#84  84.

    Soft and bright screen under the shadow of the island is changing.

    On the wall hanging road building stands motionless, the city appeared subtle changes, like each other as mutual exclusion buildings back to open a gap, let more.

    The whole piece is connected with the Bay Plaza with shock slowly sinking, like the ground collapse, however, except for no reason. Let the rock carved these spaces, the bottom row of a ladder of distance, but also not too many other ISO / change.

    Then, the whole piece of rock cliff behind the Monument Square like a pair of invisible giant hand slowly slide toward both sides, from that point line square monument is the shadow tip, separated from the steep cliff formation, accompanied by the earthquake, slowly reveals a road.

    The first time in a long time, the shock gradually subsided, the island again.

    A by far and near lakes interrupted by the sound of water, they consider Sakas Ki surprised.

    Out to see what people have a walking path along the cliff railing, leaning out and looked, soon, Sakas Ki heard more close to the new road that part of the rock plank people in the first answer, "yes!"

    Separate the rock beneath the cliffs, deep shadow gurgling water wave waves out by gentle but not slow fast spread, they are very strange things like what traction smoothly covered the entire square.

    Water Many a little make a mickle., from shallow to deep, finally made the square to form a Pingtan.

    The air is moist, clear water reflected the high soft and bright light glow with elaborate waves slowly swaying, like a gold satin brocade pin.

    Change / it over a period of time, the water level is still rising, until the insurance over the ladder, the pool of water injection, the excess water in the Gulf began to pour into the blue, quietly.

    Stand staring at the new pool below to see a long time, Sakas Ki was ordered to head, whispered, "look at is not fresh." Voice down, a member of the nearby staff immediately brought to life.

    Soon, there are soldiers in the step edge, take away a bottle of water over the container, then disappeared.

    When their conditions are not precise analysis of the water carrying various substances, but the basic test, toxic and non-toxic, whether to allow food, still can do Sirius no..

    If you are drinking water, then the biggest dilemma the next follow-up would be smoothly done or easily solved, not what can be difficult.


    Sakas Ki walking in the path along the cliff hanging on the railings, wait for the test results come out at the same time, the line of sight up to look at the channel -- between two pieces of rock, like a mountain stream...

    The rear is more bright scene brilliance, even now can not see the picture, a little image show would make people get a glimpse of clues.

    It is extremely large tracts of magnificent buildings, magnificent stone gatehouse, a half scale a beautiful decoration... According to legend, lost at the end of the time of the king of kings palace.

    Plundered countless islands national wealth, forcing thousands of skilled craftsmen to build luxury collection, very poor, even akado, descendants of There is nothing comparable to this, the creator has heard of Wang Zhaoguo, the.

    Standing height overlooking, even just saw a tiny bit, now in the hanging of Navy path along the cliff also terrified, no sound, slightly disordered breathing and heartbeat, is particularly clear in the silence.

    Compared to the previous "golden city" suddenly appeared, hidden in the wall behind the palace is to shine, we all know that there is a "treasure".

    Look around in a circle, tut sound, Sakas Ki retracted sight, he did not care to say under these guys words like, very normal, for who would be speechless, built in the city of gold, treasure pile up like a mountain hand...

    Those with extreme ease.

    If everything goes smoothly.


    For a long time, waiting for the Sakas Ki heard not far from the soldiers came to cheer, "ah ~ is fresh"

    To detect water sampling results, many of the soldiers went to the water stair edge, Yang high face above all cheered loudly, stop the tone in joy.

    Look at those eyes downward below a few seconds, Sakas Ki pursed his mouth, black eyes deep solemn color light a little water at the moment, have to say is that the solution as pressing danger... Really good luck.

    Since good luck, so -- they did not behoove to menace from the rear, the next step...

    This is below the pool of drinking water, as of a country's Island is not possible without water, but they did not expect Sakas Ki, precious fresh water will appear in such a way.

    In accordance with the current meet all sorts of inference, Sakas Ki believes that the construction of the city's artisans are afraid of the whole island as a huge organ in the construction of the Empire?

    It is because of the capital, to start these basic authority did not attach any deadly terrible trap, because the city is living outside the palace and the National Guard troops.

