87. Sakas Ki fan

    The rest of life, pedestria end can not escape.

    -- Sakas Ki once dated in a woman read a book with such words on it, he has forgotten the appearance of the other person even name is read the yellow pages of the text, I do not know how impressed he called.


    To meet the person of the moment again, who is sad words in my mind, Sakas Ki wrong well staring at the familiar and unfamiliar faces, have so little time actually forget the lost track of time.

    The fifty-one year old Sakas Ki has sat for many years in the Navy Department of the general position, he has given up hope to find her, he has accepted that people no longer happen, and she was in an ordinary evening, once again appear without warning.

    [the rest of life, pedestria end can not escape by luck. ]


    After sunset, the soldiers to complete the work of the officers left the Navy headquarters, not within the noisy day seemed deserted silence, Sakas Ki and a few confidants because the new world came to the emergency information, and additional temporary work before a meeting, when discussing temporarily come to an end, it was already dark.

    Already miss the meal time a pedestrian walk downstairs to be neither too fast nor too slow, find a place to solve dinner problem, most of Sakas Ki's Thoughts on numerous military affairs, moving occasionally to respond under the whispered discussion after dinner night pastime.

    In recent years the situation has become stable, experienced countless bloody battle with Chi, the natural boundary, the Navy and the pirates two camps each occupy the first half and the second half of the new world of absolute advantage.

    Senior Navy headquarters, considering the subsequent combat power shortage, in the new world of increasingly conservative action, reduce the nature of relative peace in many wars, and in general they were not like that as in previous years, most of the time in the.

    Although the transaction is still busy, Sakas Ki stay in Marin Clifford's days are more than in the past years.

    Just the end of an expedition to return, this time is to rest as it is on vacation... When it comes to 'off', athletic men night entertainment slightly absurd indulgence, what is not big.

    Sakas Ki has a little longer in foppishly, this night heard henchmen was proposed in the best of spirits saw him neither agree not to say yes or no, there is no objection, the next follow-up is logical.

    Don't have to explain what the people around will take care of everything.

    Marin de Town, shop, travel female usual familiar business district, decadent life, it would just leave them in order to go to the Department of the navy.


    Out of office, was surrounded by people in central Sakas Ki noticed several people in front of the conversation disappeared, so he stopped the pace, casually lifted her eyes immediately hit by sight, Lieutenant General of the flying squirrel.

    The Department of the navy of many factions acting as admiral to avoid leaning to either side, the idea will never side with Sakas Ki how in tune, weekdays meet only a nodding acquaintance with no exception, tonight.

    Because the road a don't stop laughing all factions of generals, and the other is not near silent at the station.

    Not observable with a nod to get a response after Sakas Ki's eyes inadvertently slide and will be the man under a flying squirrel counterparts, second, intends to continue to progress but suddenly the nail in place.

    The tall trees on both sides of the road straight cast a large shadow on the ground, Sakas Ki's body hidden in the dark, so that no one can perceive this moment his eyes raised suddenly the tempestuous waves.

    He saw a distant time in the other side of the face, familiar and unfamiliar, like a fleeting dream.

    He could barely breathe, hiding in under the brim of his eyes staring at her, the man standing in the side of the flying squirrel, carefully glanced over, eyes with his touch and scare away like fast, exudes a sense of horror.

    Be neither hot nor cold in the middle of summer night, Sakas Ki brain thud, as tens of millions of fried and fried / natural / drug burst.

    Shadow flickering night cage fragile figure, she is out of the depths of his delusion stripped, without warning in reality.

    He tried to take the steps to the fastest speed to go to her side to distinguish the authenticity, have the ability to find brain central nervous lost command legs, can only be fixed upon the figure.

    After a long time, her gentle looks as ever, he stood at the age of fifty-one years, this scene don't recognize what is true or false, bloody hands clenched hard.

    For a long time, until there's aware of what Sakas Ki Yau ran back to God, pretending to be unintentionally Taishou manage to cover to brim, fundus color, finally move on foot along the route previously.

    Behind the two breath left in place, Sakas Ki a pedestrian gradually go far, stopped at the two people that had happened, Sakas Ki paid close attention to the rear of the faint sound of footsteps, quickly identify the direction of the science department is complete.

