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    Mine message Sahua ~ ~ ~ for ~ ~ ~ what were rolling

    Get up at noon, a simple wash, went to the window and looked the attack main island seven of water are water to nearby islands hurricane downpour don't know what time is over, the After rain the sky looks blue.

    Rain Island after cleaning is particularly clean, high falling brick paved streets let the sun cast a thin layer of gold, blue sky, red tiles and white walls of the building, gentle and warm sea breeze...

    The eyes of all is a quiet and peaceful, yesterday night rainstorm within a building in the murder, and after a few minutes of that blood everywhere killing, in this piece of the sun shining in the sky is like an illusion.

    Leaning against the window for a while was suddenly sent back to God, then take a deep breath, I took a walk out of the room after the adjustment of mood, ready to face something not ready for the night.

    We changed the temporary residence.

    Out of the Donquixote family and on the alert, the pirates generally love bad habits do not trust the promise and then deny in succession, from Hicks -B6-2C to now here, because is hasty decisions, this new foothold as a pedestrian to the same block but far away, much is already dawn.

    Everyone is tired, both mentally and physically, so -- I (unilateral decision) a wash bed, and Lilynette together, because children can not sleep or will not grow well.

    Then, the rest of it is not an emergency "is a good rest. 'now, then sit down and say.

    As for the less urgent chores, simply do not want most certainly is I need to explain the problem.

    The up arrow arrow although has not explained afterwards what love, however, this may not deceive the past, believe that the soldiers and major Ronald Silva also don't allow me to talk ambiguously...

    Think of a lot of trouble next is unpredictable, just go down the steps paused, I in the first floor of the stairs, silently pulls out a supercilious look, even the mood adjustment, is still sore.

    You know a lot of things it's a long story, worse is that I'm not good words, unfortunately "audience" will not accept any kind of false and fake snakes, behind them their bosses are not.

    Really trouble ah ~


    Before long, through the corner of the stairs I first heard coming from the balcony below a very lively movement, the most eye-catching is Lili nite laughter, clear crisp giggling, sounds like a good mood?

    The little girl heard the laughter, I was quite melancholy mood ah ~ to restore some more or less.

    "Na Na ~ then? Then?" This should go to bed with me, the result found that violence Lolita eyes missing such questioning, is obviously very interested in being a topic of conversation.

    The up arrow up this tone... And then listen to hear bedtime stories high tide / as I know, the next is certainly -- "Na Na ~ what happened?"

    Sure enough, go down the stairs and then I hear and think of the little girl Lili as like as two peas, as in the past the impatient tone, can't wait, "Na Na ~ ah ~ ~ then hurry to later"

    Lili listened to the story fascinated. Jant smiling together... A white haired old man sitting around, but the small body is very straight, hands holding a mug, cheeks are red hot clean look, bright eyes...

    Silva soldiers and major Ronald is not in the clothes, only a few soldiers to guard in the hall, according to the strict defense of the witness in last night, now deserted, is estimated to be sent out to do what the people.

    I think in your mind, keep foot toward Lili sitting on the sofa there.

    Now hear the downstairs movement, Lili Lolita heard over here, then she disappeared from the sofa to directly appear in my side, "Anna, you wake up ah ~ we go out to play (or = be at all)"

    I saw the boy immediately went to him, even not to continue to listen to the story -- this time, still in her hand before the second cup lost by directly knocked over the fall, cup of drink into the sofa cushions, and splashed on the edge of the old gentleman took a small piece of clothes.

    Dark brown in white shirt sleeves for drinks, from color and taste to distinguish, that is hot cocoa.

    Then, the old gentleman, is also the last night that Mr. Claude Meyer is smiling, a pair of eyes stopped at Lili nite body, actually did not look like a tiny bit of displeasure, is being poured into the hot cocoa and people don't like him, but did not move, did not look like a good temper.

    My mouth a smoke, give a hand easily distracted the Lolita into the hair, after taking one hundred thousand points for nodded, "good day, mr.." Lili originally wanted to for the child's rude jant to apologize, but look at the old man don't mind what I think is not simply to say.

    "Good day, miss Anna." Mr. Claude Meyer replied with a smile, then pay attention to Lili, look like look at the naughty little daughter so indulged and kindly, "this child, miss Anna a morning, she and you want to go out to play together."

