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    Darkness is a huge bright pumianerlai. (ggaawwx) (?) (?) (?) (?)

    At the moment, the body loses focus rapidly down * * height, more distant blue sky quiet deep, barren and cold, like the eyes of Ketai ya. Stark, condensation of the thousands of years of loneliness.

    Really nice, but really very lonely.

    People see the heart ache.


    Well, actually the pain is not all psychological factors causing hallucinations, after all, a wound... I grind after the molar, to curse a light into your silence now this awkward situation of the initiator of evil.

    Although it has been mandatory used yiyanbuge through this kind of thing, but also does not mean that I can get used to wearing a stabbed.

    Beijing spring that silly fork!

    That suddenly appeared in the battle scene is unable to control, and my purpose is an important force to take the side of the big blue boss, if the empty night Palace first arrancar army to withdraw from the war. Ya Espada Ketai stark, on their death party how is good.


    Are in combat men really don't understand people talking beasts.

    What is not to negotiate in a kindly manner...

    The pain!

    Really... It hurts!


    Very painful ah! Darn!

    When others are seriously injured by the spring and autumn, in the end who is shouting in the ear called the endless quarrels! Rustling talk vaguely through the heavy fog, on and off, although not clear, but it is really disturbing quiet.

    I haven't died! Don't let me quietly riding a crane to the west?

    Opened my eyes, brimming with chest blunt cut like a knife stabbing pain, my teeth, like a corpse up, "noisy dead! Don't you be quiet?"

    Do you fly! You can directly fight fight a wool!

    You are in the habit of death in the battle scene play?

    Uh -

    The choking, then after the discovery of his own have not turned to God consciousness stays in a node, by the way of joint surge high and sweep forward tucao... The wrong object.

    Know a little sober point now, vision was given a few strange face, of course, is definitely not the black death, but not the dense white Arrancar legion, but here it seems...

    Stay Leng two seconds, a few eyes wrong is good sat up, from the original lying position changed by sitting, turned slowly, looked around in a circle... Finally, I take the corners of her sight, a smoke.

    Brain residual impression is thorough the sky, is a local office at the appearance room, very classic navy general office is equipped with: dark oak desk, the same color frame, hanging on the wall all justice theme plaque...

    Estimated to be rescued before fainting again?

    It is the corner of the room sofa is hospitality here, I sleep a long couch, seems to see the situation of the man, who, in three, all were the regular army from tough atmosphere.

    A cover of white coats hangs the stethoscope a medic, standing in the position of the officer later, also a... Leaned closer than the military, now straight staring at me, his face was not too good to describe, in short, is a long story.

    Brown hair, a young ruffian still full of air, dressed very with trouser legs to my knees, half shirt buttons undone half open, even wearing the hat didn't take off fishing... Eyes staring like can leave midway temporary catch up way.

    - style -- so unrestrained, in accordance with the Navy generals alone must be special (not) stand alone (repair) (edge) (picture) for the unspoken rule, uh ~ he should be the leader.

    In the process of high * * it vaguely seen below the placement of one eye, blue ocean wide infinite, near, not akado, therefore, should not be Marin clifford.

    What's more, if I could fall into the Marin de no feeling, after all life ten years of familiar place, the first time the club subconscious reaction, and the atmosphere here is very strange.

    So, is a naval base?

    Then, each yiyanbuge through regression to hit in the hands of the Navy, the luck did not know whether good or bad to say.

    Again, fall into the naval sphere of influence is a good thing, I just hope it can be normal.

    At least not in the "general Sakas Ki" that kind of situation, with sex change future characters, because face each other life is hard to remember what moment of shame, it is enough...

    The wooden face, whispered in my heart and I still feel so weird.

    Because the wrong is good looking at me, even the eyes are off the window more and more Navy leadership, what is wrong?

    How do I feel each other vaguely as if so familiar?

    Is an illusion?


    The scene was very quiet.

