´╗┐    The fifty-fifth chapter being exiled

    After the virtual suddenly struck, leaving a pile of rubble, it is not a good place, or even talk so, finished a evil fire, the arms of the child to carry out plug back to his father, and he had a white, and then I will go away as the stand.

    What the baby, although the darling is very cute, but he is the child of someone's home, stay will hold for a long time, the scene is estimated to be these people think more, well, although the eyes to see if they can't take advantage of thought.

    Or put the child back to his father well, easy for me ~ I said that, what will let Hezekiah who angry and guilty, that is the problem of the white tiger Saionji Bin, isn't it?

    Someone said, never light house fighting skills I have learned verbally scold scold Saionji Bin, as for the actual solution... Only a Da ~ oh

    What can I do? Get rid of the bad guys? Things have asked me to do, what is the use of genuine father to children, who want their son's life every hour and moment, he is dead?

    Kiriu Cang son have died rather baffling, if he can't even have a son a white tiger, hezekiah... It is a waste of air.

    Thought of here, I also obscure oblique what his father gave her ancestors.


    Xu was stunned and shocked, or well ~ I just touch those words to heart some unspeakable thoughts, subconsciously took the child, after him in his arms, Saionji Bin brow over a few strands of complex color, but in the end did not say what.

    The children call him Dad hugged, kept quiet two seconds had turned to a hand stretched out to me a hug, etc. will see I didn't respond immediately with his mouth flat eyes staring and cry.

    Soon, the arms of the child began to cry, Saionji Bin came back down to coax, on the edge of his younger brother and sister, Saionji and saionji Tan hurried by forward, took their subordinates to two sons hid in the protection ring, a nervous and alert.

    I watched these conceal hostile people, curled the corners of the mouth, eyes slightly offset, then he saw Saionji Dan's face filled with pride and disgust color, compared to other people outright hostility, her look more out of some other meaning.

    The sister, obviously, she is a brain supplement to some strange things... So jealous woman really terrible, not to believe that now is not a good time, she will be rushed me into ten thousand pieces?

    Of course, fortunately, now is not the right time, otherwise... Oh ~

    Hate this to every woman as a rival attack means full of neuropathy!

    Love a man so simply dog leash on the chain.


    I do not know why, perhaps due to the "Beijing Mr Le" deterrent? Perhaps at the moment is not willing to fight to frighten the child? Around the nearby people vigilant but did not always wait for orders to attack.

    Hezekiah the presence of power, especially the Xiyuan temple could, he had focused on the Beijing spring there, than my this "dragon club" seems to be more wary of the enemy, Captain eight.

    These people what I do to halt the troops and wait, is not natural, although they dislike, but... What is irrelevant, and I do not know how many years they had ~ and annihilation in the history of angry guy in the corner, I have the time as well.

    A moment later, Saionji Bin came across the crowd cast a don't know how to describe the strange eyes, then holding his cry little more loudly turn left here.

    Saionji Dan left a poison eyes hurried after her brother.

    The cries faded away, the vast majority of Hezekiah guards surrounded by the father and son soon disappeared in the distance among the buildings.

    Wait until the crowd back completely disappeared, I have turned to smile, a few people left behind, "going to destroy me? Did you ghost hunting?"

    The rest of the number of people, to endure saionji led, few in number, and also six or seven hidden in the dark, seemingly mundane people, every body but there are power.

    The tiger took elite... ?

    In the vicinity of the eyes turned a circle, shrugged, I set my sights on the other side, "Mr. Le Beijing intends to promise and then deny in succession?"

    This is said to be heard, just take me away from the eight captain, Beijing Spring stood smiling eyebrows, don't move, vaguely very little mean stand.

    Is he a pair of Xu resignation appearance, after a while, a few people out of Wuhan / Hezekiah, sword and hand / gun, and the gun / sword, concur alignment...

    When did these elite next appeared to be an attack, "Mr. Le Beijing 'that came out in the smoke / kuanxiu hand, lifted with a conciliatory tone, slowly said," I see the lady seems not malicious, rather than a futile battle, the first is to check the seal the damage is more important?"

    "A few minutes ago I have ordered stationed in Mt Fuji to check out the energy-saving." Saionji Shinobu no answer, the focal length of a pair of eyes locked strange to me, look indifferent, "seal damage, is the first year of Guizu breach of promise."

    That promise? I picked to pick eyebrow, Ming know each other see invisible, deliberately exposed ironic eyes, "said so, Kiryu's death was in sub Cang / scene, right?"

    I carefully observe the reaction to Hezekiah, several other pour still just, is Saionji Shinobu... Face quietly, for a moment his breath is shallow.

    This reaction... I think, even if he is not guilty, must know what.

    The promise, Xiyuan temple could mean that one year, I remember the comic ending part:

    Kiriu cubeba ordered thirty thousand Guizu into the shrine Club dormancy, prevent consumption of geothermal volcano, end when two intense struggle.

