#79  79.

    When Sakas Ki was really awake, is already the second day of the incident... In the early morning.

    Open your eyes, staring at the ceiling for a minute before the real God, then, before Sakas Ki got up, eyes would suddenly emerge with a face.

    "General Sakas Ki." A hoarse voice tired more deep joy, is Ronald, his adjutant.

    He woke up all night found in the vicinity of the adjutant Ronald, and instantly appeared in his sight.

    "Well." Sakas Ki answered, then in the adjutant with the help of a hand hold hard to sit up... As for the other hand...

    So to find the adjutant took the pillow filled with gaps behind it, settled himself zarcas based frowned, that time gave her the next sweep your another hand.

    His hand, palm to fasten a slender wrist posture. At the moment, he could see the past, only to see the black hair.

    Half fell on the bed, with a very comfortable position lying asleep, quiet and docile in his control.

    Sakas Ki looked at the bedside of the man paused for a moment like what didn't see like bland away, will my heart spread pleasure in quietly pressed behind the deep Mouguang another to present people's eyes, his adjutant.

    Ronald also looked at his hands, eyes are tangled for a long time, perhaps, the habit of obedience prevailed, the adjutant convergence of that little different, instead asking him if he needs to come to the doctor whispered, consent turned and stepped aside to inform Clinic.

    Sakas Ki does not observe the traces and loosen a little finger tightening force, slowly close the eyes to fundus emerge easily.

    In the end she not wrong, he woke up, still did well, he won the confidence of her -- that he is very happy, happy enough to offset the moment at the dull pain and injury... He quickly in the eyes of the corrupt subordinate reputation, these two unpleasant.


    A few minutes later, was ready with military Kaili en medical apparatus to come to Sakas Ki do check, then, there are number of officers at all levels of sirius.

    Face anxious all the heart space block to the brim, although no noisy scenes, but also hamper Kaili en inspection work, and finally Sakas Ki impatient to order their leave, it makes some of the indoor restored calm.


    Stay all clear, Kaili en carefully open the bandage and check his wound and replace the drugs, Ronald stood a little farther to the position of military action, quietly look, from time to time by the way look at a certain direction.

    One direction -- should say is the same at the bedside, resulting in more people forced cabin que, Sakas Ki vacated a hand holding the wrist of the owner.

    He was seriously injured, was supposed to be off / because he is in a coma and even refused to let go, stay with him, instead of being banned and even prison /... Torture... People.

    She sat in the chair, the body fell in bedside, because he has been in the hands of buckle and refused to let go can not rest, now Xu is over but exhausted, recently finally just lie beside him to sleep in the past.

    Sakas Ki looked at the adjutant at Ronald, then lowered her eyes.

    Of course he knew Ronald twisted face is why, she hurt him, Ronald to her with great hostility is behoove things alert.

    Previously, even in a coma, Sakas Ki can get ready to kill, from Ronald, referring to her.

    However, to understand that Sakas Ki is now in no mood to the heart of his subordinates to explain what, what is more, even if you want to explain, estimate is yuemiaoyuehei.

    After all, at the scene, who changed the view is... A very bad thing.

    I rushed into the site owner... See when the first reaction is Sakas Ki hope they misunderstood as: he was injured, she is to save innocent self-defense.

    He wants to protect her, let's make the officers drove her to a hostile position to move, then, to now, he deliberately confused to create illusion becomes henchmen in the cognition of "facts" is not what the big deal.

    If she can change his reputation to have some trust in him, or for the estrangement between him and her to eliminate misunderstanding... So, Sakas Ki believes that the deal is not to lose him.

    He told her she always have doubts, why not? Meet, he woke up, he took her to alert the mood, not hostile but some wacky warning and preparedness.

    Occasionally, Sakas Ki found the man with eyes to see if he can describe.

    How strange, he had to do what she did over move, but she looks like even with due respect, great scourges look like him, as if the next second will he disassembled into the abdomen, pure fear.

    Maybe she is just made It is without rhyme or reason. preparedness, his subconscious can not let go? In addition to hate she is informed of his life the biggest shame, how much she has also angered him with special respect.

    This saved his people, he is just a man let her off in her eyes, there is no other special care can call her place.

