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    Mine message Sahua ~ ~ ~ for ~ ~ ~ what were rolling

    "Small" is an extremely high incidence of accidents, at the same time, it is really one of the true saying.


    Hicks hotel is located in the center of the island, specifically, it is not a hotel but a street, Hicks street, all the buildings on this street are needed, as the fair participants are staying.

    Ketai ya. Stark hands, the boss gave him water street address: Hicks -B6-2C, Hicks B6 refers to the street door building two floor C room.

    To find it, one face apology reception has been staying in a building outside the gate, is said to be too much rain in his home the child is too small a person only a wife he did not go out, but I do not know how to start the evening Frankie is unable to contact the water are not Backstreet boss, said he had to explain the waiting hall there to help.

    The up arrow arrow which is Stark in the waiting room selling department to get the message.

    Self introduction is the name of "Jack" the reception people are like a black dress appearance / molecules, people are very talkative and pretty decent appearance, while the us into the house, while introduces the situation here in two words or three:

    B6 the building is a Hicks street is the best, because once a year in the fair, the owner itself is local famous merchants, will simply the whole house for a year to entertain clients, weekdays only hire cleaning.

    This room is about to stay for three guests, as well as travelers.

    At this time we arrived at the 2C guest, 2A and 2B (poof ~) has reached a two, but the other is not his understanding of people, just know it is a big shot, this morning, Jack received a message through the channel of obscure remind us that we should be sure to Caution.

    Pianti, okay.

    The first floor is a public hall, can be used to hold small private banquet, specifically responsible for such activities of the shops in town, residents have the intention to contact those shops.

    The two floor is the residential area, there are hot springs available, this young lady downstairs in the courtyard, note that beauty spa is good, but must pay attention to the change of state / peep is a semi public area because yo ~ ~

    Ramble in Jack led us to 2C, then will be the key to the stark, finally, he looked funny face. I and Lili jant several eyes, then the tone becomes a little hesitant, he said, the two building three homes, equivalent to small independent suites, bathroom, kitchen, living room, large Goods are available in all varieties. terrace.

    - what is not only convenient one bedroom.

    On this point, when he leave a contact, I just put mouth twitched, I don't think dirty, really, just the reception of the eyes is about to speak, but saying nothing ah ~ zhikeyihui can only be sensed.

    Of course, I can guess each other, look so strange how.

    Because see three uncle and Lilynette, and I, three really can not find a tiny bit similar, so this is also a stark misunderstood?

    With two women (= =), one bedroom, and the three of them are a pair of behoove appearance, affirmation is not harmonious.

    Then of course, life will be held between the properties between black and white in this fair Island, as the reception of Aboriginal Jack, must have encountered every kind of person, also informed, so no wonder he produced some misunderstanding.

    I don't blame him, I just... Oh ~ feel very heart stopper for stark.

    This road is not being misunderstood a few times? From the water all his colleagues' love / dove blurted out pedophilia ", to the sea on the train was" full of go '- - well ~ let me at least as before. The first ten Mr. a candle.


    Then, after a silence, I wrapped in a blanket and rush to the bathroom, so as not to harmonious three uncle and violence Lolita... Someone said, the end point of the wax, then temporarily ignored.

    I need quiet, but still do not want anyone, really.

    This night It's raining and blowing hard. need a quiet, resolute and hot bath to reassure my wounded body and mind - drenched my fat downpour soaked time, Kanoue Riri saw a period only two Murloc blow... I will go to wash the sleep!

    Unscrew the shower head switch, standing in the warm water, breathe out long long breath, can get rid of those made me want to bang his head against the wall various misunderstanding and trouble, try to adjust their own.


    With ten minutes to wash a bath so I fight, in the bathroom just unpacking the ration of new bathrobe, Lilynette left the room, lying on the couch across the hall, watching the rain outside the balcony floor glass.

    Hearing the news she turned, "stark went out, he let us play." When talking to a hands up, fingers nianzhuo a black / gold ", use it to pay oh"

    I want to shake a brow, and nodded, "I'll sleep together, Lili?"

    Her eyes blinked, a face of the head - in fine fig although there is no clear answer, but the expression is very clear, sparkling eyes within a few seconds staring at the outside, this is absolutely free to go to sleep, certainly can't sleep.

