#65  65.

    The sixty-fifth chapter is not old

    I do not know what time the moon and sky Galaxy called cloud cover around the fog, sky dark, more make bonfire outside the woods like curtain, shadow and overlapping.

    Near the quiet, occasionally do not know where the grass spread 12 mind clear of insect wings, is the gurgling sound of water.

    She and I looked at each other, the two expressions are not very good, I am aware of the coast where they landed, a heart slightly cold, she is a Zheng Leng, looking after the terrible cold.

    Obviously, this person also found strange, and at the same time and I draw the same conclusion:

    No reason it is... In the dead of night, unexpected visitors... Some bad ah

    She quickly turn away, to see the precise source of the dark depths of the movement, and she looked at me quietly, in addition to the alert to the casual visitor, is also somewhat... How to put it?

    Is surprised for her keen degree, that is... What color.

    Because she is too young to look like it more than twenty years old, the Navy, the age of youth, both men and women, the practice is the most domineering starter.

    Although the Navy generals each practice to master the domineering, said, no one younger than thirty years old.

    Even if it is innate, such as my son, King Nana at a very young age has been color sign, to enter the military academy, Nana's dominance is still not fully awake.

    I have to get the answer is consulted:

    Because of the premature excitation will cause unpredictable burden on the body, unless under special circumstances, a crisis or a life and death, otherwise the body instinct will stop the awakening.

    The human body is a delicate machine with potential, qualification, have not reached a certain conditions, the subconscious will maximize prevent those uncertain consequences.

    Rather than battle battle predator soldiers, ordinary people's living environment is obviously too gentle.

    This is my Nana looks like a common cause of children, because there is no need that "fight to survive", born the king of color is always sleeping.


    But, the man noticed the opportunity, also slightly late for me, because I was the devil fruit because of her? So young, the range of color could be covered in island, this is "freak"?

    That's the true genius of qualification, and the way of life of the month after month and year after year to walk, causing her in very young now, what color is abnormal color.

    Mind flying, in addition to start to her surprise, I have some other ideas more slowly.

    Words... The Navy, what time is such a good young people?

    Marin de Navy headquarters but not the slightest wind, you know, because in recent years more and more rampant pirates, Navy momentum is fading, if what a genius, soon to fame.

    Those old Navy senior generals, but very happy to see the birth of the bright younger generation.

    And this man... I never heard a word.

    It is strange.


    I am in this seemingly long short make blind and disorderly conjectures, but the silence after the people back to the line of sight, wrist turn away the rest of that 'bandage', then turned from the branches off my dry dress, hand throw over, "put on."

    Talking briefly with his chin with the tone of command tone, at the same time her eyes again to another direction, overlooking the dark, eye brow to deep and inexplicable sinister alert.

    In the bosom of the clothes with a heavy moisture, sticky ice cold, cloth a little harder can even squeeze water stains to -- I sighed, shook it open convergence messy mind, endured the discomfort slowly wear to the body.

    Now is not the time to pay attention to, I know.

    Wearing wet clothes finally got a cold runny nose, or a body fat time after all to bras; identity is unknown, and, with her appearance, mostly what...

    I am absolutely ignorant of, but from her face threatening Shaqi although I don't know, what happened when she encountered shipwreck, now this kind of reaction, mostly have speculated on the person's identity?

    For example, the pursuers.

    This man was in the Navy, for her "pursuers", if not the pirates, and is certainly not what kind of ordinary people.

    Conclusion: the reverse I saved her, "in the eyes, of course is the same as the pursuers' need to wipe out there.

    The so-called gods fight mortal suffer, have to say, this sentence is some truth.

    I did not test good character and not a stranger on the habit, behoove to raise the alert to wait and see.


    32 wearing a nice dress, I am sad to stand up, pull the wet and greasy sticky on the skirt, they got water, when having to wear dry gauze ~ stoned, wet is close to the body, it is uncomfortable.

    Here, I had to repeat a melancholy, saionji wife aesthetic good, work is also very fine clothes, is... Super, level, otherworldly.

    Layers of gauze seemingly glamorous style, actually cannot resist what, neither cold, nor the enemy, not when I was in rags is dignified... Well ~ well, the past is useless.

    Take care of yourself, I see her standing there not to utter a single word also did not make what to look carefully scraped down her close, pay attention to look at the direction of the past.

