Lose the center of gravity fall, in fact Daoboman not too surprising, since this island is a heterogeneous entrenched, what the trap is also unusual, from the port to now in deep mountainside was safe, he would wonder what good.

    So ah ~ Mrs. Anna touch bodies cause the channel to collapse, falling for a moment, Daoboman thought 'right enough', and much relieved, after all... Along the way, if you go too easy, but that, at the end of the road waiting for will be very difficult to deal with the situation.

    Always on tenterhooks is not a good feeling, now fall into the trap, have to say, it is a bit difficult to reduce the extent of the last war.

    When the crisis came, Daoboman received strength to close with the girl not to let her away, just a few seconds and slightly adjust the body balance, so that when it will stay landing is not too embarrassed.

    Never think, a moment later, the dark something hit him.

    Advance without warning, the shoulder was immediately ripped, if a foreign body gossamer fierce stab into flesh and blood, after the shoulder forward through, flexible to avoid strange bones, mercilessly whipped muscle cartilage.

    All of a sudden strong greasy smell of blood into the nose, his arm did not immediately feel a little bit from the little girl out of strength fingers off, in the boundless abyss below to remain unconscious.

    The mind sharp, his detective arm, finger tip to hook the little girl sleeves, a little piece of cloth was missing.

    Electro-optical flint, countless rockfall rain, a gust of wind blowing, Mrs. Anna, her incomparable agility from a dozen meters away to dodge the girl, and floated away in an instant...

    At the same time, the depth of the dark peep with the two mother and daughter, like as the shadow follows the form to go.

    The position quickly close over a sense of presence, his earlier attacks.

    In a battlefield strain life make reflection, for a moment, Daoboman already knife against him, but the blade was a front hit invisible pressure push to offset a few degrees, finally cut into the air, the opportunity has been lost by counter force, accelerate the body fall.

    The collapse of the channel closed above the soundless and stirless suddenly disappeared, the faint light, the thick darkness cover view all visibility, informative color perception range, Mrs. Anna and her little girl with the Ministry of science suddenly disappear, along with the treacherous presence together with evaporation.

    What is invisible, the dark stones falling clattering sound, like a rain.

    Daoboman tut sound, listen to the rain falling rock track clear heavy, after passing through the screw a downfall a few huge gap, a swift kick in the nearby a barrier, by a few meters high force station to turn over the top.

    To gain a foothold and soon leap, then several times change position.

    Several longitudinal avoid rain rocks range, slow drop speed by friction, in the range of color silent extended, took a while to hear the echo of the stone floor.

    Below... The same rock.


    A moment later, even if the foot borrow buffer, and falls to the bottom is still staggered.

    Step on to the surface of the moment, the next run, suddenly towards the side inclined channeling away, behind the gravel rustling fall, a huge rock hit the ground, dark and quiet voice suddenly become noisy, accompanied by dust, decadent and bleak smell, choking into chest.

    For a long time after all the commotion had subsided, the dark around actually floating up fine small fluorescent, weak cool blue, a cluster of clusters of west east, with the air scroll flickering.

    Tiny spots light floating in the air, and making the vision more blurred, like fireflies fluttering and a cold mountain precipitation down on the ground, condensed uneven shadows, what a step on the foot, not something to break the surface uneven, sole of leather shoes.

    Daoboman Mi Mi eyes, eyes and a dark, four foot long, gazing into the distance to see, "general Sakas Ki."

    Don't recognize the answer anything dark then came the muffled, "ah -" vision and slowly close to the rich black is together with him from here Sakas Ki.

    After the opening, and a distant footsteps, walking between the stampede, gurgling sound soles, obviously something dry and brittle on the ground.

    With the sound of miserable green sparks burst out, and before the same color, but this is the action with flash, adhesion in the shoes.

    Black ground, clumps of green fluorescent blossoms along the trail.

    Seeing this, Daoboman Zheng Zheng, then a little cold, "is this? Here is a -"

    At the same time that soft light from Sakas Ki in the direction of light, is also found abnormal, Sakas Ki removed the portable light light source bay here, making the vision recovery, Daoboman immediately looked down at his feet, then gasped.

    Just as he predicted, the foot bones lay out, bones miserable miserable eyes and reduced to fragments, thick fold, just those astral fluorescence bones burning wildfire fragmentation.

    Rao is in battle of life, Daoboman never once seen so many... Bleached bones。

    I do not know exactly how many talented people died here caused such a terrible scene.

