#4 of furnace (below)

    "Give him all the files?"

    The college, the college dean sullenly pot staring at the front to their report wizard, eyes also tinged with resentment.

    Yes, as you say, we have four years ago to now from the archives and books, all give Brandon his highness wizard consultant."

    The alchemist answered truthfully, but also some expressions anxious and fearful: "but it's really good? Mr. abbot, that there was a complete record, if it was what he found......"

    What is the relationship, let the boy go to black hair though good, really think he can find what 'evidence'?" Dean mouth casts a sneer: "it's four years, all the files for four years, even if you give him half a month he will not read!"

    "High order spell what this is not difficult, this is the Wizards in the college that you cannot do something numbers, statistical learning!"

    When is the arrogant kid a lesson." The dean is cold to hum a, in the eyes of the more deep resentment: "the real problem is not in him, but the prince Brandon's attitude!"

    "Your Highness's attitude?" Alchemist more confused: "when Prince Brandon during the day, not in order to maintain your reputation, your adviser reprimanded the wizard......"

    "It is to show us, did not mind!" The rough roared, Dean stared at this under his own: "if does not have the meaning of his highness, the wizard is opening will be so consultants questioned, eager to help us" inventory "accounts?"

    "We suspected, understand?! The Brandon prince, there may even be the "behind him, his Majesty 'doubt we had doctored the accounts!"

    The alchemist answered the director heard terrified surprised, trembling shoulders, hands of the scrolls are falling on the ground.

    "How, how is it possible... We are loyal servant connaght prince, has been in the execution of his royal highness......"

    "Shut up and don't want to die!"

    "Yes, yes!"

    The Dean look increasingly dull, then see under the trembling appearance mood worse: "after all, the boy absolutely did not find out what things, but we can't relax, be careful."

    "Are you saying......"

    "Find people stare at the dark haired boy, if you see him wandering directly up -- accidentally later explained to him as a thief on the line in the town, a school wizard incantation only, at best is a sleight of hand!"

    "Send a trustworthy go off community liaison and connaght Royal mountain fortress, to see what your highness over there is no news." Looks like the president, but he appears to be more cautious than: "and those of other and Prince Brandon accompanying wizard?"

    "All in college, leave no signs." The alchemist quickly replied: "I have commissioned two apprentices to take them in the school around, should now be in the underground laboratory."

    "Very good."

    Sonorous and forceful nod, Dean is still not assured to stand up: "no, you go and see them. In any case, must not have what accident!"


    "This is really... Amazing!"

    Institute of furnace underground laboratory, the little wizard walks in two apprentices accompanied by the door, and looked at the shock excited not the size of a football field, with wood and metal stents, brick masonry made of huge underground space and fix up.

    Even Eboden's Alchemy lab, also only one study size, most tools and parts complete it; and here is light table has nearly 100, the crucible placed directly on both sides of the fireplace; parts, tools, chemicals and raw materials......

    Put in the bottle, put in the box, put in the pot...... The cabinet frame filled with these things, actually like the library shelves as much!

    No Here is the alchemy of Library "";

    Here is the alchemy of heaven ""!

    "You look very surprised ah, sir Ain Rand?" A strange voice from behind: "we are close to the laboratory to scare you?"

    "Oh, yes!" The little witch excitement turned, offered his right hand: "alchemist Ain Rand, do not know how to call you?"

    You can call me "oni." Smile is also somewhat flattering alchemy gently shook the little man's hand, casually sent two apprentices beside, warm greeting: "don't mind, I'll take you to visit here?"

    "Of course!"

    The excited little wizard nodded, with alchemy behind the alchemist "into the library".

    "We forge the empire college, and any one of the school for wizards are essentially different; we are not here to explore the truth, find the natural world the truth, even as other wizards slander that search will lead into gold tips."

    The alchemist walked with a finger on both sides of the table is still burning the midnight oil's apprentices: "we are not so careful work. We don't expect theory, not to find the truth, not to explore the truth, but since the sixth generation of Brandon I. his majesty began, the same piece of work on repeating."

    "The same thing?" The little witch confused tilted head.

    "Yes, since the school was founded and never stop." The alchemist face expression of pride: "it is never stop the practice!"

    "College town furnace and furnace made weapons and ordnance, will be sent directly to the hands of the bounded mountain fortress corps -- is that thousands and even tens of thousands of soldiers, the battle will have hundreds of weapons scrapped, consumption of tens of thousands of arrows, ordered materials will be sent at any time, so we don't have the time too clear!"

    "But at the same time, the school also must ensure the quality of furnace weapons and armor -- because of facing the battlefield, so practicality is the most important. In addition, we must also continue to emerge."

    The alchemist stopped in front of pointing to the underground laboratory. The little witch his fingers looked, suddenly a sudden contraction of pupil.

    It is a common forging hammer handle, alchemists in quenching of rare metals, or for gold products into the runes used tools -- when Eboden, the little wizard from the wizard tower got a pendant size version of the mini, as she demonstrated the wizard's tower approved.

    The school of the furnace... This resembles the "forging hammer" and "large machinery, light is the physical has hundreds of times the size of ordinary forging hammer!

    "This is the sixth generation of Brandon I, sire, and Byrne in the south of the dwarves signed a treaty of alliance was a gift -" Earthshaker "is what people call it short. As a symbol of the town, and the pot was placed in here."

    Alchemy slightly upward, like homage like: "when the" Earthshaker "of alchemists, almost equivalent to the artifact! Hundreds of percussion Cuilian and even more complex work, in front of it are "things a hammer", is worthy of the wisdom of the dwarves!"

    "But now...... It is an outdated design."

    "Out of date?!" Ayn exclaim aloud.

    "Yes! Just a year ago, and the Royal College of our imperial wizard alchemist completed a joint cooperation, beyond the "Earthshaker" model forging hammer "- type is it two times, three times as powerful as it is, and also more sophisticated work."

    "Now sacland Empire each one new coins are made by it!" The alchemist's face again with pride:

    "Sir Ain Rand, since you are a alchemist, must also have a lot of new theories and ideas, as we communicate with each other about what, maybe both sides can be harvested?"

    Of course, if you don't mind!" Of course, Ayn can hear each other, excited eyes are constantly blooming cannot look light.

    "Anyway, you a friend?" Suddenly aware of a few individuals, the Alchemist is instantly tense: "during the day, and once the quarrel happened of adults."

    "That guy is a hate arrogant." The thought of a little wizard Isaac headache waved, very helpless smile: "but he is master of occultism wizard, always have prejudice on alchemy, you do not care about his!"

    "Oh... This is the original......"
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