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    The devil fruit ability?! Jonathan put the eyes round, staring blankly staring at the side of the people for a long time, and finally find their own voice, "it is..." After a pause, the shallow urge one breath, and will not know how to express my feelings into a feeling, "the slightest also look not to come out"

    She looked at her closely, Jonathan is surprised at one thirty half suddenly, not ~ the miss Anna looks thin, but also face disease gas, said she is more feeble believe, where like ability with magic power of the people.

    However, since she admitted, then... This confession, which also has weakness presumably mean?

    She is the devil fruit ability, now Sirius sailed on the sea, is a kind of natural environment on the ability to restrict the vast sea, in addition to warships on her and nowhere to go, they may pull together in times of trouble.

    This implies that this man was to make them feel at ease?

    Electro-optical flint mind sharp, then Jonathan, so inadvertently shrugged, smiling mouth, "devil fruit ability ah ~ Miss Anna is superman or natural? Or animal?"

    Then the eyes of her sight, he was laughing with, then words do not have meaning, "do not know if I have the honor to see it?"

    Although I know the type of fruit of the devil is the secret for the ability, he was asked to export, because he wanted to make sure that, if it is honest, do not know this miss Anna can do to what extent?

    Jonathan thought, no corner of the mouth that little Jiaoxia color, look into each other's eyes look forward to.


    After a short silence, the side of the man slowly and with a slight smile, "I'm sorry." Your eyes look very dull, even to language, tone is still billows out of fashion, "about this, please allow me to keep the secret."

    "Of course." Jonathan nodded, did not feel too much regret, after all, is expected to answer, so he is very considerate, "Ms. hope conservative cute little secret, as a man of course to be a little clever."

    Perhaps his answer made her... Satisfied? Heard him say so, Jonathan soon found around the eyes not observable ease, although not obvious, but the small eddy between her eyebrows wrinkled some shallow.

    In addition, her mouth smile deepens somewhat, the whole people seem much more moderate, at least not is softer, the fundus as deep as the lingering cold cold pond.

    Just -- unfortunately, she assured too early.

    He such graceful bearing man, "certainly wouldn't mind to keep a secret, however, Ms. Sakas Ki," it is hard to say.

    Through the corner, Jonathan quickly glanced at the table at the end of the road, not far from the figure of one eye, then in my heart silently stand the side of miss Anna sighed.

    Sakas Ki... Jonathan think it ~ now, Sakas Ki's face is really interesting ah ~

    He had discovered, although the surface indifferent, actually, Sakas Ki has left the way attention to miss Anna.

    He started a close to the corner, Sakas Ki to cast a warning look, but also not to him "the meeting leave in the middle of this work" move warning, that is how he approached the lady's unpleasant behavior.

    Half across the table, and subordinates to discuss important matters over the same period after the discovery of classmate, he secretly close to Ms. Anna, staring at his eyes very sharp.

    It is seen near the sheep wolf ah

    Jonathan believes in Sakas Ki's hearing, even if there is no use in color, even close subordinates has been in the affairs of the report, heard things, still could not escape Sakas Ki's ear.

    Then, he had found his classmate thanks to unknown mind, and no brilliant habits of the young lady said what a rude thing -- otherwise...


    Previously been watching the eavesdropping on his and her conversation, and heard her say "devil fruit ability", Sakas Ki's face is really... The board has never relaxed rarely face, now it is cloudy, but trouble over there for the meeting officers more cautious.


    Jonathan and his side of the conversation, at the end of her soft rain is not forced to answer, and the table at the end of the voice also weak down, the reason is the meeting center, major general Sakas Ki looks out obviously upset suddenly.

    Other officers to the unknown so very unfortunate happened to be a lieutenant at the chief executive of a face he reported as black as ink, apparently don't know what you did wrong, look very troubled.

    It was quiet for a while, the supreme commander, Sirius plumped up, also do not talk to go straight out from the meeting, the crowd turned the tables, strode towards the corner of this way, taut face, body radiates a feeling of courage in a threatening manner.