    This island area is not enough, steep topography easing, plus the night lit a bonfire, the darkness like a beacon, if people from the river into the Haikou landing there fortunately, at least temporarily do not see clearly through the woods, how much can give us some time to pick up.

    Unfortunately, the human is the most gentle beaches over the terrain.

    You can see the beach there, looking at the high side of the fire, from the atmosphere to approximation of the angle and speed of calculation, even now she and I move quickly to hide the whereabouts of people search the island time is not too long.

    If the same is what color master, she and I hid in the cave also can not play what role.


    Probably once again and I think to go around the humming sound, turned around, with a tight eyebrows when I do not know how to describe the eyes staring at me.

    The fire light flash, the man a pair of black eyes hidden in the complex.

    Three review, three suspected, three kill, the last point is uncertain.

    Obviously, the people from the beginning to now, never had to dispel my doubts, and at the moment, because the unidentified man, her heart accumulation that uncertainty in fermented brew... To be a pre emptive intention.

    The "preemptive" seems to be against me.

    At will, at the time I thought he would be a man return kindness with ingratitude evil for good, the wrist turn, unexpectedly put her hand has not turned loose dagger hilt, handed over towards me.

    "Take it, if..."

    Pause a few seconds of the middle do not know what she was omitted, then said, "you will find the opportunity to escape."

    Hey? I froze, look down at the edge of the palm of your hand touched touch chilled -- seastone dagger, give me the words... Although originally is my thing, but now I also, she had no protective weapon...

    Not long ago, conceal the hostility, then took two people only a weapon back... Now the situation is unknown, the only weapon symbolizes the chance of survival.

    To me, this is... The meaning of protection?

    Have to say, my heart is very comfort paste, because of her actions.


    A moment later, perhaps I see no movement, this man impatiently stretched out a hand and broke my finger, knife plug in, then my hands together, palm over the back of my hand, not heavy and light shook, and then let go.

    "Maybe not the enemy." She lowered her voice, tone with soothing means, "if good luck, may also just rest in travelers."

    Although the words say easier, but her expression is not that matter.

    The eyebrows knit the brows tightly, away to see are approaching, all to heavy pent up momentum.


    If good luck... I want to take a seastone dagger, carefully walked back to the fire, sat down to his old position, and looked at him, and then put the dagger back in the tree trunk, the front sight to see the location.

    After all the people finish, and to hear the news here than the ratio, motioned her to wait for the next case, the way they want to take a weapon.

    Seastone dagger scabbard was lost in me... I do not know where, anyway, it lost a long time, it has been previously two variant to buckle bracelet shape on my wrist, now... I and the man clothes are thin, there's not a dagger.

    It is found as previously hidden away, at least, is a kind of security.

    In fact, I didn't call, Shimashima Kami launched the case, want to take my life to people, or at least is the navy general force level, and a shot on the state of open, can not give me a complete and Guizu blood devil fruit conversion time.

    ~ three Navy generals, sakazuki Sakas Ki and kizaru Boru Salino, two... I believe that as long as I'm not One Piece or his wife or his children, two General Sir there is no reason to have to kill me.

    Finally the aokiji cousin, his character is quite flat and less likely to do.

    But Admiral Sir Marin perennial stationed Clifford, occasionally go out is to go to the Holy Land Marie Ochoa will open, almost turned into another sense Indoorsman, not just 'walk' to seven routes.

    The rest of the generals is open, now I'm not afraid of Da.

    As for the pirates, the four emperor in new world will not easily leave the sphere of influence, king of Wu Hai were seven... Oh ~

    Several plug-in I don't have to worry about what.

    Such a thought, but the girl is in the more dangerous the navy.


    Since the hiding of no avail, me and the Navy girl just in place, waiting to enter.

    In the time of waiting by the way to adjust their status, for example... That is not unusual, we create a weak illusion, for people to paralysis.

    So ah ~ I sat on the trunk of the fallen tree, the girl returned to her navy also follow the original position, two people have a rest fire.

    The first time in a long time, the light at the end of the footsteps approaching, I and her two people at a glance, until the distant footsteps stopped, the other is obviously far see action, so she stood up, facing it, don't talk, the atmosphere is slightly taut.

