#53  at the flame (a)

    When the sun rises gradually, the original ogre panic gradually from raid senses, more and more ogre roar joined the battle, although there have been many dancers in the battle under the war scarred, but these rough skin and flesh of the monster as long as it is not fatal, will not affect them.

    The more pain, more death, more is to trigger these wild monster!

    No matter how the wind Lin war dancers forget the death of fighting, the thin figure could not stop half step of these huge array of large objects, originally ordered moment was torn to split, constantly narrowing battlefield.

    More and more Elven warriors can only straighten the spear, from head-on; walk in between the trees and the original dancers, also had to foot the earth, dodge every fatal attack, with a sharp spear tearing ogre huge body.

    Even so, the elves choice turn now is still not a wind Lin escape, kill red eye like growling, and these are powerful enemies than they want to fight to the death.

    They can't retreat -- standing here also is the last one, the wind Lin warrior. Lost the counterattack, the wind forest trees under the wall elf settlement, will this disappear from this world!

    "To the wind - lin!!!!"

    The scarlet eyes Kenuo screaming with armed waving spear, from the ogre body roll, a gun exploded its knee, pulled back the javelin.

    The white light flashed, pierced by the nape of the neck. The ogre fell to the ground. Pull out the spear and barely Kono also has used up the dead beat, finally a javelin.

    So to continue to play, only the wind Lin war dancers a never left these soldiers not only settlement soldiers, is the hope of the future settlement of children!

    Just now, he saw a young child disappeared, holding a spear into the ogre, had not run in front of another monster stepped into the meat!

    And the other one was prepared to save his war dancer -- that contradict Luca's young man named Andre in midair captured by ogres living tear into two pieces, chew swallow the belly.

    But even more tragic, as long as the fire had not yet risen in the tree on the wall, the wind Lin soldiers must stick to it, otherwise the sacrifice is meaningless, they will lose the opportunity to regain the tree wall forever!

    Luca the bastard, he is going to drag to what time?!

    The wind Lin war dancers have been dying out, why the fallen tree was not lit, exactly what happened?!

    Kenuo anxious eyes have never been away from the other side of the tree wall, originally should be the sky from the flames, but has yet to appear, don't even see a shadow.

    Gradually without wind Forest Elves, still desperately fighting. A holding scarred body, his eyes in the ogre roar into the cold bones, let the spear in the monster's body fracture on leave a wound.

    They will die here, when they climbed the wall of crystal clear, is not likely to return to their settlements.

    On the top of the battle began at a disadvantage when another group of Elven soldiers rushed out from behind the ogre, brandishing a spear and javelin joined the battlefield.

    The sudden appearance of Luca and star Forest dancers holding war fighting pace. Once again flank the ogres and panic, totally do not know what should be and what side of the battle the enemy, into a fight the enemy separately situation.

    The most elite warriors of the composition of the Forest Star shuttle queue as a spear from the rear was inserted into the chaos ogre, they are from the central ripped apart!

    And at the front, is a Female Elf out figure. Able to fire red hair had become a banner, let the war behind the dancers to try not to be rid of her speed.

    The ogre fell by her one harvest, silent madness fighting, like pouring anger like too hard, even breaking his spear, picked up another one to join the battle.

    Reduced pressure elf soldiers immediately began a counterattack, it has suffered heavy casualties, but still a new wave of the attacks, one after another fell on the cold ground.

    But even in a state of chaos, the ogre is still very strong. But in front of the number of rolling, no matter how brave elves still is inferior.

    But the sudden appearance of star Lin Zhan dancers, is only temporary to reverse the situation.

    "We are flying leaves this world and we are falling, morning dew;

    The stars are shining green, is the ancient wood branches of the green shoots......"

    Trance between Kono, mind suddenly flashed a few songs, with clenched spears once again rushed to the place where most ogre.

    .................. "Look at your own face, idiot."

    Very cold to the touch, open the eyes of the man in front of a dark, his hands tied, knees kneeling on the ground, half of the body is immersed in the icy cold water.

    The dark walls, vaguely see the fence, hold the arms of the chains...... This is their own in the dungeon?

    "Dalton... Tutor?"

    A black robed wizard was his hands, staring at the look of disgust kneeling on the Loren, her eyes were full of sarcasm: "when you smug, could have anticipated such an end?"

    "I'm from long before I see you, Laurent Turin - you feel good at lying, feel very good at cheating, you put the whole world as a fool to fool, affectation, what seems to be the protagonist of the story."

    "Let me tell you, you are a doll. Hundreds of thousands of people are boring to kill time, free to enjoy the doll."

    "Written lines, do a set of action, then...... Debut." A strange smile appeared on Dalton Kandeh's face, shook his head:

    "No...... You are not just a doll, you don't know where you are, don't know who you are -- the poor still do not believe that others, believe that a person should not believe."

    "Look at you, what do you think you are? You are the idol boring pastime when plaything. Still think he may most probably it did not actually happen, make a deal with him?" Dalton hummed a laugh: "you are the most energy than I've ever retarded more stupid, because you feel...... Very clever."

    Slowly close your eyes, brimming with heart inexplicable anger, Lauren silent.

    This is not the real Dalton, is just a product of illusion out of their own subconscious, just......

    "Just your imagination." A smile Dalton put his heart out: "you will never leave here, because you are a coward."

    "Don't leave room for yourself that you are approaching a dead end complacent trick, hide their coward fig leaf!"

    "Don't talk nonsense." Loren said coldly, his teeth: "tell me how to get out of here?!"

    "Dalton" with his hands behind out of the door lock the door, throw the key thrown in, hanging in the handle and the handle steel sword, arrived in Roland's chest.

    The answer is obvious, you want to get the key to go out, but before that will be wearing steel sword.

    Loren hesitated for a moment. Steel sword touch very true, if directly touch up, you must......

    "Those who believe your spirits are dying out, and you don't even want them to bleed. See your own face, but also what I say, coward."

    "Shut up!"

    Thin body suddenly forward, chest stab sword seems to cut the blood directly out of the lungs, mouth spray.

    His teeth, bones left over from the sword piercing cry, piercing pain continue to stimulate the brain, like every muscle twitch.

    "If you want to see it, I will let you see enough!" Hold up the knees Loren slowly, slowly the sword pierced the body from behind, revealing: "give me the eyes to see clearly!"

    The hands are tied directly to the "lie" Loren snapped up the hilt, with rib clip blade, half kneeling down suddenly!

    "Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!!"

    Crack, wooden fixed steel sword is all broke!

    The knees trembling, biting cold water up from the key Lauren stand, steel sword has his upper chest tear badly mutilated, beast eyes staring at the prison "Dalton":

    "I have to show how ah, bitch!"
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