#100  100.

    Staring from suddenly dark rubbing out the corner sakazuki general, I just felt I feel I am not myself.

    A few meters away, according to the (ghost spider will) is my Nana in place, the distance between the stairs, red man suit with a villain like BOSS blocked path...

    The rear Science Department of plantation glass wall lights out, soft and quiet light cast on him all the contaminated seedpeople.

    Or that the body for eight hundred years with no vacillation set infrared flower shirt, one chest pocket wind / Sao pink roses, too much of his face with the hat, and because the back light, his whole person looks... Gloomy and violent.

    Although is not good in smart clothes, living a bandit bandit.

    At night can play Bandolero without makeup!

    Of course, the Navy and justice AIBA diameter description or personal bias doped me, but it wasn't my fault, really, it is the red dog generals do not tunnel is not authentic ah.

    Here for me, each come up in the way people tracing guys are bullying!

    Then, the Ministry of the Navy Ma Lin Ford a rogue camp! One of the two not all the good stuff!

    These bastard man did not think about it, I'm easy?

    In the middle of the night, I hacked (fog!) The demon Slayer (fog!) And look at the destination before blocking almost in sight, suddenly a stumbling block is enough acid cool, this "worried but accident prone 'feeling, is really a fall ah!

    Quietly looking at very close very near sakazuki general, I keep one foot out of the pose. In situ, wood face, take this time of stalemate, the heart of a wave after wave of Tucao cover.

    Today evening is estimated to go out did not see almanac, really lousy.

    I will pick up my kizaru Nana call the moment I will do what is wrong with the spirit has left the body, the day is full of some very bad guess, hard to come quietly in the depth of night, the horse like rain mushroom as continual passers-by.

    Today is the first day of the annual festival? In previous years, these top generals do not have to lead a gay life? One of the two not to swim female Harding old the unseparated, ran to stop what I do do what to do!

    I specifically chose the huge crowds of people the night market as a starting point, the result was not so out of the city, followed by stalking spider ghost, one of the two will emerge.

    Just like playing mahjong is cut cut another, I just want to look at their own home bear children, these people will die if not chaos could kill death?!


    Perhaps this moment I look too odious, and aware of, in front of this man cannot be heard humming sound, then he pulls out / inserted in the pocket / hand.

    A hand wearing black leather gloves Mensao, pumping out / after he took off a, an action done in a leisurely manner, to ban / / Department of kichiku breath almost ready.

    He didn't speak, hidden in the depths of the eye shadow brim, if real eyes stare.

    I was sweating fog, then they saw the hand wrist a man without wearing gloves elevation, slowly leaned forward.

    The other station too close, almost a hand can touch, I obviously not only people back off his head several times, he did not want to like guess my next move, I just stay away, his hand is to catch up with as the shadow follows the form, the thick cocoon fingertip grazed cheek, complex it involves binbian scattered hair.

    Touch this moment with a strange taste, do not know how to describe it, as if an unknown distant fragrant, mellow, deep mixed with not observable sweet, just a bit familiar.

    Staring at the vision of a crimson filled suit sleeve, a few seconds later, I suddenly thought of what the other is doing, starting from the forehead to the heart the moment heel shivers suddenly with hair standing on end.

    However, before I make what reaction, more distant voice interrupted binbian intent attached to the fingers downward moving.

    "Yeah, Sakas Ki, is really a coincidence." Kizaru is general, man's hoarse voice, tone of ridicule half semi satirical, across the distance can hear a bad mood, you should not pass "this is?"

    Hear the sound, I turned towards the two make a prompt decision, behind the two of them moved to be long in coming, such as the timely rain to appear, on the verge of death or destruction situation at the same time, the silent handed out for help:

    You put the red dog generals away away! Just touch my face is not to touch my neck! Mother egg! The ability of the Department of natural fruit magma touch my neck, he did not hold a good I will shiguwucun the!

    Who are good! Hurry to drag! I went to see a good location for Qing bear children.

    Anxious Ma vulnerable! Then to go watch my wits out of control field force!


    Not long ago, in a previous backward distance kizaru and general spider ghost came to him, two personal expression is not peaceful and stood, both did not speak, is the two line of sight fell in the same position.

    Red Dog generals hand.

    And the red dog generals hand... Just stop in my ears hands, because I turn over to avoid clever, now it on my shoulder.

