In the seventy-seventh chapter, we declare the Holy Cross...... (on)

    Dragon Wangcheng, somewhere glacial wasteland.

    With the snow falling like white glaciers such as cracks caving, tremor noise came from far away one after another, in an unbroken line echoed in the hills.

    And in the storm, there are tens of thousands of "grey" wave between the snow capped mountains in a non-stop "surging roll"; as a corruption fester, a little white snow will devour, destroyed.

    "We may have to detour, pharnaces."

    Said a ragged smock wrapped in a cloak of knights guard deadpan, grey wave narrowed eyes overlooking the distant "":

    "Almost all devils blocked the road ahead, can not pass!"

    Saturnine pharnaces holding Scripture, just watching the storm dragon in the shadow of Wangcheng, cold eyes except reverent silence, also had a manic joy.

    Silently watching all of this escort Knight slight frown, this is not the first time he saw pharnaces deliberately suppress his inner emotions.

    Eboden in the sewers that day...... What the adults pharnaces exactly what happened?

    "We can't take a detour." Pharnaces slightly pursed her lips, pierced the palm skin after temporarily controlled their mood: "since God's Apostle has first arrived, that we must not let them grab in front of us into Hoge ned!"

    What's more, Hoge is around ned bergschrund deep, even if the detour is the same; in addition to the "apostate" Rogan had gone through "Redemption", has no so-called "other ways"."

    "Forced through, in addition to!"

    "So, we have to face the evil monster army and the apostles." Eye complex escort Knight threw back his head, again looking into the distance "corruption":

    "Please forgive his offense, but in the face of such a number of monster; even with the blessing of Holy Cross, even to sacrifice, not afraid of dying......"

    "We have no chance of winning!"

    Face the cold back slightly pharnaces standing in the snow storm, the figure has been covered with snow, his face still remained to be ice cut wounds:

    "You are the honest I as in the past, a little to understand why the English of Innocent bishop Brandon Thi will be his Majesty 'can give you the stars" - very ashamed, as your master is the Archbishop after the discovery of this point."

    "There is no need for you to apologize to me."

    "But this time, because we are going to fight for the Holy Cross, you are the only one who can wield a sword."

    Pharnaces expression very serious: "Mr. Hoge is already in sight, we cannot in this place because of fear and stop the power of god."

    "A despicable" apostate "can go the way of salvation, so we should be more followers as holy cross to finish it!"

    Escort Knight did not speak, just nod, clenched "gem star" hilt.

    What's more, the Great Holy Cross has been my inspiration." Pharnaces silently said, sharp eyes staring at the collapse of the snow peak somewhere:

    "I already know we stopped the way God who is the apostles, to the glory of the Holy Cross, we will destroy this breach of faith fanatics!"

    Until this moment, escort Knight pupil finally ignited a craze for flame.

    Yes, money, fame, power, hatred, obsession, bet, price...... The sword is never to cross these while waving.

    Swear to the Church of the knight, just waving the sword in the heart of faith!

    "The oath" is the Holy Cross given human to protect their power, is in a collapse of an endangered world neutral non reverse walls; not divided into North and south, nation, race......

    As long as the true faith Croce, the sun was shining on the land, is the power of the local watch.

    This is the "sword oath" -!

    In the second generation will decline Croce church, who made the oath of the church knights to go into exile, in the hands of the sword is not included in the holy cross arms of the people will not kill monster; remember their names, because they had abandoned the self, whole-heartedly follow the faith.

    Fight for faith, it is the thing you should do, is a "pledge" sword of the knight should do......

    At that moment, a violent shock suddenly interrupted on escort knight; two alert up almost at the same time, to see the tremor coming from the direction, and staring.

    Because of the mountains... The shivers!

    Tens of thousands of carrion fiends from ice cracked the roar, the sound echoed the concussion of the entire glacier wilderness, like flowing towards the flood, where they rushed to the snow mountain!

    The collapse of the mountain trail, pouring down the avalanche, after countless monster, in that uniform step and reduced to fragments of ice...... Intense and sharp sound like thunder, two people make the prolonged tremor cannot even stand at the foot of.


    Escort Knight immediately "gem star" deeply stabbed at the foot of the ice, then grabbed the left hand hold pharnaces the stature.

    Even at this moment, the guard Knight still keenly felt by pharnaces intentionally evade her right hand......

    Somewhere the complexion pharnaces staring at the cliff, seems to have been aware of this sudden tremor because what exactly is, the sharp eyes flashed across the sky.

    Fundamental busy escort Knight vigilant around, to prevent the mountain carrion fiends took the opportunity to climb the mountain.

    But it is only a second time, he would never have to worry about this problem.

    As a "very familiar" figure, has appeared in front of them.

    "It is haven't met in a long time ah, Sir Knight, guard again see I live, there is not the slightest surprise?"

    With amusement, appeared in two eye of Laurent Turin mouth brought a cool radian, meaningful to see that "impressive" figure:

    "Have you... You really did not die pharnaces adults."

    Countless carrion fiends scream roar of the scene, three people again "friendly" meeting.

    "Right, those who are your magic carrion from right, Laurent Turin."

    It is difficult to suppress the cold tone with pharnaces said: "how, ready to borrow the power to get rid of our gods? Excluding the cost of use unscrupulous divisive tactics style, you really is a wizard model!"


    Loren cold smile: "and in order to eradicate Eboden wizards, to use the blood drug destroy half the city killed tens of thousands of innocent civilians, compared to the last released their body nearly lead to disaster in the pharnaces adults, or too tender!"

    His eyes flashed a silent pharnaces murder silent guard, Knight unsheathed can star; the atmosphere of crisis is imminent!

    "But risked being torn carrion magic was also to kill the two mountain I come before you, not specifically to provocation."

    Black haired wizard Schmidt, smile gradually ease: "although you will wonder why here, but there is no doubt that Wangcheng is trying to enter the dragon, right?"

    "...... So what?"

    "What's the big deal, you can not find the exact route -- because" the first Wizard "Rogan's clues, I have been destroyed."

    For a moment, to see the extreme expression of pharnaces, cold voice: "what do you really want to do?!"

    "No... You have made a mistake, I destroy clues not to stop you, but to let the evil apostle find the real entrance."

    See escort Knight Sword parry, dark haired wizard back slightly alert half step, hands behind the back: "back to the wizard -- compared to me this not worth mentioning," skeletons. "The Apostle should is your goal?"

    "What happened is because of various reasons, he is now very wants to kill me; you can see it, even after the mobilization of monster army at all costs, once I was caught in the secret entrance will restrain!"

    "So, I have a 'small' proposal......"
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