    So, I got the answer turned to the 32 into the bedroom, curl up in bed.

    Then close your eyes, while Lili jant can not see now, cough little voice.

    Stark didn't go out late at night because of what to ask, anyway, there is no danger, than he wants to go out and a pair of wandering Lili, I think he is more dangerous.

    Because too tired.

    Just playing the spirit of support up to now, has been quick to support, not just me, and... Seven of the water.

    The distance of the island in the distance, seven of water are suffering from the water gods invasion, the winds of hurricane, monstrous waves, overwhelming rush to the island.

    A huge disaster in the entire island's natural force.

    The current intrusion into the city flooded waterways, most buildings, water gods before, the vast majority of residents in the refuge, but there are still some scattered in the city, struggling in the apocalyptic...

    In addition to more people / day / disaster, disaster.

    The island is connected with my fruit and the distant water, so there was happening, crystal clear to me.


    Tonight, seven water town in flames.

    Even the water gods can not stop those from the darkness of the attack, the last car train left the sea island, away is not only hidden for many years a betrayal of the agents, but also take stark friends, and Nicole Robin.

    Not long ago, Jack spoke here in the reception, the evening began to not contact Frankie, the boss was arrested by the Backstreet government agent was sent to the island and justice.

    I know everything, just to stop.

    To get at this time, only... No, it should be in any case must let the water of All is well.

    Even the gods of raging water.

    As long as I am in, on the island.

    So, such as straw house full back return water are companions gain a complete victory, still can let them temporarily rest, until the new ship was born, they can continue to embark on the journey.



    With this expectation, the spirit gradually settling down into the mind from the huge information base, a search, a bit noisy stripping useless clues, point target.

    In the storm, see through nothingness, devastated towns, water, pearl, half of the great channel before the well-known, far and near, it will be submerged in the tide.

    Many of the buildings destroyed in several have been the end of the battle.

    Two buildings near the tower breakwater tilt collapse hit each other together, between the wall cracking force to be embedded in the rubber monkey captain... The 10 metres is a hurricane approaching the touch the sky, soundless and stirless he slowly.

    After a few minutes, falling water flooded buildings, as the devil fruit ability, he is afraid of drowning in terrible currents, or even the bodies will be swept away.

    The danger close at hand.

    To jump over a distance, Nami another adjacent to the roof, trying to close to her captain, fell in and stand up to struggle, she also saw the hurricane, staring at the road to fly in the direction, the face is not to rain cover tears.

    Fall, white ankle with obvious redness, oozing of blood, she seemed to be unconscious, again and again over obstacles, to intercept Zhanqiao until disruption, could never get close.

    "The road to fly --"

    She shouted the name of Captain rubber monkey ", they took Robin away! In order to protect the straw hats, she was brought to justice Island government agents!!!"

    "The road to fly -" heaven and sea is boundless black hurricane shelter, navigator with sob's voice over gradually uproar waves, "to save her!"

    Such anger, so helpless, so... Crying.

    Has been very strong, even in the face of the great waterway in bad sea environment also imperturbed Nami, this time to sacrifice her companion broke down in tears, struggling to cry in the ears of the captain.

    Between the two buildings struggled rubber monkey suddenly quiet down, a moment later, he said aloud, "Nami -- farther back, I want to break out of the wall!"

    Walk along the way is always like a nonsense child, full of vitality rubber monkey captain, now the voice of the original that did not call a person to teeth itch but the helpless shamelessly, down a few degrees of tone, Xieguo indescribable anger.

    At the moment, and the strange sea freezing day, from the monkey captain's body, the huge oppression of an uncontrollable trembling feeling suddenly broke out.

    The king of color... Domineering?!


    I only feel that they be caught off guard, like what was putting a vicious blow, mind [] - buzzing sound, consciousness slammed into burst of invisible energy group.

    Shimashima Kami shared visual moment was cut off, the vision suddenly distorted, tilt, into the washing machine drum, a time upside down.

    Bounce to an endless altitude at the last second, vaguely as if... The seas between ya. On a stark Ketai wave, with a wave tide in... The water is lying at the edge of the abandoned ship.

    The glance, I seem to see what... Just too late to identify clearly the shadowy depths of the field, the shadow of the world is that I don't think that consciousness has spread.