    I nodded, but no openings on the side of Lili and plug / in said, "I heard the beam with joy in the best of spirits, the night market is also very fun, Anna hurry to eat something, we go out to wait to come back tomorrow awwww ~"

    "Claude Meyer told me that there is a lot of fun ~ special things Oh ~ Anna ~ you hurry up"

    The impatient side children put me to the living room and one room fist, side hastily continued, "there is little milk and croissant breakfast, and water meat is very delicious oh."

    "Hey hey ~" I nodded, he involuntarily is pressed into the table on the chair and settled before the magic out of a wooden paint tray, it was stocked with food she said, then, the small Lolita again like a gust of wind turned over to the sofa, leaving a 'I continue to listen to the story, such as full immediately go out. " This way.

    "Then ~" a moment back to the seat, Lili seems to be very neat about the story, is the shift of attention to look to tell the story of the people.

    "Ah," Mr. Claude Meyer did begin to tell the story, on the surface of a peaceful, just one of two minds Lolita behavior, his temper or turn a blind eye, "the next ah"


    I looked at the other side of the sofa back sight began to eat, no longer continue to pay attention to the rapid development of the two friendship:

    Although there are some rather baffling, but last night I discovered, do not know why, Mr Claude Meyer seems to have a crush on Lili with Nate, not out of the woods that, first saw Lili, the old gentleman is very concerned about her, will not consciously pay attention to her movements, while the second is because the fish with his sword drawn the boy wanted to attack Lili.

    So far I haven't seen what Mr from the abnormality of the special emotions, such as "love / children"... However, the unexplained intimacy is slightly fear.

    Now look at the situation, Lili jant of Mr. Claude Meyer there are no ill will, Lolita to Lolita, but she is still living for thousands of years Washi Todd, if Claude Meyer Lili does not believe that malicious, jant close to each other, I don't need to worry about what.

    Uh ~ of course, if only considering Lili jant peculiar aesthetic, I think... The object is to worry about off one, for example, Mr. Claude Meyer.

    Wa Stott's favorite... Keke! I hope this Mr Claude Meyer's soul enough to grow.

    In addition, compared to yesterday that only half man and half fish, non mainstream, aesthetic estimation with antisocial personality tendency of young person said that fish Dellinger, although the appearance looks old, but!

    Sir Claude Meyer is clearly better than the pirates (~ ~, reliable, @ @).


    Ten minutes late, eat breakfast in a leisurely manner, "Lili previously jant hanging out to play yebuguisu 'desire is not realized, because out of siwah soldiers and major Ronald has come back.

    Major Ronald back a bunch of casual Navy, quickly put the building and surrounded watertightly, with the deployment, the air was filled with the smell of fire / heavily-guarded.

    Silva soldiers have a single person.

    Then, now, go to the restaurant and the major soldiers.


    I fill the stomach to sit at the table position, looking at a pair of words so clearly cut off to the side of the soldiers and the major two young people, for a consideration on the proposal, "need to dwell in the room?"

    The speech swept the two young people at a glance, think of two raised a hand to find a spot to sit down, "so good here, I personally do not have what secret topic need to clear the."

    Look at their two appearance, presumably not what cannot be made public, so I'm too lazy to move, since everybody can talk.

    "The little girl over there?" The soldiers laughed siwah harmless to humans and animals, the opening words are straightforward and sharp, "no matter what they don't need to keep her on her, there is no need to hide on the Navy, miss Anna is this meaning, right?"

    Sink the body toward the back of the chair by the by, I do not speak with a smile, in front of two young Navy, a smiling, a gloomy silence, two distinct look, want to get the answer is - is babyfaceness soldiers question.

    After a short silence, a conclusion is drawn from my reaction, Silva soldiers and major Ronald looked at each other, then each pull a chair to sit down, three of us just around the table at a loss about what to do.

    Uh no, is to start a conversation.


    At first, breaking the calm of the major Ronald, his deep voice speak, then unexpectedly went straight to the theme, "Mr. Sakas Ki ordered the departure, rose to meet, we will return to Clifford Marin tomorrow, Mrs. Anna."

    The young admiral ignored the baby face the unknown soldier quite hostile to the eyes, paused and said, "as for the girl who accompanied Mrs Anna... Whether she will go?"

    "Eh ~ etc.!" Siva the soldiers stared a circle eyes, a pair of very surprised suddenly inserted / "I have come in, get in touch with Mr Boru Salino ah ~ Miss Anna under the Naval Science Department, of course, should take the general kizaru warships."

