#108  108.

    Scary fate really is, when you think over its own found it was just an illusion.


    Many years ago I used in Baidu Post Bar saw "two dimension of this life suddenly appeared in front of what to do?" A class of posts, replies below various answers, all kinds of imagination to break the sky, turn yourself at this moment, a dream come true, as the lucky prize in the five million comparable to me, the answer is...

    Don't know what to do.

    Can not be rushed to embrace the autograph photo kiss, nor out directly towed, want to know, it will not only abrupt beauty (false) will lead to more trouble.

    I don't know what to do, simply do not do.

    So ah ~ sitting in front of a la Bergerie sauce dish Stir-Fried Rice with Meat and Vegetables gobble down in front of the counter, I can do is sit in right position he saw a small half side face, with a pounding the little darling, look at what the sight in a sneaky way.

    Very cute...

    The little freckles, the cry smile under the cowboy hat exposed curly hair, then eat cheek bulging... How could not see ah ~ really.

    O (*//// at ////*) Q


    Infatuated to look for a long time, until it was fiery eyes stared at the young uncomfortable little stop eating a migraine action, the next second his eyes to find the target, is unable to hide my back.

    Shunned, he and I are two person four eyes.

    Then do I get caught in order not more doubtful also did not escape, or staring at him, well, on the surface of a man pretending to be calm in the heart silently holding face roll, because of excitement.

    The boy has a pair of bright black eyes thoroughly, but small raise, eyes floating in astonishment and alert to shallow, but I think he is not hostile, it should be a defensive instinct.

    A moment later, perhaps I pretend pretend to be successful? He turned back to deal with the food in front of the line of sight, I followed poker-faced picked up the menu of affectation, put a meal to look, while relief side could not help but start self-examination.

    Was found very normal, after all, is Aisima ~ if not found I will feel strange, but it should be ~ er... We also found that, even if never mind, let him think I am a ~ ~ is originally anyway.

    I admit, Potter Castro.D. Esther, is my life... One, uh ~ of course, now is the sauce of idiotic powder; but compared to the life obsessed with one thing I understand more, find themselves where exactly ten years ago, after it did not take me long to see.

    That realization is blue SAMA the famous saying: vision is the most remote distance understanding feelings.

    I really love the cartoon is that many years ago, the two dimension is obsessed with characters, until now the mood is still, but just will not be put into action.

    Look forward to after all just a vision, the young boy a few meters away is the person I love is cannot equate, because he is a reality, the world is real, but not many years ago across the screen to me love animation.

    Just suddenly saw I felt dizzy as excitement, heartbeat, is extremely excited at the popular point, now I will calm down: Uh, although did not hold back to staring at each other to endless, but have not been previously that the courage to fling caution to the winds.

    He is not the real two dimensional figure, this world is also true, I would accept the identity Anna many years ago, but also decided to forget the story, so...

    So, look good.


    Well, look at.


    Sitting in the bustling stores, with untold joy, I use ten minutes to deeply appreciate the people take the D family's unique "where trouble where" skills, by the way to watch a "eat and sleep" picture:

    La Bergerie sauce eats freckles and the shop owner to chat, and it was the atmosphere without warning others Zaijin in front of the fried rice, one hand still holding the fork suddenly didn't sound like.

    Then, as the store is scared to death of the discussion is not "eating strawberries in acute Desert / poison / death" when covered [death] those small freckles magic head...

    He said he fell asleep, the tone is extremely Innocent -- the scene of confusion can hardly describe it, then I think the crowd's mood must change radically.

    Then, just wake up in less than two minutes, he had a head re planted back (like at a person with).

    The shop owner and went to concern the masses by common consent roared shark teeth, burst out, "hey! Wake up!!!"

    The arrow up arrow, is the only site that knew not dead so I have been quiet, and a big wave / frightened people to onlookers' little freckles eat and sleep "magic screen.

    Then... The next scene is very confused ah..

    The first thing called Esther who wake up head is to eat, and took out a folded neatly... Warrant, the warrant is printed on the road to fly, good brother to the shop owner about the freckles had seen his brother Lu fei.

    The shop owner didn't answer the question, La Bergerie lights go D sauce family unique 'where trouble where' skills, he drew a Navy block in front of the store.

    Three eyed, smoking two cigars, a large open front jacket visual eight pack good figure, tall, appear on the shop door locked up...

    The monthly magazine Navy had three consecutive period of the interview, given to the Navy star, white hunter Smog.

    Uh ~ according to some hearsay rumors, the white hunter several years ago (because of his temper too hard to offend the boss) was sent to one of the four seas (decentralization) stationed in East Town rogge.

    But now, see the white hunter Mr. majestic-looking to plug in a Rabastan port city rape this little-known restaurant -- I want to own those vague memories, some of the information is more reliable to say.

    For example, white hunter Smog is chased miliu into the great channel, he will pursue (fog!) Lu Fei traveled the whole great route.

    Uh ~ pianti, hurry back.

    A few minutes before saying I think to be in disarray away, but unfortunately did not go into.