    Every will, first come is a medic, he stowed the hand to check the instrument, easily remove the stethoscope, with a very calm tone, said slowly, "the Lord, the lady no injuries and."

    Then he turned to the medical box pack aside, skillfully and quickly, look like a hurry?

    I follow the medical words refers to the object moved the line of sight, ah ~ what is said and heard -- so the man gave brown hair color? Here is the branch?

    According to the structural shape of the Pyramid Navy division, the highest rank of commander for the Navy and the branch, branch, in addition to the strategic base of several very important position in the world, the great waterway within G-X at the beginning of the digital station directly under the Ministry of...

    Take advantage of this gap, I began to think of themselves in the geographical position, lifted his hand on the clavicle position, to rise to bloody throat pressure back, said the truth, who did not check out the trauma, because the attack is your sword.

    Crazy Colored Sky bone, Beijing spring that asshole!

    Mouth with honey like hands but blandishments and hard and fast, a soul knife cut through my prick lock and soul sleep.

    It is said that the spirit is the source of power generation, the slag! Like a joke to say what Guizu no soul but he feels should try, whether it is to deal with death or stabbed virtual means.

    Now see the false hole, then try to lock and soul sleep.

    Bastard! Why don't you do so god!


    Xu is a pain around the injection force joint cause my anger occur some hideous face?

    Tidy up the military medical case seems not by a glance over, then look up, as is thought, opening and reluctant, if you do not worry later to do a medical examination precision."

    Voice down, brown hair color admirals voice on the crosswise inserted / come in, "Oh ~ is not so serious, if you say no trauma, coma is caused by that ah ~ * *"

    "You must start at once on a mission. Because of this reason has been delayed ah"

    Not the end of Henan was calm in two words or three medical, language, vision turn at over expression of PI Lai, spoke again the voice has become more out of tune, "the beautiful lady is very familiar. I seem to have seen you somewhere before."

    Said closer and smiling did not like any conformal, "Oh ~ first meet, may I have your name?"

    I was this fetish and conjure admiral strange as his striking one snag after another make an Leng, haven't even want to know how to reply, then I heard the officer has been pretty quiet like a watch like standing on the edge of a few coughs.

    The first of all note force led to him, then slowly open, "Jonathan, sir, I must remind you, the meal time is coming."

    Here the delicate pause a few seconds, and then down and said, "your personal interest that bad or temporary forbearance, meal time but let a guest talk with you too rude."

    "I can immediately for you to notify Jessica restaurant long before she came in, please prepare a guest meals."

    Looks quite stable this man lifted the arm, wrist with a timer, bow Miaole and raise eyes, eyes suddenly a bit... Like (= =), schadenfreude "distance also canteen open a minute, Jessica kept a certain length of time."


    The scene has stuck like quiet atmosphere is totally different and a moment ago, just a strange floating a unspeakable taste, like in me now ~ who was poured cold water poured pledge, simply can not be mentioned in the same breath with.

    As for who, but who is of course "Jonathan, your excellency'.

    The Navy will be reminded a few seconds ago was laughing like a accosted ruffian, now the whole people seem not too good, even if it is not what to say, from the complexion and body heavy breath, ah ~ is really guilty and sad.

    In addition, the officer dutifully reminded him, sir. Such a performance, he maintained a steady look before, but exudes a strange aura, is radiant, uh ~ obviously loved.

    As for the military, he was an expression: ("") ~.

    Finally, I have some ignorant, terrified stare at the ruffian smile in the face of solidification 'Jonathan', quietly watching the time, with the mind of those memories and reality in front of the station.

    Lieutenant general Jonathan, branch... So here is the G8 branch, the iron fortress?

    In addition, here is that the Achaemenid Empire site?

    Uh uh uh -

    A clear relationship, I immediately silently turned his face to the other side, on the surface for some helpless heart suddenly turn a deaf ear to shape: Jonathan will just say "very familiar", was not approached but temptation.

