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    "General kizaru." The young woman voice sounds sweet, Jiao Jiao sounds a little weak, nervous.

    Kizaru to she nodded and motioned her close, she reached the surface before and after, he suddenly clutched her arm, gently force the next second, the flexible body of the woman immediately then jumps into his arms.

    The man sat down in his leg, and suddenly turned round, half face looked at him, cheeks flew blush, eyes in a limpid water, billow streamer.

    "Kizaru general sir." This time the opening sound more gentle, low Wan tone, also trembling but less cowardly, as if a second ago had thrown into a panic was removed and remaining is just pure belong to the nature of the reaction.

    Quietly staring at the distance between this woman look, kizaru lifted the empty hand, looked as if it had touched her face, fingers wander slowly, a little bit along the cheeks to the ears, finally not heavy and light over the ear piece of skin...

    With his movements, nestled in the arms of the body more soft, it is not the strength, not observable breathing, another mood a pair of eyes in the more shallow depths climb the winding up.

    After a short silence, kizaru pumping back / fingers, wrist and a turn, forced to cling to my arms out this woman.

    The young woman staggered be caught off guard, fell to the ground, so there is no psychological preparation, she was made the development of The path winds along mountain ridges. Yang high to look at a loss, his eyes not charming is uncertain.

    "Yeah," kizaru lifts the corners of the mouth, eyes are inclined to take a faint smile on one's face follow with over standing nearby, at the moment the same face surprised snow pat, then a track, "these years I sent a woman to the guy, you are not the first one more won't be the last."

    "But you misunderstand yo ~ I'm not hungry to casually what woman ah ~ all comers"

    "No, you misunderstood kizaru general!" Heard this saying, the other suddenly loud mouth, hurriedly explained, "she did come to testify against Jonathan illegal act witnesses."

    Kizaru ignored this kid whether true discrimination, and turned the eye sight, to sit on the floor of the woman in her eyes, forehead sweep, throat out a full of anger sneer, "so little beauty, even others play beauty?"

    "If you want color / tempt me, at least one piece to the empress beauty level? Although the success rate is not high."

    After the woman laughed outright, kizaru sight Too Big for Her Skin, fell on her body appears thin, overlooking condescending eyes conceal the cruel of color, and so on, just don't have the profound opening:

    "Yes, you know I always know how to take care of a woman, presumably also very clear that the navy is responsible for torture is what? That's a bunch of rude and cruel man, do not want to be broke, you'd better not have to hide."

    The speech, kizaru slightly raise your wrist, he really don't even have to be ordered, sitting on the side of the heart has already got up and approached her trained with regularity, the young woman, along with one side of the snow confound pat, before the reaction of over two individuals both in custody.

    Then, in order not to let two people make news, and clear-cut in the two person to unload before opening at the chin, a moment, two people were uniform pain twisted look, but in the end did not dare to struggle.


    The interior of the chaos farce, just beginning, then ended.

    Until this time, kizaru just turned to look, always not to utter a single word of Claude Meyer, slow track, "rest assured, I also is when your favor, no matter what this guy involved, will leave."

    He paused, Claude Meyer found a face of helpless embarrassment, look after and think about to speak, but saying nothing, kizaru, also added a sentence that "since returning from the G-8 branch, that Jonathan also did not mind."

    "You know, in addition to Sakas Ki, the same period is also my classmate Jonathan ah ~"

    The friendship between kizaru and Jonathan, and Jonathan is not Shengsizhijiao of Sakas Ki, can understand... How the same period classmate kizaru disposition, certainly not other people know more than superficial.

    Behind Jonathan never anyone on the naval camp to start, even against himself, without violating the regulations, what will be jonathan.

    You can safely leave snow pat G-8 branch, and no road twists and turns back to Ma Linfude, which also proves that Jonathan did not take this kid's slander in mind, at least, not going to his life.

    This boy is good luck, hit is Jonathan as a man, if not... Every year in the mission of "accident" killed the special constables there? Even after the passage of time is plotted against the revenge events also occurred frequently.

