#69  69.

    The sixty-ninth chapter is not old

    "Sakas Ki, the Department of Navy admiral." - this sentence is received after the hearing, I shook his head, a cognitive burst open, like flash is tiandaleipi, don't think it was stuck, the consciousness of death.

    Stay to stare at each other, I think... This moment, the back end is sitting behind a young officer shadow curl, death is the phantom, and is holding the melody ~ what the sickle

    Sa... Sakas Ki?! The future admiral, uphold the "absolute justice" concept, with no mercy, better kill wrong don't pass the paranoia, the pirates secretly called Hell 'three dogs' admiral sakazuki ah!

    Not long ago the premonition came true at the moment! I feel very likely should not see the sun tomorrow.

    Although this is actually has a hunch that saved man's chest beauty may be great, but! I didn't think that he is actually the future admiral, sakazuki zarcas base!

    I have seen him into a woman half fruit appearance, laughed at his chest than me, also... He also threatened to marry him?!

    Don't think carefully before all sorts of joint live scene, eyes suddenly a black, I vaguely saw a big fire meteor volcano, the red tide under the hood and magma to his face didn't hum hum a vaporized shiguwucun ah ah ah!

    Nana ah ~ you ma ma I may be buried in a few decades ago the island can not go home to see you get married ah!


    If the unfortunate death in this time here, even without a doubt is absolutely sure, my Nana want to take my son-in-law to the grave couldn't find a tombstone future ah ah ah!

    Blood, blood them them.


    This is a moment, from my eyes to see what strange, the future admiral, then pick out the self introduction to major general Sakas Ki young brow, eyes revealing some doubts.

    Two eyes touched, I flung back to God, to put a very surprised look, dry laughing and flattering, "at least? Lord Sakas Ki is really young hehehe"

    Not me ~ I see he also a youth of twenty, this is the Old Navy admiral, according to Marin Clifford there both factions the perplexing situation, this, even do not know the future, he is really young and promising future.

    My smiling mouth almost cramp out a dozen years in the Department of naval hospital service training out of coping skill, a reverent and respectful wish directly to the people for God to look on the case sooner or later three minute.

    Of course, never really know and communication I, uh ~ the flattery, it should not work well, because look very false ~ me

    However, the other seems to be... I do not know is not going to care about now or what, even in the eyes of the examination is not completely subsided but also slow sharp breath a moment ago filled, then Alice mouth and a high centimeters, "Sakas Ki, don't need to add" adults "."

    The chin lifted him in a well is probably the illusion, in short it means this tone, said very generous, "you saved me, you can not care about etiquette."

    The laughter choking, my mouth slightly drawn, then gave the nod, "is my honor."

    Voice down, after a while it is very quiet, the red dogs will quietly staring at me, like what it is like, but because I did not respond for a long time, the eyes flashed, then face to one side from a few degrees to sink mouth.

    The atmosphere again became some solidification, while I head fog quietly to him and put his head in the opposite direction, the heart began to surge high and sweep forward tucao:

    Don't worry about your manners? The red dog generals and indeed the rumors, from young to fifties has always been a very focus on the concept of class, referred to as the old stubborn.

    Be allowed to use the name I was honored hehehe

    If there is no need to save him, now is not my three call nine worship hold thigh / kneel lick?!


    Of course, I know this has not become the general general Sakas Ki did not deliberately make his ideas is a cut above others, so he both acted or words are not lovable.

    That's true.

    Probably the Admiralty school graduates vices, almost every serious professional officers, more or less brainwashed a terrible idea, is to separate the elite ranks and ordinary soldiers, and strictly enforced.

    Although the campaign will be removed later on month after month and year after year impetuous bureaucracy of those graduates with, but the effect of bones still have residual, which is the origin of the rabbit in no way I always love one of the reasons of success.

    Already formed the concept of equality, it is beyond the men and Marin de.

    Three have conflict with each other, behoove to spend the rest of my life.

    I really feel I have been home Nana stocking disposition is rambling, and I always try to influence her, otherwise...

    Admiral school back, my son into a will only be used to measure the rank of people decide the fool can do?!


    I want to quiet some inevitable and now nothing, then spit out a mouthful of foul air gently, in the corner of his eye when the red dog do not know what the future will secretly back to the face at the chair and pretended not to yawn, rubbing his eyes.

    A moment later, he did not intend to see the slightest distraction, I had to go back, in a discussion, "I want to sleep, can?"

    He stared for a moment, then deadpan calmly moved, the original face my sitting posture change an angle turns back to me.

    Although still is a little closer, but... It is better, at least I will not lie down is staring straight into the bed.

    A moment of silence, I silently roll my eyes and slowly threw himself flat on the ground, turned back to him, then, in the dry and warm fire burning in the eyes closed.

    This evening / high tide repeatedly put me surprised half half The path winds along mountain ridges., now really scared... Need to fill a sleep.

    Just uh ~ how to say, I just suddenly being scared of his identity, joint intelligence dropped, etc. to calm down right now, I feel the previous panic watery are foolish, and make an unnecessary move.