    Energy-saving,.D. Luffy was suddenly awakened domineering sign, even if it is just a moment, no difference attack is enough for the devil fruit ability, this is the use of Shimashima Kami feeder water are excluded the moment I realized.

    The up arrow arrow really... Natural killer?

    Much of the world's favorite child of destiny, and the world is extremely dissimilar as peace rejection, but three seconds, then I will be down.

    Really, no matter the test a few times, I received such a little... Is really depressing ah ~


    OK ~ ~ but

    See rubber monkey captain up hat a ship Nadechushou to combat personnel their spirits, that makes me feel a ~ when this bunch of kids. All Zaoxin kinds of accidents, only when they get serious...

    .D. Luffy is really serious, no matter what is stand in front of the straw hat pirates is invincible.

    Government agents believe that the world will soon regret? They are not in the eyes of the little pirates, soon to pursue justice and let them suffer a big island.

    Plus: he appeared in the abandoned ship field... Whether or not to worry about Backstreet boss just to track down the position, he appeared, a lot of waste broken ship, the little sheep head, golden miliu.

    If you want to ask the world, who can keep the imminent collapse of the ship. In addition to the elves, Ketai ya: I don't think there is a kind of means which can counter.

    Now, I can only believe that the "coincidence is fate.".



    I do not know how long after, like to have a beat and trance consciousness finally... Able to rally.

    I was the Big Dipper - then the next second will be heavy rain pouring overhead to drench the tears, even consciousness, dream again, the rain had fat times wet, it still fell Bumin Xie end ah!

    But barefoot, in addition to the small body, Nene,,,,,, bath, clothes!

    Recover the moment, I will look at the environment, then started to run, the goal is not far from the building downstairs canopy, a few hundred meters away from the visual, the somewhat familiar street, should be the entrance of Hicks street...

    Then, someone said, due to the reality in the habit of subconscious first step in making the decision: or for (the dream back to hide a rain), uh

    On the cold water, for like all the way.

    Sprint, straight into the fancy canopy, narrowly hit the wall before his hand to hold it, bent down, hard breath of several tone, after get up, "call -"

    I just finished a big breath sigh, ears came with a dash of sarcastic voice:

    "A woman in the middle of the night on the street, it is slightly low voice -" man, if there are obviously elongated behind are omitted from the content, although don't know what it is, but certainly not what good things.

    The opening is the same in this rain -- Er, if not blocked canopy appearance, first look at me rather wet is not turned in, a...

    Exactly two hours, rainy night hiding in the shadows deep, I inadvertently did not see the so-called yuanjialuzhai.

    Take a trip to the sea train, language conflict diner, out of the car and in the waiting hall to produce physical conflict -- in addition to Yuanjialuzhai, I don't know what adjectives can be third accurate interpretation of this.

    Simply quitting.

    At this time he elky nipple, who seem to die in Western dress and leather shoes, like people, even the bloated body are magic disappear, and made him more than a few silk suave demeanor.

    Of course, only in appearance.

    PS, than the man and with him was tall and thin, with a pacifier at this time is not the normal elky a jumpsuit, looks like an ordinary person occupation.


    Every will, in under the eaves rain two fold strange sight, the man leaned back on the wall to sunglasses, cigarette dangling from his mouth, like a lazy casual attitude, low opening, "have been drenched, you look very happy?"

    Because do not hate ah ~ "I bow at the skirts, paused, and then said," rain."

    I admit, because Lili's love at first sight (embarrassed), Nate: Uh, now I feel no need to say a words of gunpowder, at least give a good impression. As one of Lili's parents.

    In addition, the rain did not hate, at least for me now.

    The gods of the storm from the water, seven water have suffered natural disasters at the same time, all the Islands waters are affected, but the rain is a disaster at the same time, it is also a symbol of all start again.

    When the disaster devastated ruins in the past, people will soon rebuild homes -- like... Nicole. Robin finally got salvation and hope.

    In twenty years, indulging the abyss before the second, the girl was difficult to finally have a companion, an enemy of the entire world to give her a home at her captain. ".

    Even if not witnessed, I still know, and believe, little robin, eight years old children will lose everything, to regain all.

    So don't hate the rain.


    For a moment I thought a lot, some brain residual memories, and some with the hat at the same period with fragments, as they like with the fragment of a highly treasured relic over, just remember, was more sour eyes touched.

