86. Sakas Ki fan

    After the man disappeared, Sakas Ki looked for her for a long time, all means, even in the Achaemenid Empire where the island closed, also stay in the moment to urge the outside to find her and confidant for clues.

    Unfortunately, information network throughout every corner of the world of the Navy, Sakas Ki finally to the Department, even the use of naval power, spent years is still nothing.

    She disappeared without warning, the same Not the least trace was found.

    Later, Dr. Roger completed.D. has never been completed the feat, finish the whole world at the end of the great waterway arrived at Ralph Drew, the news, the situation suddenly broke the balance.

    Originally in the new world is struggling for the Navy, One Piece appears more in jeopardy.

    One year later, the East China Sea town Rogge one sunny afternoon, with a word,.D. Roger before his death, easily ignited the fire burned peace, big pirates era.

    The whole world is in turmoil.

    As a soldier, Sakas Ki and all the people with the camp, never consider the personal problems of time and energy, the Navy under full, whether senior generals or ordinary soldiers, everyone will have their own whole life into the era of surge high and sweep forward.

    Time to change a lot of things, but also smooth many traces.

    I do not know which day, Sakas Ki gradually forget some things, some mood, he removed some soft character let yourself be inopportune or inappropriate, become more suitable for men rank badges.

    Harsh, self-discipline, blood, loyalty.

    He is a member of the Navy, all behavior will just stand in the Navy position, not doping any personal emotions, including the secret intention of looking for the man who has changed.

    The first few years, Sakas Ki is eager to find the man, as is his own, with the passage of time, his search for the entire navy camp, he tried to find someone using her power for the navy.

    Just a pity... No matter what his mood changed, the man always missing.

    She and the complete disappearance of the Achaemenid Empire together, become a solidification in the years once.



    The wheel of history because any one person will never stop, even prominent such as One Piece,.D. Roger, had a few years is only a people talk.

    All over the world, the great waterway, the new world situation is changing, in order to build a new order of raging like a storm, and regardless of whether or not justice, each slightly strength ambitious people have struggled to plot to take out.

    Every man is born careerist, have born with strong desire / hope of power, which engulfed the entire world of the so-called "new era storm", even his, also not spared in it.

    He has been in the Navy, however, in his philosophy, this position is not enough, he hopes he reached the top, and therefore a step by step.

    He is no longer young when the innocent boy rushed / move, he had learned to use unscrupulous divisive tactics schemes and intrigues.

    Sakas Ki believes what he wants will hand in any case, no matter how many years to reach that goal, he must be able to get some day in the future.

    His life of faith, in the highest level of target consistent from beginning to end, the ambition on the road, only made one, with his idea.


    As there are few who know that a period of Sakas Ki, why the devil fruit Animal Department for Eudemons attention almost to the same degree of tension, few people can expect the hatred of pirates to the top generals, actually in the hearing cast agreed to vote.

    This year, the Navy's chief surgeon, was soon promoted to head of the medical corps will become a "ghost knife" Stokes regardless of the world government tried to block, will cost ten years of information collected and compiled into a book published to the world.

    The original draft called [] survival manual book, together with the Navy under full ten years to finally complete the book, a detailed description of the dangers of navigation and may face a battle, and summary compiled and skills of survival method and hurt after the accident, in order to provide the corresponding chance of survival for each a reader.

    Once the book is available will go down in history, no doubt.

    The survival handbook has not yet been published before, heard about this world government to the Admiralty requested, the Navy will be available in the book requirements limit the scope of publication printing, for political reasons, the government does not allow it in the outside world union region.

    After all, survival manual during the review process found that some sensitive / sense of content, such as rare and endangered species of herbs, for example... A description of the part related to the battle.

    The world government is opposed to the infinite set of books published, the reason is it issue in the whole world is likely to lay hidden, highly specialized knowledge on the survival manual if some bad consequences can not predict the molecular study.

    For the government, the Department of Navy decision-makers can not give a definite reply, for the same reason is very simple, because the requirements of the government and Stokes draw further apart at the beginning of the mind.

    The world government requires highly specialized knowledge in a particular class must master hands, but Stokes never thought that "knowledge inheritance and any factors that Never mind ', no borders, no class, knowledge is a precious treasure of mankind, the word [Limited] is groundless statement.

    The survival handbook compilation is available, the Navy's chief surgeon Stokes and he has the same idea human effort consuming results of world government official requirements proposed, this set of non official books, the authors can ignore.

    More importantly, those tens of thousands of information, they are collected and recorded numerous Admiralty soldiers, it was a spontaneous action, any order does not belong to the army, the fundamental right to interfere.

    Navy headquarters decision-making efforts is still unable to change Stokes's determination, and the world even if the government coercion can shake the chief doctor Juanjie temperament.

    It finally evolved into a hearing.

    The government sent officials and the Department of Navy senior generals of an interim committee, to review the final vote to decide whether by Stokes in the name of a person to apply for the issuance of the public, survival manual in the world.


    The world regardless of the attitude of the government, actually even within the Navy Stokes's decision to have some objection, in accordance with the current situation, the government's concern is justified.

