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    Mine message Sahua ~ ~ ~ for ~ ~ ~ what were rolling

    At this moment, perhaps I was from Speechless, plus extra twisted and misunderstood expressions to see what can only be the content of the old Mr. motry face smile suddenly a bit worse.

    Then, he began in a leisurely manner...

    The first is to convey the opening story they drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters, the Ural chamber of Commerce and a distinguished adult how deep friendship, and how collusion (fog!) Between each other, was deeply attached to each other go hand in hand in the broad road (fog!).

    After the waste some time between the chamber and a VIP long history, only the friendship, neither fast nor slow into the theme, which is the acquisition of one thousandth of the probability of lucky gems, Eros eye link.


    Next, I soon found it.

    A "feeling / interesting / tool materials" of the sale price jumped to sell is not going too well.

    Yes, I would get rid of this person is extremely true. Fish eye, one of the good in exchange for gold by Bailey, and personality, it is a pity that this old man will be the essence of businessman motry played most incisive.

    After a certain period of friendship. Then, capable of evoking praises and tears, he began to try to reduce the cost of increasing profits, the popular point is to keep the prices down very hard, out of the price of cabbage is simply than cabbage, just say to rob.

    In the morning we heard the dining car chef uncle explained, Eros eye of precious and rare circumstances, it still tried to buy them motry old gentleman with a super low price, he is just my secure to rely on, make impertinent remarks (embarrassed).

    What Keke ~ I just his words, through my personal style of language processing is probably the following way:

    Because of the presence of (Ural chamber of Commerce) have heard you publicly slander the Admiral ~ the beads had better hands on as confidential fee, otherwise the consequences become Miss oh.

    In the event that the Navy treat means very cold, unfortunately you will violate the rules of the Miss prison.

    Don't want to get caught up in the deep prison sit around the wearing, no background looks like a country or the people you know the times as well, then immediately to the Navy not to know how to appreciate favors, will report you oh!

    The up arrow arrow was a "completely old Mr. motry for your sake 'look in his mouth, officialese said the real intention is as if it were raining flowers rich multicolored decorations, these.


    After a long time, have managed to shut up the old gentleman motry look comfortable, waved a chair from the bodyguard.

    So keep someone back seat in the vicinity of several Biao Han, he immediately Waltz seat, the time we consider the consequences, and make a decision.

    Then, out of one hundred thousand patient, finally I listen to many ministers completely, flipped to the side of the fish eye Lili jant hands, smiling mouth to play ~ ~ ""

    Lili was very happy Nate she has just started, helplessly staring at me... The hand is obviously to covet the chameleon stuff, now I received plug used to coax her things a little face was radiant.

    For some reason the original crab is not, I personally don't give this stuff or kid, after all too embarrassed.

    But now I changed my mind.

    Lili was still able to play jant well, even if she took over the toss about read several times immediately after the beads, pressure in the shallow mouth of marble as a dish I will not play, eyebrow lift.

    To tell the truth, no matter how precious rare gem, but also is the thing.

    Couldn't sell no matter, the key is - this person / dealer makes me unhappy, although zunlaoaiyou is my rabbit in a traditional virtue, but to buy / sell / export waste, even if his age does not need to have any respect.

    Can the same as commodity, he can only call it "old deathlessly".

    Perhaps it is aokiji will tell you? My temper outside the waves so many years gets worse, "(like _ person) with.

    That is the stark Ketai ya. Wrong, it not only Washi Todd to Lilynette and me equally, I would not have used a bad habit, originally is at most only a few fish in the kitchen to kill the woman, now, I have come (fog!) The digging (fog!) A mask ah (Mitian fog!)!


    A near time seemed quiet, no one to speak, there is only the crisp sound marbles on the dinner table, only the shallow mouth of the dish, two Eros eye collide with each other after impact porcelain issued as broken jade light ring.

    Jeanette Lili played awfully small, the whole body leaning forward, resting his chin on the edge of the table, bright eyes staring at the two beads. The rotation, look cheerful appearance.

    I think she is addicted, the reason is... Is really fascinating, the scene is the eye of eros.

