In the thirty-seventh chapter, the blood in (on)

    "Ned... Hoge."

    Connaght frowned, the cutting ax moment high solemn face exposed to light... Contempt:

    Laurent Turin "Sir, you are not mistaken? My tolerance and patience, you think you can use this absurd excuse to fool me?"

    The opening side of the pale road does not natural connaght: "Your Highness, i......"

    "When I need you talk, nature will let you open." The Red Prince sacland eyes across Roslyn's face, the contempt and disdain almost to the unabashed point:

    "Now give me a quiet, deserter!"

    Feel shame the young instantly blushed, the flames of anger rising in the silver pupil, creaking nearly broke his teeth.

    Ignore the juvenile anger expression more and more ugly connaght re focusing on the dark wizards who smiled: "if you are going to tell me what you find the Dragon Wangcheng, then please shut up, now I bounded mountain fortress now do not need this, I really need the......"

    "I know what you need, that is what I will appear here, isn't it?" Loren slightly brought the corners of the mouth, face more interesting:

    So I will say, Mr. Hoge is a perfect choice, can let you no longer need to consider your brother Brandon Dessalio and his Highness the transaction, even without pay any price!"

    "If the goal is to make the whole empire are united under the Desaliang iron crown, or... United under your banner, then the north is there really an enemy invasion is not the most important, a united empire had to let the reason, is the most important!"

    "The prince sacland noble, imperial crown prince Connaud Dessalio, sir, since you need not what 'evidence' -- but a perfect excuse, but everyone can not refute, irresistible excuse!"

    Connaud did not speak, but even on the side of the Roslyn can feel his Highness has been shaken.

    Damn, the dark haired wizard just exactly what was said?!

    No, that's not what shake... Lauren heart calm smile sneer is more, more interesting -- their first goal is to leave off circle mountain fortress, this completely shrouded in the shadow of connaght;

    The second goal is to find the remains of ned Hoge, "the first Wizard" Rogan, and as far as possible to ensure that Brandon lived in the north of the line, in order to get the promised good reward from him ".

    In order to achieve this goal, you must continue to fudge the prince...... Or, let him understand what you want.

    Hold a person you want, you can let him for you allow to allow the old trick, but always good.

    "To go to the legendary ned Hoge, is impossible, even suffering numerous unimaginable obstacles, are likely to meet a large number of enemies and the sudden attack; even with the dragon and the protection, can not ensure that Prince Brandon will small" negligence "safe and sound, perhaps your highness will suffer misfortune, falling off the cliff smashed to pieces......

    Connaght prince, you really... Need I go on?"

    Black witch a meaningful look to gaze at the Zhang and Brandon like face, unusually slow speed.

    Sacland prince, bounded mountain fortress commander was a bluish white, staring at Lauren expression as if the next moment will come sword stabbing him.

    But like Ernst, he did not do so.

    A long time, is still a dead, by feeling the suffering Roslyn tightly bite a tooth, gazing at the better than the sword, speech and mind fighting game, a moment can not relax.

    A look, is a time of silence, the glint and flash of cold steel; is fierce counterattack;

    Life is on the line!

    "...... Are you going to betray my brother, your allegiance master Brandon?" Connaght eyes narrowed down, the voice said:


    "If not wrong, you should know from Root Infinit's mouth to me this little wizard, right?" Loren was pondering smiled: "did he tell you what I will never betray his loyal, honest man?"

    "Excuse me, if he really says so, that you'd be suspicious about the night watchman leaders on whether or not you are loyal enough."

    The answer is cold to hum Lauren connaght apparently inferior a contemptuous disregard of the mischief of what he did not gush, but at least slightly to dispel his doubts.

    "When Eboden was forced by the situation, and I had to choose, the same camp and the wizard tower and stood by his Highness Prince Brandon, and allegiance to him for protection and a fairly good prospect."

    Black hair tied with a smile: "the wizard but wait for the situation to calm down, I found many cases and the Royal Highness said is not the same, he also lied to me, and let me have to become His Wizard consultant, in exchange for the so-called" protection "!"

    Connaud with a slight bow, looked down: "that is to say... You are not willing to take the initiative to break the boundary mountain fortress?"

    Of course, if not because of Root Infinit, I will not even appear in the ebden -- but now say this too late, after all, I have been here, and Prince Brandon has been unable to provide any of my refuge, even he himself in jeopardy!"

    "So you intend to take the opportunity to change over, sell your original owners?" Connaght cold to hum a cold, sharp red eyes staring at Loren face, watching his every act and every move:

    "I will ask a question: why should I believe you would betray the owner of two minds, at any time?"

    "It is very simple, you don't have to believe me." Loren deliberately slowed down the speed, a word to say:

    "If you see this as a transaction can be, just like you and your brother Brandon; and I offer absolutely than he is reasonable, and can let you reduce a lot of menace from the rear."

    "At the very least, such as Prince Brandon Dessalio wise, is absolutely not to make insurance; at least he will not take the initiative to do such a thing, even if the encounter the enemy should also be the first time for your life to escape, the value did not seem so high."

    "But... If it is unfortunately difficult thirteenth generations from the prince, Prince Brandon Dessalio's body is not more useful to you?"

    Smile gradually from the hold of the face to lose, say that he was also a gambling, even could hear the side of Roslyn that more heart pounding... And my heart lauren.

    This is the last fight!

    Connaght frowning, eyes never left Lauren face.

    "...... Very good acting, Laurent Turin sir, I just want to be." Connaght's voice is not only more heavy, a cold:

    "If Root Infinit reminded me, absolutely... Absolutely can not believe your words -- by the way, he thinks of you is quite high."

    "You? The Welch family's illegitimate child; Laurent Turin you to save you this humble life but even our lives were to catch up, not ready to say what kind of?"

    "I......" Roslyn began again interrupted.

    "Well, I think you should keep silent, for Laurent deserters in Turin, you just happen to find his" tools "!"

    Sacland look like Prince caught the mouse tail, with a hint of sneer of contempt: "ned Hoge...... Sir Loren Dowling, you mentioned that this name is never meaningless, I guess... There must be something you want to?"

    "In the completion of the target at the same time, to hide their perfect, Root Infinit and I have stressed, and let me take care of your focus on that you join the wizard tower, became Brandon's wizard consultant at all save Roslyn, only one purpose......

    To ned Hoge, I said yes right?!" Forty-six
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