#74 of death "guide" (below)

    "Boom -!!!!"

    The golden red fire crack, approaching carrion magic in flames instantly torn, tumble blast swept away, and also have been open on both sides of the monster.

    "The road is now - syn!" The black wizard roar sounded.

    The young pupil gray complexion ferocious without a moment's hesitation, not hesitate to bump into boiling in the smoke and flames, a sharp dagger from the air at Le Mans, whistling in the wind!

    The dark pupil reflected in the law Odar cold smile, teeter "elderly" motionless, not even the slightest resistance of intention.

    He is so cold... Three people watched.

    Roslyn rushed out from waving swords smoke and flames, the cold sword tear snow storm, while at the old man's face and neck.

    Then again, powerful monsters, lost head die!

    "It is really a... A ridiculous idea."

    "For the death and disappearance of these... I have completely different ideas with you."

    "Bang!" The ice crunch came.

    Roslyn stared at the moment to touch the hands of the alder method, Ai Le Mans dagger like ice like split into tiny ice crystals, dissipated in the air.

    The next moment, the old right moment hold juvenile neck grey eyes will he referred to the air, struggling road does at this moment like a real boy like a fragile, red face is full of fear.

    "So you to death, in the eyes of the old is simply wrong." Method Ouda sound like hell came:

    "Death is the opposite of life, is a permanent and irreversible loss of termination;

    The great "dead bones" is the embodiment of death;

    The old method of alder, "humble servant skeletons."......

    Death is the "guide"!"

    The road to the stern pain struggle, legs in the air and can not resist the stretch tic, on the verge of asphyxia with death pain constantly tormented him, no matter how resistance are of no avail!

    Silver eye, leaving only the aging method of alder and cold face, low noise in asphyxia grey eyes ears like the call of the juvenile death:

    "Dark blue hair... Grey eyes, oh, come to think of it, I have seen a face as like as two peas humble creature, Ai De Welch what are you?"

    "I... Father... Pro!" Roslyn was swollen with the slight glare, to only you can hear the voice said.

    "Remember, then he is also used to look at this pair of old; in... I personally for Burton Welch, his father, your grandfather to death, then turned into fly ash."

    Method Ouda cold grey eyes staring at the eyes of the youth, slowly opening: "he also like you, but I rushed to fling caution to the winds, and not to take him to death, only deprived him of the strength to stand."

    "Because of pain, despair and sadness... You are humble and not worth mentioning these small creatures, can bring great "skeletons." the only consolation!"

    In addition, you are not worth a hair!"

    The road does the power struggle suffocate gradually become weak and feeble, eyes turn white...... The lower lip tightly bite not live bleeding.

    He kept the last trace of consciousness in this way, let oneself not down!

    "Stupid stubborn, make old impression... When they are in fear of death, but still desperately to seize the last straw."

    The old man's expression suddenly out of a "mercy": "peace to die, being; this is what you have come because of fate, everything in the world is mortal, everything will end."


    The gray blue light in the air into a circular arc, the method of alder arm torn into two section moment!

    The old man in the yellow eyes that surprised eyes, I do not know when the Dark Wizard has jumped in front of his left hand, "bright silver" handling of the destruction of all the flame.

    At that moment Roslyn rescued without hesitation, immediately took the Knight Sword to throw lauren!

    "The direct use of the powers of the void? Interesting toys." Looked at his neck to gray blue Jianmang, cut off the right arm of the law is not the slightest fear Ouda speech, but meaningful look to the front of the dark wizard:

    "Do you think... You can "kill" the old?"

    Calm and Loren his gaze, his mouth slightly brought a pondering arc: "... It is not possible, right?"

    "Oh?" The old man was slowly raised his broken arm: "do you know?"

    In remarks at the same time, the cross section of the right arm fracture, like tic branches grow rapidly as a new right hand!

    Dry, yellowing, with senile plaques folds of loose skin, the arm before and there is no difference.

    "Of course I know, because you have not told us?" Loren with smile words deserved tone:

    "You are" dead bones' Lehmann 'apostles... The death of the "guide" nature may not be alive."

    "Since it is dead, how could be" killed "?!"

    At that moment, the face of the European law there was a chill: "you know" skeletons. "In the name of the world?!"

    With a formulaic chuckle, Loren shook his head:

    "If I were you, I wouldn't care about these boring things; but quickly look around there what 'wrong'!"

    The yellow eyes sweep method, the alder expression did not change.

    Twenty-six whole head rot corpse demon, all were just in the moment of the explosion of the soundless and stirless!

    Tightly clutched firelighters Isaacs groveled on Logan's tombstone, scared the glanced behind the cliff, kept wandering eyes quickly calculated the distance between the two sides and the high cliff fall.

    Now he only clear things first, no matter what is that a young energetic grandfather what he absolutely don't want to die here;

    Secondly, in any case can not let the old man found a tombstone secret, just because he has found!

    Aware of mock Loren in the eyes of the old man's smile, but only cold:

    "Humble creature... You're in the old threat?"

    "I just tell you a fact, a very cruel to you of the fact that at this moment, you do not have to threaten our cards!" Loren chuckled pretending to be calm, clenched bright silver palm kept in sweat:

    "Your monsters have been killing me, so I give you a re organization of language, provided conditions to our opportunities; for example, tell you how to go to ned Hoge, then you let us like?"

    A word from A to Z, Lauren is almost desperate to keep my voice level.

    The other is an evil -- according to a young Apostle said, Ouda method although powerful but has only a part of the power of Lehmann Corrientes, in addition to the most and the heyday of vampires almost.

    If you bet on all belongings, I still have a battle force!

    But not to bet on Loren in this place, especially not willing to open the "valve" in front of a false apostles, it is dead; so if you can, he doesn't mind doing a "transaction and the other party".

    Before that, you must first put each flicker to it.

    "Talkative little Mr., it seems that you did not know the real meaning of the" death "." Method Odar mouth flashed in the cold, Loren slightly trembling pupil, slowly raised his hands......

    Behind him, suddenly came a frightening sound!

    Three people looked at almost the same time -- one on the ground around the original pieces of carrion fiends, mosaic is a bit together, then stood up!

    "Resurrection" carrion fiends regrouped, orderly rows close to three people......

    "Talkative small Mr, I also give you a prerequisite to re organization of language, my chance." By smile very cold alder:

    "For example... Do you want to know how you die out?"

    The pupil trembling hair witch sighed, looking back to the scalp behind Isaac, eyes:

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