85. Sakas Ki fan

    Many years later, was one of the Navy generals Akainu Sakas Ki admitted that, in this world the most terrible enemy, neither the pirates are not guilty of the most heinous crimes, Ayutthaya deep politicians, but time.

    Time can change a lot of things, spend it once the most zhengyilinran enthusiasm, take once the fearlessness of faith, it can make up for once incurable pain, once irreconcilable hatred fade.

    Even Sakas Ki could not escape the name of "time" the enemy without erosion, long years, he can not avoid to change a lot of things, once laughed at once had disdain for all the ambitions of the road towards the road leading to the objectives, he more or less to make unimaginable compromise.

    Sakas Ki does not deny that, now he already is not the pure person then joined the Navy, he can temporarily make concessions for ambition to achieve the purpose, also can use unscrupulous divisive tactics.

    When people join the Navy at the time had already been defeated in high and vigorous spirits, have unshakable justice, adhere to the goal he mixes personal ambition and desire / hope.

    [struggling in this sea of ups and downs, can advance the last guy can only be wave drowned. ]

    Sakas Ki agree with this sentence, his "struggle is the ultimate goal of complete elimination of ups and downs' sin, to achieve the goal" progress "is the power station to the top.

    However, the power of the top of the road full of thorns, which not only have the opposing faction from behind the enemy, more powerful no intrigues, just enough to beat those obstacles, so he learns to understand the plot to take out, use unscrupulous divisive tactics.

    Not only has shaken the stick absolute justice and faith, never forget the mind is the only... The man.



    When thirty Sakas Ki felt that if he and she is now met, then he will kill her.

    A man in his thirties, the golden time, Sakas Ki sat at the naval headquarters in position, ambition and desire / hope is the most intense period, he wished to further, and to struggle for power...

    If you meet the person, he will kill her.

    Because she is the only one who can shake his mind.

    He overweeningly ambitious desire / hope deep, can not tolerate their possible for a woman to change, even if he has given her life-saving grace, even if she is his obsession people.

    The man is a powerful unknown source or origin can not be ignored, even if she is not the enemy of the Navy, as long as she is not his, perhaps some day in the future she became his obstacle.

    Even if the love, the heart that can match Sakas Ki's ambition, so he will kill her in advance, before anything could happen.

    Not to destroy, he cannot tolerate a woman like her was not his.


    In his forties when Sakas Ki also think that if he and she is now met, so... He will use unscrupulous divisive tactics to get her.

    Forty year old Sakas Ki has been standing at the top of many people's lives can not reach the general Navy headquarters, one of the highest power of world government, power, power, status, reputation, the man should have everything one has.

    He has over one million people under the authority, with numerous Admiralty soldiers loyal support, has made the whole world from the fearsome reputation, even with powerful new world four emperor did not dare to despise...

    The Navy General Headquarters, sakazuki Sakas Ki, with almost everything around him, still less of a person.

    A person can forget until now.


    She her whereabouts as many unknown source or origin... So many years, Sakas Ki had no way to completely forget.

    He had thought many times "if meet again.".

    Early thirties he wanted to kill her, when in his forties he tried to use unscrupulous divisive tactics to get.

    The man did not love him, even to him lest some shunned, Sakas Ki is very clear, to the last man is still not for him but he has no scruples with special respect, what.

    General Navy headquarters, now he wants what can get?

    If the person is another woman, he is now in accordance with the means of power, if you want to, must be able to do everything.

    Just a pity... He didn't meet her again.

    At the age of thirty, there is no time in his forties.

    The man is like the most beautiful Epiphyllum, chanafanghua bloom, left him just after the disappearance of life regret.


    Sakas Ki met the man, in his twenties, he is also the most fearless in high and vigorous spirits of the age, arrogant age.

    Department of the Navy's youngest major general, senior marshal and very promising that haughty the bright younger generation, he has the capital, entered the navy to rose to major general in less than two years, very few people can do this, of course, Sakas Ki allowed his pride.

