#154  Xinxuan line (under)

    "Turin laurent...... We meet again."

    Face to face with a smile, a golden red church only young priests came into the Dark Wizard's side hall, suddenly a sudden contraction of pupil.

    Once when he thought he would never see his formidable priest.

    Of course, it is more important in the school contest Vimal pal, their real pit him back; and after the ancient wood forest, and indirectly hampered his establishment of "elf parish" plan, the adults must be as can be imagined, pharnaces wished himself alive, let his bundle of firing coke in order to relieve his hate at stake.

    But to his surprise, or Eboden would become the bishop of pharnaces. The Reverend how offensive is already well known in the wizard, the Santa Croce church "radical" to the wizarding world headquarters...... This is the real intention comes in the end point of it?!

    "I salute you, pharnaces." Lauren up to the side of the bow reverent and respectful salute, Artaud Bellini's incomparable pride: "or should I call you" pharnaces bishop "?"

    "As long as you can in great pharnaces, and glorious holy cross in front, we don't have any." Chuckling of pharnaces slightly waved, like as the master entered the room: "just a humble servant croce."

    "Please sit down, my two...... Friends." Go to the table with the tone of the central, pharnaces allow all doubt said: "a little casual, today is just a friend's party, isn't it?"

    "Of course, pharnaces." Artaud raised the mouth with dead eyes see his staring across the Dark Wizard, and the other that silence not to utter a single word in his eyes, like a prayer before the sentence of death.

    It is to see Loren with something else.

    Artaud Bellini will be invited to Fa Hei Sith, is wanted to take to their demonstrations and pressure - behind him is not only the Bellini family, and with the church as the Holy cross.

    In simple terms, a small wizard, in this case it is absolutely impossible comeback -- except Isaac Grantham darling surrender, there is no extra choice.

    But there is one thing that Artaud would not know...... Loren's face flashed a imperceptible sneer.

    The Bellini family and the Church of the Holy Cross alliance, he would have been the honorable Weirlo Bellini tutor adults a drain all confessed clean, is not what secret no one knows.

    Only let Loren surprise, only to the person actually is the adult pharnaces...... At the same time because of his own identity, also will be exposed, let Artaud caught.

    So the Bellini family who has an ambush in the door? The table below the black hair of his right hand slightly taut, his face still maintained a start to sit surprised, humble pharnaces nod.

    Calm, absolutely can not have any panic, Isaac has five night watchman side protection, if not smooth from Eboden to retreat, to ensure his temporary safety is no problem.

    "I came here today, is to solve a contradiction." Pharnaces softly said, don't hesitate to turn to Artaud Bellini: "so...... Could you tell me what is the matter?"

    "Dear Laurent Turin sir, not only to" Ain Rand "the fake joined the nine star wizard tower, and as my guest, destroyed a large number of precious possession of my research data, trying to destroy my experiment!"

    Artaud looked like spit letter snakes, eyes more and more cold: "but! Even as a friend, I am willing to respect your Laurent Turin a chance, and not in the nine star wizard tower veterans front expose his lies, as long as he is willing to become the Bellini family...... Friends, not enemies."

    "Well, that sounds very tolerant, but also very generous." Pharnaces nodded slightly, burning eyes on the other side of the Black Witch: "I believe that you are not Turin Laurent refuse such a generous offer, right?"

    Lauren expression some slight changes, things seem to be some not quite right, the "front pharnaces bishop" seems a little too...... Nice.

    With his knowledge of the bishop, pharnaces is absolutely not can easily swallow, he now has no direct live tear makes grace!

    The opposite of Artaud after hearing these words, the same suddenly stunnedly see to the "refined and cultured" bishop, be surprised how surprised.

    There appears to be some unexpected, interrupted their plans?

    ........................ "Hold, don't panic, into the alley in front corner." Even if the body taut, cold Edward still in the flat to not hear mood words to appease the side of Vera: "they can not be aware of."

    Silent red haired girl back trembling, clenched hands the reins, I nodded.

    Shabby carriage in the street is still smooth running, several people in the carriage has been holding their breath, waiting for the tension.

    In addition to a guy......

    "These people come for me?" Suddenly come Isaac surprised also could not help but raised mouth, is very proud of: "say so...... I am very important?"

    "It is very important." Is trying to accelerate crazy heart, patience Peter Farshal nodded: "your life is more important than five of us!"

    "I really is the first time...... Well, of course, with my ability and cleverness should indeed than some brain irrigation potatoes are more important! Why don't we go out to make a deal with them, and they might be able to make a deal of what, for example......"

    He is not at the end, Peter Farshal finally unbearable long sigh, round eyes look to the "genius" in front of it, let him look somewhat scared:

    "What do you want, do you?"

    "I really don't want to do, really do not want to." Peter tone incomparable regret: "but now only say sorry!"


    Isaac did not understand, he sat on both sides of the sky and Ivan also hit the back of his head. The eyes of a turn, he fainted in the carriage.

    The carriage around the street corner, into the alley, the wall just blocked on both sides of the carriage - if the person is an assassin, now is their best chance!

    Always follow the money behind the carriage of several beggars, suddenly accelerated up the lane, looks and those on the street. The tramp did not like what two.

    If they have no words with weapons......

    "They catch up!" Vera looked to Edward.

    "Don't panic." Cold night watchman sword with scabbard, under the hood eyes revealed: "Peter Farshal intended to kill command."

    The red haired girl teeth staring at the front, behind the car came a signal, even knock two, then without warning, Weila stared the mengshuai reins!


    The carriage is broken like falling apart like a burst of noise, eating pain packhorses began to run up.

    Notice has been exposed to the assassins finally no longer hide, pull out their weapons in the carriage rushed up, one is directly from the rear side vacated leap, jump!

    A roof?!

    Peter Isaac immediately suddenly looked up and down on the ground, the head carriage and remain unconscious genius wizard to a "close contact" -- but also escaped the sword pierced the roof.

    These people don't come to take him, but intends to kill him?!

    With dismay Peter Farshal eyes anger: "Edward!"


    The sharp sword like snake spit letter, the roof of the assassin has not pulled out weapons, clutching his neck with spurting down, rolled down the car body convulsions.

    Back stab sword Edward back around, on both sides of the alley behind the wall has turned out a dozen figure from before and after the two party began to attack under the hood, the night watchman look a cold.

    An ambush!
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