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    The sixty-eighth chapter is not old

    His fingers on the end points between the "dowry" and "baby bear" the subtle touch, then I will face a variety of prospects for a better future kindly smile.

    As the saying goes, the girls must be pampered.

    These years, Nana bear is a child I mistreat her, because I don't have a single parent family, what is the ability to make a lot of money, more than ten years in the Navy hospital when a small nurse, take a not too much, although the welfare is good, to feed a small two more than sufficient, always can't leave how much money.

    Now there is a good chance in front of me how to take ah ~ if you can have a lot of money, regardless of the "dowry and son-in-law", at least I can give the rich bear children buy lots of exquisite luxury thing ah ah ah ~

    People said, this thing is really money who are not too well

    In order to achieve "the rest of my life to be able to lie in the Jinshan" never dream of great goals, so other advance aside for.

    - received closed mind run to the outer space to turn to narrow to make blind and disorderly conjectures, thoughts back, I quietly stared at the eyes of the past.

    The Navy 'girls' standing on the edge, well, he will call for the girl, although I think that "she" should he come, but... The current situation, I believe, decisive and play safe, when "he" and "she" is good.

    Because the knees to also know that if I guess this unfortunate name, the Navy 'girl' is the devil fruit ability... Now this situation is as a man's shame, if I don't show what a Shiqu exception to the chest, buzz 'girls' absolutely mad.

    Uh ~ ~ I'm so the decisive or when you don't know what is safe.

    First add up to now, numerous, uh ~ although I Jiumingenren, but it looks like... And I get along the Pacific and not.

    The chest at the moment the murderous buzz 'girl' (because if suddenly found his secret is that I know so) decided to repay after revenge or simply... Liam are not reported directly from...

    Blood, blood them them.


    Think of some very slightly discordant scene, I silently shook, look to the girl's eyes were more in awe of the Navy some.

    The man stood for a moment I utter not a single word, wondering what was his resolution, is to show some weird, raise the amount of looking vaguely like a headache?

    I don't know what this person have a headache, anyway...

    A moment later, so I did not come out "in short", who has helped put down the amount of hand, gave her a look sideways at a glance.

    At extremely treacherous eyes slowly for me for a while, it cannot be heard humming sound, then opening, "you to the internal rules know very well?"

    As an interrogative tone, strange tone means, if there seems to be no suspicion of spying, indistinct.

    "Nod ah ~" I try Mianbugaise, asked to calm voice, "don't you want to?"

    Then, the thin lips pursed closer, seconds apart, the forehead to several wire that was not cynical or sarcastic expression, light voice said, "30%, you are not greedy."

    "I want to, can you take what to convince others?"

    "The Achaemenid legend treasure for years, on your side of the story --"

    When it comes to stop, the man with a fundus Mouguang jump, then left at the beginning of the line of sight to limp to the ground. The pirate Wendy Guem who, like not sneer at.

    "That even if." I shrugged, happy don't feel any promise and then deny in succession, where behavior is inappropriate, "with my one-sided words really can't trust who, when I did not say that."

    Looked at the human eye, then I looked away, a yawn, vaguely waved, "I continued to go to sleep, waiting for us to ignite fireworks for tomorrow morning."

    The last part company each going his own way.

    "This objective to swallow back belly to break up, I narrowed her eyes turned to embarrassment, going back to go back to sleep near the fire.


    This moment of the turn, through the corner of my eye, I saw the Navy got high eyelids stared at me for a quick eye, eyes that are difficult to understand.

    The two line of sight touch each other and dull with downcast eyes, I quietly loosen tight shoulders, slow back.


    I know most of their proposal was not agreed, not to say that people start to now have to dispel my doubts, the Navy no silly enough to believe that one side of the story.

    About "the Achaemenid Dynasty treasures", this unknown person than me, Wendy. Gayn rhetoric is the person that.

    At least Wendy Guem... Well, according to the Navy 'girls' previous attitude, Wendy Guem is notorious pirates, siyouyugu is one thing, our words, authenticity is more than me.

    I know, the reason why mention first startled only under the awareness of opening, and since the opening of the mouth, said not had to continue to say, lest half hidden half is more doubtful.

    The Achaemenid treasure -- Wendy Guem. And the conversation in the Navy, I began to understand what time.

    Because "the Achaemenids' name... In my life there have been well, is not the past, specifically, it is a vital event associated with the navy.

    With years of mining and found no clear spread abroad, but its related books are very famous in my time, is covering the history and politics, take the legendary color fantasy book.

    For the Navy, now this time is unknown, "the Achaemenid Dynasty" from the "future" to me, it already is not what secret.

    Of course, I was a slip of the tongue, and then put forward suggestions, in fact I have tried to shift the point of the topic.

    I want to transfer the attention of the Navy, lest the people... Uh ~ ~ so I hope this person take care to treasure it, save it to focus on their own physical condition on him now.

    I don't want this. Remember the navy in overwhelming shame situation! A man into a woman, chest than I am the true woman! This kind of thing, a man can not tolerate ah!

    Unfortunately, as the person I really worrying situation!

    So, to divert attention, decisive!