    He just met that person.

    The people who bring unknown source or origin he never imagined the accident, and frustration.


    Until four years old, Sakas Ki is still unable to forget when she disappeared when his mood.

    He is crazy looking in the water, then nothing crazy ordered all four search, from the golden city until they entered the city palace, only one command is back.

    A few days time, every corner he Achaemenid Empire led the soldiers one by one search in the past, but no results.

    She appeared as Not the least trace was found. disappeared.

    That support fleet arrived, Sakas Ki finally admitted that people have not in consecutive days and sleepless, the dead beat him staring at the square at the pool, my hate badly.

    The inner organization of the palace by Jonathan under the soldier after the demolition of central Silva lose effectiveness, now is the Imperial Navy Achaemenid nangzhongzhiwu, once lost the king of the Kingdom, at this moment completely fall into the hands of the navy.

    The construction of the city of gold, treasure island deep underground pile up like a mountain hand, confirmed the existence of secret places, either as enough Sakas Ki these first arrival further.

    No matter what the military or other.

    Compared with general soldiers unable to contain the excitement, Sakas Ki was a cold one day.

    Of course, he knew that the man disappeared... She fell into the water before the last words, that she has been known as the man appeared, on her own to know centripetal.

    For Sakas Ki, who is now going into many unknown source or origin, but on her own terms, regardless of origin or whereabouts, everything in her hands.

    To understand what he hates badly, she just hate to say goodbye.

    Is that she disappeared, Sakas Ki was shocked, she what did not put in the eye, and she asked for the same treasure, do not hesitate to give up those eyes and enough to buy a national gold jewelry, she like a grain of dust.

    She appeared at the beginning, until it disappeared, all are of little importance to her, together with him the bright future of the Navy Department at least, all not to be able to look into her eyes.

    Such a woman, really hateful badly.


    He thought he would leave her.

    Sakas Ki denied that he had a secret idea to her, he tried to suppress the dark delusion, just one after another accident, but he is troubled.

    The warship involved in maelstrom, when she easily defeated the Titans with warships from mortal danger, he cannot control his.

    She said that she had been married with children, she held a dagger showing the unknown man to her very cherish, just how? That, he can also give her.

    He can even give her some... He cannot yet give her, Navy headquarters can give.

    With her power, easily defeated can Babel monster, so powerful, as long as in the Admiralty top view of, she will become the navy to involve the characters.

    Department of animal Eudemons, she should not be unremarkable, she should stand at a high level, and he has a space for one person in the navy camp, and the next station at the top.

    Sakas Ki is convinced that he will not lose any other some day in the future to a man, can give her, but also other people to catch the.

    The position of fame and wealth, human desire / hope to, as long as she wants, he can meet her.

    He thought she could leave, he has to get up, the more dark secret than to calculate, before he declared that she is the objective is just an excuse and a shield, then planning is to let her become his people.

    His woman.

    He will be better than the unknown man more cherish her, give her more and more, just give him a chance.

    It is a pity that fate would not give him a chance, he has yet to do the heavy calculation, the strategy, the moment she disappeared without warning, all in vain.

    ............ Split line............

    Support the fleet arrives at that day, Sakas Ki also received the survey results from the Marin Clifford, as he had expected, he remained in the Navy Department staff gave him "no such person" result.

    According to his name and describe his appearance, hand secret investigation for nothing, there is no such person in the town of Marin Verde, which together with dependents can not find clues.

    Anna, who did not have any traces in Marin Verde, she said is a lie, either...

    Sakas Ki had several papers cited snail spit out the light burned, then the mind heavily invested by the transaction, forcing myself to forget.

    Since reinforcements arrived, then they solve the menace from the rear, the concern is the pursuers.

    G8 branch commander lieutenant general Vitus, the pirate admiral Golden Lion history base.

    But, the subsequent end rather baffling pursuers...