    This is a place for hundreds of meters, visible to the whole place is pale remains, many are falling rocks hit broken unbearable, few remained in complete set.

    Just too horrible to look at.

    After the great amazement, he was furious, "damn!" Hold the waist knife handle hand fingertips, suddenly tightened, harder on the joint white, "this must completely destroy them!"

    Dissimilar entrenched islands, bones of mountainside place unexpectedly Pu Chen Shu can count, I do not know how many people died here, just... Nothing can extenuate!


    A long time, under the pressure of the heart rolled anger, Daoboman forced himself to turn away your eyes no longer see everywhere around the eyes of bones, not far from the Sakas Ki.

    The other station in ten meters away, looked down at the half feet, aware of his eyes and slowly raise face, "you hurt..."

    "To leave again." Daoboman deep voice answered, when talking to look around in a circle, said, "where is the exit." Have an outlet at the corner of an annular recess is in short, do intend to leave first.

    He motioned along the direction of the eye, Sakas Ki nodded, before taking the pace again, to look at the foot of... Daoboman went up, while some strange ask, "what?"

    Go up to the Daoboman downcast eyes, trying to see the skeleton from Sakas Ki discerned, but then miss the point is just a corpse, and the skull part is rock half broken, just as Sakas Ki also called one disaster after another a foot up, at the moment I do not know the ruined remains of assorted.

    Two seconds of silence, Sakas Ki gave him an answer "what not to say yes or no, no, let's go"

    "They, the Admiral first started Daoboman followed, walking in the backward semi shoulder position, two men invariably walk carefully and slowly, out of respect, they try to avoid the scattered on the ground remains.

    At will, silence, Daoboman heard Sakas Ki whispered "no openings, or all residual carrion, bones, the death time of at least ten years or even longer."

    Pause a few seconds, Sakas Ki and cold track, "it is too dry, too clean."

    "Ah," Daoboman should voice, look around the environment, the eyebrows slightly wrinkled, "the smell of sulfur." The air around not observable sulfur atmosphere, only a little bit, at the foot of the surface temperature is normal, should not be a volcano island...

    According to this situation... Abandoned entry points?

    Speak two people at the same time build a meal, then also slightly side to see a change in the direction of -- it is a serious erosion of rock cracks.

    A moment later, the sound of footsteps come again and again, many people rush deep slot out.

    Navy contingent personnel changes before these people further search in the channel, in color perception range Sakas Ki and Daoboman within walking in a cobweb perplexing maze, not like now the two sides have this confluence.

    "The general zarcas base!" It is headed by Ronald Sakas Ki under the command of maj..

    Daoboman lieutenant Eyre a step behind, "Daoboman!" The two sides of a face, Daoboman see his adjutant staring, dismay, "are you injured?!"

    Daoboman also let grab the body side of the mouth side asked the adjutant get excited over a little thing, "here is the exit?"

    "!" Low head immediately began to deal with his injury, his adjutant replied, "the channel down deeply, we did not search to a dungeon, the road is not encountered the enemy, it seems wrong direction."


    After a few minutes to aide emergency bandage, as he finished, Eyre straightened up and looked around in a circle, the tone seemed a bit surprised, "Mrs. Anna?"

    Daoboman hand pressed through the shoulders, hum voice but also didn't answer, just got high eyelids to Sakas Ki.

    In the center of the advance team was surrounded by admiral, breath depression and cold and stern, led to his side and silent, etc. Daoboman again look to aide Eyre and his aides have come to understand, "to avoid the enemy advance team, attacked in adults?"

    Be careful to look around, Eyre's face was slightly changed, "the girl Mrs. Anna and the Department of science..."

    "Well!" Do not look at his face in his aide to Sakas Ki as to the dead against Daoboman before opening interrupted, lest Ertai AI upright speech under the name of Sakas Ki angry.

    Although the surprise / change happened so suddenly that they can be taken by surprise, a general one, even two women are not comprehensive protection, do not face the matter...

    At the distance vaguely as if out of black gas at Sakas Ki, said occasionally have to do as a good boss good friend responsibility Daoboman, directed lieutenant Eyre raised his chin, "there is one side of the exit."

    Opening a branch, by the way for their own to restore the adjutant to offend the general workplace crisis. Then, Sakas Ki always not to utter a single word across the crowd gave Daoboman a gloomy smile, eyes on.


    A moment later, a pedestrian is quiet to rest here for export.


    The place is also a seemingly export channel, opened in the hillside, cutting axe severe artifacts, not observable upward extension, only two people walk side-by-side, rugged terrain, whitened remains four scattered, rather than behind the mass graves like body, bones exhibit left channel a strange law.