    Then, the voice falls under the two naval generals and soldiers immediately began to stare at the major, two people were also face dark, the scene looked very little yiyanbuge menacing atmosphere on the lift table.

    The forehead veins with a jump, see their reaction, I feel very helpless, "don't tell me, you even have not achieved consensus on their own, contact the general Sakas Ki and general Bolusalinuo?"

    Upon hearing this, the two flew alongside each other on at sight, both silent staring at me, it would look down is exactly the same, keep silence, do not admit nor deny.

    But! Even if you don't admit that I can see, and quickly accumulated a stomach tucao:

    This is called me in! Don't take so quickly burn the bridge after crossing it well?

    According to the Ministry of Malinfudeben act, the two powers of the same general, each act never say, mutual exchange of needed products, red and yellow dog generals will also send warships to ape.

    Then, the two subordinate unfortunately heart condition, want me to sit a general ship?

    Also! I can't forget ah ~ will change your mind from all over the delicacy here to a deal, Stark is going to help the boss to pay back water transaction deposit feeding!

    Two the Admiral's private car to seven of water are islands? This is forcing in recent days to participate in the fair two black and all characters flee ah?

    Backstreet boss how to deposit? He wants to buy something because the seller so wasted away ah..

    This is death? Or die?

    In addition!

    "Why is tomorrow?"

    Why is tomorrow? I remember from the departure to the Marin de warships should be used not so much time, seven of water are located in the central region of this route, as long as through the gates of justice, in accordance with the naval power, not even four hours...



    Suddenly think of a more terrible thing, I suddenly scalp exploded, that his face became very ugly, otherwise, Silva soldiers and major Ronald will not take each other mutual dislike competing with the eyes, to bring out the sight of a few strands of fright.

    "Mrs. Anna?"

    "Miss Anna?"

    "Ah, do not mind not to press the" forced their emotional reactions in the face, I put my hand rubbed his forehead, "not what."

    About seven of water is a Pirate Group... People said that when a Navy or not to show what this insurance comparison, both for me and for them.

    After the electro-optical flint mind to fly, float, strong self pressed all the little mind, I tried to put out the expression for Peace reigns over the land. To wait for the answer, attitude:

    A moment later, Ronald once again open, deep voice answered my question, "Clifford of warships from Marin, walk the door of justice is not justice Island triangular current route, so the voyage would use double time."

    "There is an emergency, Sakas Ki will have left behind Marlin Clifford, he should personally come."

    The words here suddenly stop, the young lieutenant brow slightly hesitant to look like, do not know how to go.

    The next second, Silva naturally took the major soldiers, opening, "because two hours ago, directly under the commander CP9 rang the gold bug to launch phone, Tu magic, target -"

    Always smiling, looks like the unworldly young baby face soldiers, now faded color the same face, depressed voice a bit, with a subtle tone of anger, "justice of the island."

    Sure enough, my eyes rounded, slightly gasped, although there is a residual fragments that memory, but remember one thing, hearing is another thing.

    Like to see across the screen and experience a completely different feeling that, in this world more than ten years, identity and navy camp, heard island is destroyed by judicial Tu magic, this kind of thing...

    Even the world government under the control of the judicial organs, judicial organs and the world CP island in addition to government officials, but also thousands of troops are stationed, Navy, and Tu magic make...

    [] - Dong 1, Silva soldiers holding palm into a fist hit on the desktop, the forehead with sharp anger, "Spann Damm was a fool! But a little pirates, CP9 actually need to destroy the island of judicial incompetence."

    The seemingly youthful face was rendered Sen cold and anger hostility, "world government"

    "Siwah!" Any words terminate in the major Ronald flatly thundered, "! You are just a little intelligence soldiers should dare wantonly attacked the world government and the Department of the decision, is intended to be exposed to the others lost the future, even life?"

    The first is unusually harsh and cruel scold baby face soldier, then, Mr. major looked at me, "I'm sorry, Mrs. Anna, please be sure not to hear this absurd speech just as the fool."

    The young Admiral Sir put a very sincere expression, but it is handed to the eyes... Full of threats.

    "Of course!" I immediately pounding head such as garlic, "just too windy I have tinnitus"

    Decisive nonsensical, and then smile -- people will not know the times? The major Ronald Ming reprimanded, but secretly protect soldiers ah ~ siwah

    Look at this "dare to have opinions for a chance to kill you" cruel little eyes.

