#81  81.

    USS Sirius faint groan in the wind and the sky / sing the roar of the waves.

    The hurricane storms through dense Bay, numerous ocean tide converge in one place, the pressure vessels rough, hull high toss and heavy fall into the bowel, splash, as if under a heavy downpour.

    Sakas Ki ignored the overwhelming falling messy water, straight standing in front of warships on the deck, the body was drenched clothes adhesion, with unique taste Xingshan marine cold, ice cold drop down the hair slowly sliding down to the corner of the eye, he also did not wipe.

    Behind is a busy general soldier, a part of the top wind waves to sail away, to avoid the broken torn into pieces in the storm hit, there are some debris piled up at a fixed deck, lest toss the object hit people.

    The warship bumps too, hurricane water waves surging surging, people stand firm, often with the next wave will hit the ground or reel right and left.

    The sky waves continuously followed, not even call a person breathing time, but this time from him out of the cabin to see the sea but also less than an hour.

    A Kuanglan spray like dust, Xingshan cold waves lick to face Sakas Ki, frowning eyebrows, mercilessly stared at the front of the disaster boundless darkness, slightly messy, his body won't like such as steel casting.

    The great waterway than any sea are threatened by growing crises, as the admiral, the second half of the new world were once mysterious major general Sakas Ki is well aware of the sea.

    As a shy young girl gentle, gentle jiaoqie, storm, the sea is fierce and cruel, once fall into its hands, as is the most strong will as children toys that cannot withstand a single blow -- this is the great waterway of the sea, beautiful and sentimental and cruel vicious.

    However, Rao admission has experienced numerous dangerous sea border, at this moment, Sakas Ki could not help a bit scared.


    Then, listen to the people that he hurried to the ship control room, navigator apparatus according to the data show that, given "everything is still in control." the report, Sakas Ki and Jonathan etc. The results did not breathe, they feel your feet to volatility.

    These two days, Sirius did every time there will be a shock, the ocean waves as usual, sonar detection is also not any hidden in the sea changes...

    But, this time fluctuation time than any violent, Sakas Ki even keenly aware of the whole ship severely sinking, was holding the hull of the seawater is pumped out suddenly, in an instant, Sirius lost by the supporting plunged off.

    Boundless earth.

    He even surprised, Yang Chao also instantly closed, suspended in mid air ships safely floating in seawater.

    When Sakas Ki and Jonathan looked at each other, then two people turned away from the control room, ran to the front deck fast warships to see what happened.

    Sirius, the watchtower has been sounding the siren long low sonic rapid diffusion in the air, tighten all the nerve, also called Sakas Ki gave a heavy heart.

    The soldiers on the deck are responsible for the security seems calm, Sakas Ki appeared to his every line of sight but with the same slight panic and panic.

    Even without the use of the telescope, Sakas Ki saw the cause of alarm sounded:

    In front of the ship route, a moment ago is very clear sky blink becomes very dim, dark clouds fill the sky with a strong smell spread to all go forward with great strength and vigour, ocean waves Maninsan, muddy raging tide.

    A few minutes in the sea like raged, shortly before the calm sea suddenly turned into rolling rapids, a sea billows surging, to a horrific pledge toward Sirius at no..


    After Sirius struggle in the boundless expanse of sky surging waves, a radius of dozens of sea, vision and wave surge, tide and wind whistling the deafening roar of giant.

    Jonathan returned to the control room calm aide Ronald charge of transmitting the command to all the generals soldiers hands, Sakas Ki at the front deck, as the supreme commander of the first guard.

    Just an hour later, the crisis is still continuing, there seems to be no end, like a leaf, Sirius, roll in the central ocean tide ups and downs involuntarily.

    The ear is full of thunder roaring sound, long cochlea became buzz, stirred the mind gradually vertigo.

    A base station zarcas without moving or speech, back straight handle like a javelin, just, he has not heard voices, both on the deck of the soldiers shouted, or else...

    The warship deck under his feet slightlyrustled, as if at any time may collapse, how long did, can hold on? This even Sakas Ki can't dare to think, this evil monstrous waves, once warship disintegration, all of them will instantly be swallowed tide.

    Dead in the sea... The ending, first day of joining the Navy, Sakas Ki has been prepared, but experienced at the moment, but it is personal sorrow and joy...

    Not willing to fall -- side hands slowly clenched, he looking out the front piece of boundless chaos, black eyes deep gradually with two clusters of anger.

    His strength is not enough, if the more powerful... He wants to get the power, he has to be strong enough to conquer the sea, strong enough to overcome all the evil... He ambition all has not been achieved, how can die in this area?


    The sudden anger in the chest in the rampage, Sakas Ki clenched his fists, mercilessly pursed mouth, at this moment, with the hurricane billows suddenly lost hearing, Zhou Zaohu's quiet.

    After a few seconds, just hearing the received sound, does not belong to the tide, but Sirius before deck of the Shanghai Army soldiers voice.

    "It is -- what?"