    How unpleasant woman!

    Beware of him warn him, but the hostility of his doubt does not care, Sakas Ki even think that if this person is an enemy, then she must be a winner, so casually, know Sirius No. to her full alert was also had nothing in mind.

    Sakas Ki knew all these days, he does not deny that some of their control, to her, in addition to repeatedly doubt calculations, he also have some kind of complex emotions do not even willing to get to the bottom of, and after she accidentally hurt him, want to also do not want to protect her.

    He has not yet confirmed she is friends with their situation, and the whole ship bet.

    Now he won the bet, lost his reputation, won his trust in her.

    This man, even if he is the man of pride has repeatedly hit, she is not the enemy.


    Kaili well spent some time checking his flank suture, and apply drugs, until re dressing is completed, Sakas Ki found their military side pack of medical appliances, while flying what the man sleeping eyes looked at him carefully, finally.

    "What?" Sakas Ki with one hand for his clothes buttoned buttons, and sink a voice to ask.

    "General Sakas Ki --" Kaili grace and stare at him, after will be continued, "this young lady today should be to Clinic check, you know, her fever has subsided..."

    Wenyan, Sakas Ki stopped, slowly raised his eyes, "huh?"

    On his line of sight, the military look up, and swallowed slobber is like is open courage like, "according to the daily clinical records of flowers spider vaccine showed that her rejection is very obvious, I hope to do a more detailed analysis of pathology."

    "Well --" Kaili grace with a look back at about to speak, but saying nothing, look back, saying here gone below.

    Sakas Ki raised eyes along the military sight to see the past, a moment later come to understand, Kaili see Ronald, and his aide is cold face, apparently on medical advice do not agree.

    As for why Ronald's whole face is as black as ink -- reason, probably his loyal aide thought... Kerin tried to help as a military commander of the murderer Sirius hurt, really clear.

    He looked in the past, and his adjutant of his eyes at this moment, his deep voice speak, words are said to Kerin, "she woke up."

    Ignore the eyes of the adjutant Sakas Ki to dissuade Italy, a military medical guarantee, and stop for a few seconds, and ask him, "completely cured her of Kaili, well, this is the command."

    Listen to his words, Ronald and Kaili en two people look different, the latter was relieved the expression, the former was staring with disbelief.


    Fast read two personal one eye, Sakas Ki back to the line of sight, down holding his hand, fingers slowly loosened a little, quietly watched the fingers with bruises that cut white on the wrist, a barely audible sigh.

    Kaili well, their military is simply standing in the doctor's position, the habit of treating patients alike, because of her recent days low fever is not retreated, treat her in related events, attitudes and other people from Sirius.

    Sirius, all officers, Sakas Ki was injured after hostile to her once reached the critical point.

    Especially Ronald, Sakas Ki's adjutant, was also one of the most intense reaction after the incident, his most loyal subordinates should immediately detained the perpetrators even showed her intention to kill on the spot.

    At that time, Sakas Ki did not lose consciousness, he impressed half awake half out between events, such as those of chaos:

    He attacked his injured, the man immediately rang the emergency alarm button, from Sirius, quickly alerted the whole ship.

    But a few minutes, fighting the strongest warship personnel in the cabin near the door after... A scene of chaos; Sakas Ki believes his aide Ronald and other henchmen witnessed the scene at the time of the moment, the mood is not enough.

    Of course, under his loyalty as in the past, even if he was injured in the eyes of the people should be regarded as' intentions, it ''s henchmen was her first division side to the enemy.

    He was badly hurt, the man turned the claw / into his flank, almost touching the viscera, en Kaili dare to move him, finally only the nearest treatment begins, so is her cabin.

    He underwent emergency surgery on her bed, excessive bleeding and distortion of the hearing received numerous noise, he intended to kill the officers under the command of boiling roar, Jonathan asked, stunned Kaili en check the condition and the panic.

    Chaotic noisy, the only thing he couldn't hear her voice.

    Whether it is Ronald to her they almost the time for action, or Jonathan pressed her after the event, she always does not have that excuse not to utter a single word, tell the truth, nor rebelled against the body of the attack fell almost to her.

