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    He did not just the best?

    Wang Yi heard, the heart a shock.

    The next moment, Wu housekeeper's body, face, unexpectedly began to become young again.

    Wang Yi know, this shows that Wu housekeeper to hide the body blood gas, also has amazing Kung fu.

    After learning Biezhu gas effort from Li Zhiying, Wang Yi is also very understanding of the flesh, spirit, he knew, Wu housekeeper strength, indeed unfathomable.

    This time to see Wu housekeeper move, he understood the general than he imagined frightening and powerful too much.

    Wu housekeeper so terrible, that the king of the secret?

    Wang Yi hearts of both the strength and power, first have a clear understanding, he felt a huge gap between each other, there have been some confidence in him, this moment felt the need to work hard.

    The soul of the whirlpool!

    Li Zhiying once again launched an attack, this time to start, he felt a glimmer of Chunyang power.

    To some extent, the ghost of Xuan Yin cut * * is not for those, but as far as the Yin smelting slag, the spirit became Chunyang means!

    By visualizing growth, then has broken, in an attempt to destroy Yin slag, but did not expect to return Chun Yang, founder, heart Yin is broken off, even if the ground after just a moment later will be restored, intimidated, lies in the heart.

    Between heaven and earth, the real practice as Yin residue method, only one, that is the world of life and death by the thunder force.

    In addition, there is no other way.

    Of course, the soul of Li Zhiying vortex, this time just to cast it, with their own hands covered fourth fingers. He did not expect that it can deal with each other.

    Four to destroy the spirit of god!

    Four fingers, appeared in the air, and rolling toward each other!

    Wu Butler felt a soul destroying power falls on their body, his forehead pain, even the blood is not smooth feeling.

    "Powerful means." Wu Tao Speaking housekeeper. The palms of blood again, kept in the world to draw a circle.

    The days of life and death, seems to be in his hands deduction.

    Li Zhiying was shattered fourth fingers.

    Look at Wu housekeeper, Li Zhiying spoke: "Wu housekeeper. At last, if you can catch, I won't stop you, I can't stop you."

    A hand over half a day!

    From the hand to the current development of the strongest and most perfect moves, in Li Zhiying's heart out.

    When this move out. The sky suddenly dark down.

    Depressed atmosphere inexhaustible, diffused in the air.

    The heavens!

    At the end of the day!

    Whether Wu housekeeper, or Wang Yi, or far away the remnants of the samurai, or come ready to big sir, at this moment the dumbfounded.

    In this world, how will this urgy?

    The air seems to be blocked, a huge hand, drop from the clouds.

    "Ghost fairy? Not a ghost fairy!" Wu housekeeper complexion dignified way, "can not be denied. Meet me on hand unless you die, or your moves, but I can't resist. Li Zhiying, if you a teenager, actually I can be pushed to this point. The strength of the world, even by your operation triggered, unbelievable, really unbelievable."

    A great hand down, Wu housekeeper also hard broke out.

    Blood, Wu housekeeper mouth. The jet out of a golden blood, that is the power of Wu Sheng blood purification.

    The palm of your hand, broken.

    The mighty day hand, the first time being broken.

    However。 Li Zhiying did not fail, he just lost power, not to give him time, skills, etc. he stronger later, once again cast from the hand. The power is definitely not just a little bit so.

    Wu housekeeper look very ugly.

    This time, the army caught up.

    See countless soldiers rushed up, Wu Butler's face suddenly

    A lot of calm.

    "Well, Li Zhiying, you are really tough. I don't want to kill too many ordinary soldiers, which withdrew. Easy to master, get a good rest, I'll find you." Wu housekeeper voice down, suddenly left the wounded.


    Li Zhiying smiled, and then coughed and spat it out of a congestion.

    "Li Xiong!" Wang Yi came to Li Zhiying's side, "i"

    "No, I'm fine." Li Zhiying replied, "go back to."

    The congestion, not injured congestion, but the operation process of the body, all kinds of toxins together, the excretion of dirty things.

    Wang Yi Wenyan, heavily nodded, then only the crowd, leaves with Li Zhiying.

    But back then, but Wang Yi suddenly dropped down.

    "In order to help Lee brother kill Wu housekeeper, my more than 10 consecutive releases the soul vortex, but he too can resist, I also hold some." Wang Yi said, "just outside, I am afraid there is a problem, can only go back"

    It has not fallen, Wang Yi sat down.

    "Small Argiope, you hurry to help alleviate the problem of Yi wang." Li Zhiying spoke at the little Argiope, then to hunker down and start running past Amitabha, repair their mental strength.

    Wu beat Butler, Li Zhiying great loss in fact, the day of ultimate power hand cast, for Li Zhiying, the consumption is too intense.

    A large number of consumption, Li Zhiying felt very tired, and even a bit excessive damage.

    Suddenly, a gentle feeling came, there is a small spider, a naughty girl image, but the interpretation of Buddha mother's attitude.

    Bulmo nourish the spirit, soul and stability, Wang Yi's injury, the moment was settled down, then he OBE, Excalibur into the peach, peach God to practice the past Amitabha Sutra own soul, repair.

    Help Wang Yi, the small Argiope ran on Li Zhiying's side, want to help him.

    "Don't touch me." The ghost of Li Zhiying toward the small talk "contact with Argiope, my spirit, as the girl was I took possession of the body, too stimulating."

    "Ah?" Small spider spirit back, heard, "your spirit will be like this?"

    "Good." Li Zhiying replied, "I am the ghost, the female soul, there is too much influence, do not try."

    The flower moon and flowers make shadow why the performance was attached, Li Zhiying has figured out, it is for this reason. So in the face of active near the female ghost, Li Zhiying would reject, avoid because of spirit blend and appear much of a problem.

    "Should be like this." Small Argiope slightly stunned for a moment, then one said, "but you say no, the more I want to try"

    "Do you think I'm joking?" Some of Li Zhiying Speechless said, "don't nonsense ah, children."

    Li Zhiying spoke after the past is the incarnation of Buddha, began to restore spiritual strength.

    A small way to see Li Zhiying seriously, but become a Buddha, just feel very boring, save to his body to.

    In the past the Amitabha Sutra is good, but the spirit is very slow to repair.

    Li Zhiying had patiently again running past the Amitabha Sutra, let yourself in the future troubles under the condition of slow recovery.

    Suddenly, a pure thoughts came over.

    Li Zhiying is like a thirsty man, unconsciously drank, this one down, he felt the spirit.

    This is

    "This is the power of God out of peach." Wang Yi's voice, he has recovered all in good out of a bandbox, injury, he gave Li Zhiying talk, "repeatedly cast soul vortex continuously, and the power of Wu housekeeper repeatedly hurt, peach God willpower has a lot of power dissipation, so hold out, will leak out, I get a chance part, restore the strength also completely consolidated with a state, see you are not repaired, will give you some."

    one by one

    one by one

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