    The end of Jonathan's observation of his great interest, meet the gossip of the hearts of men touched chin, think this time is a good time, should he retire after winning merit.

    Sakas Ki now looks like, in the view of Jonathan is really... A bit familiar, like a few years ago when he Er, a lady of misfortune and friendly exchanges with the situation.

    This "-- witness the wife out of the wall and came to catch / rape husband" as the sense that...

    It made him feel one.

    Then, the cardiac action immediately, Jonathan quickly got up and was normal, before he opened behind the chair, Sakas Ki suddenly broke out of his action is expected, but the blink of an eye, a classmate has appeared in dodge... The next door next to him.

    Is the seat of the other side of miss Anna, and Jonathan just form a left and right.

    Uh ~ keep up but before opening leave Jonathan, quietly gave her a look sideways at:

    After walking a zarcas base station at the conference table edge, also intentionally or unintentionally condescending overlooking the sitting position where people put all of her over his own shadow.

    She apparently slightly overdone, not knowing why it is so, Yang high face to make sense of move the man.

    Two people ignore the presence of other men, a look of surprise, a noodles sinks like water, quietly on the two.

    After a while, in the conference room on the breath of unrelated persons, Sakas Ki cold face opening, "you are the devil fruit ability?" Although the sound is in question, but a little heavy tail.

    Jonathan's mouth twitched slightly, he dared to use Sakas Ki and his classmates and colleagues a few years of friendship to guarantee, Sakas asked not literally, this cold, stuffy man words hidden in another layer of meaning.

    Just do not know Sakas Ki knows it or not, ask him so hard, actually... Because to hide so angry.

    "Yeah," asked Miss Anna very calm and nodded, "I am."

    Her attitude is very forthright, Sakas Ki's face more ugly, "I don't know why?"

    Heard, Jonathan gasped, slowly raising his hand over his face, some students can't bear to watch silly under this head lousy choice of word, the confusion? I do not know the so-called words you blurt out, Sakas Ki...

    To cover the eyes and hands down to wipe the face of Jonathan, with numerous "wipe!" And all the black line, four look around in a circle, then a cough, trying to organize some decent language, good for students to save some face.

    Sure enough, the rest of the room was also found at Sirius commander and confidant of Sakas Ki were all stare big eyes, with a face of consternation... It is beyond logic and above reason。

    The only exception is still not only belong to the Navy's camp.

    Of course, she should also find this strange place, but she didn't seem to think it is ready, slowly replied, "because you didn't ask."


    What is the answer to all highfalutin speechless! Jonathan is the miss Anna applauded.

    Then, after the surprising admire Miss Jonathan's eyes on Sakas Ki's face for a few seconds and flew away, and he wanted to go back and sit on the corner of the eye position, slightly inclined to see.

    This side has been sitting on the edge, even if the other man looks so angry and majestic, she still looks casual, with a little tired, what all don't care.

    It is Sakas Ki look so stiff, because her thin lips pursed lips replied, die tightly, but I do not know what is obviously angry reaction, or simply do not know why you feel resentful.

    It is -- maybe he should let Sakas Ki was obsessed with ruthless abandon those women to see or learn the Anna? Jonathan thought.

    Between men and women is very subtle, never 'shift' this sentence seems to have no right, one of the more care, the other party will be possessed by ghosts as deeper.

    Look at the miss Anna Sakas Ki, who used the old woman, really should learn.

    The more she does not care, Sakas Ki's eyes is not open.


    For a long time, the pressure and Sakas Ki who carry more heavy, until close to the critical point to take a deep breath, eyes wrong is also good, like forced restrain kill, hoarse voice speak, "if I asked?"

    The surface water will sink like a man floating in the table edge of the hand into a fist, sound cold like a taut wire, "if I asked you?"

    "If general Sakas Ki asked adults..." She looked into his eyes, light said, "I will speak out."

    The meeting room filled with heavy oppression feeling, suddenly disappeared in a moment of her answer.
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