    No need to fear him. I was mainly formed in the original impression and Clifford ten years of life Marin timid temper seriously affected, will the subconscious fear.

    Although, I still have no courage to challenge the future admiral, but I believe, as long as careful, this encounter can still end the peace.

    The time paradox, I live in Marin Fode Pinpin Ann Ann for more than ten years, it has everything, in the future, at least a dozen years sakazuki generals didn't recognize me, isn't it?

    So what are you afraid of? As long as I am careful not to betray, to the future admiral is not smart enough to guess the true origins of my.

    Next, if the general Sakas Ki wants me to fulfill their commitments with the navy to Titan waters, the journey I low-key not to annoy him, presumably the rear admiral wouldn't be too unpopular.

    Can I make a future even be recognized will not lead to anger lies, even I what all don't say let him guess, anyway, after I return...

    It need not fear.

    Because the island fruit because of the Navy headquarters, a bunch of executives not take me, even if you want to take me, can I take Nana bear children to find another place to live.

    So, sleep sleep.

    In short, it earth crumbles, you will find a way.



    Next, no bother no pirates the identity of the future admiral all scared, I was sleeping soundly, consciousness is sober to physiological clock daybreak, no invasion of the nightmare.

    With eyes closed and habitual rubbed his pillow, then, the feeling that some residual cheek encountered confused mind some jam, this warm and strong feeling... Why don't like pillows?

    Uh ~ words, a place to sleep last night to find a pillow? Not the wilderness... ?!

    For a moment, the memory of last night be long in coming on your mind will be waking up in the morning hypoglycemia I just slow to react, open sleepy eyes, then it was amplified in the perspective of things was refreshed.

    I, I saw what? A ragged but quite clean shirt cloth, in addition, through the gap and break the cloth button to see the deep tan skin, strong strong man... Chest and abdomen.

    Oh my god!

    The fierce look up, also called the moment back cross over a force to hold, very hot temperature strength, not heavy and light but is unable to get rid of, then is a record from head direction with a hoarse little impatient taste and have.

    "What are you doing?"

    Keep up the body close to the body posture, terrified eyes and face up high, elevation elevation, eventually crashed into the line of sight is half down at a double cold and stern eyes, at this moment I could have been terrified of flying soul.

    What I am in trouble? I was scared! Why would I lie to you but also because the height of the face because of pressure in your chest and abdomen ah position future sakazuki general Sakas Ki at this time at least?

    Last night, what, then what happened will lead me, my whole person lying in the future admiral who ah!

    This terrible posture / female / male / down, what is the Fed? Who can tell me to fall.

    Also! Let go! So off the integrity posture, don't think I'm not the man do not know some bad things ah! You press me in where? Let me tell you immediately or / show / interference! Don't think you how high I would not dare to beat you.


    At the moment, countless Tucao as Hurricane tsunami flooded my mind, and also because all of a sudden too much but call me what to say.

    A moment later, so I did not bite to the throat to swallow down the old blood and then to rise up against the pressure in the back arm suddenly released by the man was me as a darker, a mat.

    "Damn! Roll down!" He ground his teeth, whole face twisted.

    I quickly jumped up, stumbled across the old away, still suffering from the shock of the clutching his chest, the other is not in place, from whom I jumped for a moment he disappeared to the naked eye, almost unable to capture the speed of re emergence has been in the central.

    Is the last night he took a bath inlet, back to shore, and the man did not stop for a few seconds in the water.

    The gentle water ripples Dangkai fierce, a shadow in the morning mist in the sink in the water, I cried a silent hand over his face, for a moment... This is a matter of life and death more than terrible situation.

    Cahuo, a must.

    Regardless of what went wrong last night will call him I went to sleep, now this is really the result... Than in the morning woke up and found himself lying on the future admiral more terrible thing called I met was an unlucky year.

    He has a deadly reaction ah.

    Although the natural physiological response and personal mood does not have any relationship, or dangerous.

    Young people full of sap, now I and his two individual islands...

    Marin de Navy headquarters of the group of senior generals in private what virtue, although I do not have keenly aware of before, but! This know also know ah

    Cahuo, a must.


    Holding a paste head squat in place for a long time, it was not easy for me to press down one hundred thousand points in the thriller plus embarrassment, good life patted cheeks to own a little more sense, then looked up and looked around.

    What change is still not around, yesterday to the col, distant streams, lush vegetation, the morning in a quiet, cobblestone creek bank a pool of charred ashes, at night campfire sites.

    However, last night, two pirates are out there.

    Should be said to be exact, where two bodies go to.

    Frowned, I stood up and turned slowly to the col carefully search again, eyes on the thick woods, paused, back.

    There are traces of dense vegetation fresh depths, it looks like... Buried? Last night when I slept the navy to become unconscious, two corpses dragged into the woods digging buried.

    Thought, I think this is the use of the fruits of their island is not necessary... Seriously to confirm the depths of the forest ground is not really two bodies such things ah..

    Anyway, wait until the rescue immediately after leaving, I was in the same time and Marin de shield some disharmony are good.