    It will be a huge figure, slowly from the depths of peeling, heavy footsteps, step by step on the surface, cobble stone beach a sole rolling creak.

    Visual is like a ball, the hill like the man walked into the fire flames enveloped, sharp eyes, eyes full of fierce, swept the bonfire near a circle, then went closer, a pair of self-assured or supercilious look.

    He went to the front, look more clearly, showing a shabby in dress, skin morbid crack, hair effluvial, stick into a plume... A violent rage, eyes looked like the dead.

    As a survivor, and... He is a pirate.

    And to see who I was on the edge of the Navy girl was hard to see the pole, "ed Guem!" Like is squeezed out from between the teeth in the voice, immediately put up each other.

    "Oh, you're not dead." The man got high eyelids, as is now found that others look like, "the boy in the Navy, the mast hanging for five days, not to storm, you now have to point into the light skinned."

    Dry mouth grinned, the man laughed like a snake tail, after laughing eyes moved, the eyes of my eyes, it seems Zheng Zheng, suddenly out of excitement and malicious, "there is a woman."

    I'm on the edge of the Navy girl cold voice cried, "if I survive, damn you."

    Speak slowly, she put a fighting pose, but do not want the man suddenly laughed, hoarse crazy laughter -- hand wrist to the body before one -- this time, he came in a dark rear farther down heavy landing muffled.

    Then drag the sound, the man on the wrist with a rope around the other side...

    A thin body with rope drag, drag and drop slowly on the pebble beach; a woman tied up, looks like a mess, and very weak.


    I have heard of you." Man dumb voice said, look at the cable, pay close attention to the Navy girl's reaction, "you don't care about the hostages, but on my hand this but your goal, she is dead, for you."

    Men look more arrogant, talking hands will soon forced the woman to raise them close, stop in front of him, the other hand on her throat, "how are you? I even want to kill her to kill."

    A woman looking up face, hiding in the hair in the eyes looked terrified, weak lips trembling as if it is going to call for help, and throat pinch fingers got to say a word.

    "So hard, immediately broken neck." Looks stout clumsy pirates, say is a very cunning, made clear to me on the edge of the naval justice girl scruples.

    "Ed Gein, the notorious Gein brothers, you and your brother are unforgivable sinner." The girl at the foot of the opening tone Senran, without observing the traces slightly looked very moving, some be careless with attack.

    She just has action, the pirates suddenly tighten finger strength, said sinister when hostages struggle, "the woman Navy Fleet Escort dead, you die."

    See the eye for blocking key hostages, then the pirate threat, "think about their own future, Navy."

    Every girl was not moving, the navy is not words, seeing this, man's fingers loose a bit of strength, slow tone, tone shift, "my hand on the woman's life, than I am worth, boy."


    The atmosphere is by hand into a pirate hostage stalemate, but also because uh ~ about two have no navy pirates put me in the eye's sake, I will watch the state at the next.

    By the way, is look at the response of both.

    How much is the pirate Qiazhao neck secure to rely on, the hostage, although negotiations, to take hostages life to change his life, this is called "ed Guem 'a pair of others can not do his way towards the Navy girl sneer, as the eyes, look very arrogant.

    As for the Navy girl... She stood there, look cold contain anger, just do not know why, some eyes flickered.

    After a while, Xu felt... The girl considered almost? The pirates release the finger, thumb hold virtual hostages in the neck, eyes turn, small eyes on me, "if you haven't decided, let the woman go and get something to eat."

    Hey? Me? Stunned, I rolled my eyes, to pay attention to their temporary camp with the people.

    She also looked at me, silent for a moment, his cold eyes seemed to flash what paused, her flat staggered sight, move the body, "the night forest for her..."

    "The only woman to." Our opening interrupted, "I don't trust you."

    Well ~ I pursed her lips, kekepengpeng sliding down from the trunk, slowly close to take a campfire as lighting, then turned to the far place with plants go.

    After a time, came back... Our voice.

    "No tricks, woman." His gloomy warning, "I am familiar with the wild plants."

    I withdrew its shoulder and pretended to look very frightened, and while no one can see it rolled eyes.


    Now, the situation is very clear, in addition to a stalemate, I think the girl is a little navy the meaning of compromise.

    Because of the hostage.

    The hostage is an important figure in naval escort, although I don't know the identity, but the girl... Uh ~ should not watch the hostages before death, at least to rescue the hostages, afraid to fight.