    Always think of the two rose, once the soldiers and major counterparts... What a bad thing that.

    Between man and man... (like at a person with).


    "Ah, yesterday I wanted to say, always feel between the baby face and the face of the coffin, there must have been a very touching story"

    With the voice of Lili. The elusive. Nate without warning on my side of the chair, hands elbow on the edge of the table, the palm of his chin, his eyes staring at the opposite sat side by side of the soldiers and the major, "this is what Anna said, like the nine tail force that Uchiha black rabbit, between man and man," the subtle friendship more than love is not full "?"

    I:......... No, (only)

    Now think about how his brain immersion teach you a variety of 'common sense', I regret a previous mistake ah ah ah! This kind of thing is when the parties face said? Isn't it should be dark rubbing up the brain like you!

    I was full of happy yesterday, you face Lili Silva bangqiaoceji soldiers cliches behavior very common sense, not only clever response to the past, but also can draw together from the other words that you want.

    For example, the island has been almost Navy penetration, in addition to the island more waters near the army, etc..

    The result was less than half a day, Lili also praised by you too hey!

    After several of Lili's not opening a thriller simply opening event, I found despair for a fact that you are not Lili but no common sense, and normal human with common sense right right?

    Then, the Claude Meyer's psychological shadow area, I really a little curious, though he was sitting on the sofa that does not move, is obviously not going to come mixing Navy internal affairs, but... Are you repeatedly thrown even of two minds, man will have an opinion of you under Lili!

    Then, the static to a needle drop down to hear now is "two men love" with angry eyes stare, I feel a lot of pressure ah ah ah!

    Hard swallowed slobber, the top two as the knife flies eyes, turn the reincarnation of rust like neck, a black face at the moment to 'nonsense truth' Lilynette, later, I pretended to be ignorant of the subject, "after listening to the story?"

    "No!" Lilynette's face was a clever, obedient child, "Stark said don't let Anna alone with strangers, so here I am"

    Then, she explained it very curious to ask, "Na Na ~ Anna going home?"

    "And I want to bring back the stark Marlin Clifford?"

    "You can see Nana right? She will love me for it right?"

    "I'll try to be a good sister Da ~". Lili completely did not understand the situation. Nate said very much looking forward to show the expression is obviously next two bears children meet the scene is very yearning, "Anna said you oh ~ like family to get along, and (more than at less than or equal) /."

    The first is a small Lolita renju with a gun question was stunned, then was cast to poke eyes unconsciously covered in hair raising I try to put a very serious look at the obvious fried soldiers and major, the words, "she was a child."

    So, for she was a (mental) Lolita's sake, even if you speak too straightforward, two adult men should also be kind and generous to forgive her!

    Lolita is adorable! Young people!

    The up arrow arrow but I am sincere eyes, received Silva soldiers and major Ronald respectively out of two eyes in response.


    "Or children? Miss Anna really kidding." The soldiers wore a baby face forehead veins molar sound partly hidden and partly visible, clearly worrying him a large white teeth directly Suidiao miss Anna, "your very deceptive appearance precedent, real age I deeply suspicious of the 'child', she just said that as a" good sister "?"

    A hand straight with Lilynette Silva, soldiers' don't lie to me "tone, continue to bite," the Nana science department has been sixteen years old! Sister, how much is this girl?"

    Rather than face the soldiers on the edge of the major Ronald filled with righteous indignation, appeared calm -- many, but the words are particularly called Speechless choke.

    Well, at the same time, is also very... Suspicious of the young general brain ability.

    He wore a face rigorous and solemn look, say a sentence thought flying to the new world guess, "the little girl is not the children of Mrs Anna?"

    "Are you lost in recently years her child? For some reason, slow growth..."

    Talking over Lili jant several eyes, the eyes of young generals not observable smoke smoke, then said, "you went back after missing children in inadvertently?"

    "It is gratifying --."

    I feel the head behind the black dense enough under the pot noodles, listen to listen to the terrible logic of God, and! You speak so hard long tone smile is still ugly than cry, I really doubt your 'Congratulations', authenticity somewhat.

    The up arrow arrow has been completely, no way, normal communication, really.

    With more than Speechless extreme mood, silently away to see the soldiers and the major line of sight, at this moment, I said, need a quick booster, really.

    So, so, so... Call people speechless scenes, not to support the arm, to save my heart.