    As for the other party to accept the proposal, I said nothing of the so-called.

    He refused to believe, then the next step is an adventure, I know the future through the convenience of money; do not believe that either, I am not very persistent.

    I don't remember my life as long as the navy is seeing him into a big chest among people is good.

    So called Tucao sense plus orz surge high and sweep forward situation, I really don't know how to perfect solution.


    The location is walking towards the previously sleeping in a little while, all thoughts my heart just boiling to open honeycomb, then, is ten paces behind time, quiet, a weird sound without warning into my ear.

    []. A sound, short and crisp, like what is broken voice.

    The foot suddenly, I stopped two seconds of silence, only felt a shudder, suddenly bumps suddenly emerge, so be neither hot nor cold night, I like the cold sweat abruptly called open faucet as coming out.

    - is the sound of a broken bone.

    Exactly speaking, a few seconds before that moment, her neck was smooth and clean off the sound.

    Why can I judge so clearly? Because at the same time, perception within a life is lost.

    Wendy. Gayn died, without a groan.

    It is behind the Navy, decisive malicious absolutely, no advance any murderous.

    Shook, and shook my eyes toward the front face, hair, simply do not know how to react, and some weak legs.

    Later, stay in the rear of the sense of being slowly approaching, the frequency of moving slightly neither too fast nor too slow, gravel with a friction sound.


    A long time, the footsteps stopped, I cannot see the point of view, together with the pressure of eye if real sticky on my back.

    Everything seems to be static, then issued a far behind the enemy Chi hum, then said, "I do not like your promise and then deny in succession, when you have not heard."

    A dull voice, earlier than the neutral tone slightly subtle, this moment... This sounds very obvious --

    Is the man.

    "What are you afraid of?" When talking to my hands resting on the neck, fingers rough with thick cocoon, strength not heavy and light, "you will find the beginning, isn't it?"

    My whole stiff like a statue, his eyes stared straight ahead, don't look back, also dare not speak: I do not want to also have never thought, the navy was lightly to kill Wendy. Gayn!

    Although the pirates but siyouyugu...

    I just killed a man, the navy was very calm breathing heartbeat.

    What should I do? I don't know, behind the back, people will do what ah ah ah!


    "Are you afraid of me." Is to see me for a long time, behind the people once again open, cold tone implication of anger, "the guilty siyouyugu, and you're afraid of me."

    I opened my mouth, and the sound of a difficult moment spilled throat screams swallow back -- is not afraid to kill him, I was afraid to look back to see him now. Ah!

    Wendy Guem died, died after the devil fruit ability, the ability to cause the effect of recovery.

    That is to say, now behind the true face of Mount Lu has been restored.

    I don't want to know who is behind this man ah!

    He was in the Navy, and before I could see that he was very good, then ah ~ now this time is the best navy... Until that time, if still alive, he was a famous general.

    If not de Marin senior Navy, must also be big big.

    Unfortunately! My savior or a witness, witness his shame suffered a bystander, then...

    Uh ~ I live in Marin de look at this matter more than ten years, this might not live to be powerful, at least he didn't recognize me in the future and unfortunate revenge.

    So, he should be a short-lived ghost, but I still think it is not too early to worry!

    No matter the future is not premature death, at this moment, my situation is very dangerous, in danger!

    The heart of the universe! (like ^ person).


    I don't know if I can have what reaction, one time a blank mind, though, as the Savior. I should confidently, but! I'm embarrassed.

    Almost speechless.

    Fortunately, this doesn't seem to be going from behind me what response, he is probably... Want to send a relief / variety of untold and delicate emotions, in short, two people maintain this one after the quiet posture for a long time, he suddenly removed the palm, then wound out from the rear.

    Corner of the corner of my eye I saw a glimpse of abnormal burly figure.

    Very high, compared to the previous... Compared to previous large visual a full circle, my line of sight head case, simply can only see the side this man's arm -- well, then sprinkle some high eyelids can see the chest.

    Tattered shirt fabric gap, the muscles of the chest, compared to the previous two regiment, is very strong.

    I was embarrassed silently, eyes twitch back by the way by the high head, slowly looked up this gap, see at a glance - this person high three points, a point of exaggeration to describe, arm than my thick thighs.

    Really, tall and burly, like a wall in the side.

    Although previously very ragged but still fitting clothes, now tight shirt - tattered, trouser legs called me torn into shorts, then ah ~ a chiseled.

    It's not clear face, he is too high.

    Squinting, with half Hunkui to this one night at a glance, my forehead sweat suddenly bowed his head, mouth twitch several times, never dared to speak first.

    The man from overlooking much of his face because of the angle of hiding in the shadows, only a pair of eyes, Xu is an illusion? Dark eyes, eyes like a very strange look.


    After long silence, the man not to utter a single word walked back to the fire, sat cross legged, Xiandiu a few pieces of wood in Tim bright fire, then looked up, "." A hoarse, harsh face violence / dew in the firelight.

    I gasped, involuntary contraction of pupil.

    How to put it? I thought the Navy 'girl' looks relatively soft, if a man should have a distinctive flavour, is not the traditional sense of beauty, but also the metrosexual man.

