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    Mine message Sahua ~ ~ ~ for ~ ~ ~ what were rolling

    This moment, I think only two men greeted in vain become ugly, especially the idea of "the man back" proposal, is really hateful appearance.

    Look directly off, said it is one piece?

    Although I am never judge nor too absolute values of good and evil, but now I've heard what 'you want this woman, then back. " Chauvinistic remarks...

    Ha ha ha ha ha ~ ~

    It is to want a fire into the crown.

    Even if his proposal did not seem to be accomplices accept, also cannot stop my heart to the two of them rising from deep hostility.

    No matter which side is pirate camp, or navy or, as long as there is a woman materialized is not a good stuff!


    It is this sudden emerge of hostility, led me to look to this man and not within the canopy, look beyond the control of the swept him several fatal point -- I'd like to see if he has no ability to 'take me back. ".

    Act recklessly and blindly。

    The up arrow up the two men are pirates, which I had seen, the two sides is a holiday, I know -- but I didn't want to do what, in the moment before.

    I am not a naval combat force who did not receive the Navy 'absolute justice' wash / brain, when encountered pirates, of course there will be no clinging to justice caused no confusion.

    Secondly, because of some special characters idiotic years ago because of my personal views on the pirates, actually said out will let some people hated the marlin clifford.

    It is not hostile, even if there is a holiday, and they are also more jant Lili playing a game, I personally would not meet again what must be made to fight at outrance.

    However, now I changed my mind.

    Will casually say that, presumably usually lawless scum like that really wants to get rid of, so in the future let more innocent woman hurt.


    Known as the "senior" poor man at last time lengleleng in my face.

    Xu is aware of the strange, in my eyes, the Zheng Leng after he narrowed his eyes, then slightly decadent look away, it is cold in his forehead senran.

    Suddenly change makes him look look...

    Rao is an earth mixed rain poured all over, look after the panic and abjection, with this look, he and other pirates do not much difference, silent looked at other people's eyes, is obviously the fierce wild and aggressive.

    I was seeing more conceal feelings of hostility, joint the people are on the alert.

    But the other did not do what, for example, the first step to attack the enemy the opportunity, very strange, he is full of patience, like to repress her, tensed like to pull the full string bows, facial features, with a relentless gas, but always without moving or speech.

    Two people so quietly looked at each other, and probably think I do not have much of a threat? In short, this man all the ups and downs of breath gradually calm, restored the previous kind of waves of fashion.

    Then slowly stood up, hair on the dirt and leaves and flowers, and bow patted on there has been rain drenched suit.

    Take care of the rough finished, he turned to look at the outside waiting in the rain, I do not know the partner, then back sight, eyes again for me, immediately sink a voice asked, "where do you live?"

    Ask a have no relevance to the question, pause for a moment, once again out loud, "late at night to send you back?"

    On the surface of a casual look, the mood is also very careless, as I promised or rejected it, he never called -- than his friend a few minutes before the proposal, his attitude is open.

    However, in my opinion, this is called Senior who is more dangerous than a deep, because the kind of difficult to restrain from pain, and pressed a moment before the trial, the man at the strange wicked, not much, but enough to cause alarm.

    Like the past is always wearing a mask as mild camouflage, but often inadvertently exposed inside the tip of the iceberg fierce person, even if he is probably unintentional, the moment can not conceal the real.

    It is our birth -- in my heart tut sound, even in the most advanced suit, pretend to be peaceful and harmless, or get rid of carved on the bones of the lawless nature.


    "Don't need." Refused to each other, even I have nothing to say thank you, and stop for a few seconds, I look into the eyes of this man, sink a track, "I hate the pirates, very very hate."

    Although I was [One Piece] the hardcore fans, not what too much prejudice to the occupation, however, live in this world for so many years, it is difficult to avoid the rampant sea for those who pillaged his produce aversion.

    No one can deny that, here most of the pirates are criminals, the sea breeze fluttering with skulls printed thousands on thousands of pirate flag logo, not contaminated with innocent blood and how much?

