#42 can be entrusted to man (below)

    "Connaght, Desaliang... My dear brother, sacland imperial prince was regarded as emperor culture in the future, by all the people so look forward to; style, manners and etiquette, content, way of thinking, and all my father is."

    Gazing out over the iron crown banner, Brandon sighed and muttered: "even if not willing to, have to admit that he does become a qualified supreme emperor -- at least, seems to be more decent than me."

    Despite having to hide, but his tone is still somewhat unwilling.

    The man frowned think for a moment, nods silently.

    Because it is so.

    If the two Desaliang swap position, Brandon will not give Connaud any chance, may even start trying to let him disappear; but Connaud can tolerate Brandon to a goal, even if the final is likely to Brandon's death as the end.

    But only this, it reflects the two people -- Brandon in the air, than his brother Kang Nuode, just a little bit worse.

    And perhaps to strict discipline, compared with cruel means connaght, Brandon such amiable prince his highness get along better; but a measure of whether a person is eligible to be rulers are not always with kindness as standard, as the emperor of the gas is the key to decide all factors.

    In this respect is not on Loren wide -- yes, he can watch hundreds of thousands of people die and not of their own, can let people go to his side believe that the ultimate goal of sacrifice; but he could not accept what is important to him, don't become their tools of blackmail.

    For a ruler, it is damaging.

    "But it was because he was" born for the emperor ", which both look let him still cautious, even in the most have the chance to kill my time to yourself, because it would make him in the eyes of others with stain."

    Brandon mouth smile: "because of the careful, so he can't believe anyone, and doubt everything, as I've said before."

    "This is his paranoia, we use the key!"

    "Are you saying... Took the opportunity to act?" Black Witch eyebrow: "I'm sorry... But I don't think there is much possibility."

    "You are really too underestimate yourself, my advisor of your wizard." Slowly turned around, Brandon smiled at him: "no matter what is before you use what method, let the connaght accepted your request, this and his suspicious character."

    "In other words, he is definitely not suspicious adults believe that one hundred percent of the faithful." Brandon's smile is getting cold: "he saw an opportunity in your body, a golden opportunity, let me die in the north!"

    Fortunately this is not just for him, for me is the same, so we have to do is not only to find the absolute monster army trail, but also to find a method to end this invasion!"

    "At Eboden, he can use a variety of methods connaght obliterated my traces, let the turmoil and I have nothing to do; but this time I swear in the name of the Holy Cross, he will never get a second chance!"

    "This fool, perennial monitored days, I was tired!"


    "Now tell me what happened?!"

    Look at Lauren left the back of the little wizard -- anger sitting down, the first to break the silence between two people: "why would you want to put me in a bounded Lauren mountain fortress?!"

    "You ain calm, I know you now the mood is very bad, but listen to me to explain my trouble." Isaac Tan tanshou: "this is a very complex thing, I need time."

    "You'd better hurry up and said!" The little witch looks very irritable, and even a bit unwilling.

    "...... Okay."

    Isaac stared at her, then have to be in a pair of blue eyes under the stubborn yield, slightly sighed: "first... You should clear the place to go to is called the gates of hell than me, don't come back is not what strange, very dangerous."

    "It should be very dangerous!"

    AI Yin refuse to be cowed or submit immediately retorted, but Isaac was ignored:

    "But these are not the most important, we have experienced the same in ebden, I saw An important juncture of life and death, two people to protect me, the crossbow and dagger died in here; believe me, this experience after death for me is not so terrible."

    "What really makes me feel afraid, or that I was worried about another thing."


    Paused, biting his lip, Isaac is very hard said: "remember when we pot town -- that night, we use my latest deduced formula, with the help of furnace school alchemists completed the new" bright silver ", that power is emptiness keep stable in a short period of time."

    Yes, a very successful experiment." Ayn expression gradually calm down: "I remember you start is not very hard, finally has become the one of the most concerned about."

    Isaac did not speak, silence for a long time, it is a restless scratched his head.

    You are right, because once I found some of his past... Never experience things."

    Never experience things... The little witch was frowning slightly; the arrogant is also surprised?

    "You see, in the past I have been focused on finding the secret world of vanity, or focus on the occult; what is second, inquiry and search is the most critical. I have never been aware of the discovery of what will give the world, or that everything around me what changes."

    "But at that time, I was really aware of this new technology, will be for the entire Mystery Science and alchemy, and the wizarding world has changed turn the world upside down may be good, may be bad, but since it is a new technology, it will sooner or later that day was people use the."

    "We use this technology to complete the" bright silver ", but this is simply the most rough that direct use, it can do more - think, if we can take the improvement and convert it into a flame or power energy, can replace the original of the low efficiency of human.

    At that time, may one day be able to fix a brick wall, built a castle; also can be transformed into a super catapult ejection of three hundred meters, from the moment you cannot see where a town was razed to the ground, this is not a joke, you should know better than I do as long as enough technology mature, this is feasible!"

    Ayn watched his face, can't believe what you heard.

    "Are you saying... We may make a wrong decision." The little witch hard asked: "to a very dangerous, just give them?"

    "No, you can not catch the key?" Isaac a puzzling expression: "did I say what is difficult to understand the words? So go straight to the brain, really can not stand you this help the alchemist inefficient mode of thinking!"

    Sure enough... This is Isaac Grantham, a kind of mad people -- Ayn found himself particularly want to punch him in the face that is full of mind.

    "I mean, any one must have found people to try and experiment, in order to truly become a world changing technology; and I told me in the ebden experience, must be very cautious when making a choice, otherwise it is irresponsible!"

    Isaac suddenly lonely shook his head: "no matter what the blood drug Lauren, real development are I; i... Indirect kill half a man ebden!"

    "Isaac, you should not take this thing to blame themselves, this is too......"

    "So make a decision two of us, that is our common achievements -- of course, ninety-nine percent are my achievements...... All give you!"

    Isaac looked solemn little wizard before: "this is what I can think of the most prudent decision is for you to decide how to use these contents, you decide what kind of experiment, all in your choice."

    "If I was to die in search of ancient knowledge on the road, Ain Rand, I'm only two best friends, you are the only thing I can trust, I use wisdom to change the world!"

    "So... You must live!"
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