    The soldier was still suffering from the shock before the moment they suddenly broke out by common consent exclaimed, standing on the edge of the Sakas Ki loosen clenched hands, upper body slightly forward, hands hold a railing, fingers tightened, as he instantly shrink like tip pupil.

    "Whirlpool ah!"

    "Ah -- sea navel"

    The soldiers were shouting loud roar over the past.

    It was like a summer afternoon thunder, since not far from the dark depths of chaos, extending to the side scrolling, dull sound nearer and louder, the roar of animals.

    A mountain like a huge wave of ups and downs in the past, once again suddenly thrown into Sirius falling waves, tilt the bow down, in a very dangerous angle to the depths of fall suddenly from.

    Sakas Ki only had time to shout, "to -" the rest of the requirements of his soldiers to protect ourselves by the oncoming wind to recharge the throat.

    The darkness of the rear is deeper into the abyss, ocean tide in central a huge whirlpool, but suddenly, the warship was volume within it, the vortex in the round, can't help to roll ups and downs.

    A few minutes later, Sirius falling insurance was wrapped in a swirl of water waves on the wall, the side is not see the end of the huge hole current toward the abyss beneath the swirling roar winding stretch.

    Sakas Ki clutched the railing, eyes narrowed, dizzy after a period of time, he looked ahead, and in the hearts of the rapid countermeasures, but I do not know why, perhaps this is an illusion...

    In a large number of the volume Sirius vortex rapidly to the depths of slide, he vaguely saw the great deep whirlpool, a faint over the huge dark scales, deep cold and pungent smell with underwater acoustic spread, carved into the bone marrow like horror.

    Perhaps this is an illusion or not, the same fleeting, Sakas Ki saw the Black Sea is still cloudy, roaring spinner, Sirius with the whole ship, people fall to see the end of the sea.


    A few minutes? Or more?

    Close at hand death interferes with the normal thinking, Sakas Ki saw a more distant ship outside the high sky like a dream, a little bit more distant, like the whole sky for Sirius to mourn the fallen silent abyss.

    The vision has become more chaotic, even the Sakas Ki began to feel no luck chance... The thought just flashed, but Yu Guangzhong caught a glimpse of a strange eyes.

    He looked in the dark to find chaos -- a moment later, he found the strange glow line source.

    The warship was Yang Chao Xieguo whirling fall, do not know what the central hole in a huge whirlpool when floating with a light, is a moment before Sakas Ki had a glimpse of the light from Sirius.

    Shallow as moonlight thin blue from a ship lasing, moment and stagnation in the deep sky, exactly said that is not a brilliant, but a person.

    Anna, said before going to the clothes for the body of the people, again floating in the air.

    Sakas Ki stared in disbelief, looking at that figure, she had a faint light, is better than the pre dawn sky lighter blue, Sirius at the angle, just to see her face.

    Well, Sakas Ki could not see the man look, she seems to see only looking at the foot of the abyss, fingertips gradually give birth to light shine.

    But suddenly, the man's finger to bright colors, like holding a bright, dark chaos illuminated faintly lit up.

    Hanging in the air people black hair in the wind. A tangle of finely embroider her coiled, light eyes, eyelids drooping concealed eyes, thin lips gently opened and closed, as if to say what.

    He can't hear what she said, at the moment he saw her fingertips glow out to blue, soundless and stirless as if a meteor fall, the sky falls.

    Everything happened very fast, fast response time is almost to.

    Fremont fell to only a little tip size, then hit like what, suddenly burst into a blunt circular arc of light, but also a bit sharper than the summer sun.

    The light of the deep, the man like a sharp arrow straight straight down -- next second what he can't see.

    Warm white light at the bottom of the abyss the rapid rise of the retina by intense stimulation, a moment Sakas Ki felt in front of a vast, what can not see, only a very much like coming from the depths of the Xiao li.

    Indescribable strange and terrible sound, like a crazy beast howling, shiver all over though not cold.

    Then without warning hanging in the water wall of the earth trembled and the mountains swayed, the number is like a black giant invisible hand in the palm by shaking, dizzy, mixed with the pungent fishy cold waves seize ships, like desperately tear --

    Ocean tidal current fluctuations, bumpy turbulence, Sirius, steel hull creak groan / yin.

    For a long time, the hurricane and evil slowly subsided, finally only a fathomless silence.


    The five sense most late recovery is the vision, Sakas Ki could see before they noticed, calm, Sirius by crowning calamity before the second crisis ended without warning.

    Around the quiet badly, even the wind waves were suppressed, near the only violent heartbeat and breathing, it is other navy soldiers before the deck of the survivors.

    So, in the eyes of the dazzling light had finally cleared, the first thing is to restore vision, Sakas Ki rushed to find the man.


    The surface smooth as a mirror, blue sky, clouds can not see the sun, gold falling from on high, to reflect the sea blue turquoise, like a huge piece of flawless gem.

    She is in the tens of meters away from warships, bare feet air suspension on the sea side, floating countless plexus faint light, light blue, like a flame burning.

    Back to him, falling side hand, a hand clutching what appearance, wearing the veil when she appeared, black long hair and ankle, it fell like a silk, slender legs hidden in the meantime partly hidden and partly visible.