    Even if it is only for the pursuit of freedom and dream of sailing who stay in their blood and tears behind the women and children, who care about?

    The turbulence Pack: ascent the throne journey, those victims cry, few people hear more.

    Even the idiotic powder, the reality of the world I can not agree with all the pirates.

    This is especially the case now.


    But strangely, after the voice down, the man called Senior... Was once again called Speechless.

    Thought of "being rejected at both direct and practical", then, I will be able to counterattack in self-defense of the right and proper -- Imagine scene does not appear.

    The reaction of the other side is an unexpected, even an inkling.

    Well, well, I can only admit that unfortunately, he probably once again reach each other's thunder, but also a super big one, although I feel rather baffling and innocent.

    Really, very unexpectedly.

    I don't know why, just a very unusual words, actually will make each other look instantly changes, so again and again three, if I still awake, his performance tonight would make me doubt... Who is out of the question.

    From the beginning of the awning ran into the rain, what seems to have derailed, the subsequent development of previously but also striking one snag after another The path winds along mountain ridges. a question and answer, he was so troublesome, now more like someone with a knife stabbed in the heart directly, the whole face was like a dead man.

    This development could remain perplexed despite much thought.

    It is odd, to not very sure you really have the ability of "language", I would suspect... You will be able to speak imperceptibly evolved to kill powerful enemy fell ah!

    I have a special department of soul knife cut two no thoughts of "laughing traits, masts of ashes to ashes' where?

    His whole face lined with darkness lightning looks pale blue iron pan are fed! This way, if he is not directly under a second die very strange things, look at this one wounded to die soon.

    I was once again be caught off guard each other's performance was frightened, terrified of stared at him, my voice is forced to ask, "well, are you all right... ?"

    The eye opening and unbearable Piao in the rain, then the mouth twitch a few times, because I was worried, so he threw at your chest reaction -- let him think I was attacked. Oh hello!

    Although I am going to give them a lesson, not do not?

    Just an accident, God knows I could not even stand the distance is two meters away okay?

    To say Ill certainly is he what's wrong with all of a sudden?

    The person said, what, Ill get back to take medicine, do not run out at night!


    Silence, which I do not know what's wrong with the onset of a man clutching his chest face twisted trembling, eyes stared at a dead spot.

    While I feel the head was the top place. So the grinding after molar to the wrong (= =) when he finally found something wrong --.


    After sinking a voice to call this person a stay in the rain, in the rain, remember, the tall bamboo turned back... He didn't want to foot Campbell some steps is prevented.

    Rather than stop, but stay in the senior rain, make another unexpected move: he suddenly burst into the rain, like a gust of wind, the speed of some amazing.

    The awning outside the rain majestic, from time to time across the sky lightning illuminate the rainy night, the man rushed into the back of the rain shaking badly, the foot is more like a ghost behind Liangliangqiangqiang, after it ran away like.

    He and his friend passed, for a moment, the tall bamboo man glanced at him, I do not know what to see, eyes seem somewhat startled, but also could not say what, because the people who had fled quickly over his dash forward...

    Then, I did not what happened.

    Xu was worried about him, tall bamboo male to leave immediately after, even if what threat appearances are not, just before leaving here for a glance, eyes with the complex is not clear.

    Then, really not what I.

    After the one after the two and soon disappeared in the rain at the end, I send back the plague sight, then taking the pace towards the distant Hicks street.

    Look at this rather baffling thing, in the middle of the night with crazy ah..

    Certainly here to stay and not go back early to wash sleep!


    ............ Split line............


    I It's raining and blowing hard., soaked to the skin, even consciousness.

    So, when you wake up in bed always felt very cold, dry and warm in bed, but I still feel cold and wet, moisture infiltrated the bone joint, the whole people don't feel.

    The bedroom lights, and before going to bed, the dim light shadow, outside the storm were expelled like, everything is quiet.

    Open eyes will be terrified, then sat up, glanced at the head on the bedside clock time display: it's two o'clock. That is to say I lie for four or five hours... Although there is no physical recovery after feeling a little rest, but more tired.

