#22 bounded Mountain Fortress (below)

    The sun.

    The spiral majestic peaks, waving flags of the iron crown team finally arrived at the fort at the foot of mountain community.

    In the horse riding at the foot of the thick snow, Loren just before the camp is only a thin layer of snow, now has come to the position of the calf, the whistling wind is more and more bitter.

    This is just the past few days, have not used "winter comes too soon" to describe, more likely to be falling through the ice!

    "The first time I saw such a deep snow, very curious?"

    An unfriendly voice came, riding on the horse on the side of the middle-aged Cleveland slowly opening speech, seems somewhat contemptuous.

    The black wizard's mouth can not help but smoke smoke.

    Should the middle-aged and the knight riding parallel to Brandon, after that a surprise "ceremony", is always claiming to catch a cold hiding in the carriage, except for the occasional air from outside almost did not leave his car.

    Of course, the real reason is well known. The official collusion of the middle-aged Cleveland is also very Shiqu, without forcing the prince and his highness parallel.

    Then, a wizard consultant as "Royal Highness cronies", had to replace Brandon and the middle-aged Cleveland a howling storm ride in the front of the line......

    "I was once in Lothar Deepwood, also experienced a rare winter." Loren certainly understand each other's words is what meaning, shrugged his shoulders:

    "So you don't need to tell me exactly what kind of North I, crystal clear."

    "That is because you have not seen the true north" middle-aged Knight said coldly: "real winter to wait a month, then even if you hide in the castle desperately into the fireplace to fill the number of firewood, just let you die just freeze."

    "And bounded mountain Lothar, just like in the winter!"

    "I'm looking forward to." Loren face a formulaic smirk:

    "And if you said."

    The middle-aged Cleveland did not seem to hear his tone of irony, or simply do not care. Stare at the black witch calm: "I saw you in the camp, behave like you can play the wizard consultant, really is the first one I know!"

    "It can be said that if not for you, not only to a regiment of Infantry Corps flag simply could not carry nearly two times the amount of ice -- even if the werewolf can hold dragon came, should also be casualties of."

    "Indeed suffered heavy casualties -- half a hundred team did not, the captain also snapped his head!"

    But without you, now at most only half a hundred team."

    "So, I think you can not be admitted?" Side face, Loren sneer squinted middle-aged Knight: when we fight with that group monster, you and your "loyal" Fortress soldiers theatre in the distance?"

    "Ernst Dresis, bounded mountain fortress deputy commander of the Royal Highness cavalry captain connaght concurrently." The middle-aged Cleveland offered his right hand with iron gloves.

    "Prince Brandon wizard consultant, I just called lauren!" The black haired wizard serious in speech and manner and he shook hands with the deputy commander, does not intend to adults have what shenzhen.

    "Lauren sir, I respect you because of your strength; in bounded mountain, we can always lack of sword man." Said the middle-aged Cleveland Ernst silently, meaningful glanced at him:

    "But you have to understand that in the mountain fortress bounded nobody love you serve the prince his highness -- on the contrary, if he quickly die is the most!"

    Loren frowned, as each other's.

    This is the caution advised me?

    The next second, Ernst cold face stiff back, looks like he never talked to him.


    With the walls down on the bridge, long convoy passed the first wall is towering, after cnro with full tower, Fort Wood, sharpened stakes inserted, several feet deep trenches, rows of barricades pile, lifted from a cable, can only accommodate a carriage to enter inside the fortress by cast iron gate.

    "I must leave now, to Prince Connaud, Prince Brandon and the news report, werewolves have been wiped out what ice."

    Ernst Dresis muttered, meaningful see the Dark Wizard one eye: "please your highness Brandon wait a moment, we'll see you, lauren!"

    He escorted the cavalry team to follow the middle-aged knight to the fortress of the inner city, at the gate of Loren dismounted, silently watching.

    A than the looks spectacular barracks, a huge war machine, this is the first impression in Loren stepped into the door.

    Or in the channel and the wall walking patrol, or guard in the tower on the army stronghold;

    Escort the goods in the warehouse logistics officer standing outside the gates of a pile of wooden box beside the inventory account;

    To and fro rapidly move, between the weapons rack, quartermaster depot and stables and busy auxiliary soldiers;

    In their face, only indifference Loren not to see, in addition to command the shouts outside can not hear any voice, everyone in the busy work at hand strict in demands.

    From the entrance of the gate to the left, and the training ground at a fenced. In this winter season, the Army soldiers had perspiration comes down like raindrops shirtless on a fight.

    Yes, although they take the training of weapons, but that his strength and ferocious expression is completely dead to fight off!

    I saw a black haired wizard was left over, shields are broken on the ground soldier was beating, only a sword on the other side of a parry; accidentally "out of the loop" guy, is a veteran who served as an instructor of cane pumping down to the ground!

    They and others have common characteristics, is still "not talking" -- even beaten badly mutilated, the pain fell to the ground unconscious twitch, can not hear the slightest sound.

    As a composition of iron and steel to build the gear machine, a floc performs every command, and execute the command is not need to talk too much.

    The north... The door?

    The black haired wizard muttered eyes from people and objects around each passing, as if to see some deeper meaning from these things on the surface.

    Just leave the Ernst de Lei Sith's words let Loren quite aware of what he said is, "Prince Connaud" instead of "Royal Highness", of course this is just a different wording call, but the reaction is also worth concern.

    "Sacland Prince" is the title of imperial crown prince added, let the Lord and the rest of the listed qualifications; but he talks, is not what Xu Xian, Connaud seems like other dukes and their principality, is the fortress real lord.

    I'm afraid the prince's forces, far more than the words of Brandon but also strong ah......

    "What are you doing? Quick to let go!"

    The little witch screams came suddenly, suddenly look back, dark haired wizard in not far from the gate, Brandon's guard who has actually set up a shield wall, and the soldiers patrol near the fortress head-on confrontation!

    Wait until after the walk, in front of the screen so that he is very surprised.

    A fist of Isaac and one fell on the ground, thin and small soldiers were angry; stop holding the Falcon bow in front of him AI Yin, bow and arrow aimed at a veterans looking ugly.

    Both sides behind them are wearing the same armor, with the same weapons of the regiment, expressionless to a few steps away from confrontation with each other.

    "I'm very sorry, very sorry, I'm Brandon Dessalio, who is with me to isaacc Grantham and Ain Rand wizard...... Then... Who can tell me what happened?"

    Originally hiding in the car "recuperate" Brandon, don't know what time appeared in the opening Loren behind him, asked with a smile like the sun.

    See the prince his Highness the veterans face more ugly, very stiff and slightly bowed to Brandon: "Your Highness, you just intent to snatch the wizard from the West I ShouDeXia soldier, I don't know he is the person you are so ready to catch up, then......"

    He pointed to the little wizard: "this ain you ready to attack in the barracks!"

    "He's lying, the ring is not his!" Isaac stared, excited like ravenous beasts.

    "This is my stuff!" The soldiers fell on the ground was green,: "I am from the deserter who chops down, has to buy military......"

    "Your father grandmother again?!!!!"
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