    Every is toward the deep channel creeping, as it is in the escape, but half-way down, no one survived.

    The bones at the entrance to the most intensive degree of accumulation, so they avoid entering the remains, go inside the bones of the less, this is clearly an exit, just do not know what the end is.

    Akainu will always uphold the Admiral Shenxianshicu style to walk in the front, side step behind major Ronald, the team at the end is Daoboman and lieutenant Eyre, the formation is strict, in order to maximum burst accident degree of preservation of power.

    But also out of tens of meters, turned a corner, the team appeared in front of slight commotion, like what happened, at the foot of a meal, and Daoboman aide Eyre looked at each other, at the same time the hand hold the waist knife handle.

    Not for a long time, since the channel on the other side of major Ronald hurried back, "Daoboman in adults, Sakas Ki will ask you in the past." Red Dog generals under the command of the young officer, spoke brow with extremely obvious... Strange.

    Explain the adjutant alert, Daoboman body disease sweep, instantly flashed around the corner.

    They stop station on both sides of the channel, Daoboman more out, first saw the end of the road is a huge rock block way, zarcas base station at a distance of a few meters from the rock, the ground is inspecting the bones of the dead.

    Walk slowly to the front, at a glance, then Daoboman froze, under the rock pressure several pairs of semi skeleton, seems to be just to escape directly across here suddenly broken rock will escape...

    Tut sound, Behold, squat / body, carefully examine the Sakas Ki view this out - take a look, can not help but take a deep breath, "is this?!" The hand picked up a drop from the bones of the skull, Daoboman squint.

    This is not a human, not a human skeleton.

    Because no man will grow in the sharp head center.

    The hands of the skull back to its original position, then turned to see scattered near the other out, thought, Daoboman asked, "this is not a way to see?"

    After he spoke, Sakas Ki raised eyes, eyes sweep, but also do not speak just slowly nod was the answer.

    "All of them." Whispered again, even if they have the answer, Daoboman also couldn't help dismay.

    Before the concave bottom of the hinterland, Sakas Ki focused on foot, presumably found abnormalities of bones, but was dropped most of the bones of rock damage, and rush rescue lost two mother and daughter, Daoboman not too careful now...

    Are all here, tens of thousands of bones of all... Not human.

    Straight up, eyes looked around, frowned, Daoboman didn't know what to think, he was furious, there is a large part of the reason is the sea a few bones are bones of young children, obviously belong to...

    If it is not a human being but as a result, the two will not think he was dissimilar to eat flesh discarded human remains, but should be in the dissimilar.

    I do not know what time, a huge disaster, entrenched the island population panic to escape, but the vast majority...

    Mind to search again in today's world existing race, finally, Daoboman only admitted, "the demise of the group, is Annafu population in 'Guizu'?"

    The lady has said the family line... The dark haired to linger on the survivors is dissimilar.

    This is really...


    Learn to eat human flesh dissimilar angry, Ma Lin Ford Navy headquarters a few surprise / change, the culprit is heterogeneous, heterogeneous is obviously a threat to human.

    Uncertain factors must be eliminated.

    As the Navy senior generals, Daoboman naturally understand the contradiction between the irreconcilable, just... Up to now, a road trip across the boundless sea of bones, heart thrown... Deep hostility, have to say, there is a bit of regret.

    Millions of people survived the black ashes to ashes, dissimilar... Of course, as a hostile position, not much Daoboman soft feelings to sympathize with each other, just how much he can understand each other, crazy.

    Probably... And suddenly lost all kind of mood? After suffering the hatred for the whole world.

    ~ ~ ~ silent sigh, straight up, avoid the bones scattered surface, Daoboman forward step to the huge rocks, and Sakas Ki looked up quietly watching the boulder off channel.

    The rock surface with Nick, an unknown symbol rule tile on it, not the general character, and in today's world of any country in different culture system.

    Look at the text on the rock for a long time, pick out the tip of brow, opening Daoboman automatic speaking like, "the ancient text?" Then he laughed, "don't worry Sakas Ki, I know not the history of the text."

    The word "guizu." Previously issued a burst of air Sakas Ki stare at him, chilled breath not observe convergence traces, then in his line of sight are inclined in the best of spirits, a hand arm elevation, palm attached to rocks...

    Fingertips without warning elements, everything, all gold slurry directly involved Hongyan vaporization, under the high temperature of three thousand degrees from the center of the whole mass rapid corrosion vaporization of liquid rock flow to the ground, and quickly evaporate.

