I face orthochromatic around the head, no opening plan has not answered, because Mr. kizaru will this is the second time that Anna's husband, and Hui are no good.

    The last is the date of that time, kizaru general blunt spider ghost said, do not know this... Uh ~ estimation is directed at general sakazuki said, in short, such interest bring others husband... It is not good at speaking.

    Just the I said, this time as long as you turn a deaf ear to the good.

    Then, transfer to open sight into the side of sand crocodile eyes, the king of the seven Wuhai expression is not too good to describe, frowning, vaguely like eat bad belly like, a little twist.

    Then, his eyes slightly twitched then, a small range of motion, but apparently a little annoyed, then open, "the original Navy communication technology has been so developed?"

    He said, sand crocodile side pick out the tip of brow, a very exaggerated feeling like voice also raised a few degrees, "Navy technology tentacles extended to his hometown unexpectedly, really makes people admire!"

    Uh ~ I froze, his eyes twitched, snappy humming sound, "said it is too late. In addition, sand crocodile surprised."

    Speak quietly to the king abandoned seven Mr. Wu Hai, previously general sakazuki roar that will he not hear, was anxious to hear important information is ignored, and now is the time to act surprised...

    It is only a special effort to the crocodiles feed!

    At last take the telephone snail in Monterey commander in the hands of a glance... Then in my heart Tut sound.

    It is indeed surprising, before the general sakazuki did not speak I think we have a line of four is invariably think, telephone communication has ceased to be a snail.

    Because all the way over, the phone came are like a magnetic interference noise... In general, it should be a barrier to dimension interference... Who knows but not.

    I want to learn to laugh sound, kizaru general tone, in a leisurely manner opening, "in today's world of science and technology should be developed to such an extent that it seems not only, can control the Navy General kizaru, Ministry of science, not only do rely on a powerful force."

    "Mr. Boru Salino's reaction is also fast."

    "You -- what you do, right?"

    If not wrong... I think that the side of the phone to a snail, kizaru general must take action, which leads to signal can keep smoothly, and the previous period rather baffling murmur, perhaps some kind of adjustment.


    After a short silence, the microphone that car answered my question.

    The first is the inexplicable cough twice, then, with a general kizaru: Uh, sounds very pleasant tone, opening, "yeah yeah ~ we are uniten. This is Anna."

    "Oh ~ I used your teaching methods here ah ~" subtle pause, then said, "Yeah, it is unbelievable ah ~ comfort the spirit of the inscription of the correct use."

    Sure enough, I rolled a supercilious, presumably kizaru will use the so-called "right side", to correctly read out the long range without logic, combined more meaningless words, and then generate a channel.

    "Mr. kizaru will really make a prompt decision." I do not mean to praise, "and you have the qualities of scientists."

    Speak in a soft voice, look ~ while there can not see, I used a large forehead veins Ben, expressed the sense of sincere heart surge high and sweep forward tucao:

    Can not have the quality of what scientists? Suppose the courage to practice, also is what particularly crazy, is not afraid of outsiders out what horrors to channel!

    What is too confident? The heart is too wide?

    "Yeah yeah ~ ~ cant feel Anna" is "praise", there kizaru voice microphone will immediately become a dudish, "but it ~ you are worried about me, huh ~"

    I,"........." So have no shame feeling good, why don't you God?


    "In love first come to an end." I was choked to death over a fisheye, sand crocodile voice now stuck / come in, look at a faint smile on one's face, eyes half mocking semi satirical, "we now know is the two heart, the rest of the situation, the Ministry of the Navy Anna back to you, you only get along and enjoy talk."

    Is to see me with a very Speechless look back, sand crocodile liekai the mouth, a pair of dark gold eyes slowly narrowed, the forehead suddenly reveals many calculations, "now, can you answer me a little problem."

    He paused, silent for a few seconds, see there is no objection, the man show slight satisfaction, and gently said, "the original... Without proper use of It differs from man to man. memorial monument inscription?"

    He said this... Wanted to think, "of course." I curled the corners of the mouth, gloomy replied, "if not now, Marin It differs from man to man., Clifford has because puts on the gate caused disaster."

    "The first is in the center point, then, the crack dimension barrier outward expansion, the entire island may be swallowed."

    The first is a then alarmist, gentle smile. "It is a sound can be smoothly."

    Although the above words true degree accounted for less than fifty percent, but... I believe this elusive speech, no one can verify, after all the facts before us, isn't it?

    Marin de Navy headquarters there, now indeed should be I say - not my voice to have an effect, but others did not open a voice read out in the gate, just let the sound to double back and forth.

    Because the work is not only the correct range, plus... Anima.

