creeper.

    "Low underground creatures, Croce dirty dogs......"

    Slowly looked up, eyes dim by Odar black has been completely soaked, pus overflow open mouth viscous kept the:

    "Ready... In the face of death -?!"
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