    Originally as the polar night jet, storm / dew in the air after a few minutes, like the ink powder in the water, fishes continuously descending, black as night beads point again become transparent, like a two drop of dew in the rain day, blue porcelain slowly rolling.

    Watched Lili smile like flowers face, then, I slowly out of sight, look back to a certain direction, and pause -- he must face a fright, muttley, is to really did not expect this, that they forget how to response.

    In addition, his eyes staring at the wrong good Lilynette, along with the impact plate every time the eye of Eros marbles crunchy, his eye muscle followed beating, almost very distressed.

    A moment later, through the corner of my eye, I saw Lilynette a wrong hand too hard to put a dead fish eye popping plates, causing it to hit the edge of a glass edge by a knock... Followed by a rebound, insurance flying removed on the ground.

    Fortunately, Lili jant eye caught it.

    By this time, probably really very distressed, so motry quivering hand clutching his chest, revealing a pair of old can not afford to stimulate the heart disease fast attack.

    It took several breath, this old gentleman first with sad eyes glanced at me, then turned his sights on this table, only a man (big embarrassed) Stark.

    May be that man can get the idea? It is expected in the eyes of motry, opening the tone is particularly do not have meaning, even if not willing to sell, so treat precious stones too casual, ah ~"

    This time he spoke, Lili started playing "marbles" turn a deaf ear to Nate, is to see no effect, also may be the Lili had more than just a little big, the confidence was motry finally showed a few strands of anxious mr..

    Results: in response to his voice, is a more clear impact, Lili jant small Lolita playfully attribute attack, others said she was more and more vigorously, and to do that.

    "Stop!" At the moment, to speak motry overstating the volume, even a gaffe stood up, almost in the same "with deep hatred and resentment, only the dark elves head generated Eros eye, more precious than similar gems!"

    "You know, it was discovered that day, all the Eros in today's world of eyes, only two of which there is no difference in gem, plus the..."

    The words here suddenly pause, Xu is startled look a slip of the tongue, the changes on the surface, and after a long time, like what make hard choices like teeth, to sit down abnormal helpless, sighed to continued, "I admitted before too hasty, about the Eros eye of the price. Can talk about."


    But until now, only slightly up high stark eyelid, originally he regardless of my decision, or Lili's marbles are a pair of blind way -- not to say yes or no to wait until finally said louzui motry...

    He was given the slow response time.

    Light grey eyes eye across those stones, three uncle thescattered billows out of fashion, after a brief silence and said, "Lili whispered, jant -"

    With his voice down, I'm on the edge of violence Lolita cold to hum a, in the end or the fingertips play back porcelain beads, then turn on the table and sends them to the opposite disc.

    The turntable stops at a position with a stark Ketai elegance. Face to sleep face, slowly stood up, hand over fishing two fish eye plate, they will hold in the palm, finally turned to leave the seat.

    "Well, over there, check out." Ketai ya. Say to the early stark, the edge of the aisle has come to pass in the gangster quickly hide, and we opened this table for a long distance is almost close to the wall of the waiter who.

    Here guests checkout voice down, expression also stayed in a surviving band waiter brother was covered with confusion carry out the bill, and portable bank payment a snail hurried over, they were respectfully.

    "Thank you for coming!" The waiter who attitude than previously lowered more than ten degrees, together with the tone look too deferential respect, what is a ghost cut uncle wallet in front of him in this moment, he'll need three minute three knock nine times.

    In this regard, I said it is understandable.

    The waiter who is really hard, ah ~ from that young and handsome face to see, still suffering from the shock of that face, is estimated to be a variety of ground wave God scared?

    Keep waiting for the guests to dinner during the checkout can help black face / boss chuxun, plus commercial rivals pedestria a pirate a passerby / dealer hating each other, almost gun / Lin / play / rain as unfortunate to eat melon flesh and blood flying in all directions, the masses of the four, the waiter who just escaped.

    In addition, the flickering eyes, and the eyes in disbelief, probably very lucky, the guest is not deadbeat.

    After all, another one of the two people eat melon three, I, Lili stark, jant... Uh ~ carefully counted, we can not return to the ordinary people ah

    At least I nerve stout, now has equa11ed poles ah ~

    So, really. Ordinary people. The waiter who worked well

    In addition to this little luck really good, although I also very routeng a table of expensive expensive dishes, but as a reincarnation of all law-abiding citizens, King meal to eat that kind of thing I could do.