    So... Ha ha ha ~ rescue or the first to cut down a tree to ignite the flames!

    After I decided to go on foot, then woods creek bank, there came the news that people, uh ~ should be up after get rid of some embarrassment, standing on the waist in the water is cloudy to look over.

    Then I have taken the back foot, turned back to him that will be fixed.

    Someone said, now do not want to betray, those who live or have decisive physical man to do it, Marin de Admiralty generals have machismo badly, since in their view is the only woman bed relax effect...

    I play a decisive or not what good use.

    Anyway, a start to light the signal for help because of this young life worrying, now he early in the morning has a physical response to women, those things will let him go.

    I am not anxious to leave the wrong time, space, according to the situation before crossing, in fact I stay there and will not affect the return, so I don't worry.

    The anxious should be the living on the island with the Navy lost contact with major general.


    After a while, the sound of footsteps from far and near.

    The man got up from the water on the shore, I do not know what to do is not to utter a single word, anyway, I came back to him like some cloth wring water and shook off the sound?

    Then he left for a while back, hot fire once again ignited into the air, the last one in the large green leaves wrapped in a packet is lost gently at my feet.

    Vertical eye gaze of the eyes in the past, saw hastily Zhaqi leaves wrapped loose, exposed inside a few red fruit that is edible fruit, long in the woods, and the man yesterday to get back the same way with firewood.

    Stoop to pick them up, I turned back, he was still sitting on the side of the fire, the upper part of the clothes hanging off in a branch, inserted near the torch burning, carrying water, brightening the sky, he tightened between the eyebrows, appearance is more severe... Be beneath the human character。

    Perhaps he knew he was just too outrageous, now my eyes in the past, people are slowly eating action paused, the future to indifferent known sakazuki general thescattered vaguely as if a few silk?

    But he quickly went to the strange mask, cold stare me in the eye, but also didn't talk, is in the eyes of hostility heavier.

    Of course, I have no other meaning and rivalry soon turned the attention, looked up at the hands of the hanging fruit, then walked over towards the bonfire, parked in the not near distance, sit down, the skirt covered thigh, then began quietly eating.

    I don't know how to get along well with the ~ of peace at the rear admiral, although very want to leave a good impression to him, but, according to the current two people all called Speechless situation, there seems to be some difficulty.


    The next or not, this silent two people look at each other with a little awkward scene that lasted for a long time, long to two people after eating, he again put on dry clothes, two people and their faces in the opposite direction in the fire until the wood burned.

    This is the The sun is three poles high.

    The hot sun made me gradually thin sweat, slid as sculpture posture, hand up to cover the light shielding, I in the palm of the small shadows, Mi Mi eyes, quietly on the surface, no more to not far from this man suddenly standing up.

    Sensing range, other presence, appeared a few minutes ago than last night, this time to come... A large number, and very quickly.

    After landing in the coastal part of the stay at night may be abandoned in the casual visitor near the ship, another part of the silent and the rapid approximation to the col, the goal is clear like... What's in the guide.

    As to what.

    The corner glanced at the rapid fire embers, I think it should not in the daytime, so... These people are landing... Help?

    Not long after the answer to.

    A white shirt navy army Pants Navy soldiers, two men dressed in cloak generals led on both sides face, full of surprise and relief shouts rang.

    "Sakas Ki!"

    "General Sakas Ki!"

    The first man more and higher rank badges, look very happy, "I know you won't die!"

    While in a heavy slap stood shoulder people not to utter a single word, while I do not know what Yang Bayan, "life card burned only a corner, we almost lost at sea."

    "Fortunately, fortunately! I'm ready to go back to your finishing a report ah ~ "

    Xu is the general too hard? The man was nearly killed dumb sound openings, "I'm not dead damn is junk." And silent for a few seconds, spoke again in the tone Tim recently do not know how to describe that "you... In violation of the military orders without sailing."

    "Jonathan, you idiot!"

    "Aye Aye ~ can be consumed life card I can't watch friends ah ~" the other face had shrugged, "there is no way to punish even without it i..."

    Stop talking about the key point of Mo, round eyes, "ah ~ Sakas Ki..."

    The new naval officer brown hair fixed debut saw me a while to recover the eye sight, back to back to the people of my style, a turn, wink laughing, "there is a beauty"


    After a short silence, back to my face to his fellow back face, lips slightly down heavy, dull tone and does not distinguish, just say it is... I was especially puzzled.

    "She is the goal of Anna."


    Hey?! Over two seconds, I blinked in many strange eyes, hard pulled mouth.

    Then, without waiting for the response, because today's general Sakas Ki turned and strode to the front of me, with his burly abnormal body blocking the rear sight, a man half low face, the tone is still cold, hiding in the shadows of a pair of eyes, eyes but have faint delicate and dangerous means.

    Although he did not speak, I am still very easily... Identify threats.

    He silently threatened me, ask me with lies.

    He said I was the mission, is to find the treasure of the Achaemenid Dynasty people.


    I don't understand why he is lying.
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