    I finally did not wait for the opportunity to shout for help, because of the sudden changes.

    For a moment, his face was indistinct Xiunao expression siwah soldiers and major Ronald both changed face, two people at the same time suddenly got up, put on a defensive posture, a draw the sword.

    Unfortunately, the two of them are only able to make such a response, the next second, a sharp voice sounded like Liebo fine in the distance between space, ripples like shaking, side position a few interest after Lili and I sat in a neat crack and crack.

    "Stalag - g!" Jeanette Lili surprised shout, followed up toward the past, a Wa Stott toward the crack behind slowly come out, "you guys so slow ah!"

    After a face to face, missing one night and half a day three uncle, ushered in the Lolita enthusiasm extremely violent... In the face of the sole kick kick, "too slow! This is not the way to sleep?"

    Lili. Grumpy. Jeanette was almost like a night out to find her husband's wife, then kick end station to leveraging on the table, hands on hips, a look at the first ten return, "Anna was abducted! You bastard!"

    What time I almost was abducted! Before the show "welcome back" smile by Lili Jeanette nonsense got choked back, I twisted face, almost want to roll my eyes.

    "Ah ah ah ~ ~ sorry on the road a little accident." Before the first three uncle. Espada, face years of constant no spirit gas, sounds are not woken up as in the past, "Oh, how to change the place? Ah ~ ~W (~ ~ _ sleepy) W"

    It did not say three words a yawn, while a sleepy sleepy, while slowly looked around in a circle, watching a scary face across the table and alert the Silva and Ronald, and turned to look behind the rapid build-up of a large number of casual navy.

    Finally, a blind man was on the house, he put the dull eyes on me, "ah ~ Anna."

    "Oh you head!" Lili jant a hand knife precision to knock heart at the same time, uncle Naomen, showed a shark teeth, "listen to me! Stark bastard!"

    = = = while the two is a second scene staged the whole martial arts of the moment, I lift a hand, "I said --"

    Voice down, a hand grabbed uncle hair and a face Lolita, want to go to bed at the same time, uncle see come over, then I sighed, and she motioned for him to watch out, "you said is not accidental..."

    "Now this?"


    Now, this.

    It is rapidly approaching the "accident.".

    The air knives across the sharp chill, like a cold knife blade is directly attached to the skin feeling slightly tingling, subconscious alarm.

    Everything happened very quickly, almost without warning, a few lines can not see traces of the suddenly ripped line of sight, on the outside of a whole wall was cut, burst, collapse.

    The dust is indescribable be long in coming, just strange laughter, and the pace continued to arrive.

    A lot of numbers, but also reach the effect to people around here, immediately hit the guard in the vicinity of the casual Navy, both gun / bomb loaded sword scabbard, instantaneous entered a stalemate situation.

    However, don't fight the war is not important, the people in the room are placed in the centre of attention on here.

    The distance between the threat of collapse of the wall outside, after the dust settles show people -- a tall pink, Er is wearing a fashionable writing read spicy eyes, the pink feather coat, man.

    The flame flower shirt was open to wear, revealing strong chest abdominal seven coquettish, flower pants, purple sun glasses, smiling faces are cracked like laughing while with scarlet tongue lick slowly around the mouth.

    = = = completely unable to use human language to describe the future.

    Staring at the stand outside the door off evil look, my lips twitched partial face, "Stark, where are you coming so cruel?"

    King Wu seven sea, sea rogue, Duofulangmingge ah hey Don Quixote! Stand outside the lump of pink hair!

    You get back ah!

    Perhaps my tone is too ferocious? Total love sleeping not love others answer a waste of time problem three uncle, this time pour is very straightforward, almost all the way back, "ah ~ with accident not him."

    I stared in the past, before the first face of Mr. Espada honest, "it is just me in the sea near the well caught? Who, in a word... He followed the road."

    The word "off the ellipsis is what ah! Always feel that there are things that I do not want to be.


    Later, the king at the seven Mr. Wu Sea rogue, to ignore his various sight, and indoor and outdoor fire / drug triggered at any moment, keep a face is the harbour evil designs hunched over, smile on a double seems not to be a straight leg across the cut to pieces. Wall, slowly walked into the room.

    No no visiting others consciously, casually walked into the room, finger hook the hook opening, after several people live near the Wu / knife tip on his clothes, "the Navy, furosemide furosemide furosemide furosemide ~ me ah you navy."