    Death, deficiency, Quincy, Guizu, four species using the power of.

    Of course, for overweeningly ambitious people, no matter what I say... It is of no great importance? They're going to determine, near the sand crocodile, near Ma Lin de Admiralty over two generals, these people in high places for a long time, where would the credulous version?

    Well, anyway, my purpose is only to delay the time, let the small freckles and dew more than and 9 along for a while.

    In addition, there is a saying, when people die how earnestly you are of no use to.


    My conclusion is given, on the edge of the ears quietly listening to do not know how long, or deliberately? In a word, finally final judgement thing is partial to one hundred and eight thousand miles away, and call me again heart plug.

    "Oh, the original is really worried about your lover's kizaru ah ~ ~" the sand crocodile tail very long, tone cadence, then laughed so a wicked, "or plus sakazuki Sakas Ki."

    This man truly reflect the attitude, seven Wuhai should get a chance being king: do not let the Navy.

    Then, the final word, "is really a complicated love triangle."

    I: (person like _) #

    I will probably see angry, sand crocodile shrugged, a dubious look sorry, then changed the subject, "only your voice read out to produce the correct role, such ability in, no wonder the navy so nervous."

    "Yeah yeah ~ sand crocodile, you're wrong Oh ~" kizaru will love the inserted into other people as in the past / talk, but also the meaning of words is not the slightest sound, "I certainly feel shy, because Anna was nervous, and that her voice is Never mind."

    Then, "ah ~ ~ ~ 'first issued a long tone, the tone is very suspicious and then become more subtle," Anna's voice is really wonderful. "

    "Your words are superfluous, thank you!" I determined to stop opening more and more decent kizaru will hear what, lest more sinister, "although I did not care about fame, however, kizaru General Sir, in order to avoid some day in the future you on your wonderful reputation on the grounds, I am responsible for these requirements, people misunderstood topic or so far."

    The up arrow arrow said, the general kizaru really is not the first time to do such a thing... Previously I didn't care, now I don't care, however, to take into account the spectators feel ah hey!

    Sand crocodile and Monterey Colonel, the two look almost a king, seven Wuhai Mr. may for some reason still skeptical, but Monterey is obviously really fed Colonel!

    Looked at the Colonel that face color as knocked palette, green yellow blue green orange purple, round roll a circle, I suspect, kizaru will say what if, the commander of Wei Yingwu had a heart attack and feed!

    Thought, did not hold back his anger with my deposition, grinding after the molar, sepulchral ultimatum, "nonsense, believe me or not directly cut off communication?"


    On the other side of the microphone may be silent, listen to my determination? A moment later, the sound changed sakazuki general, "Anna, the word soul, before I heard you mention."

    I,"........." This topic change too fast, it is unable to response.

    Every will, sakazuki will low hum the sound, the sound line followed by several degrees of cold, "you don't want to answer?"

    "I just think how to answer." My mouth slightly drawn, spoke obliquely on the edge of the other two eyes, paused, sighed, "it's a long story, and it is not able to make it, so I went back?"

    About the corpse soul, generals Akainu heard said, referring to the day, I and the brute a short conversation inside, this is not a good time to explain, it is not a few words can say clearly, I also believe that they will be willing to the other side of the contents are not heard.

    For example, now and I stayed in a corner of the living room, like his ears up blankly under the seven King Wu sand crocodile, to want what Monterey was interested and lieutenant colonel.

    In addition,

    The two previously unknown hiding in the building where the mother and son meet to the dew and freckles, nine.

    I have drawn the attention of others foot drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters, so that no one central force attention of the two Potter Castro, this will just inside the door to go out from the living room of the house.

    Heard footsteps, sand crocodile and Monterey lieutenant colonel and I looked in the past, a few seconds before the issue and settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.


    A moment later, two Potter Castro entered the hall at the side by side, two people's eyes and nose are red, apparently...

    Is crying.

    In the eyes of two D body to sweep, then I stared at the little freckles on glances -- young children eyes were washed clear and thorough, the forehead also residual a bit excited, but look...

    Is not to say that just looks relieved, perhaps, is my illusion? La Bergerie sauce body that unconscious anger seemed to ease the haze, many.

    So, "mother" is really sad in two teenagers to appease a ready-made panacea.

    Don't know what to say with nine, but obviously the freckle is good ~.

    = = = such a thought, I immediately... A little complacent, idiotic powder is of course to me ~ idol...

    The next second, I received a flying volley ace freckles with Xiunao means the stinkeye, by the way, he didn't notice his side in every hour and moment also found nine Lu glared at missed, she looked at the little freckles, looked at me, then the eyes become very kind.