    Shoulder a weight, perhaps because of the magma fruit? Across the fabric comfort paste palm temperature some hot breath, the man is very close, as if attitude control and aggression means.

    Of course, at this time, these are not the focus, not enough to make me frightened, or take my attention.

    Because there are more important things.

    I keep a partial face action, fish eye - kizaru chief general, Ministry of science, it is said that this side can control a man in my eyes and face a faint smile on one's face, behind the man repeatedly looked at, I do not know what to think, look increasingly bizarre.

    The ghost spider will look toward the side up to sight, silently on hand from his pocket cigarette package, bite out a cigarette, lit a breath, spit smoke ring, collect lighters, action at one go, by the way, the smoke behind the face is treacherous.

    The last point because I can't see, of course, it is good to see.

    Next, the four man quietly looked at each other, but my lips twitched with black line, the other three men seemed to be out of a dangerous atmosphere.

    Three men all dry eye contact all night, look if there is meaning, the lawsuit facial features like a raging fire, is no willing to open a first jinkou.


    My fish eyes become more and more serious.

    Waited and waited, and waited... Then, I finally can not wait, decisive back, hard off lift mouth opening, "general Sakas Ki..."

    A look at the eyes up, reportedly a general naval history the most dismal paranoid, I try to put on a very cordial expression, small voice and other discussion, "as we talked, OK?"

    The Shura three men and a woman, man said that it is not my dish. I was a married woman... Uh ~ what emotional disputes cannot be idle when I was four, we just put together a mahjong table Biandabian slowly?

    You know, tonight is called striking one snag after another devastating, now to close at hand but was shut out... Under the dawn I woke up to see a P! You know I was still home hat ship!

    The three of you didn't consider me as a child and bear lost for a long time mom feel mody!

    I really eat you oh!

    Even the belt bone on the true meaning of all eat, a hair do not give you the rest of the Warring States marshal ah!

    Don't forget that I am Guizu ah! You eat any feed without hesitation!


    Then I open my eyes, a kindly smile (dark) waiting for the echo -- no, tonight Speechless Tucao spit choke off too much can advance in the next several years, now what all don't want to say, what to see the answer.

    Red Dog generals deadpan, for a while, lip slightly sank to sink, finally opening break the silence:

    "You came back." Man's voice is chilled, words with an odd meaning, "haven't met in a long time." He said, then again straight mouth, face slightly raise a bit, I looked back over the more.

    After a period of silence, the man hands down to loosen the clamp, the side is not to say what, feet slightly take half a step back, Saide previously blocked him to the plantation inside the entrance.

    I was relieved that looking back to two behind, of course, most focus on the key characters, control science, yellow monkey general, going to see Nana he can only lead the way.

    Department of Naval Science secret laboratory, even if the ghost spider said lieutenant in the ground, I don't know how to go ah!


    Do not know is not the site of the three men through the knowledge of color is aware of my close to the critical point of the temper, sakazuki will give place, kizaru and ghost spider is in general difficult consistent stride pace, who also did not say what, after a previous step on the stairs.

    Then, in general kizaru as the leader, general red dog and he almost side by side, two people took the lead into the plantation, a moment later, standing in the place I was back in Mr. ghost spider not heavy and light to push.

    Soon, the corner corner out of each other's face, plus a tough one, "what to do?"

    First hand the cigarette butts thrown on the floor over out, followed by the way I have been robbed holding on the mask, finally, a slanting over, eyes vaguely abandon me too slow, "follow up."

    "Ah? Is." I should say, eyes slightly drawn, the moment can not attend to what else, quickly turned towards the front two people chasing the past, trot to keep up with the two bit guides.

    Then, formation becomes general open, will hold the line, as for me... A prisoner was escorted as well

    Well, no matter how strange, anyway... Will be soon to see the baby bear exciting stirred her body with me said that what, even if the front is hell blood pool most dangerous places also not enough to go upon!

    ............ Split line............

    Enter a secret underground laboratory to skip the process.

    In short, a long period of time in the past now, a pedestrian walk in the closed channel neither fast nor slow within one hundred meters ahead is the end, a fan in the channel on the walls of the door is fitted, looks very ordinary, like the office door, however, hidden deep underground in it, want to know a not ordinary.