    With those who cannot speak with others hidden joy, my eyes to look outside the canopy over the edge of the rain, unable to control the high ceilinged mouth, a moment ago because the two strangers here with a courtesy smile, slowly deepened into the heart happy.

    However, the next second will smile in the face of solidification, my eyes, felt rather baffling -- just a question and answer, I casually say... No wrong... ?

    Why is this?

    Corner of the corner, elky like ghost that suddenly turned around, even cigarette in her mouth drooling all fell to the ground, separated, his trembling hands off night wearing dress gentle dark sunglasses, sharp eyes, looks a bit... Terror.

    I was be caught off guard each other shocked, subconsciously want to hide far, but just at the foot of a step, under the heavy rain the night was lit up by blue lightning.

    The shrill light against darkness, lightning shining moment into each other as more clearly: what is not to touch his what mine, this stranger whole face twisted, staring eyes, lips trembling violently.

    Followed by much thunder rolling, storm roar to strike an irresistible force, cover him slightly open lips overflow.

    I can't hear what he said, but from his eyes can be judged -- dangerous!

    The strange thing is, it is not hostile, but a strange mood is difficult to understand.


    Remove the sunglasses feet by his crush on the fingertips, the man was out of hand... My eyes narrowed, motionless and words, till his fingers close to just a few centimeters touch on the face, suddenly is a lightning, light the corner of a shadow at the same time also reflected height rapidly falling.

    Lang recorded a bang, it put the tarpaulin rain we hit a hole, and accurate hit him on the head, the door is avoid leaning to either side of midbrain.

    Staring straight into the eyes of people in the spirit paused, then shook his head slightly, finally soft face down.

    Well, the forehead heart on top of a rub down the local ornamental plants, scattered a fall split pot, plus some dirt.

    I blinked, the surface of a loss slightly surprised, the heart is a thirty degree angle and shadow smile: ~ in the dead of night casually in the street with woman, be careful yo ~ (artificial) tiandaleipi

    In addition, the small high-rise residential note, or a typhoon is coming before please close balcony windowsill flowers, falling objects will kill yo ~


    He suddenly caught in illusion suspected / drug leads to behavioral biases of men, by the typhoon day falling objects directly settle, a moment later, I moved away (schadenfreude) staring at him at sight, sight to offset a few degrees, see the thin shadow to appear soundless and stirless high.

    Wearing a headdress of the Emir of Indian Changfeng tall man, beginning with shelter here? Or go out to hang out? In short, he has been quietly on the sidelines, whether he associates opening or later approached him for a rather baffling mad.

    Until elky was even, however, fall and drop, the flowerpot hit dizzy, originally according to the wall in a dark corner of the hidden man teleports to him on the edge of a pair of eyes of Yin cold.

    Just don't talk.

    I think that is probably... Feel very surprised, or feel that this is an accident, tall thin man was not published what such as "what did you do?" "Kill you!" Such savage and absurd remarks, he only looked at the faint companions, after a few seconds and looked up to see through the hole of the awning.

    Bean rain as the hurricane poured through the breach, all of a sudden the position of small corner into rainfall patterns, water quickly spread in the brick floor, cold moisture becomes more a bit thick.

    After a short silence, perhaps confirmed the accident really belongs to man, look away, then bowed his head, deep voice call, "Senior."

    Wearing a headdress of the Emir of Indian Changfeng tall man commanding overlooking his accomplices, voice hoarse, with unspeakable weird means, "the rain drenched awake?"

    His voice down, lying on the ground the flat half immediately sat up, but did not stand up but directly sit cross legged, his head smashed plant and soil mixed with rain, dirty looking very distressed.

    Or is he looks awkward, exudes a kind of pain to regret the breath, caused the people sitting in the rain on the ground looks like a tramp down and down.

    Up arrow arrow of course, this is just a feeling I have, do not have what additional emotion.

    Waited, Xu is impatient and leave the words "whatever you want, I'll go." After the tall man with his hands / Shutiao patterns into a pocket, with a canopy, toward the distant street to Hicks.

    However, he walked out of a few meters and a halt, turned a glance at me, several can not smell the humming sound, paused, opening, "do you want this woman, then take back."

    I: (# ` convex ')

    Take back your sister! Do you want to blow tiandaleipi!
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