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    The replacement ah ~

    Mine message Sahua ~ ~ ~ for ~ ~ ~ what were rolling

    "Na Na ~ Anna, there is a change you describe / state?" - Lili outspoken. Jant a curious face such questions, her tone is in the best of spirits is obviously did not feel the slightest, words wrong.

    I asked a suddenly embarrassed, subconsciously looked up toward a direction to the line of sight, dingshen one, followed by an embarrassed.

    Well, I should feel happy, because Lili's jant words is correct, but the key is... She said the occasion is not so correct, under such a public occasion...

    At this moment, the first half in the dining car, a big meal rubbing people gathered there, let Ying Yanyan is surrounded by the Orioles as fair as jade, what the male underwear nipple sunglasses...

    Lili jant you bear children!

    Blind, said, why, what, and, ah!

    Stare at the eyes 10 metres is staged, the scene is quite spicy eyes, the next second I determined to look back, drooping eyelids, the heart suddenly increased the sense of responsibility at the same time.

    Lili Jeanette and Stark, the two not long ago from the empty night Palace 'resignation' resident arrancar came to this world, a sense of responsibility.

    Before that happens, just call me suddenly melancholy.

    What... Someone said that although lived for many years, but I do not know, Lili and Stark has been staying at the virtual circle?

    There is a vast desert no day, desolate badly, no settlement, everywhere is a lower false or irrational muddle along without any aim, just remember that one swallow.

    Walking in the empty circle, for decades are not necessarily met with self-consciousness Yaqiu Castro, not to mention the imaginary circle of the top, a renewed sense of Wa Stott, it is very rare.

    As Wa Stott, James and Lili stark. Ketai jant. Jin Jie buck, of course no condition to learn and similar "friendly" skills, I remember, just know that, Lili and stark often ten days or half a month didn't say a word, that is just like human autism symptoms...

    Although Lili is now still a stark and violence a three, but no longer exists what normal communication barriers, but he and she is still not what common sense, in addition, but also too honest.

    The two former. Empty night palace top. Wa Stott does not have the obvious, "this year the most easy to offend people is the common sense of the truth".

    Unfortunately, I really didn't think of this problem, so forget and two say ah! Although Lili still remember close to my ear, with a very small volume to whisper, but also can't guarantee each other (the change / state) ears are too sharp to hear!

    This is not?

    There has changed state position / companion for his opening baobuping, sit in the opposite position in male nipple, thin long head wearing a Indian wind decoration, two unidentified man on the face of the bar, talk at the same time to cast a volley of sight, fierce wild eyes.

    - fortunately, then came the conversation, the man answered he appears nipple Sunglasses heart wide:

    Men don't mind young and ignorant little girl outspoken, what... Because he is not care, leading him near the ticket black T-shirt camouflage pants of hengrou men face ferocious eyes stare back.

    This is a good thing, really.

    Although there is no worry about each other will be furious and attacked, because, even if Lili outspoken lead to friction, hands to the party is absolutely not to discuss to.

    We are a little bit wrong is wrong, who can let me accustomed to elbow turn, help does not help to deal with it. The pro ~ (like at this person).

    However, no matter what, I think I have to take responsibility.

    Lili Stark and Janet force value was tough also, this extremely brutal, two knowledge poor extremely brutal.

    Now is not the right time, when we look back, three alone, I must tell Jeanette Lili sincere words and earnest wishes for a fact:

    The life of the world now, no other great channel in this place, that is state variable / anywhere, even see, we also know to be good.

    No need to say, really.


    From the bottom of my heart and orz Tucao surge high and sweep forward -- these occurred in a moment, including 10 metres of the group looked less like a short conversation good guy.

    But this time, Lili kept quiet and neat, rounded his eyes and look wrong is also good at me, obviously waiting for the answer.

    Fly to the electro-optical flint mind, out of bear child protection code, just a small voice she came to ask questions, I decided to go back to calm smile, then -- hand once again dragged all the food menu, trying to transfer her curiosity.

    The up arrow up this time, I think as long as the smile is good, really.

    In addition, according to the experience, bear children make bear, as the only three common sense and three adults, I said, the best way is to let the children bear, put the problem behind.