    Completely unconscious before Sakas Ki's order not to act rashly, and tightly clasped her hands after the onset of anesthesia, and who are not willing to let go of his, he took her with him, don't let her go.

    What a representative of his move, Sakas Ki believes his men very clear, but clearly is one thing, will obey orders, but to eliminate hostility, a short time is impossible.

    Until now, Ronald stared at her eyes still hated, and anger to put forward to check for her doctor.


    After meeting, Xu is recovered from the shock, before Ronald's expression is no longer like distortion, staring at the military does not change the evil eye.

    In order to avoid the Kerin shock, Sakas Ki had waved the medical leave in advance.

    Received signal, Kaili en hold medical instruments for quickly pounced on the export of military medical cabin, watched the disappeared, Sakas Ki was down voice, to leave the aide said, "the day before yesterday to Quartermaster the thing, get it back."

    After a short silence, Ronald turned to his execution of the task.

    The cabin door again opened, then closed.

    Finally, a little busy and noisy with outdoor adjutant retreating footsteps disappeared, zarcas base moved the body, careful adjustment of more comfortable angle for yourself, then half downcast eyes, quietly watching the people only to stay.

    She slept soundly, Xu is really very sleepy, but they just told her voice changed again in his position, not heavy and light clenched but refused to let go the case, she used the free hand off his cover by a single angle over his face with it small ostrich, anxious to put the whole hidden like, like children did not grow up.

    Now the cabin is quiet, his hands and carefully tear sheets, she was not angry...

    His gaze on her, from the height of his half sit up, he saw her half side face, cheek pressed on the bed, sleep in the eyebrows slightly wrinkled, tired face lined with white cloth gradually to transparent.

    Sakas Ki slightly narrowed his eyes and looked at her for a long time, the last shot.

    The fingertip slowly stir up a few strands of hair that people fall, hook a little soft without the silky eye with his hand a little bit along the slender neck wavering, slowly, slowly, the scattered hair behind her ears.

    With his move, he leaned slightly, in the range of stitches permitted, quietly close to her.

    People sleep in pink lips the absolutely ignorant of weiqi, soft breath on his wrist...

    Rapid heart beat several times before Sakas Ki in her finger print lips tore back his hand, ruthlessly to sit back, looking up the face, chest circling hot breath.

    His wound to remind him that at the moment... Everything is just his self.

    This man... He did not reach out and get.

    The idea is his complete darkness, the dormant.


    Separate for a long time, back on the pillow until Sakas Ki returned close aide.

    The opening of cabin for people to enter, Sakas Ki opened his eyes, eyes on one after another into the people, leading Ronald, a step behind is temporary for his command, Jonathan hillis.

    Sakas Ki took the adjutant to the logistics department to fetch things, ear heard classmates ridicule full of laughter.

    "Oh ~ ~ me in good spirits"

    The station is not near the position, smiling looked at him several times, and then take the top of the shoulder top back together Ronald, Jonathan side open side faces, "I said to me ~ you sir very intense beauty, thanks to you to prison / she couldn't rude ah"

    Upon hearing this, Sakas Ki raised his eyes to see him, to see the past, his classmates laugh more out of tune, "so, beauty in the side than the doctor's treatment was effective ah ~? Sakas Ki, did you feel full of go "

    Jonathan was subtle and clearance to the bed sleeping a phrase with a double meaning, see that people's eyes are bitterly cold.

    Sakas Ki warned the students at a glance, want to take an empty hand and patted her shoulder, paused and gently pushed, to wake up the people who slept soundly.


    Later, Jonathan watched in a faint smile on one's face who fell asleep, low muttering a few times, and uncomfortable to hide from his hand, raised his head and finally reluctant eyes, mimihuhu, apparently is not clear.

    But soon, Sakas Ki stared at the turquoise eyes faded shadowy, clear again, then she straightened up.

    He did not give her chance, another will be directly handed over to her, "back to you."

    Sakas Ki said at the same time, release the hand holding something hand quietly hanging in the air.

    "General adults!"

    "Sakas Ki!"

    Jonathan and his aide also speak the same mood, anxiety and do not agree, Sakas Ki swept them, was handed a hand on.

    "Your seastone dagger, I have installed on the logistics department for its sheath, now to its origin owner."
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