    Is this time of sleep time, my sight again offset, look to the bedroom door, with a little guilty.

    I hope Stark has not come back, I think, or hope that Lilynette did not find my 'runaway'.

    The door was open, look at the past just can had a glimpse of the living room sofa from this angle, I saw Lilynette a pair of feet, she seems to be lying, barefoot about swaying to and fro good mood.

    And, in a low voice who spoke, I can not feel the sense of presence, want to come, if not use the communication device, and that she is in stark 'soul' dialogue, embarrassed.

    But it is a special means of violence and three uncle Lolita, only between him and her, after all, is the segmentation of the soul ~

    Of course, I do not envy I'm black, every time you look at a black haired, heart to heart, so exotic describe in stark and Lilynette, always make people feel subtle ah ~


    Think there will be no thing, then put the mind running train thoughts, I put my hand touched my forehead, then found that the normal range still try temperature, neither rain nor water and have a fever, what...

    I don't feel really the, is an unconscious reaction.

    The next is to "sleep" or "drink water", then I choose the latter, opened the quilt rolled out of bed.


    After, slowly out of the bedroom, next to Kamiri Li jant sight -- near her phone didn't see the snail in sight, this is really talking to Stark? Although I am not curious about what she and three uncle, did not want to know where.

    At this moment the mind flies to turn I saw Lili jant oblique what one eye over, then she froze, and suddenly turn up, eyes wrong is also good, suddenly wrinkly tight eyebrows...

    Catch in her hand I surrender immediately for opening before the heart quickly lay a good idea, then opening, do not give her reaction time, began to speak with a gun or done in one vigorous effort.

    To stop her face that "Anna you sick ah!" Look into the language, then I told her "this is just the rain not too comfortable sleep now has a lot of good, so drink water need not get excited over a little thing.".

    Finally, while she looked suspicious seemed to consider my words authenticity is how much, I swiftly entered the kitchen.

    Dodged behind a semi open space, through a frosted glass door blocked Lili threw the knife flies jant accusing eyes, I dare clutching his chest, he gasped.

    Scared to death it, so that people can not be too familiar, too familiar words really even lie immediately caught ah!

    It is good that thanks to Lilynette, if Ketai ya. I have the next estimate in stark, worrying what melody!

    Three uncle is strict very scary ah! Wa Stott gas field full of words, I, I, i... Imagine the scene, I couldn't help with the hair on the back, _ (his / _: 3).

    Heavy shaking several shaking, smoking will top a nose, forehead sweat, hard groping to find the kettle carry off all that one has the kettle, ready to wait for a cup of hot water pressure yajing.

    The so-called "regret", they were! Someone said, go to ya. Stark Ketai late is better, at least I really slept or refreshed...


    You will be removed from the cupboard, stainless steel kettle, filled with water and put it on the hole of the stove, after I stood on the gas stove before emptying the eyes quietly in a daze, by the way in the heart choked several times.

    For he is very likely to tragedy.

    Lilynette is a very good coax, Ketai ya. Absolutely not cheat but stark, at least I have no confidence to outfox him.

    In vitro consciousness -- he and I agreed not to use, but I didn't comply with.

    I'm just worried, even potentially dangerous also used it to check.

    If you know, he absolutely would be angry.

    I don't know how to learn what it is like, naturally lit a hidden skills, even Ketai ya. Do not know how to explain it: it is not only to determine the nature of the soul.

    When starting Rao is Wa Stott can detect in advance, but also invisible causal chains.

    Perhaps the special ability of Guizu blood, it appeared, I don't need a guide to use.

    According to the original three of us several times to discuss the speculation, Stark believes that this new ability to some of my bed a similar story, ninjas magical skills: Shadow points / body, although the brain hole wide open point, but it is also very close to explain.

    But, to my very bad consciousness in vitro.

    Naruto and inside ninjas shadow / body could I use different method, the body left no perception of it, why not allow me to use the stack but also because of this.

    Consciousness in vitro, leaving the body without any protection, if encounter malicious generation, even if it is just an oversight, enough I really die -- this is elegant. Stark said ketai.