    Keep this idea, I quietly put the finger tip on the menu and pushed past a few centimeters, then turn to the page that is most likely to bear children are interested in, and get my quiet stare:

    After Lili, Janet was put into the line of sight to put in front of the fine print, mutter a few words, and then began to worry dessert problems, such as in the "super deluxe color ball" and "giant banana boat 'choice in shilly-shally.

    The up arrow arrow which is determined by the success of the delicious dessert with ah ~

    I rub the rub: dark kind smile as before, any child disposition has not changed.

    While Lilynette is in trouble, in my heart was lifted in exhaled breath, eyes, looked at the seat opposite Stark in the three: Uncle sitting years of constant lazy, light gray eyes, a little lax focus staring at the air somewhere...

    A quick glance I knew, sat on the opposite side of the front. The first Espada once again flying self, thought into your time.

    As for what he thought, ah ~ I don't care, anyway, he looks good mood, not because of his eyebrows slightly pin, in addition, it is like a sharp blade to pick the eyes, but also because of laziness is a breath drop if there seems to be No.

    So... Look at the face of Ketai elegance. Stark was kept away for a moment, deadpan face, I chose to quietly sit in position, waiting for the dinner started.


    On the surface of the water a little episode had no trace.

    After a while, the other end of the car door opened, several overlapping carts full of food by themselves, several waiters carefully push down the aisle, we came to sit here.

    Xu was in the air and food smell attracted back to God, send for a long time before the First Crusade was, Stark reluctantly put Ketai ya. His eyes dull self flying posture, in the eyes of Lili and I look forward to moving his hand.

    Beck's fingers one by one point clear volley several food carts, such as the Council, he at the waiter put them on the table before, said slowly, "in addition to these, some are on the menu served ah"

    Smell speech, scene -- well, slightly be exactly, the waiters in the performance of this moment is not simply interested together at wealth tycoon like that, with some surprise in the eyes of the rich.

    In addition, the dining car dining in those other passengers, invariably cast sight, in the eyes of all that difficult to understand.

    For their super stunned, no common sense. The former is the first virtual night palace. Espada Ketai elegance. No stark consciousness, finished dishes once again exposed the kind of what are not eager to mention the lifeless face.

    Then, he said in a rather depressed tone, "ah, ah ~ to eat will not be naughty right? Lilynette."

    Lilynette: (= = be at all)

    I: _ (his / _: 3)

    The up arrow arrow can not blame me speechless, really, this group of seven or eight people to our waiter near Wai packed, they pushed to the five layer is the kind of mobile dining car, each car is higher than people, it is filled with food, but also no dessert and fruit!

    Dessert and fruit, presumably will also show up, and even just removed a few estimates of stark does not meet his taste, also left... A table must be placed finish ah!

    After the heart is speechless plug, I kept raise the amount of posture, stuck for a while, simply follow up flying self.

    Sea train - seven of water are here before, Stark said, because he and Lili barely host well ~ so, before he briefed out foraging under.

    He said this car on the delicacy is a selling point oh

    Because it is in the foundation from ~ delicacy food on the car of course with a distinctive regional characteristics, they are made of a dozen well-known delicacy hotel supplies, all kinds of exquisite, various features, various... Expensive!

    A few minutes before the meal that will by the way I glanced at the hotel name dishes marked price, the price is... Ha ha!

    So, this is your Ketai elegance. Stark ordered sea trains offer 8/10 / nine... I don't know how you have successfully evolved into a chowhound ah?

    Or, when staying in the empty night palace, in the end is what those colleagues who teach you the boss?

    In addition to these of the other end up - cart several bottles look expensive expensive wine ah!

    You also don't lift my eyebrows, depressed ah!

    Full of upstart flavor lunged, what a bad.


    The waiter served very fast and very professional, in five or six up most of hot steaming cart looked just out of the pot dishes are placed in the appropriate position, after the completion of the back opening stand to one side, then, one of them is the younger brother captain look dress more many but, with absolutely respectful attitude, half bent down and whispered interpreting:

    On the remaining part of the dishes on the table is not the first time the reason -- is probably the spirit of customer is God [mental]? Well, the little brother of the wording is very official, I personally use the words of popular reporting it ~

    Because the sea on the train every day is not willing to pay a high price for a meal of the passengers (big), so, the dining car on some dishes is made of wax as samples, if the guest point after, will be cooked by the Chef immediately, to ensure that food is the most delicious state.