    = ~ ~ = Omega


    Well, the next for a short period of time, the atmosphere is more peaceful.

    The waiter who offer a portable bank payment snail, shell with a groove, issuing any bank card inserted into / can through biological radio connection terminal, read the information, I get the amount of.

    Then, the man is always a special payment ~ wallet looks very handsome pay -- even at the moment is the credit card payment is actually a nouveau riche, three of Washi Todd.

    A short silence, while the little snail collection work this gap, stark turned Ketai ya. Look at it may also motry, and glanced at the stand in several Biao Han people behind the old bodyguard / dealer?

    Then, three uncle started slowly out of a few steps to stand in front of the old gentleman motry, also do not speak just out of the virtual fist hand and handed out some immediately suspended in midair, palm upward.

    I don't know what this mystery, because of the angle's sake, don't see Stark's hand what happened, just the next development of some strange.

    Stark's palm should be holding the two beads, supposedly, Eros eye is motry to win things, the strange thing is, at the application of polishing hard even bluntly threat businessman was changed face.

    For a few seconds, was on the surface of muttley showed some joy, perhaps think the gem is about to hand you ~ but the next second, when he was looking a bit low, see Chu handed to the front of the palm of a thing, I do not know how, suddenly the whole person is like a stiff the same.

    Wait to raise her sight, a pair of eyes filled with fear of color.

    Things happen very quickly, a few breaths, Ketai ya. Stark withdrew his hand and hold hand inserted into the virtual / trouser pocket, turned again, slowly walked back to the waiter who there.

    Three of the Washi Mr. Todd is still a bad and not the spirit of appearance, moving the slightest didn't see neither too fast nor too slow, just what he did something unusual shaking heaven and earth is very sparse.

    However, there are not know it.

    For a moment before the motry also feel cocky from the chair Mr. suddenly got up, stare big eyes, mouth with a few, then turn around, that posture like escape from what horrors.


    The same is not in the scene, this time the Ural chamber of Commerce to Mr. motry rapid exit.

    However, compared to before the same not to utter a single word, Captain Becky. Capone left the men come swaggeringly arrogant, have motry stride, as it was shaken like the way to go unstable and finally even need a bodyguard arm.

    A pedestrian exit back to panic, even well, stay in position in the beautiful young woman did not say hello, hurriedly ran off to the dining car and the other end.

    As for the woman, she had been left in place after the fall of several dishes, looks very angrily, but when leaving her alone in the dining car here, then made a pass temper then exit -- before leaving a bitterly dumped look over.

    In this regard, I said to.


    Finally, the waiter who successfully complete the checkout task, pick before. The first card back after a few ten Mr. Bailey took out gold from the wallet as the tip.

    So, for the sake of extra income, with little brother zhuanyouweixi, with a sweet smile, a sincere left.

    So, to date the diner, leaving only three of us at this table, very subtle, we are the passengers before one of the cars, seating also seems to be alluding to dining here, even the final exit of a pre arranged like that:

    The male underwear nipple a men, black / hands / party a pirate Gang, Ural chamber of Commerce, and finally we.

    So, finally quiet, to the satisfaction of all.

    Wait until the car doors are closed before and after, I curled the corners of the mouth, once again picked up the spoon, prepare yourself to fill the stomach, by the way to satisfy my curiosity, "Stark, you give the old man to see what?"

    Although the end could not hear the old man from the mouth, "preferences a dissonance is one of that noble adults', what is the three Navy General which, it made me a little regret.

    However, now I'm more curious is that: what did you do? Can let him scared soul to be lost.

    Don't let him show bedevilment?

    Anyway, I don't think "hell" can frighten a slave / Li / businessman who fled, usually heart isspicy, where will be illusory scared away?

    If you really believe in the soul, also do not necessarily deal after the death of hell.

    The mouth to fill the roe sauce, while feeling flashy gourmet routeng while it is more precious than gold price, indulge in the heaven half occupied half the mood to hell -- Incidentally, struggling to set aside a little attention to go to an uncle on the edge.