    He no longer accept the white tiger, continue to kill guizu.

    So now... Well, how the white tiger and dragon two, what do I care? Even if the kiriu Cang son really killed Hezekiah secretly operation, and I never mind, it's Saionji Bin.


    For I irony full of doubt, Saionji Shinobu remained silent, for a while, 'Mr. Le Beijing once again "open," I'm not the seal."

    Then pause for a while before re opening, "I mean that this end of Hezekiah seals."

    Don't know what is his bottom seal Beijing Music 'things', his voice down, saionji could Zheng Zheng, after a few seconds actually look slightly changed, "said Mr. Beijing is..."

    Is the dragon, "..."

    He said the Xiyuan Temple halting, the tone is surprised and suspicious, side side of the bow like automatic speaking what to think, after will finally react, "bad host I'm very sorry, sir. Please help yourself beijing." He turned towards him behind several of the instant and extremely urgent, like turn, led the men hurried to a certain direction and.


    Those who watched quietly disappeared, I silently twitched its mouth, silently look away, finally silently turned her head several times, looked extremely curious about riddles like the Xiyuan temple could disappear characters can scarcely wait.

    Beijing Spring laugh very leisurely, when I saw him, he was staring at me, uncle vicissitudes of the face, rippling very unsightly.

    Two people for a while, Beijing at a loss about what to do, Mr. slightly raised his hand to look away, her chin, a sneaky look around... Er, of course, this description is largely due to my personal bias, in short, he looked four, seemed to be looking for what.

    I look at the cable for a long time, Beijing, Mr Le to find him looking for is just taking steps towards the nearby ruins of buildings, which is just being destroyed the false attack.

    The original two storey beautiful villa only a heap of rubble, Beijing spring approached and readily opened several large pieces of concrete slabs, looking down at the fundus, then stood motionless and speech.

    After, he put the line of sight, look around, far said, "this young lady, to come over and take a look?"

    He wanted to answer "no", then no export was not any emotional investment into the eyes to the back wall, stood a few seconds of hesitation, I made a sound, and decided to give eight captain a face.

    Beijing spring, seemingly calm, but look that is unknown, as the joint body also faded rambling ruffian, as I slowly close his eyes, dull such as water, a suspicion, a look at.


    A little while, I dawdled and come near to choose from, he is not near the position to gain a foothold, with downcast eyes, seeing a scarlet past piercing vision got yizheng.

    The gravel concrete below is a badly mutilated... The people trapped in collapsed buildings, have not see like a costume is just a virtual struck when holding the child to escape the maid.

    With a sigh of relief, but not long to live, she was badly hurt, I'm afraid the next second will die.

    Uh ~ I thought this car side, all time aware of the ray qiruoyousi breathing on the cut off... She died quietly died in two pairs of eyes.

    Frowned, did not wait to ask Beijing spring to what exactly I looked over, breathing and heartbeat stop body has a shadow slowly appear, a moment later, the shadow gradually solidify.

    The face is just slightly dazed young maid, it is not death that sad look, the whole image is clean, chest more a broken chain.

    May not remember what happened, the young woman stay Leng Leng stood on the surface of the face was empty and blank... My sight -- causal chains on her chest that strange things.

    "Do you want to eat?" It is whispered asked, Beijing spring.

    Zheng Leng for quite a while I could react, he asked me, so... Do you want to eat?


    Being asked to eat "people", I was sweating and thriller black line, "huh?" Shake up such as wind fingers, finger point to the maid of the soul, turn the neck like rust a clicking sound, a head to the side and eat?!"

    "You what a joke! This is what people eat? This is the soul of good mody!"


    I only feel the hair up, he found himself a migraine position close to a deep brown eyes.

    Is far away, the moment I see his eyes a few silk chill that, cold look at my reaction, I just believe that if the answer go astray, suddenly will die in his hand.

    This man can do it, even if he is now without a blink murderous, take away my life, for him is not too difficult.

    Some eight support court thirteen captain, Beijing spring.


    My reaction is probably that he is very satisfied, unnoticed by the men in my eyeground a bit less cold, pick the hook lip slightly, magic smile is frivolous, "miss you really see."

    "Then?" I started smoking mouth.

    "Then?" He shrugged, lips smile deeper, "then I have to take care of the girl who, later on our business ah"

    I lost a call even the eyes are violent convulsions answer, the Beijing band long and waist / hands pulling one of the two knives, suddenly appeared in front of body by the maid's soul, Yang Shi Wu high arm / knife / flip, sharp edge toward the sky...

    With the handle position of the head punched the victim... I have a heavy shake, although this is he will know your sword hilt with soul force into the soul of the soul of Indian burial ceremony, now watch the scene still looks awful.

    The young maid soul disappears in a shimmering glow, appeared out of nowhere, black butterfly flapping its wings, wrapped in tiny spots broken awn to fly into the sky, suddenly disappeared.

