#106  106.

    Marin De Li really very beautiful.

    Shallow cool morning breeze brings distant tide and coastal towns to the fluctuation of sound noisy, born of the sun from the distant sky slowly, through the walls poured down the damaged block all the glorious light golden buzhuohenji infiltration.

    The long night is over.


    Half sitting on the bed, I have a quilt lazy do not want to move.

    No other people in the room, two navy generals and a brute to another room to go, leaving before kizaru will inform Mr. Nana and I: the graceful bearing and have a good rest, all later on.

    Of course, although the science department head looks like smiling, very good temper, never mind what others do all the way, however, is a fool to take him seriously, but I don't believe.

    You know, kizaru general at the Ministry's reputation within the false Navy, even if I do belong to the edge of people ~ Ruleiguaner unit

    "All content after the meeting," said that as polite as real, actually is not to settle scores, while others are good to fool?

    While no one else in the room, I found out a dead fish eye, curled the corners of the mouth, tut sound.

    As for them, two navy generals and a brute to do what...

    In charge of the Department of Naval Science kizaru general said that he had some doubts and brutes need a good talk, the current Navy partners to hide information, he was very puzzled, and can't wait to know the details.

    - he was speaking with Barbara children and in the office of lieutenant general Zhizou spider ghost doctor Stokes back, let people listen to is an excuse, or simply can not conceal the real purpose of the.

    Then, rather than turned to magic was black as ink kizaru generals, 'the naval cooperation' brute face calm, was accused of 'hide much intelligence and lead to cooperation between the two sides is still in jeopardy "look like that the Navy take it a little way there is no answers, very.

    Kizaru general reaction, I think the brute should hide a lot of things, and the brute and naval cooperation, mainly responsible for the estimation of is him, it is because of being kept in the dark, the general in charge of the Ministry of science will be even superficial are too lazy to do, the momentum ah ~ with he had no a handsome face, I could cry baby.

    Then, general sakazuki sir, the man left to explain the same thing, that is accustomed to getting up early to exercise... Uh ~ I saw him jump from a newly opened direct combatively (originally the wall) exports jumped, his exercise do not know... Go downstairs and surrounded the house a large number of troops hand gestures?

    Imagine the scene slightly... Someone said, I feel really should be a sentence, else the child died without end (dark rubbing gloating face).


    Ten minutes before the clearance is completed, the next room seemed deserted and quiet.

    Listen to the outside after another slight sound, resume to determine whether it is for a long time, I do not know what to do is downstairs exercise sakazuki kizaru generals, generals and brute or other room "pleasant exchanges", one of the two only temporarily cannot come to bother me carefully, let oneself sit straight, gently put the quilt off, looking down, taking a look inside.

    A pair of round very spiritual eyes immediately and my sight of it.

    Hiding in the quilt like koala monkey on my back high bear children face, facial expression is like this: (* w *), then, I and her two people at a loss about what to do for several seconds, her face is wrinkled Steamed Buns slowly buns, expressions like this: (like ^ person).

    Then, a moment of silence, perhaps I did not respond, they cry face into a soundless and stirless evolution, wide kelp tears, blood, blood them them.


    See her so well ~ lively, let me temporarily don't know what to do, then, have to say is relieved the ~ such a spirit, it was previously two Navy General burst momentum shocked mood recovered well

    A stone heart hanging down, on the surface is still slightly stiff expression, quietly stare for a moment, she became a little cry (soundless and stirless) Penhu trend, my eyes slowly drawn, and gave her to put the quilt back, so she decided to drill out his crying speak.

    I know that Nana was born it, Mensao love is certainly suspicious, just see the two admiral, and then she didn't know what to think of the strange place...

    Bear a child's mind, how can I not know her ~ but I hand up ah ~< (~ ~) >).


    Sure enough, not too long, up to move a few quilt bag, slowly from the edge of a drill head, matted hair, hairvortex also tilted several Adam, stuffy in the quilt long cheeks, eyelash hangs not dry the tears.

    She compressed her lips, keep quiet up and down, side face of pressure on me, hands to encircle, finally opening, "Mom ~ just two is the date?"

    Bear the child's voice is dumb, feeling very dejected look, then pause, hand tighten a bit, side to side murmured, "I hate them, one can not choose."


    While watching the side with the black line, speechless, bears the child's eyes is to bring out a few strands of horror, her reaction... Why two navy will be the date? Nana you have a brain supplement to what strange place to feed!

    It will, "Mom." she shouted, unwilling to support to lift the upper body over here, a pair of trying to persuade the expression of poker-faced small adults like to say, "too big and ugly, looks better than the teacher Stokes also old old man, you won't be happy!"


    It makes sense, actually a bit cannot refute, canthus chouwan smoke mouth speechless, upgrade the level of Niagara Falls to black haired Khan, a moment ago is a ten thriller, the tsunami in my head now.

    What the child said... It sounds very normal words, why always let people think is wrong?

    What is wrong? Nana, you let me feel wrong!


    A dull face staring at her for a long time, the mouth beat, then I coughed to make rational return, the heart of the beast roar Shuabing group temporarily suppress it, speak first to reassure her, "Nana, you good ah ~ not blind date, neither of the two."