    After the discovery of this drawback, three uncle very sharp eyes, he is like a dictatorship and authoritarian patriarch repeatedly ordered, does not allow me to act rashly.

    After all, the consequences of the unknown, even once used last but not on behalf of All is well., after every safe and sound.

    Uh ~ this time while he was not in sneaking off, it was found that the case... I can't bear to imagine the consequences, so best not to be found ah!

    (like ^ person)


    Just standing in the kitchen brain terrible fate, at the same time in the heart of silent tears, until [--] a sharp toot calls awakened the Fugue void.

    I came back to turn off the gas switch, and some want to take up the wrist in the hole of the stove frame stainless steel kettle handle, but the next second he heard a short and disorderly voice.

    What is the first thing the smashed Li sound, seconds apart is heavy landing sound blunt... At the end of a lengthy and shrill scream.

    Ah ah, sounds very tragic, and with the taste of fear.

    From across the wall did not know where it came from, the volume of judgment should not far from, or in the same building.

    Touch the kettle handle fingers suddenly retracted, I turned to a line of sight, instantly appear in the body side of Lili nite, she sent in the shattering moment from the living room to the kitchen, I found that not surprisingly, the forehead surviving a few strands of hostility, but the atmosphere is relaxed.

    I and her voice at a loss about what to do, the partition becomes more confusing, many footsteps messy anxiety, and disease of the conversation, which mix the young woman crying out of control.

    This night...

    I curled the corners of the mouth, but also from the Lili jant eyes that a few strands of intolerable anger.

    This night is disturbing too much disturbance! This is my (see from eyes) and she invariably idea.


    A moment later, hurriedly rush voice continued to arrive, they finally stopped in here - gate, followed by a huge bang zamen sound.

    Jeanette Lili glanced at me, I didn't see her against the three growl, laughing very ferocious side are fretting, instantly disappear from the kitchen...

    Then, we settled in the direction of the door sounded more rest between great agitation.

    I Waltz out from inside the kitchen, a saw is a few people and the whole door flew out of the door, Lili jant kick fly from inside, a few people are banging on the door outside, and was angry Lolita violence through the door together up.

    The foot speed to lose the gate door, I lowered his voice to speak, "what happened?"

    The corridor broke into pyramid shaped three or four Biao Han, who pressed the door, now they are trying to remove it, but because the door stood Lolita violence continues to apply pressure, they break out time.

    I asked the door is only still stand this, his face twisted, muscle tight, looked quite a bit to force the trend.

    Eyelids a bit low, eyes swept his hand clenched hands / gun sight and elevation, I hums to smile a hand...

    Slightly, sound is not a light not heavy.

    Squinted until someone to stay was horrified look dejected after lying on the ground, I turned and smiled at lying on the ground into a ball at the stiff movements such as several, stone, "just fainted, if you still want to do what, I do not guarantee anything else."

    He stopped at will, I am very satisfied with their foresight, "now tell me what happened."


    Spend a few minutes to listen to this several zamen bodyguard confessed in detail, I nodded, and beckoned Lili jant down from the door, "to see? Since these gentlemen say so."

    Upon hearing this, several people just get out of the mess from the door under the abnormal, the busy look headed over his head, "no, I'm sorry, don't disturb you"

    "We do not doubt you, but to search all the room inside the building, the other side"

    He Zhexiang loud voice was explained, the fierce gun / ring and scream interrupted, those voices from the other side, according to the two floor of the pattern, because it is the three among the guests except us third.

    Hear the sound and scream / gun as one falls, another rises, the bodyguards face has changed, he just said, they are going to search the whole building, three floor of the two homes in addition to me also, apparently, there was the gun / sound is the same conflict.

    The disadvantage is that they should.

    At will, intensive gun / sound became sporadic, quiet down, to groan / Yin is clear, is bad... That few of them gravely wounded with breathing seconds apart sounded gun / sound and cut off one by one.

    This is -- from the alert from a look at the direction of attention, I frowned, then take a step back, and motioned Lili Jeanette back.