    "Ace, you're taken care of the adult mother ~" smiling opening, said good poked her son hit, "he is a stupid boy, please take care of later."

    I am a little embarrassed, then suddenly to face freckles visible speed up burning red.

    Then, I am embarrassed.

    "The..." Seeing the two D came, I immediately stand up straight, back to the adult mother a gift, would like to clarify that "you are welcome, in fact, not..."

    I stammered out, after Lu nine and ACE freckles approached, like dew, nine did not hear, laughing eyes squint the freckles to my side, then open, "eh ~ to say that the word soul society I have heard"

    Hey?! I suddenly forget what to say. Previously, the sound of the opening, "here is who?"

    You don't say! The brute said, disappeared, the corpse soul it is mentioned, since the recovery has never seen death, it should not say that no use unless it is a lie, even do not know the truth.

    How long is the brute and kiriu Kaohsiung waking time? For hundreds of years or thousands of years? Even more? How was the corpse soul and imaginary circle a war the final outcome, I do not know the results, but do not know what will happen.

    However, think about it... Not particularly surprised.

    Prosperity is the law of nature, the ancient mythical monsters are likely to fall, the corpse soul cannot escape is also normal ah ~


    "Hey ~ it seems very important to you soul." Quietly looked at me for a while, with nine look like some Huang, think again spoke, "is the town there is a saying."

    She seemed to be in a memory, fine face look slightly trance, tone becomes unreal, "where is the future we go to, as long as we let go... Those... What puzzles us."

    I do not know this moment think of what, Potter Castro.D. exposed nine eyebrows frown tightly, soon loosen, lax attention once again gathered focus, then lip slightly curved, soft track, "geist, you know?"

    "This place is not opened for the ascension of the people ah"

    When the dew nine talk, her freckles on the edge of the fault is also good eyes staring at her, for fear of an inattentive she disappeared like, now she said, young boys die mouth tight, white face brush.

    I looked down at a bit low, a few small freckles side pair of eye, pinch refers to all joints in the hands of blood oozing, then look up, whispered, "geist, I think is."

    The woman in this town is really like that, can't let go.

    Esther freckles suddenly looked up, eyes staring directly into my eyes with a few silk mourning, white lips trembling, I couldn't bear to see him like this, but his heart hard to look away.

    Thought, continued, "aware of the door, I guess."

    "The so-called" cenotaph "are vague words, and should be the" guidelines ", unable to leave the soul guide gathered in a particular place."

    The Navy's cenotaph, should say, the specific text gathered a puts on the gate effect spell and write it in person...

    Fly to the electro-optical flint mind, I instantly will temporarily restrain the idea down, put the focus on the current:

    "I've heard a word, death is another great adventure."

    "The corpse soul is just a call, there is a hell of a town."

    But it also shows that the corpse soul and death did disappear, otherwise, so many of the early death from geist for soul burial, not concentrated in one place, they eliminate their obsession.

    The final is to return the soul spirit, naturally next journey into life, not the soul society, but also the place actually is a large transfer station.

    Reincarnation is the law of nature, and the corpse soul can not the slightest relationship.

    In addition, you are not tied up in hope." ---- this is clear, Potter Castro and nine.D. dew Town, she put down the obsession that cannot be completely different soul.

    She smelled more... The first sight I feel, the kind of indescribable feeling, more close...


    "Ah," she nodded, looks like a beautiful smile in the moonlight, cherry lips shallow in opening and closing the "I am the gatekeeper."


    This is probably the name sounds with some special meaning, the other three people to attend the opening of the same, Esther freckles voice is the most intense.

    The next second, perhaps as the son of man nature makes his eyebrows upside down, suddenly look ferocious, "is bound here?!" Then a grabbed nine exposed arm, regardless of the said will take people to outside drag, "we go! Get out of here! I will take you with "

    "Go home!"

    At the end of a word is simply yell out loud, harsh voice cry, does not hide hidden meaning.

    Because of small freckles was crying out, Lu Jiu Zheng Zheng, also do not talk with him towards the door, leaving a glimpse - that would look as if weeping and complaining when leaving... It is... Only stood there unable to move.

    Potter Castro.D. exposed nine, she looked at us three indoor eyes, three points three points four points but the rest is sad... Deep, called heart sad regret.

    Stand in situ wait, wait until nine dew and ice out of the gate, I stared at the sand and Monterey crocodile head Colonel one eye, think it on hand, quickly grabbed the phone -- and snail.

    "Miss Anna? No!"

    In the emergency call Monterey colonel in short be frightened and change color, cut off communication.