    Xu is the "love to watch" is a kind of nature, "accident" occurred at the door of the shop called the crowd blocking, and did not know what the crowd dispersed, then the white hunter was blocking the door to provoke more, I can't go on.

    Then, the three eyed Smog and small freckle ace, two people had a navy and pirates born each other tit for tat dialogue, white hunters say "La Bergerie sauce white beard pirates two captain" status, and caused the store people exclaimed.

    Was told the identity of the La Bergerie laugh bad sauce, sat a very calm.

    Just when I thought the two of them will be yiyanbuge hands immediately open when the D family skills once again lit, but this is not Ace, there is a way to fly.

    To tell the truth, everything happened too fast and too confusing that people never had time to see a wink sway over, only to hear a loud touch, standing in front of the store on the channel with white hunter, and he formed a line Esther freckles skirr disappeared, counter the upper end position of sitting upright people into the road to fly.


    Every few seconds, until the array noise low down shaking heaven and earth, my eyes beat.

    After the store chaos, Asni sauce sits behind the counter and even wall breaking a large hole, even more frightening is the road open behind several building walls, the belongings smashed sound and master's screaming as one falls, another rises.

    The boss looks like hell, maintained a partial face posture, not to stare at a huge hole in one meter away from him...

    It is the initiator of evil like a good child sit in the tattered counter, holding a fork, very happy to let the boss shouted uncle serving, "have a meal! Having dinner! Having dinner! Uncle! I'm starved!"

    For a long time, I put the sight translation a few degrees, eyes fell back to the red vest full of vitality yellow straw hat I sat on the back, his eyes did not finish with the mouth began to twitch, and slowly raise the amount of.

    At this time... I really feel just watching good, really, just Shangchunbeiqiu what, in the D brothers who have no feelings is a waste, look at this much...

    Also, a D family will bring a wave of trouble, the two D family meet then wait to Mountains fall and the earth splits. feed! Esther freckle sauce was just playing the rubber hand out, but also will soon debut!

    Then... In this way to fly... Then... A Navy white hunter Smog... Uh...

    Think of trouble magnet law D family, I put down my hand on his forehead, looked at the counter over there happens to be a big food out of the end boss away from the attention of the small hat captain, he saw two eating happily, carefully pull the chair up -- the second and sit back, take the body shrinks smallier, trying to downplay their presence to not be found.

    White hunter Smog of great momentum from breaking a big hole in the wall on the side to kill them... What.

    Happy to eat the small straw hat Luffy captain first Daizhu, after a few seconds all the sweat runs down like raindrops... What.

    The pursuit of the pursuit and was quietly on the Navy pirates... What.

    These have nothing to do with me really, people said, I really only eat melon masses.

    After a short silence strawhat. Monkey.D. where trouble with me. Luffy are not visible to the naked eye will speed the food in front of all swept into the mouth, a pair of big drum gills, vaguely leave the words "thank you for!" Then, like a gust of wind... Roll out the door, leaving behind a shop owner will roar back:

    Eat King meal ah ah ah!!!

    Staring rapidly recede the scenery around, listening to the wind behind the roar, I feel full of grief and indignation: boss uncle.D. Luffy would you run away run away and why take me as the luggage walked away with ah ah ah!!!

    Why do I stay with you in the quail like eyes didn't glance at actually can accurately catch me ah!!!

    Also! I'm not your crew ah ah ah!!!

    ............ Split line............

    Under the scorching sun town streets noisy and lively, small straw hat, the flight of Navy white hunter followed, the general turmoil.

    Such as jet aircraft launch capability than behind the general devils bitten to death on the target white hunter, pleasant run home from time to time to jump on the captain hat building new roads is too relaxed, his hands on a hat hand on my waist, jumping up and down, but also the way down to open mouth laugh with me a greeting, "yo ~ Anna."

    Yo P! I struggled to raise head, be like a long-toothed man with a livid face glared at him, but did not speak, because unfortunately such violent jolt so I just want to scream almost bit my tongue...

    In order to ensure the safety of life, I decided to the feet can again expounded his own anger, and make sure the great channel the most thick nerve did not sense the captain knew that, I really not his crew, more not his luggage!

    Everytime I carry a kite with a sample run... My old bones can not afford to toss life-saving ah!


    Again like the ribbon like in the air and the ups and downs, holding my hat captain home run through a busy street, during the breathtaking escape the white hunter's attack, with the Navy behind many, in addition to the white hunter, there are a lot of soldiers.

    Paozhaopaozhe flew captain grinning a brake in the air, "Oh Oh, I see you!" Then jumped the building in a certain direction. Sprint past, "you ~" mouth shouted speed.

    My life without love silent sob, I also see, except for the distant look relatively remote in that neighborhood hiding in a few ruins behind a straw hat blocking several heads, I saw smoke billowing behind us a large number of navy... This kind of thing I don't want to fall ah!

    By shipping a hat to carry away what long waist, white hunter and his command a big ticket Navy chased what... Mother egg! Don't wait his white hunter is sure to Linford, I also in the hat home ah!

    I just knew his face fell!