    And now, I really hate your crow mouth!

    This man is a metrosexual man restitution yes, big and strong, with a face look sharp harsh temperament features... Although a few years old but young! I have a very bad feeling!

    Stand still linger for a while, before then I grab at each other in the eyes of the impatient into action, he ran up to the position of channeling, quickly the lapel is sitting.

    He can not hear the sneer, but also didn't say what is next, he quietly took a look at that obviously with the eyes, I looked up and down repeatedly.

    I hardly dare to breathe, eyes also dare not around, is to keep a starting position, just sitting, waiting for him to speak at the end.

    Whether it is still in short -- Questioning inquiry, and I am not against Hing resistance or idea.

    Because his eyes are not to say, let me have a beast at illusion.

    In addition, I am also not wild speculation the identity of his feelings, because I have a terrible feeling, I think the answer is that I will burst into tears of tragedy.

    Here, I deeply believe that the universe is malicious.


    Quiet night badly, in addition to wood burning occasionally bursts of Mars, even far away some of the sound of the wind the trees... The navy was slowly open field over the island itself.

    He was silent and stared at me, forehead precipitated a cold, thin lips pursed slightly, there is a sharp henjin.

    Until I nearly couldn't maintain the dull complexion, this talent to pick out the tip of brow, eyes looked as if it had over the rear in a certain direction, then muttered, "I make a choice, do you?"

    I am stunned, first by him without rhyme or reason words make some ignorant, not consciously turned back to him for a few seconds before the direction of looking at a glance, then suddenly back to God, "the Achaemenid Dynasty treasures is located, I can take you to."

    He looked at the position 10 metres, two corpses lying on the ground.

    - he said "choose", refers to the smooth and clean claim to take him to kill Wendy. Gayn treasure.

    Blood, blood them them.

    The Navy I extremely cruel and merciless... I silently choking sound, sniffed, stammering began to say those things he wanted to hear.

    I glanced at him, and a suction nose, while hard to know what to express mind.

    Want to know the thing, I can't lie, because the two bodies really have deterrent, ooo.

    Of course, to be deleted is necessary, the next thing, some not this should be aware of, but I think... Scared the case, now I temporarily not invent a perfect lie.

    So, must be careful to say.

    "The Achaemenid treasure is..."


    The Achaemenid treasure is located, I dare in Wendy. When Guem for interrupting, because I read books about treasure, in my time.

    When living in Marin Clifford, and impressed, because the book is Nana bear children gave me a birthday present.

    The book is called the Lost Empire [], a lost Dynasty Empire, completely through Naval Research mining sites, it is a very big thing published in that year.

    Of course, I saw that the book was later in Marin, clifford.

    In earlier years, I had to find a kindergarten to teach their own children when bought many kinds of books... I have many interests, but relatively strong professional books, the other is love.

    All kinds of books, scattered from the natural biological science, geography, history of poetry and fiction to the file, other more obscure some of the antique artifacts, involving gold and jade jewelry, and even art painting, sculpture, music and drama...

    I have an interest in miscellaneous books, my son was born, Nana called her qualifications growth more than other children of ups and downs, for she was open-minded I have deliberately led her to distraction chores.

    The symbiosis of light and dark, the hearts of the complex, abstract truth is no way to use language to describe, I can only think of a way to make their own understanding of Nana.

    The book is the best way to understand the world.

    I believe, as long as the books, Nana will find she was interested in this world a lot of interesting things, why you couldn't live with myself?

    Fortunately, I half a bucket of water in the way of education, and the Shanghai Department of hospital colleagues and neighbors enthusiastic assistance, Nana bear children peace grew up, although Mensao awkward, but at least... She grew into a great and sweet child.

    She is also very filial piety, the Lost Empire [] is her gift.

    My son secretly cried for two nights to very distressed to break her piggy bank, with long accumulated pocket money to buy me gifts, to celebrate her mom my thirty birthday.

    My child's gift, I treasure it very much, naturally impressed, and I had this kind of books is more interested in, remember the content of behoove is very clear.


    He said a theme, while the heart miss a very own comfort paste bear children, I inevitably laugh very happy, even at this moment in time and not the wrong people call me awful resentment mood to alleviate many.

    Of course, the Navy's mood...

    Softened up.

    Although he acted Henli and suspicious, but ah

    In any case, this is what I have and should not be entangled ah ~

    Fly to the electro-optical flint mind, I waited, then just thinking quietly continued, "whether the ship is located in the great waterway during the first half of any one place, as long as the night toward Y Andromedae north of the 30 degree angle of navigation, even seven days, will be able to reach the sea."

    "The Achaemenid empire is located, is also the treasure is."

    Voice down, see him look down my eyes, not to say yes or no, silent sigh, paused, silently say the organization a next deleted contents.

    The Achaemenid empire is located, now this time is confidential, however, at the time of my life, specifically, is the Achaemenid Dynasty treasures were found after the Navy, the world is not that Titan waters.

    The sea is the Titan is cleaning up after the Navy uh, there eventually became a very famous place.

    G8 branch, the iron fortress.
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