    Organ Island, gold city, so far it is attracted to them what one sees and hears, these people on the wall behind the city more curious.

    The demise of the Achaemenid Dynasty, in place for many years to attract many pirates and national search, they should be considered only without hearing a word about Sakas Ki, the first to arrive at the.

    The water crisis, temporarily no traces of pursuers...

    The drinking water most probably it did not actually happen, find joy faded, another idea is ready to.

    Don't even see below the soldiers look, Sakas Ki can easily understand that the attention of young people where, because his eyes are like them, to can't help caught in the middle of the road rock.

    The road leading to the rear of the palace.

    The Lost Empire, at the moment waiting for landing opened its mysterious veil.


    For a long time, Sakas Ki began to make a decision together to command officers around the deployment area near the alert, keep communication, time delay, rest and diet, rest.

    A command given by the officer in charge you to perform, and the skill under the command of several accompanying the best separate for a long time, Sakas Ki from a pedestrian on the wall hanging back to the water stair path along the cliff edge.

    Ten minutes before the search team found from a large stone among the tools, several aircraft batteau has been floating in the water.

    Glance when in the vicinity of the people, in the pace then stop, zarcas base set, with a brow pick, Jonathan... To find water but touch bodies guy led him to the men in this look, should be back soon.

    On his line of sight, the other hand Diyang Lai PI, smiling, said, "Oh ~ ~ Sakas Ki"

    Over several classmates eyes, see unscathed, Sakas Ki was relieved, while some surprisingly deep voice openings, "I think you have been the first step."

    Since that is touched in the city authorities restructuring, he thought to go to see Jonathan in accordance with the habits, but how to?

    When he asked Jonathan, the whole face wrinkles up immediately, "affects the whole island authorities terrible ah"

    Tone became very exaggerated, said Sakas Ki blunt faces, hands and quickly dragged around one out, "this guy who was previously organ Island, he found the strange, to go in, or bring him good."

    Look at the classmate a funny face, Sakas Ki grind after molar, sepulchral snorted, "don't learn Bolusalinuo the damn tone." He listened to her fist itch.

    The same period classmate he and Jonathan, Boru Salino is a very reliable but is very itchy... As a "victim", Sakas Ki said that although the anger is not good, but sometimes can not help, he is also very happy to give Jonathan a taste, really.

    That hold hands in the way impulse, distracting mentality, at the hands of the students look very small like a minor marine one, then, Sakas Ki eyes can't help fiercely jump, voice became colder, "he's still a kid."

    Omit not to say the second half of the sentence is: the advance team is almost equal to the death squads, such a young...

    The next to go along with the Sakas Ki cliffs behind, is the most elite's hands, a soldier also did not take, it is not for the other thoughts, Sakas Ki they are not willing to too many people at risk.

    Since the island buried can restructure the city authorities, so there is no guarantee that will not kill the trap of the palace, as the Navy General Officer, they must take the lead, only proven that there is no danger, can let the soldiers enter.

    He knew that classmate is kindness, came back to join them, there are proficient in the bodies of the people can reduce many dangers, but... Even in those, a sixteen year old boy looked unhappy... Was a child.

    Who can put a child into the unknown.

    Flat out of sight, the eyes of Jonathan, Sakas Ki refused to put in the eyes.


    Two four eyes relative, for a while, Sakas Ki heard Jonathan in a very delicate tone replied, "Oh, not"

    Patted the soldier to carry all the line of sight in the shoulder, Jonathan looks a little helpless, "this guy adult for a long time, he just looks not only face ah"

    "Right?" The soldiers beat thin body shake down the side of Jonathan, to seek the same opinions, "silva."


    Two voices appear at the same time, that is the same, just use the tone of the opposite, Jonathan is a declarative, another person to use is obviously questions.

    Sakas Ki and the presence of other people at the same time turned, sight in a moment to gather the man's body.

    She came suddenly, silently from the top of the path along the cliff jump, light if nothing like air suspension in steps outside the surface waves, a pair of young soldiers fixed eyes fell on Jonathan called "Siva" on the forehead, wore a few strands of wonder.