    But now say what all night, I only hope that Mr. Smog's eyes can only see the (his) straw hat, no extra effort aware of other passers-by as small roles (I) were.

    I was crying silently, here a hat in the street staged a touching reunion scene:

    Yo ~ you!" A hat full heat surprised captain of attack on "lost" crew.

    "Wow! The road to fly you idiot!" A straw hat crew with more warm welcome calls them "lost" the captain "after coming back, the Navy do not come ah!"

    There was a war, after the confluence of a hat began to escape with their many hundreds of times, purchasing, and in a step ahead of the captain behind -- more chase behind more and more to the Navy, because the road is previously fly scurrying around and spread the troops now gather together.

    He ran in front of the Navy behind chasing you -- the scene is a mess, I don't want to recall, in a word is a word, cops and robbers.


    I do not know what the psychological, other people see their captain holding I actually did not ask what, just the way ran from behind and then agreed to how to find opportunities to miliu.

    In this group of people, I will not be able to say what, that people were holding feet Tasikmalaya have landed, and... Behind the pursuers were intercepted.

    White hunter Smog devil fruit ability moves "met" White Snake ", such as the sun 'snake roar hit smoke hit create fire, billowing white smoke and scarlet flame together.

    The protagonist's law and D's law has a common characteristic, then followed by the trouble is usually as shenbingtianjiang backup, Asni sauce freckles arrived in time to save, striking stopped chasing his brother Lu Fei played white hunter Smog mr..

    Good brother moved China Exelon freckles will not let his brother behoove to bully the bad guys, such as large fire lines like truncated Navy Road, so the soldiers temporarily nothing to be feared.

    A straw hat Luffy captain after get all sorts of gossip about firm "Ace is my brother." the answer is relieved, while speeding up the escape speed. (like at this person).


    Ten minutes later, a quiet alley depression appears in my hat and home captain two people at a loss about what to do.

    I: (_)

    Luffy: < >) (~ ~)

    The reason is the two person, because other people also lost ah..

    Munchi.D. did not sense rough neural. Luffy amazing captain paozhaopaozhe somehow turned into a fork, don't ask me why not remind, because I was no attention, is now back in.

    An alley, he and I two people.

    By the way, I finally found a landing on both feet, and a straw hat captain of his companion, and then release the volume several volumes of rubber arm, I stand staring at him, he smiled a face of innocence, "yes, Anna -"

    Look this anger not a few seconds, I immediately took her dusky head, heard his words feeble replied, "ah? What?"

    "This," the boy leaned over, hand out of his pocket and pulled out - and don't know what I left -- he was caught, suddenly felt cold and wet wrist feeling...

    Suddenly frightened, I looked down to see his left wrist was to draw a "*" mark, two, a X, he quickly completed and a pen in front of me shaking, opening, "this is the companion of mark oh ~ Anna."

    "Then you will stay in a Rabastan for a period of time?" Captain hat home laughing eyes squint, rubbing sugar texture of the voice, explained, "we have left the mark, as long as there is companion, you remember oh"

    Uh ~ as I stared at the face is a big relief like small hat captain, after will be back, "are you to give me this flag only..." Roll me around?

    "Yes, because you want to be alone now." he firmly nodded, eyes against the falling debris of the sun, the bright smile thoroughly, "I think you should know this sign, because the enemy in imitation of the guy."

    She said he was a very wrinkled face upset, the tone is very serious, "the guy you haven't seen MR.2, Xiao Feng, a Pink Ballet male, see it to escape, he love touch others oh"

    "You describe is really too..." Concise, I can draw the outline of the image in the mind, embarrassed, my mouth a smoke, choking half a day before struggling to nod, turned into numerous Tucao words, "I will go away, rest assured!"

    "That's good." I see he nod smile again, grin, cheerful, laughing with picked up the hat fell behind, the pressure peak, "we'll go to sea sand crocodile beat ~"

    Hello! Wait! Who promised you?! I stretched out my hand, but Kang did not retain the rubber hand and then rebound to skirr magic disappeared in the alley on the edge of the roof of the building.

    "Good bye, Anna," strawhat home captain Post Bar with numerous cultural shock glutinous rice dumpling sound curl away, leaving me alone stood in the quiet alley, a tearful.

    Cursed me to! "We went together to defeat the sand crocodile." this is the Navy families I full of malicious curse on the right!

    .D. Luffy is the VOA listener you all ah ah ah! Have magical intuition, why do you abandon such a word, don't you have my hat and you can see the evil far less than end?

    Don't frighten me! You make it clear to feed back!


    Full stay Leng for several minutes, I finally cry from the horror image in a strong recovery, is going to start at once to miliu to force him back home captain strawhat predicted that as threatening, the foot has just taken a step along the same air introduced as the ripples spread like to nerve endings.

    Small broken ring, that is the pull of the voice.

    Are tiny, I slowly turned.

    A moment later, the alley entrance out of a few people, white shirt blue trousers, a standard Navy Dress, each carrying standard length / gun, gun / dark mouth of together at my body a few key, "don't move, the straw hats!"

    I: (~ delta ~;)
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