    Close your eyes and put the phone snail away, I picked up a fork of the brow, put a gloomy expression, "two things in mind is good, no matter who is not allowed to disclose."

    "I'm not in the habit of threats, so don't let me have an excuse." Lift the hand, finger pointing far two of them between the eyebrows, threw out a warning, "you know, even the souls can be killed."


    After a short silence, sand crocodile first came back to the surface, immediately showed a few strands of hostility, "Oh ~ you want to keep secret, only the boy's life?"

    "." I can not hide, nodded, turned to the Monterey commander, "knowing that those / act, these years believe Mr Colonel has been uneasy, now salvation has emerged, why not try to make yourself better."

    "If you do not agree, is not here to completely kill me?" Monterey Colonel palpitation for a few seconds, then looked up straight, white was not better than the dead good-looking, "the story of fire fist"

    "Some things still do not think well, right?" I stand stand hand, deliberately face is easy, "think of the victims, the town of Lieutenant Colonel sir, only secret, not contrary to justice."

    Mention "victims" are simply like stamp Mongolia Trevor Colonel bane, he immediately quiet down, pursed mouth, a very painful expression, and consider the stiff face, put aside the head.

    Although do not speak, but -- it is no problem like this.

    So, I smiled and turned towards the door there, after a few steps, followed by two people, in the sand like Mr. crocodile, is not willing to own that tends to be weak, provocative, said, "in addition to that, the other put out the so-called no news?"

    In addition, the Admiral there but you have to explain, don't expect us who can lie for you." He paused, and full of malicious sneered, "the two but as smart, you are really unfortunate."

    "I don't need to explain what." I hum the sound head is not back, "who dare to question directly to me."

    I think here, Mr. crocodile is sand agile, as for how I even afterwards, the Navy generals are not afraid to offend, and is destined to be the king of the road to fly brush seven Wu Hai?


    "Cut off communication, you speak is straightforward." The sand Mr. crocodile voice is very cynical, "next, you will not speak because certain ambiguous?"

    Then, the man half half mocking voice in the trial, three of us started to get out of the building, do not want a second, and misfortune:

    First came the Esther freckles low tone with a surprise call, and... Worry。

    Then, there is no omen to darken the sky.

    The dark clouds from the high pressure air rapidly near, suddenly unstable, the courtyard filled with an unspeakable flavor, a little sticky, a little cold, like countless filth accumulation and exudes the kind of people out of breath smell.

    However, we quickly rushed out of the remaining three individuals, eyes and outside, has changed the landscape.

    Just a few minutes, originally through the living room window can also see the outdoor sunshine, just walk out of this distance, now is the black fog over the courtyard.

    They clumps from blossoming Cecil strands, the rapid expansion of the accumulation, the center part quickly condenses into peristaltic somersault, like foreign bodies are self aware but not the exact form.

    And... Before, have not yet entered here is encountered fog is somewhat similar, but obviously, the huge strength than previously, and more...

    "Fire fist" in front of a small, freckles play boxing, he used the natural elements of Department of burn fruit, the flame of the sky from the moment -- unfortunately, this has no effect.

    Go straight through the foreign body orange red purple black, illusion image nothing.

    But the next ace freckles was exposed nine stopped her appearance and without contrast strength easily put her son up to safety, is the three of us.

    After the completion, she turned and handed a conciliatory full smile, then quickly back to the line of sight, quietly raised the face, hands, palms gradually shimmered.

    Since the birth of longbow and arrow suddenly in nothingness, forming her hands into entity.

    The smile is very beautiful, looks delicate to the woman, the moment of attention, look sharp, filled with a sharp momentum, like her hands ready arrow.

    The disease mad wind, a voice suddenly sounded like Li Liebo - bright light suddenly into the sky, when they meet for the warning / shooting arrows, like lightning, straight line / face disease under the fog monster and flutter.

    Black fog center erupted like beasts in general is a scream, like fingernails scratching the glass when the terrible sound of practical joke who, who seemed in sharp noise ear tearing cloth.

    But in the blink of an eye, dark mist arrows, specifically by the arrow burst strength to destroy.

    Later, Potter Castro.D. nine let loose hand dew Longbow empty disappeared, then back to the face, "I want to see you in the next town, along the back"


    The gatekeeper -- So that is what it is.

    It is kept here, in order to eliminate these derivative grievances, to ensure that they do not cause damage to the urban setting up.

    Although they are derived from those victims of heart can not be relieved of hate.

    However, her bow... Power source... It seems wrong.

    "The net spirit bow broken Magic Arrow, your death is still Quincy?" I take a step, smile, "who told you the corpse soul, take me to see that one."

    "Of course, I can send three of them to leave."
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