    Xu is a promise, Claude Meyer's face is good, then, kizaru turned to turn, was escorted to the edge of the snow cold sound pat colonel is open, let this kid understand death:

    "You 'Jonathan, mistress', Anna is an important member of the Naval Science Department, for G-8 branch is because she was on a secret mission."

    "This counterfeit goods and you back to Jonathan the... You'd better confess or as clear as noonday from the real..."

    A short silence, kizaru deep breath, strong self pressed heart anger, re opening tone with obvious fact of Italy, "if a lie, even if Claude Meyer is human, isn't your life stay forever in the deep sea of the prison."

    "Deep prison Hussein Pelton, the Navy held to the inside of the crime... Fate is worse than death."

    To this arrogant fool to trigger military a warning immediately, kizaru to continue to enjoy the two white paper complexion, waved and beckoned henchmen with two people left.

    Such a stupid snow pat, as good luck... In the end due to the Claude Meyer persons, otherwise, just be called kizaru Navy headquarters, the gendarmerie...


    Because of this sudden unexpected development, the party can only be sloppy ending tonight.

    After leaving Futaba kizaru, let two guards escort Claude Meyer back to the temporary hotel to rest, he then took a few henchmen back to Navy headquarters within.

    Explain the henchmen pat and young woman escorted snow to the interrogation room, and asked the fastest time to pry open the two person's mouth, yellow, ape a person back to the office, sitting at the start of the news.

    Sitting for a long time, thinking, kizaru finally re notice to a confidant, tonight all told Sakas Ki, because there Futaba happened some clues, Sakas Ki needs to know.

    That is, the real reason why he suddenly fell out of that is of course not be furious, because the snow took a pat is obviously posing to perjury slander Jonathan woman...

    Some things kizaru to Claude Meyer bluntly, but some things cannot be.

    For example, the G-8 branch of the commander of a snow pat slander, Claude Meyer did not know what the big deal, the other thing is, absolutely not, will not be a tiny bit of news.

    Kizaru would rather his old colleague misunderstand, because he is the other color / induced failure and attack, but also do not want to of the man's intelligence has leaked to the slightest possibility of knowing the world government.


    Snow tonight to pat the young woman kizaru before, claiming to be "Anna", announced to testify against Jonathan illegal act of counterfeit goods, black hair and eyes, more subtly, facial features / God / rhyme and the man, somewhat like Anna.

    Kizaru by close contact test, the fake appearance is not forged, neck and ear is not wearing a mask of traces.

    This thing can be big or small.

    If this is the snow in order to slander G-8 branch and Lieutenant Colonel pat bribed perjury, also just.

    - perhaps, precisely because once in the snow pat Jonathan in the office of Anna I have seen, and want to share the allegations made up a witness specially found and Anna looks like a woman...

    If so, then, kizaru can also favor Claude Meyer, the survey clearly, in accordance with the regulations of Navy Lieutenant Colonel pat snow disposal, depending on the level of bad consequences of their actions, to be expelled expelled from the Army Navy team.

    Although some harsh, what can ensure that kid safe.

    But if not.


    On the previous condition of those events, pat snow to find a willing to perjury, and he met in the G-8 branch office commander Anna looks similar...

    The success rate is how much?

    Anna's family, for now a senior Navy several people is not confidential, even in Saishener homing, the Naval Intelligence Department to thoroughly investigate her, including her own parents.

    According to the description of the hometown of Anna Island Aboriginal memories, lucky rescued children when shipwreck, and her dead parents, eight / nine is similar to mother's face.

    So, she was probably derived from maternal blood.

    Then, the Intelligence Department of reverse Che Char Anna's parents, and find her father's home, her mother died in a shipwreck but also suddenly appeared in the home islands of unknown source or origin, Anna's father, and amnesia.

    That is to say, if Daoboman accidentally leaked over those on a series of Guizu dragon past happened, Anna's immediate, each generation is only a woman she survived, in addition to Nana, in this world there isn't what close relatives.

    In kizaru sight tonight, that her appearance is similar to the fake, young woman, and no relation to Anna.