    For example, sashimi -- Ketai ya. Stark Mr. just ordered a dish of raw fish, now the waiter foreman in a extremely proud tone to introduce it: produced in the sea three thousand meters depth, alias the dark elves of fish, their livers contain poison, but by the professional cooks dishes, thin Securidaca fish but supreme delicacy.

    The dark elves in the imperial court, akado had become fashionable for a time, in recent years because of satiation, they appeared in the islands of the upscale hotel restaurant dining table.

    For example, pig - only sweet grass fed up black and white pig, the price is worth a total annual wages of ordinary people.

    For instance, pearl oysters -- than other waters everywhere oysters are the delicacy of pearl oysters is shipped by fleet trek, growth in a particularly shallow Iceland polar oyster.

    There are also several kind, anyway, all food itself is expensive expensive, does not belong to the dinner guests will not cook first pot cooking, lest waste materials.

    It is expensive stuff, I want to hear heart tremble ah fall! As an ordinary people, so the waiter was introduced simply... Is the feeling of excessive injured purse.

    However, no way, standing on the edge of the waiter who explained to me talk rapidly at the same time, Lilynette has started.

    Through the corner of my eye, I found out that she picked up before the dishes tasted after water, red eyes become bright Da ~ obviously, the food is very delicious, so let her mood is good ah

    This leads to the results, I swallow it it's going to mean to eat as an excuse to return it, then turned to leave let hurry to leave, seems to have revealed that even the back waiter a few strands of taste of the students can't wait.

    Okay ~ recover distracting sights low at his face full of a table of food, after the dining car on the side and left for the dish, and I sighed, picked up the spoon.


    So, our table atmosphere began to settle down.

    About food?

    The bag was gradually filled stomach food, is a kind of physiological satisfaction from... Presumably, as long as the creature will not resist eating, and eating at the same time can subconsciously feel happy.

    I am no exception, Lili and Jeanette stark... Well, from his and her performance looked like me.


    The next period of time, dinner around the table we neither fast nor slow speed is not fast, but food, lost speed very quickly.

    This need to praise Lili jant, she is not picky, as long as it is to her plate, in addition to my prior to that, all the other she ate.

    And for some reason, I have a long time vegetarian, so... Most of the food is Lili jant kill Da ~ not picky, to eat children will grow up quickly Oh

    I am very pleased and said, is not the least bit worried about Lili eat your heart out, I know, even if all the food eaten, also not to draw too much power, human food for Wa Stott, probably is a taste of taste.

    I am glad... Lili, Janet and Stark's attitude? She is eating human food with him, if not open, have shown that ah ~ she and he is trying to learn to live like humans.

    The virtual circle of the most senior, stark and Lili Ketai ya. Jant. Jin Jie buck, she and he... In fact, very considerate.


    Spend a little time on the table full of dishes, dishes have been wiped out and replaced one by one on the side of the dining car and that, until the plate on the table all in the dining car part of the dish, Ketai ya. Suddenly stark openings, "Anna, you can eat these."

    Hear, I froze, raised his eyes, the second of his gray eyes.

    His eyes calm as reflected the full moon moon lake, deep voice, there is no perceptible taste in timbre appease "don't worry, the food will be bloody gas disturbing reason, I will stop you."

    Here, he lifts a hand, slender fingertip on desktop glass turntable, rotate gently, put a few carnivorous at the other end of the move to the front of me, then stopped, and again whispered, "nutritional intake is not enough, it will lead to the final out of control."

    "Don't underestimate the instinct ah"

    After that I stayed for a while, put down a spoon, scoop taro spoon slowly, pursed her lips, answered, "you found."

    Corner of the corner, Lili jant also stopped eating, leaned her head back and looked at me, she did not speak, just a little face a look of melancholy, even don't speak very clearly, I also didn't want to completely outfox him and her two.

    My worries.

    A moment of silence, the line of sight from the eyes of a little staggered, stark, I closed his eyes, gently exhaled breath, "I'm sorry, let you and Lili worry."

    Yes, but I will not eat other foods, fruits and vegetables for ya. Stark said as Ketai, I am afraid of being the food contained in the bloody gas defeat reason.

    It is from the beginning of what? I don't know, I only know that aware of time is late, but it is not a short duration of time gradually eroded, imperceptibly between the five sense become particularly sensitive, especially the smell and taste buds.