    Then, when it comes to "wild plants.".

    The pirate is warned me not to tamper with the food?

    Ed Guem, the notorious ed brothers? In recent years, the great waterway known from the inside, has such a character? Why I have never seen a warrant?

    In addition, see the girl hated the Navy, her wounds are given worship ed cover well? Hanging on the mast, is almost light skinned... It survived.

    So, to call her temporarily restrained, it is important to the hostages.

    Finally, the Navy 'boy' is going on?

    I always feel something strange?

    There are just two people answer, the Navy girl's words, I do not know why I have a strange feeling, as if something vaguely familiar? Is an illusion?


    The island near the water source location are generally lush vegetation, the forest of the night... Well, for me and without any obstacles, but I don't show it, because both the pirates, or navy girl, in the eyes of the two men, I should be feeble.

    He is perhaps because the hostages, plus the previously played? He only alert the original adversary, the Navy girl.

    Navy... The man... Previously I found, even with suspicion and alert, for her, I also can easily overpower the characters, so there has been no movement, is tolerance.

    I started having ~ devil fruit ability, and body blood because of mutual restraint, indeed... I feel really very weak now to people... Of course, I did not expose their own interests.

    This is a good thing, to create the illusion of weak, behind it are.

    Made up his mind, so I also slow a lot of action.


    Wandering in the dense vegetation areas for a long time, no need to spend some time looking for 'food', is full of fruit off several branches in the allowable range of holding them, hard holding torches, backtrack.

    This time I left the Navy, the girl has to sit down, when the enemy is not far from the location, to hear her partial head, looked me up and down several eyes, eyebrows loosened, like... Rest assured?

    She is like a pirate and in the conversation, I come back now, talk is temporarily interrupted.

    I intend to take the fruit branches on the ground, the pirates suddenly began again, "you don't want to know the woman's Navy nervous why?" Then the previous conversation seems to be, when you talk to the girl, "boy, they didn't tell you?"

    "Is a treasure, countless gold jewelry, with them, power, status, woman, what do you want to be."

    After leaving thought-provoking content, man tiny Mi Mi eyes, sticky voice, like snake cold, "put your hand on the things take over, woman."

    He suddenly to open the topic, followed by eyes on me "to her," let the hostages buckle forced finger raised his face, he looked at me said, "don't get too close."

    Corner corner, I saw the Navy girl not observable nodded, then in accordance with the requirements of the other party, a move over.

    After a moment, I'm standing in the distance from the mass of about one meter, one hand torch, then carefully took out under his arm a few just fold under the branches, handed out at arm's length.


    Hostages on the rope up, when I was near, and now she softly raising his hand, the results did not pick down the branches and be pulled back, pale face a look of pain.

    "Choose one for the Navy kid to eat." He spoke again, very suspicious of the command, "which one you choose to give him?"

    Hey? I froze, down at the hands of 35 teams with the same fruit branches, think from which is turned into half - a moment in sight, the Navy girl suddenly stare big eyes, look upheaval.

    The wind strikes back... With a dint, I the whole people fly backwards, then knocked against what.

    A very unpleasant smell with nose, smell, mixed stench.

    Cold wet greasy fingers pinch on the neck, not tighten force with thin pain asphyxia, sharp and arrogant laughter thorn in my ear hurts, "is really a simple guy"

    "Don't know ed brothers never separate."

    A woman's voice, vicious and excited, "and give you a few days you will be impressed by flogging?"

    The voice in my ear, close behind the cold body full of disgusting dawdle, with the tongue licking my face, "Oh, I forgot you have been blindfolded, while on board the ship."

    Triumphant smile, like a little regret?

    "You are the skin on the back with the awesome, saline whip up, open the snow is very beautiful"

    - this is a metamorphosis, no doubt.

    And, "she" is the former hostage.

    Or should I say, "she" and the pirates jointly played a drama, until I and the Navy girl fooled, and now the play ended, catches me as a hostage, the real threat to the hostages.


    In front of the Venus thrown with the fingertips to release slowly disappear, I gasped, vision recovery after the scene is another kind of situation.

    Ed Guem standing on the edge, like a hill tall stature, with me, and posted on the three person and the Navy behind, the girl into a more stalemate battle.

    A party trick works appear relaxed, a furious face.

