#208 "valve" (below)

    Just like Brandon, before leaving the real "Nine Star wizard tower, Lauren and Corona also reached a small" agreement".

    As a wizard, he will assist each other and stand in the Wizards' position, and does not expose the Corona plan; and with the relative, he would teach her how to use the power of the "valve".

    In simple terms, then faced a very dark Wizard of Cthulhu, convinced that he needed a new mentor to his class.

    He now has two "valve" - but in fact apart from passive into the Cthulhu dream world, or by Isaac the rough "dream" way to build their own dream world, no other useful article.

    Of course, they can teach him how to use the "valve" of the people is not only Corona. It is clear from the beginning of Lauren ancient wood forest battle, Aas Muriel has been in the use of valves naturally or half unconsciously to guide their own strength, or as early as in the wall of the tree, he simply can not survive!

    But...... That is not absolutely no cost.

    On the other hand, as a wizard to master such different strength, nature should follow another understanding of the wizard of learning to more safe, at least do not worry about being a pop out of blackmail and impose exactions on juvenile.

    At least one wizard, can be the object of negotiations and transactions.

    Aas Muriel...... Even now, Loren never really believed him.

    "Turin Laurent you, you... Are you ready?" In front of the old man suddenly asked before, look no longer the serious abnormal refined and cultured.

    Black haired wizard nodded solemnly.

    "Before we start, I must tell you one thing." Corona sighed: "you are the wizarding history known, second have two 'valve' wizard, the first is the" hat Rogan "- I do not deny that the nine star will give you the Holy Grail, partly because of this point."

    "I can understand." Loren looks calm, the answer is in his surprise.

    "Also, I teach you is largely limited to the first valve, as for the second...... When the Holy Grail hall, I have all know all tell you."

    Open the second valve will get new understanding of "vision", ordinary people can not understand things; at the same time will find look into their "eyes" -- this is the first "Wizard" hat Rogan to stay, all messages.

    Three words are actually the same keywords, new horizons".

    What is the "new vision"?

    Concentrate on the Dark Wizard side thoughtfully answers, nervously looking at each other.

    "Well, let us begin." Coronado blinked, with the aging but does not reduce the gentle voice said: "first of all...... You must first turn a false perception that the word 'valve' is actually very absurd."


    Loren look slightly shocked, and did not open.

    "Use" valve "is our concept, because this is the first wizard Rogan inherited wisdom. But you must understand that Rogan's thinking has gone beyond us, so many of his views is not suitable, because we don't understand."

    Corona Shen said: "in my voice for the Holy Grail contact experience, as well as the history of the founding fathers of the wizard records, known as the" key "may be more appropriate, it is easy to understand."

    The key?

    Pay attention to the vocabulary of Roland, said: "you are conscious that wizards who are born with a certain 'chains'?"

    "It should be said that all the wisdom of the people are the same - because our spiritual and material aspects of existence, is completely separate from the state that we contact and use the powers of the void will be a natural limit, but not like those unscrupulous fiends like use."

    Corona smiled: "I remember you invented a new kind of magic, called" magic "; Fleiss Walker is not once said, the principle of this power and the Holy Grail you like?"

    Black haired wizard nodded.

    "The principle that you don't find all the witches' spiritual Palace", is a simplified version of the "dream world"?"

    At that moment, Loren really shocked!

    "Our body is unable to withstand the impact of natural void, so we in spirit hall spell; release and practical power of the void will greatly consume our energy, so it can be recovered by meditation in the spirit of the hall; our understanding of the vanity of every body, will change the shape of the spirit of the hall......"

    The spirit of "palace is the bondage of wizards, shall not have the product of compromise." Corona is on the look like Loren had expected, chuckle: "and" valve ", the key is to open the shackles!"

    Black haired wizard pursed her lips, eyes narrowed:

    "Let me guess, the spirit of the hall is designed to mimic the dream world, and put forward the creative people......"

    "Hat Rogan." Corona nodded slightly, old face many some expressions:

    "You learn quickly, Laurent Turin."

    "The void exists because the message does not exist, and emotion, pure and no reason in the world...... "Meditation" into the opening words of the wizards, on the other hand the book." Loren sighed, some helpless smile: "before you said everything about Rogan is not nearly drowned in history, was denied the church......

    How do I feel, like the master traces everywhere?"

    "Let go down as far as possible the wisdom of Rogan, is the successor to us... Rogan or one of the obligations of the believers." The old man speak softly, dim eyes with a sly.

    Dark haired wizard sigh.

    "We are limited, so we can not reach the wisdom itself will be high; so in the past few years, many wizards will look into the outside of himself -- and alchemy, medicine, herbal medicine... Many practical subjects by birth, Occultism and Rogan created was shelved, conjuring learning is into a cheesy, but can still maintain the vitality of ancient runes."

    Do you think such a result, very sad?" Listen to the old man Loren tone sigh.

    "No, admit their own shortcomings and to find their own direction, which itself is a kind of weak wisdom." Corona looked at him kindly:

    "If you can't accept the reality, I'm afraid now and hundreds of years before the wizard also linger."

    "The 'valve' can open the shackles, let the Wizards have and own wisdom to match the power?"

    "No, that is not absolutely" and its matching "force, absolutely not." Before Corona put away the smile, tone becomes heavier:

    "Laurent Turin you must remember this, the 'valve' or the Holy Grail will be witches so diligently pursue, because it is beyond our own strength!"

    "In fact, you have already experienced." The old dim eyes become deep: "as Maizika, gabriel...... 'valve' lifted the limit for you, the higher order spell without scruple using a variety of powerful, but power is terrible to incredible, and you also believe that your true strength."

    "But...... The results should not be too good, right?"

    Loren pupil winced slightly.

    Maizika war sequelae are not to be cured... Otherwise, in the face of Allie's childhood Lauren wouldn't bound hands and feet.

    "With the first valve gives us the answer, as well as the wisdom of Rogan's legacy, I draw a conclusion." Corona Merl Merl Doug: "the so-called 'valve', should also increase gradually, process of opening the valve, as is the process of evolution."

    "The first step is to break the shackles of their own, and let our strength reaches a certain height, which is also called the" beyond itself ', also the wizard steps are called "extraordinary"."

    The second step is to enhance the wisdom, let our thinking can match our strength;"

    The black wizard in thinking.

    "Speaking here, then I will combine their experience, first slowly teach you how to control the valve of skilled, but before that......"

    The old man's mouth again revealing a sly smile:

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