    Even if it is cooked food, even beyond recognition, even burning, which not observable blood gas is still unable to hide.

    Even more frightening is that I do not hate, on the contrary, even a tiny bit of blood gas, can also call me ready to, like the body held as bloodthirsty beast, very eager to.

    I know the reason is actually not the bloody animal instinct desire, but the essence of human blood flow / gas, the surging vitality, Guizu real food.

    Recently the hunger increasingly heavy, shocked, I have to restrain myself, only one day they fear... Do the wrong, then repent.

    I know that is the soul of the battered sake -- only to alleviate the situation, is the use of devil fruit ability.

    This is the seven foot of water, I almost immediately launched the island fruit of reason, in addition to looking for Lili and stark, also hope more restraint Guizu the reason of the blood, blood and balance ability, at least get close to the collapse of the reason to get respite.


    Because of lingering in the instinct to the stalemate of the edge, so bad situation, how dare I directly back to Ma Lin Ford?



    - but...

    Fast up the minds of those useless Shangchunbeiqiu, to take on the sight of Ketai ya. Stark, I slowly blinked, thought, and thought, after... It's too late to think of a problem:

    "Stark, you know where the" inadequate nutritional intake "this concept?"

    But, actually, I know, but also education "unbalanced nutrition dysplasia"?! This is Todd and Washi as before. The first empty night palace ten you should have common sense? I am very scary oh!

    I do not know how the voice falls so for a short time later, perhaps this is an illusion? To my confusion, Blair. Although stark Ketai keeps his standard three uncle appearance, just light gray eyes, eyes are not observable to the left a little bit offset.

    Really, just a little bit less, if he and I did not find it too familiar ah ~ this looks a bit erratic, uh ~ is awkward or guilty? In short, this is a moment I was asked to think of what the problem and don't want to answer, so.

    In this regard, I personally head fog - he said this... As the "bad wife middle-aged man has been found in both visual sense outside lead a gay life" is how is it?

    Ketai ya. After stark showed very upset eyes, before my mouth twitching, suddenly heard Lili jant issued more queer laughter, how to say? Anyway, it sounds very crowed.

    I sat on the edge of the small Lolita like violence to seize what is your first handle that sneer, then she cling to my shoulders and leaned close to my ear, said, is very often, and the volume, "it is because ah"

    If too long, the rhythm of ups and downs, full of treacherous taste, he deliberately pause a few seconds to sell enough on, plus full pull (three uncle) threat, then slowly continued to explain:

    "Every odd guy to ur ora sal Appollo asked the questions of humanity are stark hiding in the nearby sleeping eavesdroped ah"

    Sal Appollo / state that becomes a scientist, secretly very serious let aide bought many books, from the matters needing attention during pregnancy, until the elderly health... And I have also seen the stark oh"

    "The results later, ur ora believe that odd nnoitora, Stark is to watch the woman to take care of him well on Orihime, before attempting to interfere in his plans to develop, almost unpleasant"

    It is thought that the scene? Lili spoke with neat little girl on the table very pleasant, it looked like it is loved, "Stark deserved ~ who let him sneak into the fourth edge of the palace observation that woman ah"

    "Anna, you don't know, stark was odd. Ziphah ur aura is caught when, even adults are believed to feed almost blue!"


    In the scene of Lili. Broke / selling team. Nate: (/ = at / below)

    Stop not unexpectedly broke Ya / teammate Ketai scene. Stark: (cross from), and...

    I: (_ ~ ~)

    = = = true, speechless, person said, empty night palace of daily life, and human observation diary, these are not important, I think Tucao is two critical:

    First, from the matters needing attention during pregnancy, until the elderly health... What's that?

    Second, odd. Ur plans to develop the Western... What is that?!

    Hello! Don't think I almost forgot the death story, Lili jant you my donkey ah!

    Inoue Risato, the girl is not being held hostage to the virtual ring 'guest'?

    The results of your virtual night palace actually intends to life after the little girl's beautiful young people do?

    Besides, the fortieth blade actually dark rubbing to play to develop? It was Lili jant you found! This was the scene in the horror / doubt that... When I was an imaginary circle is false [death]?

    The above trough point too much, so that I don't know where to spit, really.

    Nate Lili laughed eyes are hung out of tears, apparently those things stored for a long time, and now finally find the opportunity, then a smile back with interest.