    The first opening is a unique personal characteristics of laughter, then take other people's table as a chair, sitting cross legged, across the dark lenses, if real eye turned, "originally thought encountered very interesting characters, did not expect the navy"

    "Hello! Since the Navy, ignoring the world government take the initiative to attack me, this is Fred Marin mean?"

    A smile full of malicious, tone of voice commom;cynical, has a distinct taste of words for his crimes.

    So -- stark what you do? I looked at the sea along the rogue, and stared at the edge of the three uncle one eye, then received quite helpless eyes uncle back as a.

    "Cut off the connection line of the air bridge with clouds, because unfortunately in the dark chamber." Uncle innocent shrugged, then put Lili down from the table to put me to the Lolita before rubbing fried before, and said, "the devil's fruit and that the original usage, this world is really interesting."

    The up arrow arrow and then beat, this is do not want to know things -- the answer, in my eyes a smoke, decided to go, anyway, Stark did not suffer ~ Samuel

    I believe, whether before or after, see the wind on the bad acting arrogant Mr. rogue sea, a face like emerge at the crossroads of bamboo shoots after a spring rain in succession, losing all must not be Ketai ya. Stark.

    So, I will obediently stay well.

    Then, a roomful of people subtle silent situation, Lili again jant curiosity to ask, "is it really line? Fine slit the kind of clothes?"

    Then she turned his head that the king was sitting in the table seven Wu Hai, eyeing each other several times, then looked back at the living room, the opening is inserted in the neck that few of them thin?"

    Open for Lili nite nth time, I said, just ignore again, this bear children is not common sense, anyway, her force value is enough to make her do not need to be too cautious, uh ~ as for other people's feelings... Then I don't have much relationship well

    Her voice down, a not too much other people heard the partial partial face, deep purple sunglasses lens rear line leakage eyes, just like to see no need to care about a small role as eye, mouth open radian big, "Oh ~ this kid is not Diamante said the little girl can go to hell?"

    "Devil fruit ability to see through all things?"

    Laugh very evil, speak slowly lifted a hand on his knees, rather than not to say the gesture, "on the edge of this looks very familiar. I think some ~ ~ seems to be"

    This would not finish was interrupted. Stark to Ketai ya.

    The opening of three uncle rather baffling, "ah, Anna, you ask the accident."


    What? I blinked, the next second will come to understand, because...

    Through the hole in the wall was cut out of the sea, outside was also ruined the rogue incoming instant assorted courtyard, a bright yellow light suddenly sharp blow up.

    Armed with weapons and Marines to the casual pirate suddenly blown all a hideous mess, lying on the ground injured bursts of screams.

    Second, a dazzling glow suddenly appeared out of the yellow light a few information between contraction and expansion, and setting down -- white admiral cloak robe had a radian angle, tall thin figure finally appeared.

    Navy headquarters, general kizaru.

    The indoor outside Liangxiang a face to face, the Department of the Navy science governing the kizaru will show as if somewhat surprised, "Yeah ~ ~ really Anna, call me surprise encounter"

    Laughing, very scary, you slowly take side.

    Of course, if the general body kizaru sharp can slightly weakened somewhat murderous, but he is quite a bit of 'surprise' taste, but unfortunately, with more close to the growing pressure, he said clearly and action on.

    I:............ _ (3: his / _) has no way of consideration, Stark said the "accident" of what the fed! Yesterday he had been to seven of water to feed!

    Why! Now there will be kizaru will suddenly debut this result was scary ah ah ah! This is not the science department chief guarding the Navy headquarters Ma Lin Clifford's?

    According to Stark, the not -

    This is only the First Crusade, Wa Stott, ya. Ketai: last night night run to Marin de Navy headquarters were what fear / osoi terrorist attack, causing admiral kizaru chase all the way, then turn black halfway in a cavity and a dedicated channel on the seven wuhai...

    Finally, the two one after the other to the monsters and freaks of all descriptions... ?!

    This was instantly thought of terrifying possibility, I use the speed of almost snapped back neck, mouth - no common sense should have a limit! Know behind with super trouble, you will walk to the new world to get rid of it, then come back ah ah!

    Up arrow arrow above the anger, not spray out, the next second, large and low vision was the shadow of all the words of this lump in the throat and mouth not below.

    Or should I say...