    The world exists no blood but can look similar to the situation, but the world where so many coincidence.

    Too much of the plot is coincidence.

    If the counterfeit goods become 'witness' is deliberate.

    So, this is hidden in the dark curtain / post / Black / hand plot, and for... Anna.

    Kizaru now just do not want to understand exactly where to go awry? If it is to deal with Anna's plot, now just beginning, there must be another means what follow-up.

    The current trial is a pressing matter of the moment, the snow pat and counterfeit goods, in any case must let two people tell the truth -- only true confession, in order to make judgments.

    The woman even posing themselves don't know much, as long as the truth, the Naval Intelligence Department will be able to borrow clues inferred by the seemingly insignificant to some what.

    The world could not exist without a trace of planning, some seemingly insignificant omissions.

    If you are unfortunately as yellow as a monkey...

    The Navy not yet aware of conspiracy against Anna is a...

    She can have what is worth to?

    Nothing more than the Department of natural island and ability of fruit... The identity of the Dragon Queen Guizu.

    Unfortunately, Rao is kizaru analysis for a long time, is still not found will have leaked the news to the outside of the flaw, Navy interior for Anna and Nana. Hold tight.

    Even if not so easy, outside have a chance to obtain confidential information... Only a few people familiar with that number of high-level digital identities, remaining only know very one-sided.


    Meditation for a long time, kizaru hand resting on the desk, the habit of holding your fingers not heavy and light tapping the desktop, there is a possibility of conspiracy against Nana, the voice of all listeners, kid's coveted qualification does.

    But that possibility is not high, after all, stay in the circle center of the Navy kid, even her mother had an accident... In case of being deliberately concealed, Nana even heard the opportunity will not have.

    If it is a conspiracy, kizaru tend to act, / / Black / hand is for Anna.

    ............ Split line............

    The same morning from thousands of miles away to Haitian junction is presented, this time a gold awn in the distance up deep ocean.

    Before sunrise, kizaru to see results.

    Over to his desk and pat snow imposter's confession, and, at the same time give the news - confidant sakazuki will receive notification immediately after the life of people to the interrogation room, and not long ago, two people confessed after the woman took them.

    Originally two suspects who are away together, but kizaru had ordered to leave the snow to pat, the red dogs will not face Henan, but in the end did not adhere to.

    The up arrow arrow Sakas Ki reaction in kizaru had expected, so he just smiled, then this behind.

    Just as he had promised, to Claude Meyer. Although the snow, pat stupid, in the end he will leave each other life, and the other, it may have nothing to do with him ah ~

    Anna, Sakas Ki will have what reaction? Also used to say? There are many of the old people and the Navy sakazuki generals, treat the imposter could not lianxiangxiyu the wrong?

    The dream?

    Admiral Sakas Ki, the red dog, never err on the side of caution.

    Even for confession, verification and validation, and to prevent the other side to paralyze the interrogators frankly most secret means to preserve the core secrets (that is, many professional spy trick), the young woman is afraid to face another, torture by red dog generals under the gendarmerie execution command can even cruel. Life will leave, dying?

    Kizaru from different enemies, he holds a high position at the Department for many years, already polished cold cold heart, kind to the enemy, the last is likely to be on one's own camp cruel, it is experiencing numerous lessons in blood after truth.

    Even Innocent -- and how?

    If there is no start up to no good, even seven or eight points and Anna looks like, will not commit to the Navy's hands, they are only a cruel enemy and not cold-blooded demon, be to civilians waving the knife.


    The mind flies to turn quickly convergent emotions, kizaru focused eyes fell to a few records of testimony on the hand.

    Then spent some time reading them carefully, finally, he frowned, heavy body close to the office chair back, laugh a, events that happened last night, exactly speaking, requires a combination of the snow and the two pat false confessions, and finally complete the plot.

    It is an independent executive but interlocking plan.

    The snow is really pat, should the definition of that boy kizaru.

    The ultimate idiocy!

    According to the statement, the snow is really going to use fake pat perjury, the funny thing is what he called the plan is not no danger of anything going wrong, he used his single stupid brain can think out.

