#194 let us stand together (under)

    "They catch up, pharnaces."

    The dark corridor, stop the guard looked coldly Knight behind, right hand hold sword.

    Pharnaces expression without the slightest waves, quietly looked at his escort Knight: "God's blockade has been broken, nine star will always be snatched from the Holy grail...... Don't have much time."

    "Then you one step ahead."

    Escort Knight turned sharp sword like water dripping, in the dark can still see the above complex lines, pointing behind him:

    "Blasphemous blasphemy acts, by me for you hold them!"

    A little compassion reveals pharnaces look: "just need to stop them, I can not interfere with - the war is coming to an end, there is no need to make more killing."

    "But if...... May the Holy Cross bless their souls!"

    Prayer sound echoed, a cassock of pharnaces has disappeared in the end of a dark tunnel. Stranded in situ escort Knight slowly raised his hands to take a step, the cold sword.

    The silence of the sewer, the agitation of the flow obscures the footsteps and all the faint sound. Darkness, two silent figure appeared in front of him.

    "You the bishop you leave?"

    Said put down pike female spirits provocative: "here is said but there are hundreds of monsters, which he was afraid of eating as snacks?"

    "Dedicated to the glory of the holy saints, all evil and darkness can stop him." Escort Knight tone chill, bright silver sword hanging down slowly, sword pointing war dancer:

    "You also no!"

    ........................ "Allie, you still can not understand......"

    Gradually expressionless girls will be lifted as light sickle bones, like muttering:

    But if this is the choice of Allie Loren, so also can let you sleep together......"

    Cold light flash, already by sickle bones!

    The next moment, enveloped in the black smoke like a long scythe like substance handling, at the dark haired wizard oncoming.

    Most of the girls dance, let the black under the thin figure with sickle bones rotate together to soar.

    Pale little wizard froze on the spot, and that the black smoke was approaching front!


    Loren roar awakened Ayn, hastened to retreat in the blink of an eye, where she had settled up in front of a stone wall block.

    "Rock will"!

    Black smoke reaches over the ground will melt solid masonry, only the blink of an eye, rose stone to visible speed disintegrated into a pile of mud!

    But it is enough...... Almost at the same time, the roar of death dance pad Allie drop from the clouds, son appeared behind him, a long face split under transverse sickle.

    The wizard will be things that vanishes in a flash, black hair falling on the spot!

    "Pan -!"

    The collision sparks fly in the air, can be swung open by the girl in the sickle - little wizard behind him was still pale, trembling hands of the Falcon bow.

    From Allie's surprised face flashed, but she was not surprised, elegant figure quickly retreat to swing a black smoke.

    Suddenly, she saw Loren palm burning flame...... Turin fire.

    "Boom -!!!!"

    Black and red "fire" in situ exploded, blowing dust and obscuring vision.

    Did not think, black haired wizard had rushed up, grey blue Jianmang sword split smoke to quickly retreat Allie.

    After two rounds of battle, he also began to recognize this point, and these gods play war walk is useless, because they are always stronger than their reaction speed and the human, the only choice is to continuously, a flood of attack, let them struggling to cope.

    Only in this way, you can catch the chance!

    Aware that he is attacking Allie's expression, a sickle bones sweep, black smoke such as fan flocking around. The black wizard from her sight blur flashed, rapidly changing the direction of attack.

    But this time Allie did not wait, once again hit the black smoke.

    Just landed the black wizards even time to dodge, no dead black smoke has been rushed to the front of him.

    But at this time, Loren suddenly squat, raise left hand tried to press to the ground!

    Around the black smoke suddenly, the next moment huge blow from the central, from all sides towards the roaring!

    The watchman's high order spell two, "the force of impact"!

    Allie seems to be this scene frightened, froze in place motionless, dark eyes watching helplessly rushed figure.

    Sword, cut -!!!!

    Grey blue Jianmang sliced, spewing out of the waterfall such as plasma!

    Blood white haired girl dancing, the decapitated head toward the black haired wizard smiled his graceful smile.

    Soon after that dying into the body instantly dissolved, spewing blood flow, blood over again surge flooded the hall corridor.

    Is this a hand!

    Look cold Loren backhand grip the sword, when he turned at the same time, at the foot of the plasma. Once again, one after another, uninterrupted climb out of a trembling of the living dead.

    Ready hold up "bright silver", left hand "caster" ready two spell, take a step towards the enemy.

    Only this time, dead people is not the goal of him......

    In the Dark Wizard suddenly constricted pupils, waving the sword of the living dead rust, rushed toward the little wizard holding a bow and arrow rushed up!

    "Ai - yin!!!!"

    In a moment, Loren's field of vision, the little wizard figure was swallowed by countless dead people.

    Surrounded by clouds ain pale, cold forehead kept flowing cold sweat, as if to warm the body trembling hand bows, drew the last quiver of arrows.

    It is a branch with the blue arrow arrow langya.

    Blue pupil moment amplification, accompanied by ringing the trill bow, arrow wind!

    The dead was hit head is only a slight shock, not even let him down.

    However, in an instant hit, it was pierced parts suddenly out from the smoke, then ignited the blue Mars, weak flame like a life like, quickly swallowed everything touches the flesh, skin burning along the road!

    The swaying dead finally began screaming up, even the dead are around, whenever it touches together by the blue flame lit, crying, screaming and struggling one after another fall!

    Just a few seconds, the flame even spread to the blood on the ground, half a promenade hall started burning up, the blue light will boil the little wizard around the central, to spread rapidly around!

    "This is a forest of elves Morningstar herbs, Ogre with modified firelighters produce corrosive viscous material -- the elves use the herb to deal with, they are used to dissolve the huge body, let the flesh moisture be void infection of land, they destroyed forest restoration."

    A little wizard pale, it was surprisingly calm, calm eyes gazing out from some panic in the plasma of Allie:

    "So is void against erosion twisted life...... Especially the lifeless, rotting bones piled up the monster, has a very good effect!"

    At this moment, Ai Lier looked cold as frost.

    "I know you are what you intend to do in order to save me, or miss Allie...... From Deepwood gods." Ayn Rand is steely eyed stare at her: "do you want to take me as bait, let me protect Loren distracted."

    "Unfortunately, you are wrong, I don't need anyone to protect, I am not what bait, I am Ayn Rand Lothar, the alchemist!"

    "I don't know why you will not want to hurt Roland, don't know what you are not and you said, deeply in love with him; but from now on, you only need to know one thing you can."

    Small nose lightly hum a talented alchemist straight, valiant and heroic in bearing the station looked up, the hard left "caster":

    "From now on, is one to two!"
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