    A pair of eyes to the extent of violence and almost convex orbit, this face I stared at the time felt a close at hand, his head covered in numerous animal.

    Three uncle's face light, very close can only see him tiny eyes closed, with a pair of endless lonely eyes hidden beneath the eyes can not see eye shadow deep...

    Don't let me back pressure behind the palm heart cold... Tongue licking my lips, I slowly put too surprised that I forgot to close the mouth, tongue soft and clumsy...

    My eyes rounded, felt only after the mind ran thousands of horse and broke a few animal volcano, not a blown upside down normal consciousness ah!

    I realized that only three Ketai ya. Stark uncle could block my mouth, the fact that now...

    In the end... What happened... What...???


    I do not know how long after, a few minutes or a few seconds, in no way calculated.

    Such a "meet" three uncle face distance, my forehead a black line, plus very scary at -

    Now, I'm more than shy, urgent is to know the reason: the only reason Todd Washi rather baffling pro.

    Of course, this is certainly not he regardless of time and place to produce what feeling / desire, stay in the imaginary circle so long, should have what should happen, this three uncle is not a bit like an imaginary circle who desire / hope very similar, ascetic make me doubt is not evolved to Washi Todd degree the top after desire / hope to follow the evolution of Er ~ disappeared

    And now, this ya come up like a wall not to utter a single word of mouth as overbearing president... Certainly not what men in Wei / behavior, he did not mind that.

    So, just follow the tongue crossing over... How is it?

    Then, before I stared at the first opening to explain what Mr. Espada, another state took me lean, followed by Lili's urgent hasty cries, "I want to I want to! Anna "

    Very soft and very soft Lolita Pro up for a second, I saw her do not know what is like beads stuff Xiandiu into his mouth, and then close up.

    I:............ _ (his / _: 3)

    This bear children suit through my mouth, and pry the teeth... An indescribable feeling suddenly poured into the throat.

    Warm, with There is nothing comparable to this life... They like to have a sense of self - filled, winding down together to a place.

    For a moment, my eyes narrowed, suddenly realized that before: and now Lili jant actually what things... Through feeding back a kiss.

    Is... The number of large enough to repair the wounds of the soul... The essence of power.

    Where to?!


    Oh, uh - oh

    Close to the lips finally removed, I turned over the dead eyes, one hundred thousand helpless staring at Lili. Almost becoming lily. Don't want this child Nate, look at me is a smug look to Stark, "Na Na ~ don't worry about Anna now ah ~ I ~"

    "Ah -" three uncle is a pair of "things too sudden and don't know how to act" blank expression, after will be dull ah sound, hand scratched curly, and some worry that about to speak, but saying nothing, "what..."

    "Yeah, Anna, a long time no see, I really did not expect..." Kizaru general voice now inserted in / in line with the sound of gloomy taste, "you are outside bad ah ~ life become rotten and corrupt mi / ah"

    My stiff turned, he saw the science department leader, kizaru general / hands in the pants pocket, under the eyes of deep brown sunglasses lenses that call a nondescript, in short, is a can not end the ferocious momentum.

    At will, kizaru General Mr. hums to smile a, with his chin, "Yeah, the two, Anna is not for me to introduce?"

    "Stark, said the name was somewhat familiar"

    The tail out of some elongated means difficult clear taste, paused and subtle side head slightly and slightly, "you say it? Sakas Ki, the name I remember is taboo to you."

    The red tide with kizaru magma general speech and spread, without warning the floor pouring out a medium dark belt.

    A moment later, the man appeared red suit, Xieguo the terror of a unspeakable, beneath the eyes brim... When the moment, people will feel shiguwucun thriller.

    I wuzhuozui silently, step back - why! General sakazuki will also appear ah ah ah!

    Not well because of being delayed to leave the emergency department?

    Major Ronald!


    Then, no then.

    A room full of terrible atmosphere, and incited the Flamingo Mr. just sneer, I just felt suddenly the whole people hot enough to burn, in the true sense.

    The heat from the position after being hit, after Stark and Lilynette after the previous one gave me a huge number of life, full of wound strength reached the limit, then the excess blood circulation along the bone...

    Very hot, boiling temperature instantly reach, blood to evaporate.


    Struggling, I staggered and two navy generals to stare eyes, eyes on the initiator of evil - stark! I want to burn / body / fire / Er ~ wrong! The sweater is hot to burst!

    You and Lili just what gave me what ah ah ah ah ah!
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