    "Really?" Looked at the child was suspicious of me, then have a look around, turn back, face vaguely filled with "don't cheat me this sleep in the other house also said not blind date?" String of barrage expression, humphsquirts, "anyway I don't."

    "Ugly and too old, I will be friends joke." Du Zhuozui, her expression is very disgusted, "ah ~ life plan inside to have a sister and brother will be very difficult to achieve the ideal"

    He glanced at me several times, as if to aggravate the persuasive tone is like, "Mom, my sincere words and earnest wishes, not against you remarry ~ however too old man." The child is old, yaotouhuangnao told, "they are too old, you will give birth to children."

    "........." I'm a big embarrassed, hanging on the back of the head and a dense black, expressionless stare at her heart at the same time, Tucao could surge high and sweep forward:

    Which of your friends to feed! You bear the child is not always said to me, there is no common language and what age children in town? Where are the good friends will laugh at you this friend? Your friends outside in a sneaky way, I actually do not know anything?

    Also, your life plan is to grow up to earn a lot of money on the top become a white Formica winner in life? What time out to have a sister and brother? Not say love me one?

    This is the legend of the mother son big not? Outside friends told me, that the ideal life is often changed not let me know, is really very sad ah!

    (E:::,: 3)

    The heart roar spit half slot, look at bear children or previously that look, I suddenly had a headache, want to simply raise her to return to arms, palm to protect her head, looked at the ceiling to raise the line of sight, out of ten years have been saying, "okay. Nana doesn't love, I will turn down."

    Bear the child did not answer, but she took the head with my hand rubbed, this action should be satisfied.

    See the expected results, I pulled the quilt to cover her, leave a little head outside, she soon calmed down, put on my chest small body relax slowly no longer stretched tight.

    For a long time, with downcast eyes glanced at rest in the chest of a head, gently exhale, then, to bear children do not see the point of view, I silently twist the whole face, the other half a moment out tucao:

    For what she... Keke! Two navy generals do... Keke! The old man is... But this is not the key! The key is to! Nana, where did you learn these things out of order?!

    Why do you look up to eight years old, Lolita standard is 9 years old, you are not to come! Know where men older women don't happiness "and" men too old women give birth to children "this concept?

    I said, always feel wrong, not decisive illusion.

    Who teach?

    What motherfucker astray my son? Stand out! I will kill you! Convex (Cao Mincao).


    I do not know what their own surprise bear children learned rather baffling discordant things, shocked after my face ferocious, do not want to suddenly hear footsteps outside the corridor.

    Return to God, my head turned at the same time, it had closed the room door from the outside is opened, the two sides face, the debut of the people that it is too late to raise the knock on the door, a refined and courteous appearance, "Yeah, bother you?"

    Kizaru General Mr. Shi Shiran walked into the room, face with a smile, kind and amiable, "is really rude ~" say very polite, but did not stop the pace at the foot, a walk to the bedside, "the little girl fell asleep?"

    I didn't answer him but to look at the house door, there is empty, obviously this only a casual visitor... The sight slipped over a ring immediately back, eyes a bit at the elevation stood beside the bed, "haven't slept, kizaru general?"

    "Yeah," he alone should remember tone, drooping eye is not able to distinguish eyes likes and dislikes, and make no pause per cent thing: head sideways directly next to the bed along the sit, is just sitting in his previous colleagues general sakazuki sitting position, angle of perfectness.

    Out of the corner of my shaking, I felt full of malicious pumianerlai.

    After a period of silence, the man reached out, neither fast nor slow to Nana Yi Yi drive angle -- Xiong Haizi stiff is obviously I feel I am not myself., I suddenly did not hold back the hand slammed in his hand, and glare.

    Second, the other hand from a strange turn angle, moment - hold my hand, his speed is very fast, before I come again slowly with gravity, like the fastening hoop to break.

    Then, the man near the narrowed eyes, revealing a half semi satirical ridicule expression on his face, "Yeah, Anna such a big reaction so strange ah ~ before I see you on the zarcas can not so fierce"

    He also smile vanished loose hands, staring eyes become cold Senran Rui, "so defenseless man lying on the bed, you're going to get yourself for what?"

    "The little girl's safety? Or her future career?"


    With the general kizaru two four eyes relative to my lips a moment at a loss about what to do, smoke, very helpless sigh, "will you open, kizaru this test people's habits... In fact, pretty hate."

    "Why should I get myself for what." Ask the other one, I don't want to hear his answer, look to the sights a bit low lying in his arms bear a child, with a sneer, "I would have said that Nana's future, the future or mundane or determined by her own."

    Hand to bear children, neither fast nor slow back, then I said, "what's more, listen to the voice of all things have qualifications, tension should be on your navy."

    To the man in the ear breath not observable stagnation, I simply put some things out was inconvenient to say so:

    "The past ten years, the number of all over the world to join the Navy maintained in the normal level, but the outstanding young people rarely, because of its own strong and famous people were willing to join the navy is not one."