    Of course, because the winner, the two pirates did not immediately attack, I have had to give the Navy brother branches have been taken away, before unscrew the fruit to be eaten, to see people not see behind the cold voice opening, "eat a few other branches."

    Hand movements stop, ed Guem looked at the hands of the fruit, then throw it away, take my hand in a few, and carefully looked at, said, "are physalis."

    "To ensure that if." The people behind whispered and then put the mouth pressure on my face, chuckled, "do you think I'll get the Navy kid fruit, right?"

    "You put the toxic to him, we have to eat, I am not fooled."

    "Wendy, you think too much." Ed Guem at the edge of vague, small eyes look over and pick the diagonal branches, the remaining few, they will be handed to the people has not appeared.

    Stick in the face of the cold temperature a little greasy withdrawal, gently chewing voice sounded.


    The reason is probably the next two shipwreck, did not speak again, wolf, quickly put the branches all eat fruit.

    To solve the most important problem, after broken branches and leaves were thrown on the ground, two people, and I held in place of rest, despite not far from the canthus splitting the Navy with a girl, cunning and vicious as the dust settles breath,.

    The Navy, a surprise / change to this moment, she was full of violent hostility, staring straight into the eyes of here is with full intention to kill.

    Unfortunately, this time she did not begin, if not because of my enemy hostages, one of two cases, obviously, because of her little chance of winning.

    After a period of time, eating and added strength after the break, the two pirates Waltz action.

    Ed Guem turned the neck joint, the hand than the ratio, muffled opening, "how do these two people? Kill?"

    "Kill the Navy kid, this woman I want to."

    The people behind the light tone of man, hand... Start is not honest.

    Ed Guem seems very obedient, just walk toward the Navy had to go girl.

    I raise the eyes, looked past -- the Navy also stood there, looked at me, his hands hanging at his side's clenched hand, covered with a layer of black iron not observable in the outer skin.

    A leaping fire into her eyes, eyes are light halo, crimson and trance.

    "I will direct twist off your head this time." Ed Guem voice hoarse, intended to kill a desire / hope to drive him odious and imposing.


    Silent sigh, I lowered her eyes.

    Slide into the skirt of the hand micro Kechadun meal, the next second, the rear of the issued a sharp gasps.

    In an instant, close to the back of the cold body stiff and soft down, slowly toward the front pressure - I disgust force break, suddenly turned up in the heart of direct kick behind the people.

    Weak body force along the foot trajectory flying out of a few meters, and then a heavy hit on the ground.

    "Touch" sound, sound blunt from behind me.

    There are breathing, lungs to open a hole, hissing.


    Looked back at artcurial. Gayn fell on the ground that Tuo hill like body one eye, then I turned around, walked slowly to be kicked the man leaning on her, then sneer, "don't you as well?"

    She was lying on her back, neck vascular rose to deep purple, and Qin began bleeding stains.

    In my eyes, her eyes, throat - a few times, struggling to speak, "you... Poison?"

    "Oh, no" I shook my head, abnormal gentle reveal the answer, "no matter whether you choose which is the end, because I picked the fruit, all the poison."

    "Don't ladonna grass fruit, berries and acid not much difference."

    Raised a forefinger shook, I somehow smile, "do you want to ask, why would I know?"

    "Since the beginning I did not believe you."

    Her cold poison twitching, I slowly began a long and minute statement, anyway and not save her, "you quite like, unfortunately, when the pirates were killed, where the hostages will stay alive?"

    "Drifting sea immense hunger state, let alone the living, the dead will be eaten."

    "You and the pirates with carrion smell, who had no serious injuries, and those people you eat?"

    "You and him..."

    "In addition to very close associates, and what I think of you, cause... Pull together in times of trouble."

    "Since the Gein brothers, nature is two."

    "You look like a woman, unfortunately, I know there is a devil fruit to change sex."


    The man stared at the eye lying in the dirt and blood vomiting give dying kicks in, here I have no interest in what to say, so gather up sight, eyes up, quietly watching to --

    The location of the navy.

    The Navy 'boy'... "She" is "he"?

    If unfortunately call me right.

    Ed Guem, Wendy Guem, since I've never heard of it... Previous doubts have the answer.

    Now... Time is wrong。

    This is the world of Anna's life world, but in the wrong.
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