#207 "valve" (on)

    Fa Hei Sith side guard knight? The black wizard with a heart of vigilance and confusion.

    For this man does not know much, when Lothar only touched a few times and, just remember like pharnaces bodyguard and the upper hand is terrible.

    In the female wizard described the escort Knight Sword is superb, Leah and Vera two men together can't put him down, even better than they have a faint - although the use of terrain advantages and armor this seemingly clever means, but this is the embodiment of skill and experience.

    But...... Lauren still did not think the pharnaces guard knight, can have a whole team of people will kill power -- at least, he is certainly not a person.

    In that case, him another person's identity is doubtful.

    Artaud Bellini was himself beheaded, pharnaces died in the hands of Edward; what can anyone make when he had to leave the city curfew adventure of Eboden, also killed an entire team of hundreds of soldiers?!

    Lauren feel like very close to the answer, but I couldn't find the key place - there will always be a strange sensation in his thinking as if the omission of interference, a very important information and clues.

    The knight is under the "Shou oath" sword of promise, do not understand the organization of the Church of Loren, just know that such a promise to give up the title, the title of knights and identity around, looking for the Holy Cross in the wilderness and journey of faith.

    Yet the rise in the Empire era,. These people are in the Santa Croce church missionary, known as the "sword"".

    So, what is important to make certain the escort knight had to choose with a "Wizard" to leave the point.

    As for what...... Black haired wizard frowning half kneeling on the ground.

    It looks like the "Holy Grail War", there are a lot of what you do not know ah......

    "Excuse me......"

    To guide the officer Loren suddenly walked on, said: "you face some embarrassing what did you find, wizard consultant..." The officer suddenly broke off, really do not know what to call the prince his Highness the people around".

    "I just called lauren." Pat on the knee of the dust, a remnant of a rising Loren pointing around: "the look I have found, please as soon as possible. The dead are encoffined."

    "The murderer......" The officer frowned.

    "No matter who he is, I have been from Eboden to leave, at least not in the city." The black wizard sure replied: "please rest assured, I will continue to go on."

    "It's your hand, hold your!" Deadpan officers solemnly nodded: "we clearly hope this thing, but also please be sure to catch the real one!"

    Luo Lun Qian and nodded, be accepted.

    And the officer said goodbye. The black wizard expression was gradually cool down after learning the identity of the murderer, a thought is always lingering in my mind.

    "Is there a problem?" Leah detect this guy beside seemed wrong: "and the squire Knight?"

    "Need to confirm one thing, if I do, may prove a conjecture -- although very, very not hope this is true!" Loren bite lips, deliberately used two reduplicated words: "but I have to go to a place now, so......"

    "Give it to me!"

    Straightforward Leah, let Loren surprised at her. "... I didn't say is what to do!"

    "No, don't you know it?" Female spirits behoove to see him, silently watching him: "anyway, even if you say, I probably don't understand."

    The black haired wizard was suddenly burst into laughter.

    "Why?" See him laughing at the dark bottom face leah.

    "Not what, just suddenly had reason to star forest, simply because you don't believe me." Loren couldn't help explain a sentence, not finished and couldn't help laughing out loud: "but now a war dancer miss, has been completely trust me this big liar!"

    "Oh......" Look suddenly cold down female wizard holding the shoulder: "you are very proud of it?"

    A moment of quiet, Loren convinced he felt a cold front......

    "There is absolutely no!"

    "You just hesitated for a moment." Star war dancer Lin's eyes narrowed: "do you know you have two" habit ", a liar?"

    "Well... What?" Lauren mouth twitching.

    "First, proud of you love second, culter angle; when you only lie, so the words are just put on a poor sample -- by the way, the second is the EIN told me."


    "I was wrong, please accept my sincere apology, this kind of thing is not what a great." The black haired wizard lifted his hands very sincere, stuffy and said: "I promise I won't have a similar thing happened!"

    "Well......" Elf woman croon a cry: "ain said, when you are exposed will say so."


    If the world is more difficult than a woman, it must be two women.

    Carefully think about what may have the slightest chance of winning?

    After the "fate" Loren once again sincerely apologize, with "compassion" female spirits did not accept his claim to have sewer collapse, for there is no left alive or pharnaces.

    Although Edward is convinced that the bishop was already dead, but now may really is only possible, but also hold most do not want to see results.

    Holding the shoulder female spirits looked depressed left black haired wizard, revealing a fox like sly smile.

    Although still agreed to his request, but to see such a liar only obediently surrender at a loss what to do, like, seems to have value.

    "This is the last time before returning to the morning star Lin to help you, a liar." Elf woman whispered: "don't die on the outside."

    .................. Could not hear the whisper of the Dark Elf Female wizard, according to the original memory went to the corner of a street corner, like a leisurely stroll in the streets freely through the martial law has.

    The distance from the Free Council to the south of the rubble, Loren has general patrol order and frequency to find out the basic mission of the soldiers, not surprisingly, even passing will not be found myself.

    The footsteps stopped in an alley, waiting for a minute after a team of soldiers, black haired wizard has seen across the car already waiting for a long time "carriage.

    The next minute, the soldiers of the iron boots sound also echoed in the streets and lanes, stride figure has left the alley, carefully walk to the carriage, gently struck two.

    The car door was opened.

    Deadpan Loren glanced toward the inside, on a dark horse, also did not forget to close the door.

    "I did not expect, actually you will abide by the agreement, Laurent Turin." The man sitting opposite him with humble smile: "in fact I have heard that you become HRH Brandon wizard consultant, I thought you wouldn't come."

    "This sentence should let me." Black haired wizard pondering raised mouth: "in the moment when the city curfew, you even dare to appear here, it is really surprising."

    He became Brandon's wizard consultant is what happened this afternoon. The message is sensitive to this point only one truth, and officers themselves one, would have been bought off each other.

    "I was just in case, if at this time was found and the people around you should contact your highness, I am afraid it is easy to be misunderstood." Refined and cultured smile, doubt what he said is not true.

    A "greeting", finally entered the text topic:

    "So, in accordance with our prior agreement, I teach you about all the 'valve' knowledge, but you must also ensure that there will be no hiding, and before we make a decision together, not to share this knowledge to any one wizard, can you?"

    "Of course, I know its weight." Loren's mysterious smile, looked in front of the person like an apprentice like slightly bowed:

    "Lorenz Coronado master!"
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