#95  95.

    At the same time, another place, thousands of miles away in Marin Clifford, Navy headquarters.


    That car phone signal cut off side, snail, kizaru eyes smile ran a clean mouth slightly on the other end of the hook hook, can not hear the people you channel, "Yeah ~ should be aware of? It is a mistake."

    "I thought at least from this time"

    Is it really bad. He couldn't help tut sound, do not know where she was called aware of, you know, his lie, this ability inside the Navy headquarters, no one than he was good, but she found so soon.

    Staring at the use on the desktop has been in a dormant state for a long time, the phone worms, put back on the finger pinch microphone, kizaru and chuckling, low tone in somewhat different meaning.

    "That is every mother born with sensitive? Or... Anna you... Qualification?"

    While talking, while with the topic of Lenovo to that person.

    Should the latter? He soon gave his answer.

    Through the phone snail communications, from his words [hear] the strange, even in natural color, capture the emotions of others can not so keen degree of fluctuation.

    If not yesterday that she had an accident and was afraid to expose him?

    What is the VOA listener who created...

    Thought, kizaru shook his head, then transferred from the other side of the corner of the table and took the microphone is in on state, the other end to the simple ordered, "give me the result."

    "I'm sorry, Mr. Boru Salino." On the other side, the members of Ministry of science replied instantly, tone seems cautious, "cannot be determined, the phone is clearly outside the snail biological magnetic field maximum coverage."

    "Yeah," kizaru tut sound, for its result, "beyond the three islands and adjacent Marin Clifford?"

    Three islands call snail biological magnetic field the maximum coverage to the adjacent, that is beyond the reach of, although there have been prepared, get to determine the message, there is some disappointment.

    In addition to the three islands adjacent Marin verde... The shampoo on a wide range of ah ~ who called Ma Lin Clifford near the first half of the end point to Ma Lin Verde Islands, as the center outward radiation, seven routes are possible.

    It is... Surprise to people do not know what to think of gad.

    The other end of the subordinate there is no answer to his question, at will, kizaru sighed, and immediately cut off the side of the communication, the man leaned back to his chair, quietly stretch eyebrows tight frown.

    That disappointment is not false, what is the mood more assured.

    After the first call snail hang up, kizaru is ready to pick up her second call, he waited for her for a whole night, sleepless, the joint science department here on standby, the phone signal in order to capture the insect origin, orientation.

    Until this moment received second times her communication, waiting all night with the results, he also has the mind at ease, rest.


    Yesterday evening, the accident that the person is not in what she All is well., confirm the danger of a few minutes ago, he tensed all night long nerve also finally relaxed, the attendant is tired and sleepy.

    He knew she would call me back, because she wanted to know the little girl, annoying is the communication tool that man and the little girl, the two sides are actually the most simple version, the expressions do not, and he even wanted to see what reaction from her plan failed.

    Well, the world is full of ten eight / nine, the man alive, and she had to return to Marin Clifford, so... Good news.

    Raise the eyes staring at the ceiling silently out of a God, kizaru look back, and give yourself a little more comfortable posture, then slowly close your eyes.

    Communication before the end, the man said at noon will call again, he felt he needed to sleep, so full of the spirit in order to cope with the upcoming, from a mother's question.

    Of course, he would give her the truth, since we cannot hide from the past, it is no good to hide what kizaru, just did not expect the man so sharp, heard in two words or three exception, he originally intended to not let her know that excessive anxiety.

    Because she is not in the It doesn't help the situation., then, how anxious to do what, even their way back so mistakes.

    But no...

    He changed my mind now, she wanted to know the truth, he said, well, after all... It is not the fault of the navy.

    In the human mind, she found fortunately, once realized, if he still refused to tell the truth, but self defeating.

    Maybe go to the end, and as long as the daughter is completely unreasonable mother, will make all the mistakes are considered up to his head... Although it is not flawless, but kizaru said, he is definitely not back in the pot.

    Her little girl now, ninety percent of the responsibility belongs to the rest of the dark FAE, ten per cent, estimated to be accidental -- this result, kizaru believe that people knew.

    Only... Woman MMM ~ is always unreasonable, especially women with children, no matter how sensible, angry also easy to anger, not to mention she had spoiled little girl.

    Before going to sleep there, kizaru felt that he was determined to see him in the well, maybe you a bad impression on his people, it can also improve some?

    So ah ~ her little girl in a coma still did not wake up, this kind of responsibility, decisive or must arch-criminal themselves, and that Saishener island is dissimilar with ashes to ashes of responsibility right and proper.


    In the early morning of the Navy headquarters within the quiet sky approaching moment, the supreme commander of the science department, kizaru general office did not put out the lights at night quietly extinguished.

    Long distant Clarion morning training camp, the soldiers refreshed and boots over the surface, steady footsteps.

    Kizaru eyes closed, with the consciousness of a familiar voice gradually sink into chaos, very rare in the pro before work started two hours sleep, and decided to skip all the pleasant morning.

    He is really a little tired, in addition to staying up a poor spirit, which is also part of these problems in recent months accumulated worries, received news of the moment, until yesterday evening accident received the call, all accumulated in the depths of the table quietly uneasy, just vanish.