    He did not answer my question, just pull / hidden in his pants pocket hand, palm open handed.

    Through the corner of my eye, I see... Well, nothing? Well! Incorrect! Is the two clear almost neglected beads, they silently crouched in the absence of any palm palm.

    I: = =?

    Stunned, hard to swallow the food in the mouth, the elevation of sight again, "stark"

    The next second I suddenly paused, staring at the Washi Todd is adorable face, can see light suddenly, the way to speak.

    The eye of Eros, the cook uncle explained in detail the magic of this gem is:

    Is put in the air is transparent and colorless, the human body after wearing contact to its color temperature become black, the most amazing is that the heartbeat temperature condition, it can slowly become thoroughly green.

    The up arrow arrow chef said uncle.

    Note that the "body worn after exposure to temperature is" black, "heartbeat temperature condition" gem second discoloration for brilliant green, the key is "temperature.".

    Before I close to the chest, the beads really changed color, that is to say the change depends on the body temperature.

    Just now, Ya Ketai held them. Stark, and... They are transparent.

    I ignored Lili, Nate when playing marbles, beads also has produced no change.

    In addition, Ketai ya. Hand spread stark upward, palm no palmprint - transparent beads, no lines of the palm, the combination of the two is very thin Si fear.

    No wonder can scare buying / selling / export / under / slave merchant, Ketai ya. - you really are...


    Used the dinner back until striking one snag after another, arrived at the site, the journey too unbelievable.

    Of course, the train will arrive at the sea and, through the radio station station, I only know that the destination is not what the delicacy, but a little-known island.

    I was (nothing) after all eyes stared at for three minutes, three uncle hand scratched a head of curly hair, and then spent some time in great detail that the sequence of events.

    He is seven and the water all the Backstreet boss, never played before, occasionally to the fence (sell ship to going so evaporate those pirates left), after finally cultivate friendship -- these things.

    Plus, Backstreet boss because they can't get away so please help -- the origin of stark journey, this thing.

    Unexpectedly know human exchanges, somewhat helpless. Stark Ketai told me, he said, everything is OK ~ from the ticket to arrange the hotel through the channel, the Backstreet boss properly arranged, after all is not well.

    In addition, the fair at the end of the week before the carnival delicacy, that is to say, do it, we can know to wave a few days back in the water are ~ seven

    The arrow up arrow, I said no opinion -- after a few minutes the sea train station, even if the opinion is not able to get off to buy back before the station, but I didn't have what purpose.

    Whether it is fair or Carnival week, in fact not the so-called.

    I just think... Stark and Lilynette seem to be keeping something from me, but then I don't want to ask, he and I and she was all too familiar, if there is what I do not want to know the hidden / feeling, then, truthfully inform before, I will not ask.

    Even if the head to tail hide, not what, if so, it must be the secret I dont know.

    I'm not bear children, you must go to a dead end.

    In addition in addition, the carnival also miss the delicacy is a good thing for me.

    Because a few days ago in the island, aokiji generals had the intention to hard Ming warned:

    One is the "care from the dark visitors', the other one is" if you can change your mind, take the train to go to the sea goddess of spring white or delicacy of pukki Yang from there, contact the Navy. ".

    The darkness of the visitors, refers to the seven water potential of government agents... ?

    As for the latter...

    Stark will not need to go elsewhere because of the accident, according to the original plan in the us off the delicacy, estimated to be against Shanghai army, general aokiji's pointless, since that, certainly have what.

    Well, since this unexpected travel -- whether it is need to be careful "come from the darkness of the visitors', 'even changed his mind after the white Yang or delicacy of pukki", now a strange combination of circumstances to avoid these, is not what to worry about.


    Fly to the electro-optical flint mind, then I packed all about the coincidence of the emotion, to focus on aspects that is enjoyable.

    Fair ah

    Anyway: the nouveau riche rich, three uncle can certainly with Lilynette and I continue to wave, there is not any money worries, that he was in the dining car card brush eyebrows also does not carry, if that is in my mind, a new generation of soil and trench idol.

    Handsome was extremely brutal.

    = ~ ~ = Omega

    Fair, do not know what will be the good stuff? I found that sleep wake up health magic to improve the lot, in accordance with the development of the situation, I believe that soon can heal.