    The pungent and strange smell in the air, Daoboman step back with interest, staring at Sakas Ki, after each other and ability to recover and laughed, "I was really curious, you and the lady had relationship."

    Heard, this man back to his humming sound, in the end did not answer, just strode through the rock into the other end, Daoboman clearly saw them walking the red dog generals subtle stiff feeling.

    It really is... A rare sight。

    Standing a few seconds, Daoboman hand touched the chin, secretly decided... Go back and we try to understand why.

    How rare, Sakas Ki would... Awkward and shy? But from the point of view of the lady before the reaction, she did not seem to have met Sakas Ki and memory.

    The lady Anna and their sakazuki generals of the past... This is really caught scratching lung curiosity.


    Of course, curious to curiosity, now is not a joke or cross-examine details of a good time, the first priority is safety to disappear in the dark lady Anna and the Ministry of science and that girl.

    The rescue success, the complete destruction of the island, will kill all dissimilar.

    After laugh, Daoboman very fast convergence of mind to follow another section of the road, Sakas Ki into the rock star.

    ............ Split line............

    Behind the huge rock is a very broad cave, the top surface is smooth, high was upside down a huge dome arc, central Shitai, a rising stone stuck oil torch, slightly damp, dim light, see the shadow flickering.

    Kick into here, what color perception to some sense of presence, hidden in the wall around the hideout, prying eyes kill stern.

    The foot paused, then continue towards Shitai high road, walk behind over a few silk air is behind the surging, followed by elite Navy weapons quickly swept out to hide in here the enemy.

    Don't even have to be ordered, because when each soldier received general Fleet Command is - kill with lawful authority.

    In addition to the hostages, Naval Science Department of Nana, the island, the naval fleet left the moment will really exist even among the ashes to ashes, civilians are not spared.

    Daoboman very understand, they as a soldier, duty is to obey orders, sigh or sympathy, the faint touch, not a reason for mercy.

    A few breaths, the end of the battle, the attacking generals have jumped back to the ground, put the sword into the sheath, slight rust taste along wind MI.

    A final layer of stone, high above put a long block stone, slate and dyed it near, don't even have stepped forward to smell the strong smell of blood.

    "Human sacrifice." Sakas Ki: opening, with the fierce anger, provoked a few meters of airflow fluctuating.

    Daoboman eyebrows wrinkled, then glanced at the head around the wall, through the dark shadow on the wall of rock, some deeper color streaming down a dozen soundless and stirless, breath is cut off.

    Not interested after seeing off the line of sight, rock executed life, cannot arouse his fluctuation, it is at the foot of the ground below the high jump trace makes Berman look like.

    Engraved on the ground traces as a huge circular pattern, outline aspect, intricate symbols too, the cave surface painted graphics, central part...

    Quietly look a long time, I do not know how, he always felt that what was with the pattern outlined walk ground, like Nick is slowly filled with colorless transparent liquid.

    Zheng Leng for a moment, then try to go to take a high side oil torch, it will be far away to a corner.

    A second light flash light, reflect the shadow out of the scene makes the pupil slightly tightened, Daoboman humming sound, head to see toward the body side of Sakas Ki, hoarse voice said, "Guizu civilization is really... Cruel."

    The altar for human sacrifice, the platform surface beneath the chisel marks, previously to eradicate the xenogeneic blood along the cliff fall, called strange pattern on the draw, having a sense of self - winding slide, they are gradually filled with patterns.

    A glance at each other, then, Sakas Ki jumped up in the air, people change angle, arms raised, clenched fist hard toward the ground suddenly drop down, narrowing the volcano engulfed the earth trembled and the mountains swayed, draw blood after version of meteor Pattern Convergence center.

    The red lava burn through thick rock below the surface exposed deep hole.


    The surface layer of the hole entrance, suffused with light, compared with the upper yellow light, foot unexpectedly like dawn, soft light, but a very strange feeling, the same as the storm / show.

    The moment for a long time the security behoove disappeared, replaced by what is more dark and dangerous things.

    This feeling is the day in Marin Clifford, Mrs. Anna lifted a devil fruit ability when the Navy Department dozen informative master sensed strange color and uneasy.

    Eyes tiny Mi Mi, Daoboman on month step followed behind Sakas Ki, two people through the entrance, suddenly toward the lower fall.

    Behind them, break an empty voice came one after another, the other hand is the advance team.