    He was still staring at her, together with other former navy soldiers on the deck, watching the people hold back.

    Eyes on her back on the tour for a moment, Sakas Ki unconsciously narrowed her eyes slightly: some changes, the floating in the waves sharp, black long hair and ankle, and had her hair just to the shoulders Braised Spare Ribs length.

    And her hands, her hands like he was injured, nail long storm, finger like sharp hooks, oddly enough, her bare skin / dew in the sun appears indistinct scarlet traces, and outline the intricate liaoluan.


    Silence to pent up front deck faster by another voice break, messy footsteps soon come again and again.

    Sakas Ki did not come back, Yu Guangzhong soon appeared in his eyes, it is headed by Jonathan, close to the disease after before opening, Jonathan came to see them, instant attention be directed away.

    The man heard the news turned back, with long hair turned with the wind slightly raised.

    The complexion faded flesh pale transparent, a pair of turquoise eyes I do not know what time into the dark, quietly staring eyes without anger no joy, but no reason is the heart suddenly jump.

    Look at the wrong is also good, Sakas Ki is not conscious breath, she really changed appearance.

    In addition to the hair length and eye color, gentle and delicate facial features also disappeared, half hidden under the veil, complex pattern of bloodstain engraved on the pale skin, sun eye will not move the line of sight.

    Sirius before the deck gathered a lot of people, but no one sound, everyone just staring at her.

    After a short silence, another change from soundless and stirless.

    Behind her, the deep blue sea gradually give birth to a blossoming, since the depths of the ocean under the sea tide, diffusion long tracts of scarlet color, and more and more, more and more concentrated, as if the blood lay off.

    The sea gradually began to surge, as is what drama / founder, thick greasy red clouds surging, large tracts of black ink hidden in the depths of cut wave traces, a wave of ups and downs in water wave turbulence, huge back slowly sliding in the sun are indistinct.

    Very large, can not predict the body, like a magnificent light flow scales vaguely.

    Before the deck again slightly / Sao to move, just before zarcas based ordered the battle, he heard... Her voice, a little cold chuckle, in clutter seemed so clear to his ear.

    Sakas Ki's body is not a micro Kechadun meal, then he saw the man looked at the ship seemed a little smile, black eyes Mouguang but frozen in chilly and soaked eyebrows are revealing Senran killing.

    "Roll." Her voice all the restless, dull tone with a complete disregard for life or death "cruel"


    Suddenly the sea waves, as if provoked, foreign body hidden in the underwater high a black tail, reflecting sunlight with huge scale and magnificent black awn, wrapped in a heavy pungent towards her photographed xingshan.

    Her head is not back to the young high hand, with white fingertips across the air, Sakas Ki saw floating on her side to meet the brilliant patches of flexible cutting down on black tailed animals.

    The color of the sky is more shallow than the flame towards the enemy attack in the process of change suddenly, blue light strange fuzzy empty moment again setting a horse, great wolf jumped out of nowhere.

    The fur turned pack flaming, sounds clear distant, one after another to hit Shanghai in a volley of animals.

    The thunderous sound shaking blow up in the clouds, the bright sunlight burst covered awn, let the sea shrouded in blue light, the tide under large body violently, can not say what kind of creature roar mix in the fierce detonation / fried sound.

    For a moment, everything was gradually stopped.

    The ocean has Xuemo meat half floating debris, the deeper waves of a dark shadow is slowly sinking, the air was filled with thick blood, with utter chill.

    The central unrest without moving or speech, for a long time, the disappearance of the wolves in her body side slowly revealed the image, her hand curled tail down, the horse seems to be the wolf sobbing with his nose and slowly rub her hand.

    A moment later, the wolves dispersed one by one image, melting in the sea breeze, did not exist in general, only the red sea boundless shows just what happened.

    Sakas Ki heard her sigh, if there seems to be no illusion, like, soft tone, trance unspeakable loneliness.


    Finally, she in the sky and the sea froze as the dead in the slowly started red / naked biped walking in the wind, step by step, slowly walked back to Sirius, along the middle unconsciously back off the marine channel, slowly walked in front of him.

    "Ready landing ~ rear admiral Sakas Ki." She stood in front of him, her face slightly tired, but can not say the magic charm monster Li, "Titan disappeared."

    The distance between the eyes on the man, Sakas Ki clench fell side hands, because the only way he can restrain their body temperatures zhuoran.

    After a while, he forced himself to open eyes, eye drop somewhat, staring at her hand with a glance, then look at the matter before boarding tossed on the deck to her.

    A... Half the size of the room... Dark scales... Snake scales, exudes a cold fishy taste, area is beyond imagination, attached to one end of the flesh, apparently students pull down from the body of animals.

    Titan is a sea serpent, the sea is it." She whispered in his side said, can defeat the huge monster ", this voice was static," rest assured, it has been expelled."

    Palpitation for a long time, Sakas Ki slowly raised his eyes, hoarse voice asked, "are you the devil fruit, is the animal Department of Eudemons?"
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