    Several can not smell the humming sound, Sakas Ki looked at this should suddenly appear in the rest of the people, without moving or speech, just Mouguang gradually deep.

    A moment later, she left the strange look away, also looking at the soldier's eyes, the eyes of his, "that you intend to leave me alone to find treasure?"

    "Ronald told you?" Although the question is, but Sakas Ki is not what she answered, because even doesn't want to know who it is.

    His aide, Ronald.

    Sakas Ki previously specified several skill good men with him to go to the palace, when Ronald tried to dissuade Sakas Ki not personally scraped, then see discourage invalid also proposed to let her join the advance team, trying to use her strength to ensure the safety of all.

    Sakas Ki finally did not agree adjutant advice, because for him... If you always hide in the woman, really face no deposit, not to mention the woman or her.

    In addition, she was presumably very hard, since you have to rest, let her have a good rest, not that kind of thing into the inner exploration of powerful enemy strikes, why bother her.

    Now this man suddenly appeared, do not want to know, is Ronald against his wishes to come to disturb her.


    Over a few steps outside of the eye, It is as expected found the man in a hurry to depart, all tired but not fully dispersed.

    Fly to the electro-optical flint mind, Sakas Ki sing the sound, is going to ask her to go back to rest, do not want to call Jonathan if not export side of the cut to go, "Oh ~ Miss Anna."

    Jonathan's tone is very warm, then led him siwah soldiers stepped closer to her, and then said, "you haven't seen Miss Anna, I really can't trust it. If you follow, the safety factor will increase a lot."

    Just stop for a few seconds to remember what a partial face looked at his soldiers, "Silva, you know miss Anna? It is actually the first known cunning, such a beautiful lady!"

    "Hey?" The young soldier looked inexplicable, hand scratched his head, blushing red, do not know ah ~ ""

    "I made a mistake." Dangling in the water at the time and in answer to her soldiers, narrowed eyes, also called "you look a faint smile on one's face, Silva? Say, baby face and name can actually as a heritage ah"

    "Hey? Miss Anna: how do you know?" Called Shiva soldiers face more red, a very feel shy look, "the name of Siva is family ah"

    The soldiers heard the man's eyes, curved face suddenly shows a few strands of interest, "Oh ~"

    Seeing this, Sakas Ki hit hum the sound, to interrupt the young people and more soldiers to extend to the next second, see the presence of people are concentrated here, he pretended not cold face, said, "starting."

    ............ Split line............

    Because one after another appears to view the palace wall behind the casual visitor, the plan can only make adjustments.

    The number of separate for a long time, to start to reduce the number of Sakas Ki's few confidants were left to climb, punting people only four soldiers, Jonathan, Sakas Ki, and her siwah.

    Because the front is unknown, the advance team elite better, Jonathan said he was not much to command others forces, and then can not convince Sakas Ki's attitude refused to give their decision.

    Siva soldiers because in organ news, if there is a palace in authority, need the soldiers, so to Jonathan responsible for his safety.

    Sakas Ki Jonathan also refused to ask him the commander left behind, he... Don't need a reason.

    The man, Anna, she... Sakas Ki was unable to persuade.

    Four of them, three of them is the leading force in the island, who can persuade each other to stay, that they had to team up to other people...

    If there is even the palace three of them are unable to cope with the dilemma of other people to a just take on a life of it, why make an unnecessary move.

    Then, a line of four points by two flat bottomed boat and rowed gently towards the water at the forward channel.


    Because she refused to listen to the advice of Sakas Ki, cold face paddling boat, do not intend to speak first and by the man.

    Jonathan and the young soldiers to keep in rowing, speed and Sakas Ki's parallel position, from time to time to take a look but also because Sakas Ki are inclined, obviously the ugly face, no one at this time to break the quiet place.

    A boat in the glittering water quiet glide, speed is not slow, the water is clear, the island in the sea of lights in the cage, brilliant reflected go sky and sea upside down, they seemed to float in the air.

    Just do not know where the wind blows and the slow down, Sakas Ki face, quietly to see people sitting in the opposite.