    Kizaru's interrogation room found during the trial I have abnormal snow pat, then call the Department of scientific instruments to detect it, the result was unexpected, pat in the hypnotic snow.

    More ironically, he even when they are absolutely ignorant of what is.

    The expert interrogation room department of science and master of hypnosis is inferred according to snow Pat's confession, the real situation should be:

    Return after the investigation report that Marin Clifford, G-8 branch can not afford to reopen the snow, so one night pat on tenterhooks, the results meet the "friends" in the hotel, talk with each other 'friends' heart, teach him some good advice to solve the dilemma.

    Although the snow pat think that only proposals, however, experts have given different views of hypnosis, the various means, he should be "friends" with hints to his brain in instruction.

    Even "the name 'Anna', were implanted mind information.

    According to the clue, the other is not a superman series devil fruit ability, or it is also a master of hypnosis, otherwise, then back, how could the snow even pat 'friends' appearance and name no impression.

    Unknown potential enemies to pat snow instruction, one of which is linked to Claude Meyer, using their relationship, attracted Claude Meyer to plead.

    Another is, back to the young woman as a witness against the impostor.

    About the woman by the snow pat head residual poor impression, she should be "friends" and that night in the hotel when he happened to see, and in the G-8 branch office commander met the similar woman tavern waitress.

    "Accidentally" found to send wine reception and G-8 branch to see Anna look very similar, when snow Patterton exultation, immediately he large sums of money in naval power with Lieutenant Colonel after the half, half is the temptation stress the consent of the other false testimony.

    Unfortunately, after verification, the identity of the woman at the root Book pub virtual Ukraine, she will appear, also is one of the "false friends" to give.


    Anna became the false woman, also truthfully confessed.

    She was originally a new world city Budapest is a museum and woman tour, a few months ago by the boss to sell, according to her that, after leaving Budapest she was sent to a ship.

    Also, there are one or two similar and digital ship and her appearance, similar to the old woman.

    I don't know the identity of the buyer, however, see their own similar young woman, she felt that this is probably a screening, taste strange guests as like in the old days, some preparation.

    After a period of time, she and those women were arranged to accept some strange etiquette training, including speech, and air move, even open tone.

    The training requirements they must also learn to gentle modesty, is like a good girl.

    From the museum and she learned quickly, is the only one that training people they feel satisfied.

    Later, the ship sailed ashore for a period of time, finally someone to inform her plan - one night were brought to the island in accordance with the orders, pretending to yield snow pat colonel might according to the requirements of the other as "Anna".

    In fact, her real purpose is to appear in the sight of the admiral, who told her training before leaving, as long as she can get the Admiral's favor, she can get rid of the past and start again.

    In fact, she is not very clear / scene, but she did not need to know the inner / scene, as long as she can induce / or success, two admiral kizaru sakazuki, Boru Salino, Sakas Ki, as long as any one who takes a fancy to her.


    To get here, in the eyes of kizaru, almost all as he predicted that last night, and it is a well planned conspiracy.

    Snow pat and impostors are of no great importance, but it is two pieces of children.

    The key is not in the two people, some of the information it leaked.

    Read the statement, other data kizaru immediately opened send together -- naval intelligence is not useless, some seemingly insignificant clues, through them, the Intelligence Department of nature can find relevant information from large databases.

    For example:

    According to these people's time line, by comparison, intelligence back to kizaru information, the impostor confession time line, the two pirates activity traces and within the same time there is some overlap.

    The first is the straw hat pirates, the impostor departure time from Budapest, the East China Sea is a new straw hat boy beat sand crocodile after.

    Second, the impostor mentioned, before sailing once arrived in Marin Verde short stay, according to her description, the island is like Gaya, and that a few days, Wang seven Wu Hai, Donquixote Dov Ron Ming Go appeared in the sea rogue gaya.


    This is really... Ah ~ coincidence

    Kizaru sneer in the hands of data back to the desktop, then narrowed her eyes and forehead with a fluctuating hostility.

