#29 Connaud Dessalio (on)

    "Seize him!!!!"

    Responsible for the trial of the officers screaming howl, like to hide fears. In fact even next to always sit on the sidelines of the veterans as well.

    The ferocious expression, he sent the "fear" two words written on the face!

    They did not think the Wizards actually do successive wins, but did not think he can after several rounds of fighting, but also defeated the whole two well equipped and trained with regularity.

    They found that the situation is completely out of control......

    Veterans can not imagine his highness connaght that this thing what the result would be, and the officers do not dare to face those dead in his comrades, in such a situation they can only think of a solution, is to completely erase the source of fear".

    No matter how to arrest him, etc. in jail or let them handle, cross, waterboarding, iron...... There is a way of making this sorcerer completely plead guilty!

    This is their last chance, followed Brandon to guard his highness lost half a hundred teams in the camp of the war, the captain has died; but the number of soldiers to their side of the fort gate light is two times as much, even if your Highness for trouble, they have enough to be subdued!

    So...... People in fear, anger, overly emotional state, it will lose certain rationality and intelligence officers and veterans like now, have completely forgotten why connaght highness must be Brandon up, let him appear on bounded mountain fortress.

    "Boom -!"

    Wai has set up in the shield around the training ground garrison soldiers, halberd flat, uniform stepping forward voice sounded like a drum!

    Looked around a circle surrounded by his legionaries, pondering expression hold up the corners of the mouth, black halberd shook a circle of guns in his hands, feet side turn, a round upside down, in a snowstorm suddenly, suddenly stopped. Halberd flat, cross behind.

    In all the people staring at his moment, just played by Loren uttering a smile, as if at the table only to dare not to close the command soldiers, officers and veterans, clenched halberd right hand slightly loose, then......


    He put the weapon... Lost?

    "The big fool, he is here to improvise?!"

    Anxious little wizard opens on both sides of the crowd, see the black wizard throw away weapons the moment, can not wait to go straight into the goofy bastard kick down to the ground!

    Throw away weapons, not to give up the resistance?!

    The same look foolish officers and veterans, immediately think of the abnormal hair wizard is likely to be in the delay time, immediately turned to Brandon's gaze direction.

    On both sides of Brandon's guard and not to to grab people, even did not move, just as the shield wall, and ready to pounce on the fortress of the soldiers confrontation.

    The prince his highness had stood, a little sneak do not mean smiling, he was still......

    Drums, applause?

    "Clap mhmm......" Interested Brandon excitedly clapped, eyebrow, smile on his face excited and couldn't be more excited.

    "It's wonderful performance, but then, it is time to play me."

    "Oh, no, it should be the" she "debut."

    Neat footfall sound thrilling, hundreds of soldiers have been like a wave like, towards the "surrender" of black wizards rushed up.

    Alone in the training field of the central rowlen, like a leaf boat storm, at any time may be rolled up completely engulfed by waves......

    "Bang -!!!!"

    The next moment, the fort over the sudden burst of thunder like sound, a moment ago also launched the assault corps soldiers instinctively stopped, looked upward.

    No, that is thunder...... Brandon's mouth smile more concentrated, red pupil with a bit of pride.

    Belong to the dragon family, belonging to Brandon Dessalio's own "bursts of thunder".

    Tracy, m!

    The roar of the dragon, lassy meters in the falling drop from the clouds, a moment ago firmly set foot on the earth, the huge size will be the entire training field are shrouded in the shadow of it (she), wings like uplift clouds, clouds.

    "Boom -!"

    Four claw landing, roar loud and soft vibrations make terrified Legion soldiers, witnessed the dragon's strength and dignity.

    The soldiers had to rush the fortress, immediately retreat in the Dragon landing moment, in front of the judgment seat is composed of tight shield wall, taut nerves alert.

    Dragon Dragon slightly down, slightly open eyes from the seemingly indestructible shield wall sweep. Standing in front of the Loren clear from eyes see a glimmer of contempt.

    Black haired wizard mouth revealing some helpless radian.

    This is only a dragon dragon on top of a dozen high order spell, a tail can sweep the collapse of prehistoric monster, are eligible for the imperial Elite Corps a contemptuous disregard of it?

    At the trial stage. The same fear to speak of the officers and veterans, Loren couldn't resist the semblance of a contemptuous smile - it looks like they are also very clear, from the dragon, Tracy meters at the moment, no one dare to move himself.

    Maybe someone can also do this, but it is not the two of them.

    This sudden trial has be over.

    "Brandon Dessalio, your highness!"

    The top of his head is almost strong dragon and fear, standing in the back of the shield wall veterans shouting asked: "what is the meaning of this? Are you going to tear down the broken circle mountain fortress?!"

    "Remove the broken circles mountain fortress, words from your mouth say it can be interesting." Brandon lifted his eyebrows and touched the side of his enormous head, Mira Sith's eyes apparently showing a "comfortable" in the mood:

    "This is brother connaght meaning, if you are dissatisfied with what, why not and brother discuss?"

    "But now you practice, is to stop the trial!"

    A ferocious veteran severely sighed. "Here is the broken circle mountain fortress, the Empire's North Gate - even if you, doesn't stop here catch!"

    "It sounds more interesting, what time I want to interrupt the trial?"

    Brandon smile more interesting, it is serious and the veteran gaze:

    "From the first round to start just now, have you seen my shouting 'stop' -- whenever there is time, soldiers, I now take the identity of the Desa Leon family to all of you and apologize!"

    What the veteran froze on the spot.

    "Moreover, the officer has just announced the end of the trial for it?" Brandon right hand toward the trial on the officer, a wink:

    "Then... It is not possible to tell us the result?"

    "I... I..." Table officer words froze in place, trembling eyes dare not look to the side of the veteran, more daring to look under the table black wizard and Brandon.

    "Officer sir, can you tell us your name?"

    "Yes!" Was a stretch, suddenly tall officer up a military salute in Taiwan: "in Velo Dov, bounded mountain fortress two sergeant, and reserve interrogators!"

    "Very good, Velo Dov interrogators, since you announced the end of the trial, but also tell us the result: Psychic Advisor about me, whether guilty or not?"

    A silence, sweaty officer dead dead bites lips, dare not speak.

    "Brandon, you really did not let me free Oh!"

    The gate came in, on the stage of the veterans and officers heard the voice of the moment was a change.

    The soldiers had confronted each other, whether it is Brandon or Fort guard guard, immediately raised a halberd on one knee, like the rolling waves from the central.

    Loren frown look to the direction of the sound.

    Brandon resembles red red pupil, but whether the eyes or capable short hair with aggressive thick, like a burning flame.

    This is a little too much, but the vicissitudes of old young man, red cloak and delicate black armor to his majesty show, a big step in his soldiers came up with a central, Brandon came to the pedestrian middle-aged Knight Ernst, at this time is like in his face after the footsteps of the adjutant.

    An unconscious expression changed several times Brandon wink, grinning with a incomparable smile:

    "Oh... I was wondering what time to see you, my dear......

    Connaud Dessalio: brother!" Forty-six
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