    Previously I said how feel each other is also very familiar, the original is the enemy.

    When is he led the men to rescue you lost island vote with general Sakas Ki? For so many years, for years a year of the pig into a graceful bearing young yuppie to the old ruffian, no wonder can not recognize, "(like at this person)

    Well, is used for many years as one day bad ah

    What the total love Bush test...

    Okay ~ thought, I decided to continue with shrugged as if nothing had happened, what the temptations move is estimated to compare their consistent patterns of admiral kizaru Kazakhstan under generals knew is the occupation disease ha ~ since there is no special evil Kazakhstan

    The key is, my mood is called, G8 branch has is the route between the HA ~g-8 branch is back again seven of water, where the sea train can reach the island and judicial justice, the door will close at hand from Marin de ah ~

    And now, Jonathan's age, time should be nothing too much trouble, luck could not better, this is definitely the right to wear after that was almost right?

    I believe that soon you can go back to see Nana and Lin Fude were.

    I quietly on the surface, the wind in the heart wide kelp teardrop pinch punches, while quickly calculate the next plan.

    Yeah ~ also Ketai ya. Stark and Lilynette, I quickly fight off the old life back, do not know the lost anywhere in the world, after Nana had to think of a way to find the two lost arrancar.

    Stark was badly injured, Lili jant with him, although Lili's ability can temporarily protect Stark, however, was a day earlier I was brought back one day earlier at ease ah

    The lost arrancar what, it is not assured.

    Ah ~ I take back and Nana to know when to come back.

    Lili and Janet Nana should be able to click? After all, bear children attribute having a girl ~ although looks a little man, but still pure and lotte.

    Uh huh.


    I imagine a bright future in the mouth, ears suddenly heard a faint sigh, then the sound of the tone is sad to speak in Jonathan, "miss Anna, I Sakas Ki"

    "You know All is well., he must be very happy"

    I nodded, this is not the so-called Sakas Ki, basically equal to general kizaru will know, then, that the science department leader told Nana not stingy... In an instant the thought, and hypocritically installed politely back a sentence, "if you don't mind..."

    Uh - turned on Jonathan in the moment, look very strange face, I was shocked: how he stared at this strange expression? The Yang up, see not on things like, the eyes are to be extruded feed!

    He and I were two and four eyes relative, then I was at a loss about what to do, a click sound, too late to think of... At this time and then have several decades later, he was tempted to just.

    While I shake my God, he acted on -- really old, crafty person! Although it is not a terrible thing, but it makes people unhappy.

    Unfortunately, now I react but What is done cannot be undone.

    After a short silence, many years before the enemy took charge on the surface of a strange look, micro narrowed eyes open, "Oh ~ is really miss Anna, I said his own memory no difference to the degree of dementia..."

    He spoke his lips, suddenly the whole person looks very much like an old fox, "not seen for years was still beautiful ah ~ * * here is high revisit, said it is fate."

    Some words look like really rich multicolored decorations, very happy, immediately raised toward the edge of the other two waved, "major Drake, and I will miss Anna for many years no talk, no matter what don't bother."

    Mouth to say, people also changed the style looks very warm, just staring at me in the eyes, alert and doubt no disguise.

    He paused, and patted the head, mouth is reminiscent of what weather important things like, "Yeah ~ for me sakazuki generals, tell him that treasure he happened to be looking for many years I found."

    "In addition," here is the moment again pausing for a few seconds, and then turn a voice, "the ship together * * with Miss Anna's ship, the investigation also give you full charge."

    "Yes, in adults." On the edge of the officer to sink a voice response, stared at me for a moment and quickly stagger eye gaze, complexion in a rather Henan, "the lady --"

    "Oh, no problem." As is clear to their commander, lieutenant general Jonathan waved his hand, a thought like, "even if the problem, to our current capability, G-8 branch at qingchaoerchu troops could not but miss Anna."