    Dr..D. Roger in the East China Sea town after Rogge sentence, turbulent situation, countless people in One Piece before dying words flocked to the sea as rioters, such a chaotic situation, a set of highly professional books available, is likely to produce more enemies.

    Navy headquarters, radical generals out of the consideration, for Stokes's decision, not strongly opposed, but do not agree with the meaning but also obvious.

    After all, there is no general knowledgeable and willing to the skills of the guy from the camp, not to mention the ability also is probably derived from their navy camp spread knowledge.

    The world government opposition to the Navy interior apparently know very well, but no official before the start of coughs to privately and a general what agreement is reached at the hearing, because everyone knows, although the Navy internal factions, occasionally with the government the same position to deal with political opponents, but in this respect the event, the navy has absolutely impossible to work with anybody.

    The hearing was held before the world government secretly hopes to hold this attitude against internal Navy generals, and this part of generals, led by Sakas Ki in the most extreme.

    Lieutenant general Sakas Ki, the famous admiral hawks, the government decided to implement the world order in Tu magic recently ordered to open fire on the West O Hara asylum civilian ship, the complete elimination of all the generals after radical.

    The government officials assured the world "would rather kill never misplaced" navy must oppose books unlimited release, as long as Sakas Ki indicates the attitude of participants of the Admiral at least will also cast 1/5 votes.

    As a result, the hearing results will as the world government wish.


    At the end of the hearing, the world government angrily but the helpless ending ended, who are not material, demanding radical Sakas Ki actually cast a vote.

    Whether it is subordinate or colleagues and friends, not to advance, the pirates hated to paranoia Sakas Ki, had agreed to let the indefinite survival manual issued, even in spite of risks and possible future.

    Sakas Ki agreed, seriously undermined by other hawkish generals, plus the survival manual was originally spent all naval effort, eventually it in a state of extreme reluctance of the government in the world within the scope of public offering.


    As a key man in the Navy's hawkish generals, Sakas Ki only made this one and he insists "absolute justice] slightly inconsistent things, who do not know the reason, Sakas Ki never told anyone, even the most subordinate henchmen don't know the reason.

    He just saw the word survival manual page.

    Before the hearing, Sakas Ki inadvertently turn to the desk book samples, first saw printed on the title page of the book, so he changed his mind.

    In the island, the man said to be printed on the title page:

    A drop of rain, a river, a sea; our success is made standing on the shoulders of giants. ]

    When she said that Sakas Ki has been touched, he carelessly recorded in the first aid guide for carrying on, he later held the book records the blank page is done with other people separately sealed, finally sent to the medical department, together with the booklet to initiate delivery of thousands on thousands of people, as the original data be arranged.

    Many years later, Sakas Ki had forgotten many, when he saw the title word, all like yesterday as distinct, the man's face with memories, memories over the mind is like fragment of a highly treasured relic, the harsh Rao such as Sakas Ki, have also have mixed feelings.

    For a moment, he remembered the man through Bi eyes, remember the man slightly wrinkled brow, remember the man handed him the green plants, remember that people in the tent in the soft light and gentle smile.

    The man then saw his hand on the first aid guide will know, this is probably not available books, take a long time to collect the data compiled into spontaneous action, the planner is very wonderful people.

    Even if do not agree with the Navy chief doctor, Sakas Ki has to admit that the ghost knife Stokes is really great, presumably, the identity is Stokes's idea?

    Hence, "our success is made to stand on the shoulders of giants." This argument.

    The survival handbook is the Admiral soldiers spent thousands on thousands of sets, from all over the world millions of families of soldiers to guard the sea and die on the battlefield, they leave things, really should be returned to the whole world, rather than to the government's selfishness is limited in a certain range.

    Even if the pirates hated, even insist on absolute justice in this matter, Stokes's philosophy, the identity of things, Sakas Ki had no objections to it.


    Hearing in unexpected ending, the world government to make concessions at the expense of the Navy's chief surgeon, the ghost knife Stokes after the life of the entire future.

    Originally, the Navy Medical Command soon promoted to force Stokes, voluntarily resigned from all positions in a book published before, and in the "monitor" Navy into the Department of the hospital to become a powerless ordinary doctor.

    Stokes in order to give up all the books, the Department of the Navy after the hearing, within a few years the relationship with the world government is very careful, Sakas Ki also because of that position in a delicate situation, he had several deployment by the government from nowhere.

    However, this Sakas Ki is not too much regret, because he will never regret for his the doings.

    History will only remember the winner, even than he booked time delayed for a few years, in the end, what he wanted, the position he must have been in the bag.


    In addition to a survival manual, Sakas Ki never disobeyed his absolute justice.

    The passage of time in a hurry, he is still the most radical Navy generals, the central figure of hawks, pirates detest, perform absolute justice Tiexue harsh and paranoid, shake his fleeting, like the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum.



    At the age of twenty-three at the age of twenty-five to join the Navy, the Navy Department at least thirty years old, the Department will become the Navy, fortyish was promoted to General of the Navy, the world government awarded the "Red Dog" title, one of the highest strength, core hawkish generals navy.

    Admiral Sakas Ki, red dog.

