#153  Xinxuan line (on)

    "You are really committed to the dark haired wizard?"

    Eboden south, a gate to the streets, pedestrians, traders, the nobility and the field The stream never stops flowing. travel, on both sides of the road was full of beggars and vagabonds, groaning to passers-by in the dirty and withered hands.

    All of this makes a tattered carriage without becoming conspicuous, even the coach changed his clothes the night watchman Vera, to the opening and the side of the Edward road inquiries.

    "We have no reason to refuse his request is perfectly logical and reasonable." The same dress as the Edward bowed his head to see the reins, as far as possible to the hood covering her face and lowered her voice: "what's more, we also have second choices."

    "But Isaac is now in our hands." The red haired girl looked very tangled: not to say that we should not keep promises, but if we really want to Lord Root Infinit he will hand out...... Ah!"

    Talking Edward suddenly grabs Vera's shoulders, sudden pain redheaded girl almost cry out, just want to angry to find Edward looked up, eyes abnormal cold:

    "In addition to us, no one knows where Isaac Grantham Root Infinit; even if it is not possible to know adults!"

    "I, I just for example, not to say......"

    What's more, do you think Turin will be willing to hold him over to us, is really a ready?" Edward coldly asked: "after so many things, you too despise him."

    At finally react, even under a few drops of sweat flow Vera, cold Edward finally relieved, though never worried that she would betray them, but Vera character too impulsive directly. In this terrible moment, any silly moves are likely to really want to kill them.

    However, in Turin on the night watchman Lauren leader Root Infinit reaction, also lifted a doubt in their opinion, the dark haired wizard should not really watchmen, and Root Infinit is cooperation, even between use and threat.

    This is a headache for Edward. Although he is a night watchman, but in fact did not have much affection for this organization. He was born a lane and nine star academy Peter Farshal wizard tower, or the port of people readily direct their vera are not the same, to join the night watchman and joined a gang not what difference.

    A gangster. The most important, is that don't do so, less about should not know, follow the prescribed order and do the work, you can live a long time.

    But now...... If you really know them and by Root Infinit Laurent Turin reached the agreement, his understanding of Edward, he would never let any one person in five!

    I would do so -- the only way to control the gang is blood and fear, and absolute totalitarianism; and as the organization is more than ten thousand times the watchman of terrorist gangs, need more blood and more intense fear, can let people throughout the Empire forever loyal to the vigil honor, loyalty to a think of his name will shudder!

    The carriage in Peter Farshal is also aware of this, but he does not have any other "good way", but also choose to believe that outside Laurent Turin?

    As for whether or not to comply with the agreement...... At the moment there is only a temporary "self deception" right?

    "I found a very interesting thing."

    When Peter distressed, sitting opposite him Isaac suddenly said: "some of you, Artaud and Bellini Loren, all of you seem to want to get this...... What was the name of that blood medicine? This makes me very puzzling, why?"

    "Well, this......" Look at this Isaac said look, the other is not determined in playing his own Peter hesitated, and then explained: "as far as possible because this medicine can cure all diseases, can make even the stump Restoration -- that is to say it is of great value, this value is even more than its own meaning!"

    "Well, that sounds reasonable." Isaac raised one eyebrow and nodded: "why?"

    "Well?" This time Peter was shocked: "what...... Why?"

    "You haven't really seen this drug, do not even know it, just know that it can cure the disease, let it in the restoration of the stump; don't understand things are crazy to rob, isn't it strange?"

    "And so on!"

    Just a confused Peter, suddenly felt he seemed to hear what a terrible thing: "can you feel shy to speak more carefully, I mean...... That's more simple?"

    "You mean what?" Isaac heard someone to ask yourself, all of a sudden to the spirit: "the basic principle about the blood medicine?!"

    "No, I mean...... The real effect on it." Peter gave a swallow slobber: "can you tell me in detail?"

    "Ah...... About this." Just very excited Isaac suddenly lost power, shrugged: "I don't know."

    "You don't know?!"

    "Of course I don't know, I'm not a foolish alchemist, they only care about what effects and side effects such as...... Insignificance!" It is a contemptuous disregard wave, Isaac very proud and proud cock chin: "my research will only focus on the thing, that is void of power conversion, there is only this!"

    "As for what better use of healing potions, magic wand, a powerful sword void...... That's just my study "by-products", people have ebden words to describe those who engage in the sale and processing of small workshops, called 'downstream', I think is appropriate in the alchemists who!"

    "Then blood Rune based agent......"

    "I found a very interesting thing." Isaac impatient: "I just told you, this is the core of my research!"

    Long silence......

    Finally understand Peter looked out of the window, because he did not want to let the Ivan and Carmen aside unsuspectingly be aware of his fear and surprise.

    This wizard named Isaac Grantham on behalf of the value, almost beyond his imagination!

    This is the original So that is what it is., the so-called "beyond the wind, water and fire energy, through the" cheat "reality to reach all sorts in the past would have been unthinkable, even fantastic things!

    "And so on!" And even instant enough for hundreds of people, hundreds of years to build the city!

    That is God can sway in the world of the "miracle"!

    But then he felt a sense of fear and excitement -- if this study is really successful, for the wizards, the sacland Empire and the whole world, what will the impact?

    It took half the day, a shake gently compartment to let him return to God - tap three, then two, this is the enemy!

    "How did you find out?"

    The coach Edward quietly hold the waist to the hilt, eyes faint to see vera.

    "A person who taught me to distinguish true and false beggar assassin." The red haired girl Stern said softly, eyes focused around gradually up the beggars body, small arm veins taut:

    "No matter who we are, have been exposed."


    "...... Not." The red haired girl look increasingly restless, she also endured: "it is the first time, now sell!"

    "It is calm, not disturb them." Cold Edward lowered his voice: "there are too many people, there is an alley in front, where we turn, if you dare to come......

    Where do they fall!"
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