    That way, I can be the menace from the rear led two back home Washi Todd Marin De.

    Nana is certainly hard to wait ah ~ almost completely around, has now been delayed return I should not buy what gift to please their children when the bear?

    Fair - really exciting.


    The spirit of "buy souvenirs to please their kids' mentality, taking advantage of the sea and ten minutes before the train arrived this gap, I end with a good looking face expression, with content to a consulting fair uncle.

    He said ~

    Close paragraph of time to stay in the water are islands, the understanding must understand ~ even the water all have the "Backstreet boss can pin / stolen goods can help" friendship, fair / scene news what, must be nothing difficult, right?

    = = = even if I had forgotten the original story of water are assorted, Backstreet boss identity is know ah ~ by Stark to its appearance description, underwear, shirt, flower head, iron and steel, aircraft under the lash of transformation...

    In the future is not on the large ship pirate boat Frankie?

    So, the fair there, help the busy stark Backstreet boss is one thing, then, the other can delivery smoothly... It is another matter!

    - mind side through the efforts of scattered fragments of memory divergence at the same time, I was thinking, two revealed, the provisional decision before a moment.

    A long time, very patiently listening to me 'to give their children a little bear what' desire to buy / look after ya. Stark saved Ketai eyebrows like to save, will a little embarrassed replied, "ah ~ my little girl is not very understanding preferences."

    Well then suspicious sound, light gray eyes focus slightly offset a few degrees, paused, and said, "you can ask Lili what is love or neat, beautiful dress, or exquisite jewelry."

    "She and normal human girl, like should be like... The... ?"

    I followed the line of sight offset a few degrees, glanced back toward me and stark, now lying on the bunk is on his dead eyes 100 not tired of playing Lili, thought, and embarrassed the embarrassed -- nothing else, Lili and Nana's preferences... Absolutely, and, certainly, will not have a tiny bit of similarities.

    In addition, stark you speak so don't hesitate to hypnotize yourself, Lili is the ordinary human girl, really.

    Indeed we can deceive ourselves now, Lili, Jeanette (appearance) is a human girl, but! She is absolutely and "ordinary" take a share! Even if we are three relatives, we cannot in good conscience!

    For a moment, and try to remember it, then in the imaginary circle that, like Lili's unique aesthetic and jant...

    I slowly raise his forehead, helpless, "stark, in the human world, love to collect Yaqiu Castro debris off stump... It is certainly not a normal girl."

    Really, all kinds of odd shape front paws and hind limbs and head and shell, etc., in short, that is even elegant. Stark often Ketai speechless all kinds of...

    In fact, there are similar like humans, whether it is the little girl was the uncle, we all should be called "change / state" -- on this point, I decided to keep silent.

    But think also very sad, empty circle is a bird in the manger of the desolate boundaries, who can expect an Aboriginal, Wa Stott incarnation of the Lolita conditional love doll Bobbi, right?

    Lili is not what jant fun, when she is not too naive, even I will do the puzzle are surprised for days / ~ me

    Now to the world, look, Lili jant too much moisture ah ~ believe she will soon forget those imaginary circle, spider legs ~ ~ Chamaeleonidae Octopus head ~ ~ all the ladybug shell a toy well!

    OK ~ decided! Take advantage of this fair, I took Lili neat to see the world, by the way she try can light a hidden interest not knowing.

    There are many pastimes, eat / drink / prostitute / bet (fog!) Certainly, in short, can have something to attract her.

    The up arrow arrow? I... Is not to forget what happened?



    At eight, the train arrived at the site of sea.

    Wait until the train stops, through the window only to see a dark, and even playing in the glass of heavy rain, accompanied by occasional scratched canopy Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles.

    Extremely bad weather.

    Stop a canopy did not take, just like the wilderness like under a downpour.

    High level or even over half submerged rail platform, the site only a few lights emit light in jeopardy, sparse light shadow, rain with the wind swinging to and fro, is a reflection of the ghostly.

    Leave the warm and dry car, head-on is Yin cold water vapor came a face and knocked over the water like rain, go off immediately stepped into the water, cold water had no upper quickly poured into the shoes inside, wet feeling.