    Xu is aware of the intentions of Lili and I, the bodyguards LED is nodded gratefully, but also did not say what, just gathered some of his people, quickly rushed there.

    "Too late." Jeanette Lili whispered, "that is to clean the battlefield, there they have The whole army was wiped out."

    I look away, with a sigh -- indeed, all died, few of them scattered behind the gun / sound is up a gun, let the wounded to death alive.

    Cruel means.

    However, we could not seem to want to stay out of it.

    No matter if back to the room, later there completely ended, the winning side is afraid to 'clean'?

    The bodyguards is rude to search, there simply kill each other -- such disregard for human life attitude, after all. Here is not surprising.

    Stand in situ wait, I want to stride forward, "go and see."

    The gun / war occurred in the building, although the beginning is the first group of bodyguards stormed the people behind the hands... Really cruel, Quanmie to each other, now seems to be still enough to kill all the people.

    Yes, but it is a trip can also encounter this kind of no reason to slaughter.

    Pirates... It is a pirate.


    Lilynette and I are one after the gun / war toward the place to go, once again moving in the building sounded the sound of fighting, the blade cut head blunt, short gun / crisp sound, the pain is called...

    Stay through the two floor connecting several suites of channel side corner, greeted a scene showing the dust settles.

    It is not completely bloody, not long ago to support several Biao Han is now lying on the ground, it looks like all hurt people luckily still alive, they are not far away by the wall piled ten people with the same... But all the broken breath.

    This corridor is a lot of people dressed in camouflage pants black T-shirt guarded, with us that is located in the same suite door open, a woman came out of the house and cry on...

    Look at it, I couldn't help pumping pumping mouth.

    Just the door bodyguards and now guarding the scene of the camouflage pants, all the former Yuanjialuzhai, is trying to buy sea train the eye of the slave merchant Eros Hu, the latter is Lili jant associates that kid at first sight.

    I just have to know what is going on, the bodyguard is because his employer dies and search the building to catch the murderer -- this thing for the other said, anyway, they are now no arrests but was killed most of the remaining few companions, also in danger.

    I sighed, here in the three to participate in the fair, in addition to our group is second, and the last slave trader, is pirate gangs.

    It really is... So I say unfortunate, the original is actually a following evil!


    The process of moving, standing in the hallway defense vote hengrou face showed no intention to stop them, Riri Ichi and I, one of them walked back into the house, after will come out again, after Lili and I do not think what is inside, the results agree with the.

    Through the corridor in the men on both sides have voted to Sen cold sight, sticky in the eyes with not completely faded tyranny, there are a few people who are infected with the smell of blood -- I tighten fingers, hold in the palm of the hand of Lilynette, be careful not to suppress her. Let her for the killing and Xing Fen /.

    If she does not need to care about life, I do not want her aimless slaughter.

    It is ridiculous to insist, I know, but I still want to try a little harder.


    The silence of unknown sight through means that in every kind of, until close to the front of a black T-shirt camouflage pants men intercepted, then roll out the door with a gust of wind, a very high pitched voice, "returned the hat to me or kill you!"

    Eyes of a flower, a few seconds after sight again stabilized, I put my hand to hold the total amount, feel a headache - Lili shot attack in juvenile fish jant moment cleverly avoids kicked red high-heeled shoes, and there is room to me carrying to a safe place, most of her own, full of joy and ran out of the door go.

    Fired off to complete a series of actions are faster with a ghost in the air, but I do not want to praise her, because she put me in a very awkward place.

    Is the murder scene.

    The slavers living this suite, in addition, the scene is still Yuanjialuzhai, elky and lanky in Lili, Janet and young in the corridor outside the fish back and forth play fast, leaving me and the two men at a loss about what to do.

    Rub the end faint ache forehead, I dropped my hand and quickly looked around in a circle, then a frown:

    No wonder the nose was full of thick greasy smell, because the living room lying down a corpse from the back of the watch is the sea train on the Ural chamber of commerce is called what? Have motry? The slave trader.