    Here to stop, I got high eyelids, gloomy look kizaru general, smile against him, "trained recruits into the battlefield basic distribution in the world, the great channel within the garrison base often lack of strength, which proves that base year qualification promotion was transferred to the universal soldiers in slowly reduced."

    They point out these executives know and very unpleasant facts, then aggravate the crackdown, scanty "outstanding new talent shows itself, although there are navy headquarters demanding reason, but also reflect the people willing to join the Navy, the vast majority are unusual qualification."

    Look at this man face a change of the last black as the bottom of the pot, my mouth smile is more sincere, and did not stop, another would have to make them the righteous character with deep hatred and resentment:

    "Because more qualified young people of Shanghai's voyage for One Piece thief hanging throne, became the Navy's enemy."

    This general kizaru stared at could fly out of the knife to my eyes, it is not quick to pole, so I shrugged, "although it may indeed some ugly."

    The spirit of "who let me uncomfortable. I made him uncomfortable" and "see you well I can rest assured" attitude, sweet smile, and finally points out the fact that after a long and minute statement:

    "This time, the same qualification and One Piece Gore.D. Roger appeared in the new navy camp, your navy has the determination to ignore, and even suppress her not to let her grow up?"


    I finally stopped, the other did not speak, his eyes stare, a long time just dumb voice speak, "Yeah you Anna is really beyond all expectations. Believe that even Sakas Ki did not know? Do you know of the situation."

    "Intelligence where?" His eyes flashed slightly wrinkled, eyebrows looked somewhat abnormal... Sinister, "Ma Lin Clifford intelligence and security departments, in fact lies in the hands of Sakas Ki, not as..."

    Behind the words he gave omitted, however, it is not equal to say that it is simply in the show, I was through the red dog generals knew the secret / scene.

    The embarrassed, my mouth a smoke, not very white his one eye, "I'm in Marin de Navy headquarters hospital for nearly sixteen years, want to know something as you can of course through all the minor details into a bit, though not very accurate but also about, right?"

    The man picked up a hook mouth heard a faint smile on one's face look like radian, is considered, slowly said, "Yeah, is physical data through the soldiers by the consolidation of the naval hospital."

    "I remember, those data including recruits physical examination and each year the soldiers physical fitness test report." Talking like answers, paused, his voice turned, "Yeah, so, why does Anna know my habits?"

    Habit? Previously said "love test others"? Thought, I blinked, innocent face staring at him, "because you have not stopped from the first meeting on me ah ~"

    You have to ask it? The man from the beginning to meet the beginning that has not stopped on suspicion, then slow will detect!

    "Often on offending others taboo line edge, and clever not to cross the line, so you will also love kizaru walking dangerous blade"

    I do not know is behind me this sentence to the point where he poked adorable voice down (= =), see the yellow pages for apes such as general general expressions, previously a bit dangerous tight storage that momentum flew faded, replaced by a total of I don't know how to describe, seeing the past is very happy look, and did not.

    "Yeah yeah" squinting smile, even the voices are not the tune up, "Anna is so concerned about me? It is a good mood "

    Then, is to see my eyes not too good? The man shrugged, looking briskly again replace the topic, this time he first hand, in me more odious's glare leans forward to expose high quilt, then quickly cover back, finally was amazing, "and grow up, this girl looks like there are now eight years old?"


    The man leaned over close, now it is almost touching my face -- this posture... I have no time to let him go, voice came sideways.

    "What are you doing?" Voice deep and gloomy, the speaker is the previous red dogs will disappear without a trace, incidentally, he just jumped off an outer wall of the vacancy never jump in.

    My feet landed a very gloomy feeling of oppression will spread.

    "Yeah," kizaru will slowly replied, "do you see what ah"

    I turned to look at is standing on the red dog general, swept down his eyes fall side unclearly suffused with dark red mans hands, after the decisive back sight, pay attention to leaning on the chest golden head.

    In the eyes of children bear hair turned a circle, I laugh more happy, also have the mood to answer general kizaru previous question, "not eight years old is ten years old, she just looks relatively small."

    Although it is not very obvious, but also older. Sure enough, my hunch.

    So, if no accident, the latest today before the sun went down I can "wake up", after all, the body is a straw hat on the ship, consciousness from too long what will happen is really unexpected.

    Fly to the electro-optical flint mind, I was soon called suddenly raised his head a face of injustice bear children to make return to god.

    "Mom." she tightened between the eyebrows, buns face, a pair of hate like, "who is this two old grandpa?"


    Speechless at the same time, I almost burst into tears, the truth bear children, you know, the two old man inside a boss you ah ah ah!

    No time to stop you to death against the two navy general is really my sin ah ah ah!


    For a time the atmosphere is really very dangerous, after, I tried to smooth the convulsions of the skin, struggling to look up, smile several voices, opening stuttered, "my Nana is very polite child..."

    Really, I am very honest and there is no lie, my Nana is really very polite, this is not her fault, at the age of fifty or sixty for her really is to grandpa.

    Uh ~ I kept smiling and apparently, but the effect is not very good, two navy general expression at this time... Only "the scene is too good. I can't bear to recall" to describe.

    They bathed in two eyes, I could not help but received close arm to bear children hide, while secretly decided:

    It is not with the Nana run away?
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