    The news quickly through the support fleet commander lieutenant general Sakas Ki crane to the ear, in the past few days they prepared to meet the challenge in the East China Sea Fleet led by Vitus encounter pirates, Gore.D. Roger's ship, Vitus very suffer a big.

    To be exact, the East China Sea pirates Gore.D. Roger through the G8 branch area, Xu was near the island residents incited pirates actually take the initiative to attack the naval base, first destroy forces empty G8 branch, then chase Vitus fleet, and the rout.

    From the Golden Lion history based on the Admiral admiral Karp suffered an iron fist.

    The original pursuit of Gore.D. Roger will Karp mercilessly destroy gold lion fleet of 2/3 ships, then chased at the golden lion, the two sides after a rush into the doldrums.

    They are Sakas Ki Island, the Achaemenid Empire, with two lost their pursuers temporarily sleep without any anxiety.

    For this result, the Navy Department is not happy but also relieved, Sakas Ki got the news, in order to preserve the Navy face, G8 branch occurred in these years corruption cover down, on behalf of the generals defeated by Vitus Admiralty processing.

    Destroy the G8 branch directly to gore.D. Roger account, which led from the East China Sea that pirates full bounty soared, and also by the powerful fighting force and acting style,.D. Roger unexpectedly, he himself directly into the dangerous eyes of admiralty.

    The G8 branch, because in recent years in the adjacent waters of the people fear the notorious repute, Navy rebound, only temporarily abandon.

    At this point, a symbol of the fallen dark in recent years within the navy base, and almost equate Vitus G8 branch.


    Vitus's defeat, the disappearance of the G8, said Sakas Ki and Jonathan with the successful completion of the task, only two of them for the awards are... Very unhappy.

    The cover up in order not to lose the support of the people, all will be pushed to the pirates on the body... For this, Sakas Ki could not accept them, some.

    They are young, have not been able to learn at least two young and sophisticated, so the whitewash, make them really displeased.

    However, they are soldiers, can only accept the results.

    Before long, Ma Lin Ford Navy headquarters, field marshal office gave Sakas Ki and Jonathan a new task, the next time, they two rear admiral stationed in the island, until the ruins cleared before leaving.

    The Achaemenid Empire, who are ex ante unexpected, this dusty treasure actually could fall into the hands of the Navy, after all, even the virtus are skeptical.

    And the Golden Lion colluded to the legendary treasure is part of the reason, another part of the problem is how to perceive the Vitus Navy will take action against him, it will rush into danger, in addition to the coveted treasures, fallen Marines also has escaped the intention.

    Vitus's plans, together with his ambition, will continue to delusion in prison in the future.

    This time, have to say the biggest winner is the navy.

    Even without a single soldier, really was an accident.

    The Achaemenid Empire, the city of gold to build the whole city, the city palace, like blood stone, forest like emerald, mellow crystal pearl, countless priceless treasures or randomly piled up on the ground, Lingling's according to people with flowers.

    In addition to the estimation of the treasure island is not open to the depths of heavy secret, may even have attracted the world government coveted treasure, the Achaemenid invincible secret.

    The undead army.

    Sakas Ki and Jonathan received the order of the supreme commander of the navy commander, ordered two of them at any cost to retrieve the deep underground secret, as for other treasure has become of little importance.


    After half a month, the Ministry will send scholar arrived, face is lost empire research history, in fact it is to hide the depths of unsolved secret.

    Sakas Ki to stay on the island for a year, with an absolute closed state, in order to avoid the world government or other national forces, and even the pirates fled, the island was heavily guarded, more large ships in the waters near the tight blockade.

    The whole event even in true people within the navy are less and less, but few people know the whole sequence of events, the other generals heard is only the superficial intelligence gold city.

    The island until the deepest secret by the Navy master, Sakas Ki and Jonathan took those things back to the Department of the navy.

    When Sakas Ki left Marin Clifford's task is also uncertain, a year after his return, the situation turned upside down.