    Now he is a corpse lying face down, down, down position on the messy, judging from the residue... He should fall is somehow smashed in this aquarium, his neck was whipped and broken glass, blood was more than half of the living room is.

    His companion squatting on the sofa feet disheveled crying called a miserable, just don't know she is crying because the dead, or because of the other things behind it... God let fear extremely distorted.

    A big thorn sat astride the sofa, look a faint smile on one's face.

    His senior associates just got up, it looks like just looked at the slave merchant died -- himself a clean suit for the hair clean, without the slightest trace of previous madness.


    "Well, now all guests here, you think about who is the murderer?"

    The tall bamboo man back staring at me eyes, eyelids, hiss opening, asked the woman cries quickly collapsed, "for the Lord motry business man, he was dead, if you can't say what it is..."

    There seems to be something behind enough, but even the unspoken, elongated tail also intended to kill full enough already frightened people into panic more profound.

    Sure enough,

    "No, no, no -- I do not know ah ah ah!" Cry on the face of makeup took the woman looked up and stammered shouting, "I really don't know what is..."

    "No, don't kill me!"

    She speaks incoherently, but I don't know how to face the ugly, like the dead did not dare faint, crying while tightening the body, hands desperately hold clothes... This is actually...

    I take a step back, to avoid it and come near to the... Senior, look into his eyes more disgust.

    The other paused, then stop shape, opening, "I'm sorry."

    He looked at me and looked at the door, and whispered, "you also live here, 2C is the guest?"

    "Don't touch me." I also down voice, coldly scold him, "beating the woman the man is sick."

    He fell silent, a few seconds and stepped back to the distance, just on the surface look very ugly, the mood also increased somewhat, "there is no beaten woman dross, even if we are pirates."

    So listen to his words, I snorted not going to argue what, tell him directly, "trafficking / sell / population more disgusting." Then turn away, the volume increased a few degrees, "Lili jant, hat back to the fish, we should go back."

    "Don't!" Outside, the violence Lolita retort immediately, sound was in high spirits, "~ to beat me, what have you."

    Heard, I shook the brow, was not too good in worse, joint voice becomes Sensen, "now, come in, don't make me angry."

    With eyes oblique - there are good small Lolita, I glanced at the following but was standing nearby called senior pirates hand stopped buffalo people cowfishes.

    He is a matter that collocation color is very spicy eyes attire, let me more determined to rein in the idea of Jeanette Lili.

    Look at the young face hostility for several seconds, turned the moment into the state could not open eyes, I told myself this sincere words and earnest wishes to bear a child, "don't waste and pull."

    Back then you need to raise the number of beautiful young I have for you this money, no, I don't agree!

    I told Lili I jant eyes as clear as noonday, persistence, and thought she was disappointed in the eyes slowly explained, "hybrid fish does not matter, one piece does not matter, but! No vendor / sell absolute population!"


    Lilynette has always been a good child, Shixiong bear point, but every time I insisted she would agree that this is certainly no exception.

    Almost without thinking, she nodded her head, hands to where the road not just to hide, see fish suddenly take young provoke each other the hat thrown back to the owner in the hands.

    Then, she lifted her head high, smiled at me very well behaved, "Na Na ~ ~ to him will not ignore him well!"

    Good ~ I touched the single water horns on her head, then, did not say what to appease the lovelorn the violence Lolita --

    "Hey? Here is Anna, playing only one truth game?" The eyes were rolling around, violence Lolita immediately transfer interest, I pulled my hand stretched out, pointing to the body, "as you said before that story?"

    I: (_) it is true, but this is not our Conan, although I said a few million years' story... However, your interest is really no problem? Without a serious sense.

    Has just been ordered to lovelorn Lili was apparently stole attention, the moment before the fish love behind, "the analysis of the case is too cumbersome! The witness cried ioud!"

    "Or directly ask the dead person's soul." Before the second finger pointing to the bodies of a few degrees, a fall in the air, Lili. Don't love brains. Jant, dull remarks dead endlessly, "ask him who is the murderer!"

    I:............ Although you may want to know is just lovelorn mood transfer yourself a little, but! You talk too much!
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