#61 of the North Lei Ming (on)

    "Pan -!"

    The collision induced Janus played a dazzling spark, escort Knight deadpan, once the memory is fragmented into the head, ears as if again reminded of the words of pharnaces.

    "Know why" sword oath 'must deprive you of the name of your identity?

    Because of this oath is not a knight, not even a person can bear the burden; this is from the Holy Cross mission, make the oath at the same time, it means that your destiny depends on your mission.

    You're not for themselves, but in order to holy sword.

    With such a promise you is in the implementation of the will of the Holy Cross, Holy Cross is invincible;

    So, you are invincible!"

    Suddenly opened his eyes, like a flame like from the fanatical Knight's eyes passing guard.

    Dodge sliding moment, black haired wizard suddenly felt a thrill!

    In front of the guard waved the sword Knight moves increasingly violent, gradually lost consciousness Xiongshou tricks, like crazy rampage at her and fling caution to the winds, and the exhaustion of the body all the power to cleave to the handle, waving the sword mouth is full of collapse.

    No matter how dodge step, trying to dodge are of no avail, the guard riders are tightly bite himself refused to release, the distance between the two sides has always been restricted within three steps, a sword will hesitate like wind blew on a dangerous situation!

    If not the distance, then Turin fire power must be limited to a very low level, otherwise there is at risk, and the furnace town battle is sufficient to prove that that might harm is of no avail;

    Similarly, step within the distance he did not kill the very "impact force" -- without raising his hand, the handle can cut steel sword would have torn Mithril left a piece of rotten meat!

    Janus roundelay, Loren can only with the hands of the bright silver a parry, collision, time interleaving, Bengjian spark in a blizzard of fleeting, and a flicker!

    Grey blue Jianmang continuously over a ridge, leaving the wound in the escort knight, but no one is the key, and the other is no dodge meaning, spewing plasma can not stop the pace of his.

    It is of no avail, must change the strategy!

    The other party has seen their skills and means, have seen their will and he tried the trick impossible with pot town second times, Luolunkebu believe this can again be.

    Sure enough, the best way to deal with the wizard is closer and then continue onrush, do not give any breathing space within three feet of hard work......

    The fight did not forget the self deprecating Loren pull the corners of the mouth, with a lateral split block the cheek stab sword, crack Jianmang bounced off guard Knight's sword, but it is just a moment...... The blink of an eye sharp sword like substance like protruding into the chest wind.

    Wait a moment?

    Yes, "nature is not bright silver metal weapons" is called, it is not real, that is more appropriate, so the explosion to stop his attack, the other party must use more power, while at the same time the bounce will occur because there is a moment of inertia weight "".

    It is impossible to avoid, but also because of the strength is more obvious.

    For a moment, the blink of an eye.

    The wind howling mad sword, escort knight has crimson eyes, like a dangerous situation approaching within three steps a foot hold, the storm also Icy Touch than!

    Deadpan Loren instinctively parry, quaking pupil constantly looking for each other on the chance to rampage guard knight from head to foot it but it's a dangerous situation loopholes appear one after another, the sword in his hand wind instantly put himself chopped into pieces.

    The so-called blocking, blocking and anti evasion, just say simple; but when a difficulties of death Xiongshou brandishing a toward you, that is another matter;

    It is a paradox that can attack to each other that they can attack you, the final outcome is inevitable.; Loren is very sure that the front of the escort knight must be willing to do that.

    But he did not want to!

    Grey blue Jianmang head-on split off rages on guard riders are no Dodge, the hands hold sword a cleave, cold air swept to the black hair tearing sword wizard neck.

    Approaching the cold, almost let Loren thought he has been cut off the neck!

    "Pan -!"

    Crash a sharp, grey blue sword ridge beam from grazed, along with the explosion of the sword of the inertia hit partial trajectory; unable to resist the Force Escort knight, Janus was swung open.

    The opportunity to come!

    Loren loosen the right hand, "snapped gently on the other side of the line of sight!" The sound of your fingers, the pupil suddenly shrink guard Knight did not mean to stop.

    But this is not a "Turin fire", not "impact force".

    Just a little, the hover charm......

    A chill that is aware of the wrist guard Knight impact, lance has been in the unconscious moments was completely biased, even for a moment, he is already an open!

    Yes, the moment is enough......

    Hold hands clenched bright silver hilt, spewing gray blue Jianmang like burning spear to escort Knight's chest stabbed to go straight.

    Who is this going back?!

    It's too late to parry, Dodge will directly cut off the neck was jianmang... But the guard Knight did not choose any one, but still at his Jianmang stabbing rampage, clenched by bounce forward swept blade:

    "Ah ah ah ah!!!!"

    Escort Knight desperate roared, felt the biting wind sword Dark Wizard eyes narrowed a crack, and at that moment the squat body, a bright silver thorn to split pick, grey blue Jianmang on guard Knight's right arm.

    Cross, turn, Dodge, sword!

    Like a superficial, recall the Forest Elves moves the black star wizard at one time, the blink of an eye as if even the time will still.

    When the escort Knight Janus falls, deadpan Loren has stood behind five paces.


    The skin and tendon is torn with sound, spewing out of the plasma from the right arm to escort knight.

    A cold escort Knight expression instantly twisted, turned to stare at the black witch figure, dyed red arm tightly clenched hands full of collapsing at the sword.

    But that is not what meaning... The muscle was torn could barely support, but even if tendon fracture is in any case can not lift sword.

    A Knight Sword lost the right hand, he has to fear.

    No black wizard again approached the meaning of the hands of the bright silver recovered his waist, looking calm to look from their 5 paces escort knight.

    That expression, like looking at a loser winner.

    "Laurent Turin, do you think you've won......" Escort Knight complexion, feverish to scream:

    "Do you think is over?!"

    "I don't think." Black Witch calm softly panting, just that he also upset:

    "It's over."

    "No, no end, this isn't the end!"

    The sword is full of collapsed at the foot of the snow and ice, kneeling with only his left hand held in the hilt guard knight, in the eyes of the enthusiasm unabated:

    "Lord, please give my humble redemption, please allow me to fight for you......

    Let the holy cross light, shining on us -- again!!!!"

    Pull out the sword, sing the escort Knight once again stood up, waving the sword to fling caution to the winds charged black wizard close at hand!

    Stood there without the Loren Dodge, reflecting each other figure of the pupil, and then a glimmer of admiration.

    Even for the church to nausea, this really is not very hate......

    Slightly raised his right hand, red runes again floating in the palm, from the beginning, Lauren's tactic is to be opened on both sides enough distance, this is not the town of furnace warehouse, as long as at a safe distance from the outside do not have to worry about the "Turin fire" will spread to their own.

    So, really over......

    The flames spewing out from the palm, light red and gold in the storm flashed.

    The moment, countless fire guard Knight side burst!
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