    That flying squirrel destination, Sakas Ki hesitated for a moment, ultimately turned to a halt, cold look at the Naval Science Department, several can not smell the humming sound.

    The flying squirrel... Kizaru... The two factions of the generals have quite distinct from each other party tonight?

    The man... Is it true or false? Or just have the same appearance?


    Under the Sakas Ki side is the cultivation of more than ten years of confidant, even if you do not have to say what he can quickly grasp his hands, he will immediately stop the pace of people say what.

    The flying squirrel recently is a science department to investigate the theft, but no investigation into the end of the end, the outcome of the case how is there / in the zone adjacent to the scene, not too much information.

    The strange thing is still involved in the theft of outside the other two murder, and a cast / poison case of attempted, two case died, after a party is almost killed, Brigadier General Fritz Saiernier.

    Three cases have occurred, has confirmed that there is a link to each other.

    Know is only so far, because too perplexing, get to the bottom before, do not really not good faction too much attention, lest incur unnecessary doubts, after all, there are already three factions or directly or indirectly involved.

    And the case, and it is also the name of the flying squirrel counterparts, Anna, she... Because some subtle factors involved in.

    Anna is a ghost ghost spider, spider woman, this piece of information at this time quite popular within the Department of the navy.

    Also, she is the night and Fritz. Unfortunately Saiernier date.

    Sakas Ki's mood just because the name rises pleasure, suddenly and suddenly called under the said gossip get worse somewhat.


    Night entertainment is always unable to make the trip, ordered back to his henchmen in the fastest time, then no matter what methods are all must be investigated, and Sakas Ki alone to the Naval Science department.

    Sakas Ki didn't care about the case, he was the man to... Anna.

    Anna, said the series of cases outside the subordinate, has ties with these cases, since the ghost spider appeared in the mouth of the Navy Department of general people.

    The same name, looks like... After so many years, is she?

    To see him, even as like as two peas, standing on the side of flying squirrel that person's eyes seem strange... Sakas Ki said he had not determined, not to identify himself.


    The moonlight of Naval Science Department of plantation, Sakas Ki saw the man in the pavilion, he and the "occasional" aokiji two, kizaru saw they showed very surprised eyes, although Sakas Ki quickly hide in the past, and where Bolusali Nobel can not see, it is very strange how can he a tit for tat and cousin counterparts.

    The Department of the Navy, three generals under marshal, kizaru, aokiji, and he was promoted to general, before three people do not have much personal friendship, worked for many years, fortunately, business is absolutely alienated badly.

    Kizaru control science department acting never a sleek, sophisticated in Boru Salino, on the surface and various factions are good relations.

    Sakas Ki and aokiji cousin have different sharp... I believe it seems the Yellow ape, he and aokiji together, is definitely a very worth pondering.

    Sakas Ki doesn't want to explain what, because he and aokiji is indeed "accidentally met on the road, his purpose is that woman Pavilion will A thing has its cause. aokiji... As for the kizaru here...

    Kizaru, flying squirrel, ghost spiders, plus a "she"... What a strange combination.

    Eyes only able to fall into the distant Pavilion there, suddenly the gentle voice is far from, she said, she love a woman.

    Regardless of the ghost spiders almost broke the murderous, three other people also attend this moment regardless of the mood is how ridiculous, Sakas Ki stared at the back of the person they, micro narrowed eyes, heart beat at the moment.

    The previous subordinates spent quite some time to explain, those complex to call a person headache related events... For Sakas Ki, that is to confirm a preliminary proof of her identity.

    It is then that person, I do not know how her accident a repeat, simply called the accident collection.

    If this is the year that the "Anna", a short period of time and events tend to be accident prone, no one can expect toward the direction of derailment is normal.

    The next moment, hear people talk over the pavilion, Sakas Ki sure.

    Get that out of order and be careless with words, really... Hello.


    After a while, she was left with a flying squirrel, after his time, Sakas Ki implied the careful investigation and the results obtained are originally subsided doubts resurfaced.

    She was pale a huge shock by appearance, according to their years of her skill, "Anna" should not be such a performance... Even if the appearance of temperament are the same, but this is not Anna... The woman like this.

    What is wrong?

    Huang Yuanxu is out of risk attitude verbally invited him and aokiji seated, Sakas Ki homeopathic accepted the invitation, with layers of doubt and aokiji together go to the pavilion, trying to get the answer.