    As for the small Lolita at Ketai ya. Stark, with Lili's / scene more burst more, ah ~ his never too much emotional face, very rare showing distress look, just don't talk, no excuse, no more angry.

    - is slightly exudes atmosphere on tenterhooks.

    A moment later, when God looked at my face embarrassed embarrassed, the resignation of the empty night palace before the first hand. Espada scratched his cheek, like so indignant muffled murmur, "Lili jant you bastard, obviously you forced me to the edge of four bedroom?"

    What do you say "escape the western exploration loop, finally you're watching me be misunderstood ah ~"

    The fortieth is the implementation of an edge but Aizen command results are you hype, he had thought of that girl..."

    Language button after the hand was scratched after the cheek up a bit, gently hold the best forehead, Ketai ya. Put a pair of stark a little headache attitude, once again opening, voice muffled in a few silk helpless:

    "You did not think about ur odd. Had heard rumors of aura, he directly to the edge to kill you?"

    "Black magic thunder gun, even if I don't dare to despise ah ~"

    I was, 'because the rumor was almost so alarmist to edge out the parties'. Lili survived. Jant, immediately categorically replied, "no problem! Because I have! (= omega = *)."

    I: = ~ ~ = Omega


    Then... No then.

    Because Mr. Stark ordered nouveau riche. Inside, the rest has come in the way of dining at the other end of a closing door at this time to open, the waiter just little buddy again.

    A number of pedestrians debut a cook like Uncle than before, being on a walk to our table near.

    To see the others, Lili reluctantly put Jeanette she smiled almost lying posture to sit straight, opposite Stark as well, a few seconds before that is human emotions of missing the moment, restore his usual flat forehead and dull three.

    Not for a long time, the waiter came to the small man near, first is the separation of a few people moved in the aisle several shelves filled with empty dish carts, then bring the dining car to fill the vacancy, finally, agile and quickly came to a packed table.

    Make room, little buddy removed the dining car locked box silver round cover, carefully will bring something on the table in the dining car, the kitchen is very just cooked (Jane) expensive delicacies.

    The taste of smell is very fragrant, or sell - unfortunately, they think of the price, I think the heart afraid to start chattering.

    In addition to more than a dozen simply do not even call out the name of the delicious food, and... I have close contact to the rumors of a rare delicacy ah!

    The waiter who slow voice commentary:

    Is in stark before, eighteen inch gold porcelain covered just at the end of the plate, visual is ten pieces, Ma Lin Ford over women was secretly admired, is said to be able to let the man off the rally cross full of energy off, in short, very popular deep-sea oysters.

    The up arrow arrow just a waiter who was the way of pearl oyster to the table only one (at least outside) the man in front: the moment I is the expression of love can only be sensed.

    Then, six inch sterling silver plate placed in a looks very rough, like a root even adhesive soil, the Alba islands, white truffle.

    The up arrow up a look ugly thing, put it in a salad on the side.

    Finally, it is a small tin shell looks like gold -- I think it is probably on the menu label, storage containers made of solid gold diamond as most of the top roe sauce.

    Someone said, today this meal, absolutely, absolutely, is my two life together, eat the most expensive meal! Fall! Sea train dining car these people heart is too wide, don't think diners can't afford to pay the bill?

    For a moment, from the menu list to Lenovo Lenovo nouveau riche Stark, bill, my heart was filled with a sense of tucao.


    But no...

    Because the waiter kids back after the final high tide part / debut.

    This is Mr. cook, looks very hearty uncle first to introduce his name, identity, and in the name of the hotel, and then introduces the ingredients will be cooking -- called "dark elves" fish.

    It lay in a variety of high-grade white porcelain dish, look alive.

    Then, see the true face of Mount Lu was a black line, because the longer it is not recognized: with a precipitous glimpse of wet pink, it seems very difficult to occupy three of the volume of the head two...

    See the fish, Lili jant first issued a dislike of abnormal Chi hum, even stark are... The eyes are slightly up.

    For our three diners, cook apparently had expected, he said gently smiling, saying "the East China Sea, the eye may be a lie."

    "This sentence is almost a portrayal of the dark elves oh"

    The speech, he took the light shining knife ready -- then hands.

    Almost as a performance, I think.

    With the hands of Mr. cook like lightning across the very bright blade, can't judge the fish was smooth and clean dishes.