    Quietly looked at walking in the two Naval General front, my mouth sank to sink.

    A few minutes ago after a fingerprint to unlock the checkpoint, kizaru will also explain to look back, saying that it is the last line of defense, now at the end of the tunnel that locked behind the door, Nana is in place.

    I take back sight, re looked at his toes.

    It is no exaggeration, ghost spiders, this place really heavily-guarded outside, no see plantations within each road are equipped with guards, can not see the hidden corners must have hidden anshao.

    The secret entrance to take the elevator to enter the underground semi artificial maze, underground areas like perplexing, deeper along the way through six tight levels, finally the door will need kizaru fingerprint unlock password lock.

    Say too much iron bastions.

    Because the defense too closely, I feel all the way to follow down -- so nervous for what? Nana is the only qualification? My son is good, but... No need? Compared to the "protection" rhetoric, this posture rather than... Monitor / ban.

    It really is... Too bad。

    Thought, I closed his eyes, his throat a sigh swallow back belly -- in fact, I dare not naive to think that the Navy doesn't know what it was.

    Sechel, dissimilar, ogre... Know the unsuspecting is impossible.

    Can... My Nana is human, her domineering had little warning, she could not awaken Guizu blood, she was human... I thought the worst, if the Navy cannot trust, I will take Nana, she is so well behaved child, where I might let her live in doubt or alert environment.

    Even if these people can put around hostile emotions hidden in the friendly appearance, Nana [hear] to see other people's true, she is so sensitive, how could I let her get hurt.

    Such reckless to wait, also confirmed the safety of Nana for the.

    I was afraid of what she has done to the Navy, Ma Lin Ford Navy headquarters, behind the light just hiding the abyss of darkness, bloody means those who can not see the light... I am afraid of Navy upon Nana.

    The human has about the same cruel, cruel to which this world has not changed, this is Anna, my hometown is visited, even where there is guizu... Nana is human, Anna is the awakening of the blood, so if the navy...

    If not, I will leave here with Nana use unscrupulous divisive tactics.

    If it stays on, because human beings cannot live in solitude, Nana is human, she is still a child, certainly can't hide forever. People don't see hidden in the light.


    During this time I was in a closed make blind and disorderly conjectures, echoing footsteps slow down in the channel.

    Body slightly pause, I followed the head saw two admiral, stood in front of the door, a side face look to the rear, and another on hand to a closing door.

    Suddenly, the door with the gap to expand the soundless and stirless I took a deep breath and, after a pause, feet slowly out of - hope... I hope... When I am shameless or not, I hope that the three men for my sake, it protects my Nana.

    She is still young.

    In order to promote the scientific process in the name of those terrible suffering, because those coveted power caused by the human history overweeningly ambitious, everywhere in the dark...

    Please... My child is a bit far away from.


    In the deepest secret laboratory room, enter the room first smell a slightly bitter flavor, not I smell the smell of disinfectant in the hospital, but a... Like fresh foliage exudes atmosphere vegetation fracture.

    The next two seconds, stop the Admiral side in sight over the body, out of position, the eye is... A room.

    Furniture furnishings are in very familiar position, also can call out calendar every thing with my eyes closed, the layout score no difference... In addition to located in the wrong place, here is clearly the original house belongs to Nana's room.

    Yes, the home, the home has lived for more than a decade.

    I am stunned, subconscious put sights on a corner, Nana in the bedroom bed position.

    The bedding cotton twill pattern of a sunflower arch bulge, I stumbled ran up, holding breath, leaned over the pillow: the same suit scattered pale gold hair, she was sleeping peacefully with his eyes closed.

    I know that she is not asleep...

    My Nana, pale and nearly transparent, where the sleeping cheeks look cute? Where will the hands rested on the face on the edge of baby habits? Where asleep will kick the quilt down?


    Zheng Leng for a long time, I sit sideways to the edge of the bed, slowly stretched out a hand for her the Yi Yi is at the moment angle, pain lose reason.

    Nana and I slept very well behaved, but... Sunflower patterned quilt, her chest position, a man saw ghost not seen along the void extending all the way to go, winding through high ceiling, has been stretched far unknown.

    The human eye can't see, at this moment, I saw the entity into consciousness...

    Causal chains.

    Nana's soul is not in.

    She is still alive, but not the soul in the body.

    Where did she go?
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