    The coach was also seen for many years the slightest didn't change Jonathan with a smile, slowly said the wording of sharp words, "Department of animal Eudemons, they remain top of miss Anna many years ago, and she is Too Big for Her Skin war."


    At the moment to present the three with different sight face, an expressionless face -- the head to the other side:

    This group of guests with sofa located in a corner of the office, past some outside is a terrace, connected with the interior door wide open, the scenery here should be visible from the judgment in high, vision to extrapolation can be seen faintly in a corner, beneath the Bay and across the Bay, the steep cliff.

    G-8 branch, the Achaemenid Empire site... It is a can not see that luxury gorgeous gold city style, except gray rock, barren appearance after many years remains unchanged.

    After a lapse of a electro-optical flint sigh sigh for many years again, then immediately think of the people just don't mean it, 'with the * * * ship?

    Uh, I think, no traces of a black line: regardless of falling in the process I have from the near empty to see this thing what other things, anyway, since a sky can fall onto the female! Of! Version! Young general red dog after the person said, do not have any outside then feel strange.

    The key is that "* * ship together."... From the upper right into the G-8 * * branch... The 1/10000 coincidence, that kind of thing: Uh, needless to say, is certainly a straw house.

    In addition to Monchi.D. trouble polymers. Rough neural. Love the person when the baggage entrained. Luffy, probably nothing else who can be such a terrible coincidence ability.

    Fall into the G-8 branch, strawhat from home return empty island?

    It is also a hit on the node.

    Neither earlier nor later, actually "together, this * * 'luck...

    So -- now I'm sure, this time the decisive to the daily limit of luck.

    According to the "straw hat. Don't trouble trouble will automatically find the door. The law ', the next G-8 branch absolute general turmoil bustling... Plus before o Rabastan respectively by Luffy pre intimidation, next time to sail ~ this assertion...

    _ (his / _: 3)

    Unfortunately, memories of the crow mouth cap drafting home rough neural captain, my head behind the black and thick layers of immediate.


    A forehead sweat daze corner gap, Yu Guangzhong, I found that several major Drake Xu is due to the about to speak, but saying nothing, but I the presence of foreigners, he ultimately did not say what was only nodded, then turned and walked out, together with the surgeon.

    Not for a long time, the office door opened and closed.

    Next, all clear the room... The remaining two "many years old" Jonathan and I will be quiet on each other, the atmosphere did not change easily, but more heavy.

    It will, after Jonathan will not simply fade others love false false, brow with half half alert suspicious look went back to his desk, sat down in the position, hands elbow with desktop, hands reach spiry ajar half his face screwed up a pair of eyes, too profound to be understood.

    "Miss Anna, it was seen for many years." He lowered his voice, the tone is dignified, "now see your appearance, I think, the troubled years of the question can be solved."

    "Those words that you... Impossible, do not exist."

    The "Rainbow mist series of novels cannot end, the Lost Empire, Ralph Drew at the end of the world..."

    "Every time the facts like confirms your prediction, originally Sakas Ki and I think is your ability, an unknown animal Department of Eudemons special forces."

    "Now, I can not guess so --" he paused for a moment and, as he smiled and said, "that is not predicted, but a fact, when you the fact that our future is your past."

    Then he quietly stared at me for a moment, then hands down the whole person fell back to his chair, like a careless shrug, "the passage of today who did not pursue the answer is necessary, miss Anna didn't want to answer also never mind."

    "I only hope you can explain a little problem."

    "You just see my altitude * *, the first time come into contact with you is my."

    "When you look... Just like humans, fangs, claws, horn, bone mask, if it had ever seen your launch ability, I will be with you a year ago, the Department issued a notice of the cannibal dissimilar together."

    Is to see me pick out the tip of brow and soon the man not to say yes or no, then said, "I heard the animal Department of devil fruit ability a wakefulness, and your eyes this is black, so that black eyebrows, vertical stripes, is awakening?"

    In addition, you had left clues, Navy families identity information is the thing?"
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