    Feel here across space not observable shocks, I Mi Mi eyes, looked up and stopped at the origin in the air shock ripples, if not mistaken, there is a limit, just a pity...

    I was still alive at the time, into the soul, the safety coefficient is not guaranteed, and certainly not to ask the eight captain to sell my soul to bury the gourd, I hope your visit to the virtual circle of friends.

    However, Beijing Spring won't do it? The soul was buried alive, he is not crazy.


    This is the soul burial of Pediatrics, a captain is not long, Mr Le Beijing calmly put the sword into the sheath, "ah ~ hope back can meet the beautiful girl"

    Very sorry, but instantly appear in the original position, that is more than the safe distance from my side, once again Xipixiaolian, "said, do not know miss your name."

    "I can have the honor?"

    "Ask others to introduce their own name before it is polite?" I smiled a smile look sideways at him, "Beijing Mr Le?"

    "Hey? It is really an honor. "He came nearer, the eyes of some sly," Beijing spring, miss you?"

    "Beijing Le Chunshui." I nodded, then pull down the face, quickly change the subject, "now that things, why do you think I should eat?"

    My face becomes fast, like each other but not take it seriously, raised an eyebrow, eyes up and down, and raised an eyebrow, his face slowly exposed a pondering look.

    "That is the soul of buried oh"

    "You are not a little surprised, seems to know a lot of things." His tone was certainly

    Ahem, I motioned for him to continue.

    Xu is from my performance in certain things, he put the accent smile, for a man, "that you want, you smell, the taste of the virtual."

    "The soul is empty with spiritual food."

    This moment I look very ferocious, so look at me ferociously staring eyes, he carried the master to make a compromise, "Okay, I worry, miss you are human."

    Speaking at the same time he looked wrong is also good, pause for a while before moving on to say, "originally there should not be false, is likely to bottom seal what problems."

    "So, are you willing to look into this matter with me?"

    Before the second will be listed as I suspect, then changed to proposed cooperation, contradictory argument, he said the face is not red does not jump, a sincere attitude.

    Paused and added, "it may be more false appearance Oh ~ you the child protection will be dangerous"


    I ha ha a, decisive pulls out fishy eyes, "it sounds very sincere, but the more you hide." The two step away and turned back, arms, fingers straight in his face, "even are not sincere, why should I cooperate with you?"

    He was startled, fixed at me for a moment before he laughed and said, "hide things frankly is not what, then miss the sincerity?"

    "Some of the cooperation between the two sides of their sincerity, how?"

    The man smiles to sing, "if you expose the fundus edge, not the dragon, I doubt you are one type of deficiency, the flesh and blood that stained with the fierce Li The sin is great. temper, and you're very clear."

    "Why not become false dragon?" I ignore the huge amount of information in his mouth, only catch a little, "is Guizu?"

    He just wants to have fast, then I find another key, "Hezekiah his kinasa does not appear to be empty, because this seal of repression?"

    "According to Mr Beijing, seal loose lead to false, so you came."

    Presumably kinasa So that is what it is., the seal is always pay attention to the corpse soul? This leads to seal may not be true, although do not know what but certainly is extremely powerful, even more soul society are well coveted.

    Only in this way can explain the Beijing music spring will come in time, the corpse soul guard captain of the thirteen division, so powerful characters to life, no effect is impossible, must seal too important, so that the corpse soul will affect the earthly soul regardless of.

    So... Is not the same as the seal, resulting in death will not be Guizu false?

    Just say this is Beijing Spring mean?

    Power? It really is a surge in interest.


    My side of the Beijing make blind and disorderly conjectures, also did not bother until may see what from my face, he was with a wry smile, "miss the opening, very clever"

    "However, guess not quite right oh"

    I focus on the eyes, he crooked mouth, eyes smile like tip, "whether it is false or even death, no power, after all is the spirit, the spirit of sub in human cells."

    "Guizu and Quincy, even with ability are human beings, just..."

    "Power is a double-edged sword, have the power to all potential something for, or is the creation of rules."

    "The awakening of Guizu died directly into the spirit, even the soul will not have."

    After a short silence, he seemed to sigh, lowered her eyes to cover the fundus of the expression, "Hezekiah his kinasa is the spirit of the Jedi, not to appear false."

    "Today the situation is too strange, really worrying ah"

    Here he was again raised his eyes, eyes become indifferent and calm, "as for the bottom seal..." Re opening when the tone became very slow, with a bit of a hoarse voice seemed to consider what, "is said to be thousands of years ago Guizu Queen's head."

    "Miss as a dragon, come here is to seize the skull?"

    The Queen's skull? Is Luo Bing? What will it do? A souvenir? Neuropathy´╝ü My mouth pumping, snappily Chi sound, "do you want to help me?"

    "It is not impossible." He smiled to give a man called thriller answer.
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