    The fifty-one year old Sakas Ki, that he was only a step away from the ultimate goal, time let him become calm again, also let him make some changes.

    The man in the battlefield that the ultimate goal of life, he never give up, just that ambition, belongs to the private power desire / hope weakened a lot more into consideration, to the interests of the overall strategy of the Navy camp.

    This is a strange phenomenon, perhaps inevitably, is that he has no what special want?

    Human ambition is inexhaustible, just when everything is satisfied... Once want to hold in the hand, meet the excitement subsided, but melancholy.

    Very occasionally, Sakas Ki gave himself such an answer.

    He has set himself a clear goal of interlocking Road, every thing is to make a reach the next goal, he will follow the prescribed order along a predetermined route of life a step forward.

    Unfortunately, the heart is the most unpredictable things, including Sakas Ki himself that one, he set himself the road, occasionally still occasionally appear deviation, the error is small, the source of his star contradictory heart.

    He hated the pirates, and the government should stand in the same position against Stokes's books published that lay hidden, he just because the man's words printed on page and change your mind.

    He step by step to complete the life plan, but with a reservation target again because that person give up.

    Sakas Ki several times this pitiful life accident, some are because that person.



    He tried to get married, but finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

    Early thirties, Sakas Ki wanted to have a family, a wife and one or two children, so he lost or retired, his children inherit his faith, will continue the naval justice.

    His wife is to bring political capital for his family family, can also be a common woman without background, her appearance can be beautiful no horse can only just handsome but, what kind of woman is good, he gave her name to her position, she is a qualified remain in a proper sphere, generals wife...

    Sakas Ki's life planning, had a "family" of this plan, he also tried to reach the target...

    However, both the owner of the family lady, or casual acquaintance innocent woman, I do not know how to end, eventually no woman could get him to give his birthright.

    Not they do not want to, he changed his mind.

    Sakas Ki has not been able to understand their feelings, he and the woman, attitude is very formal, is about to marry, the doings of ghosts and gods will settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

    This also led to a long period of time, Sakas Ki has a bad reputation, because he is supposed to get married, not natural object communication is like a girl or a woman figure, many times after he came back, the inevitable "love playing liangjianvzi 'evil name.

    Of course, Ma Lin Ford Navy headquarters, a soldier who has no right to interfere in private life, the world situation is turbulent for decades, these guardians could have lost their lives in battle whenever and wherever possible, the line of life and death, and who have the free care about these?

    The Navy needs to be brave, moral models have what use? Can kill the enemy can still win the war?

    But, no one care about reputation within the Navy, commoners and their dependents are used to take these measures, so some total non married guy became synonymous with irresponsible.

    For a few years, the style of hawkish central figure, Sakas Ki is a woman carrying it was spurned by the name.


    Let Sakas Ki go out from their own people in the play fast and loose is Jonathan, his classmates over the same period.

    That year, Jonathan, the Ministry will soon go to the formation of the base relocation office, before leaving with the rank of Sakas Ki.

    Just completed the G8 branch, is the site of the year in the Achaemenid empire on the converted, commander Jonathan is also informed that the past... Just arrived this year, then those who left Sakas Ki and his two.

    Ronald, Sakas Ki and Jonathan Silva, two people have the heart of their day, they promoted to generals led the soldiers, these years have been killed, many years later, as Jonathan is, no people around a common memory.

    The man... Anna, really disappear.

    After the departure of Jonathan, a hangover woke up Sakas Ki did not see light suddenly, he was reluctant to give the women status, but the original is subconscious, he always wanted to put his wife left the position of the person.

    How ridiculous!

    For ten years he has been guarding he had promised, he can give her some things.

    His wife, the position of Admiral's wife, will soon be the Admiral's wife... That infinite glory, is a man can give a woman the greatest sincerity.

    But what no chance to cash.

    He could not find her for so many years, he paid attention to the animal Department of devil fruit Eudemons whereabouts, trying to find the people, even secretly ordered to search for non henchmen hand, people have a blue flame regardless of the devil fruit ability is the ability to kill with lawful authority, who is likely to be... After her death by inheritance.

    The man died quietly in a corner... He could not tolerate that possibility.

    He couldn't find her, why can't he find?


    That year, once wiped out traces of Navy G8 branch set up again, the Navy Lieutenant Jonathan served as commander of the base.

    That year, Marin de town commercial street a tattoo shop received admiral Sakas Ki.

    Navy hawks core character Sakas Ki, the tattooed in rather baffling a last tattoo.

    Tattoo after completion of the work, Sakas Ki opened his eyes, fixed look shoulder and chest more out of the design for a long time, finally a sigh, drooping eyes hid all the emotions.

    Rose shading, falling Sakura pattern length tattoo cover to an inconspicuous scar on the shoulder.

    She had bitten his place, the scar is a monument in her left, after a lapse of many years, he searched the corners of the world can not find her, the scar can only hide, like him on her mood.

    That man is a rose, beautiful delicate surface hides sharp sharp thorns, he and she met like falling Sakura, very bright, very short.

    Cherry seven, touching the vast intense life memories, leaving regret.

    All over, he thought.
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