    The pink skin peeling takh takh dehumidification, stripping the poison out of viscera, a piece of thin fillets placed ready porcelain dish, skillfully and smooth, not for a while, the plate like white peacock tail sashimi will be accomplished.

    Slowly will be a professional tool away, then come back with Uncle cook removed a piece of tableware for sashimi, who eat.

    This is the norm.

    I know, this guide describes the delicacy, the dark elves of the fish cuisine chefs must hold professional certificates, and each food must be completed than the guests first eat a point, in order to avoid the craft to fail with fish poison.

    Even so, desperate to eat food globefish globefish ah

    Wait a few minutes, cook and his uncle is still in fine fig, smiling with the wreckage of the same food dish on the table, finally said:

    The dark elves are precious, except that it is top delicious, another reason is that it is likely to become the most beautiful eyes in the world gem oh"

    "Million opportunities, three thousand meters deep under the dark elves, whose eye is the eye of eros."

    "Was on the air is transparent and colorless, the human body after wearing contact to its color temperature become black, the most amazing is that the heartbeat temperature condition, it can slowly become thoroughly green."

    Cook uncle slow voice explanation, I looked at the dead is not the purpose of a fish head, thought, silently embarrassed -- but I have not come to comment, Lili and Jeanette Stark but also sit upright, with interested eyes.

    "Really? Alexandrite? Eros eye?" I do not know how incredibly knowledgeable Lilynette, ask for doubt tone, "that is not Alexander stone?"

    "The eye of Eros in today's world, existing only a color gem."

    Cook very good temper uncle patiently explained, "although only one thousandth of the probability, in order to avoid any dispute after the event, the fish must be the guest's fabric it in sales, but the eyes of the dark elves than Eros itself so many precious, even a piece of fins are guests."

    He paused for a moment, a little regret his uncle, "the number of dark elves by my hand food is definitely a lot ah ~ but have never seen the eyes of eros."

    After listening to the last "must fight one thousandth of luck 'explanation, Lili left his neat little interest, the hand pointing to the central plate," lobster! Stark! I want to eat a big lobster!"


    The cook uncle finished his work, and the scene flavor after that, for the faithless Lili jant (FOG) does not care, still laughing cheerful and polite to leave.

    Then, the waiter also quiet little buddy exit, only one left behind, or... Out of service? So ready to meet the needs of the guests.

    Lili. Nate quickly took to chowhound. Her "super big lobster", a whole, fast to catch up with her long arms, then she tried again to eat and I refused to open his mouth, creak, even with a shell covered with spikes bite down.

    It is good just gently poke shell can eat meat... Results...

    I am embarrassed, almost choking to stop her opening: ah! The next second, has spilled tongue and it is near to a record, not heavy and light laughter interrupted.

    A woman's laughter, very short, but could be heard clearly, with unspeakable irony, and... Sense of contempt.

    That sounds very close, it is next to the dining car seat, the central part and the adjacent table here that passengers -- previously seen a glance, a male and a female bodyguard.

    Got high eyelids, I looked at the table at a glance: Liangbinbanbai old man in Western dress and leather shoes, the surface with a shrewd businessman to look, the reason for this is because I see him in the past and look at him sitting next to a woman's eyes, frowning.

    The old man and woman, than she looks very beautiful, dressed very fashionable, beautiful and young, but at the moment the forehead arrogant contempt destroyed the good aspect, I will give her out.

    The up arrow up she was laughed at Lili's wild eat, but I don't think she should have this... The cultivation of public ridicule, rude strangers -- their own etiquette to learn where to go?

    Suddenly, my eyes on her already looked at me... Lilynette looked around, then she looked at me in the eye and mouth Alice Alice, revealing a more disdained eyes, and secure to rely on.

    Of course, she was soon the old man stopped at a slightly warning glare, and the old man smile for smile, then he got up and moved out from the side of the seat, we walked to the table neither too fast nor too slow to speak, is the object of Stark:

    "I'm sorry, it is too rude, I will teach her."

    Speaking from the refined and courteous arms take out to take out a piece of gold, name card holder, he put it on the table, "this is my name card, the three is to take part in tomorrow's fair? Please allow the Ural chamber of commerce is responsible for three of all the costs of this trip."

    "It is just too rude, please accept my apologies in any case."
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