#48 monster footprints (below)

    After the meeting, the black wizards and each has any stay, turned and left the tent and walked towards his tent as prince his highness wizard consultant, he had a right to have a separate tent, and instead of the soldiers to squeeze the eight people a "nest shed".

    Sacland imperial Legion system, each regiment from six to ten, ranging from group, each group's at least two Squadron, squadron under the jurisdiction of the two to three century, hundreds of people each team of ten teams, each team is generally five to eight people.

    So if unfortunately to many people in the team, you can not leak in the tent waterproof sheepskin, enjoy rich fragrant odor and sweat smell.

    Of course, unfortunately if any brothers have body odor and sweat drips......

    It's hard to imagine the way does that looks neat guy, how is the army through the first year.

    "The dark side full of malicious" Wizard reverie slightly up at the mouth side, out of the corner of his eye had caught a glimpse of a person's silhouette, is still trying to not continue to move forward.

    "Your acting is so bad......"

    A loud sigh, a stand in the shadow of the man walked out, eyes and some complex: "I have to say that, as with such awkward way?"

    "Edward?" Deliberately dumb Loren surprised to see his one eye, smiled and said: "you misunderstood, I just never see you, saying... What are you doing here?"

    "If you want to play the fool, we can stand here for a night, and tomorrow is Prince Brandon questioned what we're doing."

    Cold night watchman back hands, low voice said: "Turin Laurent, with your words, we can have some of their trust?"


    "What do you say?"

    "As it is before Edward, perhaps I can freely communicate with him about feelings, he does not have any concealment." Hold the smile on the face gradually disappear:

    "But now the situation is that you have betrayed our friendship at a time when the furnace town, you tell me your job is simply to watch Brandon Dessalio but obviously, every act and every move; now the situation has changed."

    When the mountain fortress is bounded Lauren had doubts, since connaght may not believe in yourself, so he must put the Brandon assassination task to another person, he can trust another absolute or relative trust to execute.

    Because of this, in that Edward Brandon became the new captain of the guard, and Connaud refused to Brandon's team sent sand after dark wizards think the answer is in sight, but whether he is willing to believe that.

    "You get the task is to monitor his Highness Prince Brandon." Loren said coldly: "just to spy on it, should not need to become a 'Captain' such a prominent target?"

    For a moment, Edward's eyes flashed a hint of frustration.

    "And I said this is really -- I don't want to get involved in the conflict between the two Royal Highness, but like to go with you for nine star the Holy Grail, this is involuntarily things, I cannot think."

    Always cold night watchman frowned: "or do you think your highness connaght can give me second choices?"

    "Really?" Loren eyebrow: "he trust you so?"

    "No, he doesn't believe me, or that he can't believe all people." Edward shook his head: "so he......"

    The watchman paused, seemed very hesitant, carefully looked around a slowly opening: "so connaght Highness" bribe "a person may not be bought, to achieve this mission!"

    Buy a person could not be bought...... Loren eyes flashed a surprise.

    "This, this is not......"

    "Unfortunately, you guessed it." The watchman said: "neither fast nor slow from the beginning, he knew Brandon would never let his highness stronghold to join his regiment; you can see the Legion meeting, is a drama directed by his royal highness."

    "He is very simple, do not need to do what can let the church Knights come forward Naser, provocative enough to give Brandon his highness in two words or three the meeting into a farce, and finally became a royal command team to pull away. He specially arranged the logical people also joined the team."

    "From A to Z, you absolutely can not see the slightest trace of connaght and his highness."

    Edward frowned, looked very dignified: "I don't know who is your highness connaght arrangements, but since he is in the church, then at least let them not be justified to Prince Brandon."

    "After all, must not underestimate any Desa Leon."

    The black sorcerer stared, until Edward and he finally realized what. An icy touch rises from the back straight at the head, the can't help a shiver.

    Connaght, Desaliang... Not only is my idea, even then we will do what is guessed?

    No... No, this is not like guessing, but his exact to us are crystal clear and even every act and every move, we can imagine are expected in his choice.

    From the moment into the broken circle mountain fortress, we have entered into his rhythm.

    Recall now, his reason in road is definitely not because what does lucky or not, but because of his own and the grey eyes boy off in the same dungeon.

    These are he arranged?

    Whether it is Brandon or myself, for the sacland Prince of judgment are a serious underestimate! This is definitely not a can easily put down the opponent, but enough to keep them down into death enemies!

    "How did he buy a Santa Croce church bigot, he is willing to kill Brandon?"

    Instinctively asked the Loren, the next second immediately shook his head and sighed stopped the vigil: "don't explain, I already know."

    Yes, that is why.

    If you really like the connaght expected, the north is about to launch a monster is likely to endanger sacland imperial invasion, so that the prince's death empire is the best weapon to make war horn, the Empire did gapless anger together.

    As long as this reason, he can convince anyone who is willing to cross to die bigot.

    So these guys hate to be so lauren.

    "To determine the identity of the person?"

    "I told you, he doesn't trust me." Edward said bluntly: "he just ordered me to use their positions to facilitate, when the man of action ready for him" sufficient condition ", only this, I guess you free time should also receive a similar command."

    Loren silently nodded, my mind recalled left the dungeon before the connaght highness said.

    "I don't expect your loyalty, Laurent Turin you; but I also believe that you and my brother as you seem loyal; so I only ask you one thing......

    ...... Allowed to intervene in."

    "As a friend, I will be within the scope of their duties as far as possible to provide you with convenient. But Laurent to Turin, don't take this as behoove." Cold night watchman whispered: "I will not participate in any of two Royal Highness contradictory things, but you can't expect me to help."

    "I will not put so much of the request."

    Lauren smiled, at least know that Edward did not betray him, this is his right now can get the best information, although the layout of connaght or so he could not help fight the cold war, but at least they did not have enemies in front and rear.

    "Then... As a friend, can you do me a favor?"


    "Oh, just a small request, not too deliberate... But this thing and you also have relevance." Hold up the corners of the mouth: "I also found a bonfire very new heap in the ruins of the tower, combined with the previous experience, is likely to be the guard and pharnaces Knight......"

    "...... The suspected him of pharnaces mr.."
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