    Then he squeezed down, accept rather baffling dangerous tasks, he is expected back enough to cope with the world Navy within the next few years all the wealth of the budget at the moment, back to the future more several decades in the world situation to prevail the secret.

    The Achaemenid invincible secret, hidden in the depths of the island confidential heavy within the core of the undead armies.

    The future of the Navy's highest achievements in science and technology, combined with the powerful force the ability to attack the devil fruit of artificial intelligence and natural prototype system, PX series.


    The man once said, she said, "the undead army... If there is, in control of it is the enemy of the world, the Achaemenid empire is the end. "

    The Achaemenid immortals do exist, the secret of the Navy, although only part of the technology and the remains, if the information leaked out, is likely to become a target for all the same.

    Before the Navy research is completed, will throw what other things distract attention.

    That year, Sakas Ki was promoted to lieutenant general, Department of natural magma fruit, strength and power will strive for further improvement.

    He also proposed, gold city and inner city palace all made public by the media attention, led to linger in the undead army those eyes.

    The man during the voyage, because the body does not stay in the cabin, she once jokingly said, but she said was a seemingly unrelated story.

    She read in a day I pass the time, see joke laugh, Sakas Ki was just sneak in, see her smile belly rub uncensured asked why.

    She threw the book to him, recorded in the book of the Mauryan deeds, the Mauryan famous storm / Jun a favor to her harem concubines, like Ivory mat, regardless of military aggression against the ministers like group is located in the island, and finally lead to the extinction of mammoths.

    With the same historic Storm King / succubus, soon rejected Ivory seats, in favor of other wonderful things, often because of her words, countless families into hot water, war and upheaval, just to satisfy her desire / hope.

    Enchantress, blonde Helen, with her beauty and gully unmatched to fill the personal name / desire, history, even more than the Mauryan violence / Jun more notorious repute.

    The history and is known to all, many countries take warning.

    The book written with numerous negative words to describe. Helen, the so-called "Beauty causes danger." just so so.

    The man gave Sakas Ki a different view, she said, "Beauty causes danger." but is ridiculous excuse, blonde Helen bear the guilt is actually the violence / woman's responsibility to you.

    The real trouble is desire / hope and ambition, the Mauryan king with PET / violence as an excuse to implement territorial expansion and military aggression, but the princes and people accused of the passed on to the head of a woman, is a man without excuse.

    Sakas Ki was too lazy and that people care about the history, although he also believes that it is really a disaster...

    However, the man's words inspired Sakas Ki.

    Like the peacock storm / Jun pushed Helen to the public eye, the Achaemenid treasure unveiled, largely undead army secret also can save.

    As long as the navy is to find a suitable excuse, the world government and numerous heard about this power is likely to be hiding in the past, and even government officials will most coveted treasure and forget the more important secret weapon.

    After all, the government agencies, and sent to the hands of the secret key officials can be obtained private treasure.

    How ridiculous, used to insist on absolute justice Sakas Ki, had learned the past disdain the wrist.


    Called "the Lost Empire", the book published in issue soon swept the world, and with the fastest speed.

    The result is Sakas Ki and planning this naval staff expected, the book caused a huge sensation, survey shows that the vast majority of people believe that the navy in the book of the dead in the answer, is only a symbol, carved on the stone wall the city entrance to the army, the dynasty was a symbol of the spirit of the Achaemenian, after the misinformation, finally become invincible army.

    The trick is to use Sakas Ki once to disdain, now... He was...

    Of course, there are books published in issue, Sakas Ki's selfish mischief.

    The empire by the Navy collapse, Gold City jewelry curios Palace City melting, count Zhu Yanyu order, cleared out, the island seems, this also means that he and her past that does not exist.

    Sakas Ki would not exist completely devoid of that person, he borrowed the book, the whole island to the original stay... Leave that part of the past.

    She appeared in just a few days, become a solidification in history forever.

    Even if no more people know.

    For Sakas Ki and everyone was with her peers, the book has existed that people stay.

    The Lost Empire disappeared, history will never get back the time, could not find the... The man.

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