    Midway for people feast atmosphere soon be neither hot nor cold, astonished by the sudden change / interrupt.

    In the moonlight, Ma Lin Ford Navy headquarters, the first half of the safest place to attack, perhaps it is because of that person's sake, as her cursed, with the frequent occurrence of accidents.

    She can regenerate / gun kill the attackers, then was sent to the medical department remain unconscious, Sakas Ki didn't even have time to sort out; the mood was witnessed all the shock to the murderous surge.

    She was almost fatal damage, who is?! He want to kill those scum! Kill the man who hurt her, those scumbag be turned to dust!

    The man lying on the bed with a terrible scar unspeakable... If the medical corps is responsible for Greg. Moorhouse quickly explained, Sakas Ki didn't know what I might do.

    The scar is the old wound, injured time around fifteen to sixteen years... How is that possible?

    That strong people, who defeated the Titans was an easy job to do... There are who have the ability to hurt her?

    Until now, as one of the highest power of world government, Sakas Ki was not sure myself with the people to win the war, is ten time, fifty-six years ago, the man is the power at the peak, one may be better than her.

    The bed remain unconscious... This is wrong?

    He is uncertain, but could not find the opportunity to confirm that, because there are too many people, but also because of the attack immediately following need treatment.

    After the visit, Sakas Ki and tonight just in one of several other leaving soon and began their action.

    The attack, and the heterogeneous lesions...

    Speeding regeneration, unknown virus, parasitic transformation of the navy...

    The survey results show that learning to be taken by surprise.

    Kizaru started the highest level of warning, the marlin Clifford on alert.


    With the deepening of doubt, Sakas Ki returned to the medical department, in the dawn I do not know why, Huang Yuanjing, who is also the general and his classmate Boru Salino looks over the quiet witnessed the entire process, a faint smile on one's face, but not his shot blocked almost rude.

    Sakas Ki the man's clothes to coma, check her back, fingers gently wandering in the cold soft greasy skin, find the answer for him from the terrible scars everywhere.

    - the secret location of her waist, like a pole wound red marks.

    A mark.

    Get the answer after Sakas Ki carefully for her dress, she will be relocated, he bent low close, dumb voice said, "before, you are on the side of time."

    Suddenly suddenly disappeared, let him life regret, even on this side of the time.

    He had given up looking for re met her fate really gave him a precious gift.

    Straight up, such as when to leave, Sakas Ki heard kizaru sneer, eye corner is a glimpse of colleagues interested in look, but this time he did not mind more attention.

    He needs to do more research, he thought.

    All in all, and she related things regardless of size, he must know.

    Then, if the recent task he will try to pick out, in order to leave Marin Clifford went to confirm the last thing elsewhere.

    About the reason, the people and the people now exist.

    Sakas Ki jumped into the Marin Clifford's night, joy and resentment, stunned and did, across the long time, all deliberately forgotten, all cannot forget, in his seemingly calm eyes deep sink into the raging tide, churn endless.

    Since the fate let him meet her, want to come, must be the so-called "fate".

    This time he will not give her the opportunity to disappear.


    Rainbow mist.

    It had become fashionable for a time series of fantasy novels, the protagonist of the walking time.

    If the experience of Anna and Sakas Ki found similar novels, author may get some answers, don't be when she mentioned the novel that he was now back to absolutely ignorant of, thinking, all the mystery has been explained.

    Ralph Drew, the Achaemenid Empire, survival handbook... When their future, Anna had, it would all have explained.

    When she was in the "stark" within the Navy, Sakas Ki couldn't find that the names of the generals, even within the other camp, also have no clue.

    Now it seems that "stark 'perhaps she was able to stray at another time met the lover.

    The fog Rainbow series of novels the author, as a general Navy headquarters, Sakas Ki did not know some secrets handed out, the author of the novel is the Navy's internal staff, if it is not fantasy but real experience, that is to say, the Navy within walking time people.

    He thought, he must find the author talk.

    If Anna could go back in time, Sakas Ki hope to find the key, with which the people left.


    Once thought that cannot fulfill the promise, since she and him again, then to repay the time.

    He used to stay, now, Admiral, one of the world's highest combat power, what he wants will in any case.

    She obediently beside him.
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