#7 is "old friends" (on)

    "I feel shy... We know?"

    Looked at the cold shoulder blade, Loren obediently raised his hands and asked to chat like "ambush".

    The other did not immediately attack that first goal was not to kill himself, but would like to get some information from yourself, but from the way should not advance premeditated, otherwise it is not a direct assault but.

    Taking into account the furnace town has ten warehouses, light is the hoarding of goods is five, the highest probability of 1/5 directly caught himself, that he is so unfortunate hit could not have happened......

    Don't say that before Edward was put out of luck? It is really a sad thing.

    "Don't pretend, you know who I am!" Behind the sound of ice cold came, blade stuck Loren's neck.

    "Just found out." The black witch chuckle loudly: "if you do not speak a few words or cover up......"

    The tiny in a flash, leaving a red on his shoulder, heedless of the left thumb and Loren tiny fingers close together, smile more.

    Of course he knew who, rather than from the handle on his shoulder blade found at the moment.

    Full mouth is unusually sharp collapse Knight Sword Blade, resting on the shoulders of strength, such as a sound of footsteps, of course, the most critical... No other voice, can single handedly kill the entire legion team hundred men, how dare Lauren easily forget?

    "Since Wim Parr that night, we have not met for a long time, pharnaces guard Knight." Loren said: "thank you is neither fast nor slow when Eboden, not for my friend, when it is under the pain killer... I owe you a favor."

    The "Holy Cross shining man also upon the wicked." Escort Knight sound is still very calm, no interference to black wizard:

    "I need you to answer a few questions, but if you move or circle, I will kill you!"

    The black witch is slightly bent back, said sincerity.

    According to Leah described the escort Knight reaction and insight are terrible to an alarming degree, speed and strength and even war dancer, and even the use of "beyond perception" night watchman compared to not strive, even if she and Vera are nearly two people to defeat, plus the other had positive one-sided slaughter the whole team record of 100......

    Well, first he thought the snake and false, see if you can set out to something.

    "The first question, why did you and Brandon Dessalio your highness will appear in the furnace?"

    "This is the two problem." The black haired wizard just want helpless shrug, immediately knocked on the steel sword on his shoulders, escort Knight just spit out a cold words:


    "I am Brandon highness wizard consultant, follow your highness visit pot town." Loren turned a supercilious look, neither fast nor slow said: "Your Highness has been a reliable intelligence, Dean of College of furnace has been cooking the books, I am looking for evidence."

    "Is this box?"

    "If you know what is this box" installed, will not say so easy -- that's a box full of Mithril ore! I need to explain what is Mithril? This is a small box for at least ten times the weight of gold, refined Mithril, the price can be multiplied by ten......"

    "I know what is mithril!"

    Interrupt black necromancer, escort Knight voice reveals a distrust of flavor: "just to catch a of'account cook, your Highness Prince need personally?"

    "You are not wrong what?" Pretending to be innocent like Loren raised his voice: "I'm just a wizard consultant well, do you think I am qualified to say a prince his highness: what do you want?"

    "No, I think you are a part of the truth in the lie -- perhaps, but you hide the most important content."

    "The evidence, or you just tell me what I want to do what?"

    Loren showed impatience, tone also increased a lot.

    "In the light of the Holy Cross, and the evil magic all will be nowhere to hide." Escort Knight suddenly whispered muttering, black haired wizard could not help but gently eyebrow.

    This is the first time the two met each other in the ancient town, said.

    "I warned you, but you did not care, but in a dangerous road farther and farther, only you know best what they were doing, the wizard." Behind the sound with a little regret:

    "Maybe it's not too late, maybe it is too late."

    "I'm sorry, what did you say just now?" This time he is really stunned.

    "You and Brandon Dessalio's goal is to break the northern boundary mountain fortress, even farther north." Escort Knight suddenly muttered:

    "Mr. Hoge, right?"

    Lauren expression froze.

    Not because he can deduce the purpose of his trip, but the other actually know this place -- even in the nine star wizard tower to know exactly dragon Wangcheng, only twelve veterans; even the Desa Leon family for thirteenth generations of Brandon, just know the history of the kingdom of the dragon.

    Don't say that the church possession of "history", or that he and colleagues who told him?


    If the guard is not a knight for a sneak attack yourself, why would he appear in the pot? He knew the bounded mountain, the Dragon Kingdom and Ned Hoge, no matter where he learned all this, they'd never hide It is without rhyme or reason. in this warehouse.

    So he also prepared by Wangcheng bounded to the north of the mountain dragon, or to forge town is only an accidental coincidence?

    Just like in Eboden's time, his view is still blind.

    No... Now how to escape from the other hand, the way out of something that is most important to find a way to interfere with his attention, so he was distracted.

    What is the escort Knight special care?

    "Continue to" you are questioning "before, can you answer me a question?" Lauren tentatively asked: "one, one on the line, I swear!"

    Still slightly relieved lauren:

    "Who and you work together to adults, is also in the warehouse?"

    For a moment, the shoulder blade was suddenly raised, raised the mouth and hold a snap, half a warehouse instantly white cover!

    "The curse"!


    "Brandon Dessalio sir, what do you mean?!"

    Pot town of chapel, just got the news came, excited, followed by cold sweat Jinjin priest, hands still holding to the candlestick.

    "I'm sorry, but I don't seem to understand." Leaning on the chair Brandon sleepy yawn, exhausted:

    "If not what important things can be said tomorrow? I catch a day is now a great need for sleep, your excellency."

    "But it seems not so ah, your highness!"

    President of the teeth, but also respectfully bowed his head: "during the day you men of our suspicion is just, we are the most loyal sacland, we dare to accept all the questions, questioning or investigation can be either!"

    "But! From the Desaliang, from the town to the Royal furnace we wholeheartedly, even doubt our loyalty, this is really unacceptable!"

    Dean impassioned shouted: "Sir, what time the Desa Leon family's blood, people began to suspect sacland loyalty?!"

    "Oh...... It seems some small move I wizard consultant, let your excellency have some trouble ah." Flat flat mouth, Brandon was not motivated the paralysis in the chair: "please rest assured, I have absolutely no doubt that the furnace and furnace town of loyalty to the imperial college."

    The investigation of archives and the pawnshop, a private meeting at midnight, also let his men sneak into the urban survey! Brandon, your highness, I hardly believe you just said!"

    "Believe is your thing, I can swear to the Holy Cross, I never doubted that pot town and school loyalty."

    Hands holding the body up from the chair, yawned Brandon chin, overlooking the front of the impassioned dean:

    "I just doubt you, sir!"
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