#220 to the north foot pace (below)

    After reaching an agreement with Root Infinit, Prince Brandon Dessalio is ready to start officially to the North bounded mountain.

    What is neither farewell ceremony, no luck to those who live down from his hands free nobles farewell, even survived in the ruins of the Holy Grail War "in the south of the civilians, do not know to save their two prince his highness had left, as they also don't know what time he is.

    This is specific to the "Brandon Dessalio" curse, whenever he visited the place, done, will be further came to erase all the people, not to let the prince his Highness has any chance of condensation of his popularity.

    His blood and his "Yu dragon" in the identity, he is the greatest sin.

    The reason why an agreement, is to determine the members of his Royal Highness Prince entourage and route -- Root Infinit's suggestion is the boat first arrived in the empire by Brandon GOLO Wen, but directly rejected.

    First, he is now really don't want to go back to his "beloved father Majesty"; second, it is far too quickly, and even catch the broken circles in the summer arrived at the mountain before the end, Brandon thinks his "brother" love is not so urgent, not anxious and he met the point of resistance.

    Of course, the most critical is that -- Root Infinit's proposal, Brandon will be directly rejected, a word can't believe him.

    So they are scheduled to go to the west along the river sacland, then make their way to the king before reaching the sacland Pro imperial golaud Wen, after all the way on the road to the town and castle, by way of the royal road north, across half a sacland Prince collar after arriving in bounded mountain.

    That is not a fool, you can see Brandon's "mind" -- now to mid summer festival has, if in accordance with the prince his highness said, when they arrived in time bounded hill, even a way to stop, the winter is coming.

    In short, Brandon in his "special way", to express themselves on this matter how reluctantly, and a little bit of resistance.

    But Root Infinit agreed, the watchman from the start leader seems to know that this is not good to his highness prince.

    His task is only to let Brandon Dessalio off the field hill, where support garrison connaght, Desaliang prince.

    As for the contradiction between the process and the two generation thirteen prince, that he is not an outsider can participate, it is definitely not want to see Eckhardt S.

    No emperor would love to see their "intelligence manager" to participate in the Royal affairs, even if he really believed in the absolute loyalty his henchman, it is still not tolerate cannot accept things.

    A "idea" execution, but now carries his allegiance to Brandon Dessalio and Eboden prince, the Archons sitting in a car in front of the South Gate of the carriage.

    In front of the Central Street gate is in an unbroken line team, and responsible for and accompanying the soldiers, the departure time is intentionally Angel Empire and Brandon's departure scheduled for the same day.

    Do not think that this is, in order to cover up his Highness Prince left traces "means" responsible person is certainly a watchman in your head.

    "It looks like this is my" last lecture ", master Corona?"

    Loren was leaning back in his chair, his hands holding the shoulder is not to do "the apprentice". - if you are in front of Dalton Kandeh. He's definitely not, but Corona won't mind this.

    "Don't be so pessimistic, Eboden always welcome your arrival, Laurent Turin." The old man smiled and comforted the departing "grandchildren": "and I believe that you can come back off the mountain community safe and sound, back to the Wizards' city."

    "To accompany you to play a" holy war "?" The black witch pulled mouth, could not help but quips.

    The old man just smiled kindly, shook his head.

    "Before leaving, and the last thing we must remind you of your Turin laurent." Corona said: "although the light you have basically mastered the 'valve' power to control a little part of the truth, your progress is beyond my imagination, maybe it is because that is your birthright, not like us to rely on external forces to get."

    "But at the bounded mountain, especially left the fortress protection, without absolute necessity, must not be easily revealed -- remember, I said is absolutely necessary premise to establish life in you under!"

    Loren tiny one leng.

    "This is... What do you mean?"

    "Forgive me until now to tell you, but it is also because I just know that your destination is actually bounded mountain." The old man quite some regret shook his head: "the seat in the sacland Prince led north, north of the Empire, the world and the junction of the hell......"

    "Is the one belonging to the Holy Cross!"

    The black wizards took a second to understand the meaning of pick to pick eyebrows: "so... There will be a lot of priest?"

    "There are fanatics, they are for the church knights who can cross at the main mountain, stick to the broken circles; as you know, the" valve "force is already very close fiends, if they found you on the 'valve' mark......"

    "What would you do?" Lauren asked slowly, looking calm: "tied lit rack, burned alive?"

    "No, you don't......" Corona once again shook his head: "in the north, cremation was a pious believer of privileges in order to prevent the harm of evil empire, they will first cut adult column, then exoculation, cut nose, ear nail, ensure that the apostles cannot use any spell, or by means of a dream world to escape......"

    "The last placed taogang, poured into the mud condensing sealed, and then hung up the anchor sink to the seabed!"

    Until the old man finished the last sentence, black haired wizard still expressionless.

    "So if you are lucky fool all the fanatics, let them believe that you are a letter of the cross wizard." Corona looked slightly mysterious, eyes narrowed:

    "You need to be careful of the North fiends, remember that sentence?"

    Loren of course.

    Rogan, found his eyes peep......

    "Even if it is only open once, you will like the night the moon as loud in their eyes. If unfortunately they perceive you are not under the protection of the fortress, but far from the stronghold......"

    "I don't think they will show how friendly to you."

    Loren was silent for a moment, some of the depressed looked up: "it is as you say, I should not to break the boundary mountain?"

    "If you start to know that you want to go there, I will try to stop, but it seems to be too late."

    A slight hesitation, but the old man looked up and said: "but as they say, the opportunity is always put in the most dangerous place, north to you is indeed full of danger, but it was not the same."

    Do you still remember, once there is what place?"

    "Once... Are you saying that the Dragon Kingdom?" The black wizards suddenly react.

    "Not only is the Dragon Kingdom, there were dragons hometown -- although like the Kingdom, has already become the ruins of the Cthulhu rule."

    Corona looked increasingly mysterious: "the legend," the hat Rogan "is to find the nine star in the Holy Grail there, there is another 'valve' - once when he was a letter to the cross, when the devout priest!"

    Nine star of the Grail, Huan Duanbi residual dragon Kingdom, the hometown of the dragon......

    Dark haired wizard suddenly looked up: "you do not want to say......"

    "No one knows exactly where Rogan found the nine star of the Grail, but there is no doubt that once belonged to the Dragon kingdom is a treasure, but also has a key out of the gods!"

    "So, nine star of the Grail, another 'valve', the Dragon Kingdom heritage certainly and we do not know the secret."

    The old man gently opened the car door for Roland, but still in a flat voice said: "according to our findings of possibility, it should be the ancient capital of the kingdom of the Dragon......"

    "Ned Hoge!"
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