    In this regard, I said a little melancholy, underground transactions say good will extravagant orgy?

    Obviously, Lili jant surprised, also did not get off before she came before the window glass to look at the outside, cheek drum drum, looks quite disgusted, but finally it did not say what.

    After all the bad weather that can not be predicted ~ who can expect, according to the island to smell summer island climate, so will the bad weather to greet the guests to attend the fair?


    Because we did not take any luggage, three is the first carriage of passengers -- as behind the movement, who had no desire to pay more attention to.

    The wind and rain thunder weather, behoove is inside the building hurry up to a few hundred meters outside the hide safe ah!

    After stepping on the icy water from a distance, was again sideways blowing a rain shower head i... The slow pace of the hand, wipe the face, the rain is too big, not by the rainwater had flung wary eyes...

    He closed his eyes, blinked, and blinked, I try to re open them, the next second, the waist with a pair of soundless and stirless colder temperatures, and familiar feeling.

    In an instant, floating body without warning, the entire people are picked up to.

    I am very calm and habitual hand hold themselves, so under the unbalanced face down, this is the three uncle again abandon me slowly, and quietly turn back to me like a piece of material like to pick up.

    This situation has happened countless times, I have become accustomed to.

    So, be careful to move under the angle for yourself, then a hand raised to make exploration, a moment later, was caught lying on the shoulders of Lili stark, in response to my hand outstretched.

    Aware of Lili Janet in her exclusive position as in the past, and then I was relieved.

    Such a big rain, even speak to be a slobber situation, really do it yourself confirm faster, she a little, I'm worried about left behind or slipped in how to do?

    As for this kind of thing is the Porter: his habit, although some strange posture, holding a behind a clinging, looks like a Wraith ridden, I haven't given his opinion, I think, well, back estimates will remain.

    Tall and long legged Wa Stott, who with one or two pendant what, not detrimental to the image.

    Not to mention a trench, even if you want to find a woman to believe, is also more willing to have fought beauty, (like _ person) with.


    The rain was overwhelming, don't know the reason, just a little faster. Stark Ketai elegant pace, no ring turn, nor any non human speed.

    So, leave the sea until the train entered the building in a few hundred meters outside the waiting room, a few minutes has let me from the inside to outside from the wet, wet and cold rain into the dry environment, in addition to the skin the hair on the back, but also the way to sneeze.

    Stark chose a bench and Lili put me down, then straightened up and looked around in a circle, frowned, "there is no reception, we have to go to the hotel."

    Then leave the words let me stay and Lili don't run it, he went to a corner of the waiting hall direction of the sales department to go.

    I followed up to find a circle, but only saw the hall desolate, a dozen passengers 00 people have seemingly sat on the bench, did not come to entertain people as "the boss explained which Backstreet".

    It is said on dove?

    As a result, we have to set the hotel, or perhaps even the hotel have?

    Look around the tour circle, then back to turn to the direction that we came:

    Late one step off the train with passengers just waltz into here, a black T-shirt camouflage pants, central Gang flavor surrounded by a crowd of several stand head and shoulders above others.

    Compared to the vast majority of people all wet, embarrassed, walking in that several central is covered with dry, even the hair no messy one.

    A high body's superior half, Indian style headdress, face two vertical scars, thin.

    A four beautiful girls around the nipple Sunglasses male underwear.

    The gang well seen on the dining car is certainly not good crop.

    In order to avoid another Lilynette outspoken, I glanced at the eye of a car immediately back to the face, hand pulling her helmet on the side of her head twisted together with Buffalo back.

    "You don't love them?" Carefully looked at Lili look, I whispered, wanted to ask a question before, "before what the holidays?"

    In the dining car when I felt strange, although Lili occasionally cranky, but definitely not the ground wave character, unless those people to look for her...

    "No love." She said, "look very hate."

    - this moment, the air behind suddenly float a wave, I squint, a palm applied force, fasten sitting on the side of Lilynette, don't let her instant.


    Behind the chair a breath.

    "The kids hate ah ~ ~ ~ you are Diamante said?"

    The young boy's voice is hoarse, and with strange fluctuations, sounds like the mood is not stable, "your helmet and a bit like me"

    "I hate something similar, want to kill?"
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