    Sea rogue Donquixote Dov Ron Ming Go, appeared in Gaya, afterwards Navy intelligence received, the seven king of Wu Hai in Gaya punish attached to his pirates, pirates and his henchmen nicknamed "hyena", by the straw hat in hand, and by the sea to the devil fruit ability to manipulate the rogue China.

    At that time the intelligence unremarkable, at the moment together... The sea was probably chasing rogue straw hat to you?

    Just a couple of East China Sea, where is the king of seven Wu Hai?

    Even a straw hat just beat sand crocodile soon, but the outcome has been the world government cover up, even if the sea rogue known / scene, as the man arrogant nature, there is no need to deliberately go to.

    The impostor from Budapest new world, the famous Changji sleepless Island, 30% underground business control in the sea rogue, if that man is planning everything...

    The collection looks similar to women, business selling / selling / export profits of the Donquixote family, but also an easy job to do.

    They learn that people deliberately training air move, is a test for the navy.

    According to the impostor revealed that the target clear in two admiral kizaru, he Bolusalinuo sakazuki, and Sakas Ki -- this is the key.

    Because the two navy general people and their complex relationship, this matter, kizaru know, can leak into the pirate camp only one channel, sand crocodile.

    Only the boy in a hat to Rabastan before the king of Wu Hai seven, and Anna had had a strange experience of men, have a chance to be revealed to another seven Wu Hai wang.

    And, the sand and the sea crocodile rogue, the two men have similar ambitions, usually it is vaguely like Freemasonry.

    If the sand crocodile before the defeat of reserved trap, after the sea rogue launched conspiracy.

    This way of thinking... Barely passable.

    Sea rogue Donquixote Dov Ron Ming Go can instruct his hand eye sky, into Marin Clifford, executed last night the series of actions that are not very unbelievable.

    After all, how to prevent another flaw in the plan, the Navy will have oversight tight.

    For example, Anna's words and deeds, people familiar with her is the ordinary people of residential areas, nature may inadvertently be asked what intelligence to spy spy.

    But, what is the reason for this sea rogue? Don't be boring? Or want to make him a good friend sand crocodile for revenge?

    The sand is not a crocodile defeat to Anna head? To the East China Sea have to find new revenge straw hat?

    Last night something fundamental and has nothing to do with the straw hat, even sand crocodile do not know, Anna and strawhat a pedestrian intersection.


    Just a moment of God, then, kizaru sighed, it is dispelled, go deep under the seven reinterrogate prison before the King Wu sand crocodile thought.

    The arrest but repeated by him and Sakas Ki private bodyguard of torture, torture and refused to elaborate on the different space then some details.

    Kizaru convinced that sand crocodile really conceal some of the facts -- can in the end, the man was not hoe, torture over let him die in the interrogation room?

    What is the at a loss what to do.

    Even now to interrogate, afraid is not the result.

    After all, the passage of time, held in the deep prison sand crocodile, even before the defeat left what led to counsel for Anna to start line, now need to deal with the scene / post / Black / hand... Is the sea rogue.

    Sand and crocodile unknown to Anna and the straw hats have been implicated -- this information should be within the navy to sea thugs.

    If you count it, "an ambush in the Navy, so the internal nails' behind the sea rogue for premeditation, the last piece of the puzzle will fall in the position, which presents the complete event.

    Donquixote Dov Ron Ming Go, the man may be for "towards the grave. The town gate", about that, if he learned from Anna sand crocodile.

    The king of Wu Hai seven, in addition to madness by cunning, but learned that her ability to doubt the authenticity, so the temptation?

    A similar appearance through the impostor, test the two navy general reaction to determine the sand crocodile give the authenticity of information, and the importance of Anna.

    Another... That man must not only the action last night.

    In addition... Some intelligence within the Navy, if there is no hiding from the sea rogue? For example, G-8 branch happened.

    Anna at this time in the straw hat pirates on the ship, I am afraid that this time, there have been seven water trap early in ambush, after all the action is not a secret straw hat.


    This is really bad.

    Want to take out the drawer kizaru phone dial the number of snails.
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