    The man was alive, she also just as he expected that her little girl call -- kizaru morning expect that people only care only for her little girl, the little girl Fukuang he will stay in the dormitory private telephone has been carrying insects.

    The opportunity is always prepared to leave, or to the ah ~ really


    Put in front of him on the telephone to get the snail hand that moment, kizaru signal access has waited for eight months.

    And from that day on, he never changed to carry telephone snail habits, go with the little girl dormitory to find private phone worms, even back home from work also put it to pick up in the first place.

    The Department of the Navy for many years - one of the "kizaru will pocket the mystery of the missing phone, has become a" snail "will never kizaru pocket call snail.".

    Unfortunately, just like before he is always free to contact tools everywhere, the little snail so often with missing it, it's really not sounded too.

    For eight months, as if that person really... Disappear.


    Eight months ago, the expedition fleet Saishener Island, end of return, the first step came back like the Navy headquarters Linford, senior insiders aghast:

    As the staff is expected to be consumed like that, dissimilar islands, the entrenched contrary to expectation destroyed by the submarine volcano eruption.

    The virus caused by parasitic series crisis end is completely eliminated.

    Just... Before the expedition set and destroy the rescue plan, the more important part, the result is bleak.

    Kizaru at cards are thrown out in advance to protect the little girl to save is saved, but also have to remain unconscious, today housed in the science department of secret laboratory, protected.

    The girl's mother in the island at the end of the magma eruption in the stream, without hearing a word about this.

    Anna, Nana, the former devil fruit ability nature, which has no qualification for the Navy, Anna island is the Marin de fruit guardian, VOA listener Nana is all Navy ace.

    Sechel, Anna missing, Nana in a coma, even destroy the FAE, the loss of the two person, the Navy losses are not as heavy.


    They came, including kizaru, Navy headquarters, in addition to high-rise is also somewhat stunned, confused, because the outcome of this not so, staff at several times before calculus, all conditions can be predicted, in anticipation of unexpected factors are superimposed in, in any case, if war should not be.

    The Department of the Navy sailing fleet, three warships combat unit is the commander of their own forces, taking into account the parasitic virus, each staff is the sea, the elite of the elite.

    The supreme commander of fleet and general sakazuki Sakas Ki, not an exaggeration to say that the three ships force for the new world challenge one of four emperor would not have lost too ugly, even just a Pyrrhic victory, Saishener, actually...

    A woman and a child are not protected?

    Before Sakas Ki a return, the Navy senior generals have speculated that perhaps their sakazuki will again what, too excited a meteor volcano just big fire, resulting in failure of rescue.

    According to Sakas Ki paranoid aggressive personality, this is the possibility of high -- if Nana is not the man to rescue the target and is closely related to that kizaru.

    However, the man in the.

    Anna sailed with the fleet, Sakas Ki should not, which must have hidden secrets, even sudden naval staff have no way to predict the resulting action income slightly bleak.

    Kizaru want to know the reason, but to this day he has not been able to obtain the truth.

    Sea Fleet returned to Marin Clifford, previously a few words of text describing the detailed results on the battlefield, but action is beginning to end, talk ambiguously, only ending, Sakas Ki and Daoboman to hide many sensitive issues.

    Of course, the Navy Department focus is also on the results, Sakas Ki and Daoboman deliberately conceal the truth, even if you want to pursue, then two people a general one in the Warring States, is not the cause of marshal.

    Kizaru privately checked, in the end did not get what information, Anna. Two groups of protected persons, including flying squirrel troops, don't know much, but the real landing Sechel experienced all the generals soldiers but was under a letter password.

    Results: the only people missing, her little girl.


    Anna disappeared for several months, and the girl of unknown reason can't wake up, with the passage of time, whether for business or for personal selfishness, kizaru anxiety also followed a day over a day.

    Because he is very clear, with the passage of time, the probability of missing persons can safely return will be more slim, the man began to disappear, the Navy began secret search, and has repeatedly expanded the scope, from the Saishener near the sea, goes to expand to the great channel.

    There is no result, people without hearing a word about it.

    The staff report and combining the day search feedback, two months after the man may even draw a prediction of death, after all, when the submarine volcano ashes to ashes the entire island even natural island, Department of fruit, the probability is not a safe escape.

    After two months of large-scale search, nothing, the Navy Department had to stop surface action.

    To today, the missing for eight months, after four months a year, if no news, the Ministry of the navy to be included in the [list] unable to determine survival, as the post-war naval personnel lost contact with the tradition, as a member of the death list appendix.

    Open the era of big pirates, until now has been nearly twenty-two years, countless people lost sea, the Navy, the pirates, civilians are not marvelous people at an early age, even if she is the Department of natural island fruit...

    Could not find the missing, more than a certain limit, almost no chance of survival.

    Kizaru's intelligence forces have been searching, Yisaishener island as the center, the radiation range extended until it covers the entire route again and again, even secret concern / export / black market trading, in order to prevent the accident the man.

    Indeed, the world will not stop because of missing someone, kizaru refused to give up the reason is that, if people do not come back, her little girl is afraid of not wake up hope.

    And he knew that, has been implicated in several men are sent to find secret hand with that person.

    Ghost spiders, Sakas Ki, Daoboman, and Fritz Saiernier.


    Fortunately, the man came back today.

    Although some children like going, however, than this unaccounted for good.
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