    Xu is the ability to reason, when suspended in water do not see what, sitting in a boat, this man has a very careful look.

    A pair of eyes staring at people outside can not see it, but half low staring at her own eyes lashes before stretched back, ground of heart, hands tightly pull tight side, like a fear that he is not happy to get the same boat.

    For a long time, a boat over the side of the monument, straight towards the rear wall of the channel to the rock over there, I do not know why, that is probably don't want to stand in his cold, Jonathan and the soldiers suddenly speed up, several interest rates shifted into 10 metres.

    Wait until the distance, face again after Jonathan distant towards the rear Zhang mouth, look at the mouth say, "come on ~ 'although vague, but from the point of view of classmate quizzical, certainly not at his speed, clearly refers to:

    Back looked at Jonathan's eyes, Sakas Ki softly humming sound.

    Listen to his voice, she lifted her eyes, eyes slightly condensate fog, pale face, eyebrows with a touch on his eyes will soon turn away...

    In the sight back towards him before the man passed away, Sakas Ki sing the sound, this is really a bit upset, "sick and went to rest, even Eudemons, devil fruit ability is not immortality."

    "Well I know." This man was silent for a moment before speaking, some voice to thank you, "."

    She is so strange and polite, then come to his ears but asked him to give birth to a bit of irony, perhaps because of the heart burning up that strange sound, Sakas Ki cold sarcasm, "I'm not going to save the drowning second times did not listen to advice."


    The results of this time people did not speak, so he couldn't help but see the past but see her look trance... As is fundamental to take no heed of what he said!

    Results before he was angry, and this man was raised eyes, black eyes deep quiet, lip slightly move seems to want to say what, just before the opening turned -

    They are riding a boat at the Plaza, is close to the channel entrance, Jonathan and the soldiers have been parked not far away waiting for.

    This missing, Sakas Ki never got to wait until she has not been previously exported.


    After the confluence, four people looked at each other, then, two flat bottomed boat all into this waterway is located in both sides of the wall.

    In front of the wall is slightly dim, because most of the light shielding angle, therefore, it seems that even the temperature dropped, the originally pleasant cool became a little cold.

    Sakas Ki quickly convergence thoughts, and Jonathan quietly alert around the environment.

    The ear acoustic if there seems to be no flow, silence even pull the boat before the sound waves are generally away...

    Zarcas based frowning, eyes up to look ahead for the direction of the end wall, the other end of grand glory under the shadow of the palace exquisite luxury, but I do not know how, the heart had the sudden light haze.

    Very strange feeling, in practice often appear color, this kind of feeling... It seems that the next will have him happen to be taken by surprise.

    He has yet to tell that I do not know why the heavy sense of where, suddenly heard the Tongzhou people softly sigh, as if saying not to regret, and the strange opposite of joy.

    "I'm afraid I can only go so far."


    "I am sorry"

    She smiled and said to him.

    The next thing is too fast and too messy, Sakas Ki didn't remember the details, he only knew myself staring at her slowly toppled backward, suddenly fall into the water below the soundless and stirless.

    The next second, he simply do not even want to throw paddle, follow the jump into the water... But she disappeared!

    The fundamental channel wall is only a few meters to the depth, visibility is excellent, even clear, but just a few seconds, the man disappeared into!

    Last time, Sakas Ki saw the man figure in the water shimmering shadow between the desalination, submerged in the water of the skin, pale color mix with sad lines, lip slightly with a smile, beautiful and delicate posture demon...

    He couldn't get her to fall in the depths of the demon unreal, he tried to detective fingertips fleeting.


    Sakas Ki in the transparent water madly back and forth, almost drowned before Jonathan was hard out of the water, but this is only one step away from them in the slide in the gulf.

    He tried to struggle, but also after the previous surprise in the water too much, for Jonathan and rushed to the subordinate officers force pressing could do nothing.

    Ears filled with countless far and near noise, Sakas Ki eyes, eyes stopped dead in the water that people take on the teeth so hard that the tongue taste greasy thick blood gas.

    She is the devil fruit ability, she disappeared in the water, he said not to save her...

    He can't get to her, if you don't have said that...
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