    The rushing of the light, the first sight of many towering rock columns, rugged, jungle... Followed by the stone forest near the central part of the people standing.

    Picking up at the foot of a tree standing stone as the foothold, lifts a hand, slightly over a dozen officers slow step down immediately adjust the angle, shape micro turn four next spread quickly occupy the best position of several operational pillars.

    The hanging arm to the side, then Daoboman was transferred to several people at the sight, originally in the lower space.

    Dissimilar in the Navy line surrounded by hair, he stood near a pillar only queer-looking creatures, is the appearance of a horse, there was a sharp forehead long and sharp.

    The Navy suddenly appeared, black hair and the creature dissimilar quietly, focusing on the formation of double-pronged attack with their wife, Anna.

    Listen to action for the lady look not observable to move a little, also do not see what she moves, the next second, had quietly curled up at the foot of her little girl told her to throw up.

    Catch the eye she threw his little baggage, weighed the fall in the hands of the little girl, Daoboman pursed her lips, I thought Mrs. Anna with full strength is very subtle, just like her daughter safe, she is held in the hands handed him.

    "Don't lose yo ~ Daoboman."

    Hear her voice and not discrimination, he turned up a bit, just want to open again at.

    In her eyes, it is called Daoboman slightly surprised, her eye pupil color can change, oil Yan Li Nong emerald like ink pollution into deep black.

    Since the meeting began the wife has been gentle, seems to be the color of eyes become dark atmosphere erosion, silence, change after she was like a hiding in the abyss at the bottom of the nether beast, disease risk.

    Black pupil are not in a tiny bit of light, deep deep hole.

    Zheng Leng after unconsciously avoiding her gaze, scattered sight... See, Daoboman eyes, he could hear the breathing the generals have several can not smell.

    Her shirt out of courtesy, he would disappear without a trace, avoid the eyes, just... I do not know why, eyes firmly stuck in her body, a time to turn even half.

    She who can not see a good place, tearing bite, bundle / Tie bruises, sharp down, whip marks, countless odious shape mark on the skin, dark red and purple layers covering the crazy and Mi Yan, reduced to fragments, with unspeakable evil demon atmosphere.

    Tragic, horrible, ambiguous traces of unspeakable... Judging from the scar color, she should be injured for some time, more surprising is that the calculation time should be in the middle of navigation.

    Can... That's impossible.

    Fleet during the voyage, she under the wings of Sakas Ki.

    Even Sakas Ki... There is general to kizaru in Ming in the dark two group protection staff, who can hurt her?


    After a short silence, uncertain, and saw many Daoboman the lady wrist elevation, her hands clinging weapon to target is dissimilar hair.

    Only... Just call her mark on the disturbance of attention, now forced myself to calm down, Daoboman immediately found the wrong, the lady holding standard seastone dagger, scientific research department is dedicated to dealing with the devil fruit ability of those weapons.

    Now, Mrs. Anna, holding her hand, holding the blade is made of stone in the sea floor.

    That is to say, she is the fruit of the devil nemesis repression, wanted to come, just the moment is upset, she hit a seastone caused the island contained fruit.

    But why does she have this?

    He did not want to know the key, the lady suddenly narrowed eyes, watching the hair look dissimilar Papertrail, "I could not pursue, why do you want to invite Nana?"

    "Good death not good."

    Easy and slow tone, the forehead is cold and empty, "I don't love you nonsense, please go to hell"

    Compared with the words meaning, her mood no ups and downs, but is black like xenogeneic, stupefied for a long time before God back, eyes full of hide stunned, "why, how can you wake up?!"

    "Thanks to you." Thin lips gently opened and closed, and she raised her hand to a break from the collar, it will be wrapped around your wrist and dagger, arms horizontally and slowly, hanging in the air, straight hair to kill him. "The two wolves."

    A glance, Daoboman see things calm that Mrs. fimbriate fingertip winding automatically, several color mix hair silently explosion, unspeakable oppression with space filling.

    A thick fog light blue glow to the lady as the center spread, the hurricane howling circling, forced breathing difficulties.

    Daoboman Mi Mi eyes, eyes staring at the wrong well pressure center, the next second, vaguely like illusion, Mrs. Anna behind a vague figure condensed.

    Is a man, did not wake up, lazy temperament is somewhat like admiral aokiji, eye pupil color is very shallow blue, sharp eyes on the pick, the other eye seems not good eyesight, with a curious eye.

    In the presence of unknown man behind her, if there seems to be no swept around in a circle, the sight of place, breathtaking kill, thick greasy real in the boundless blood general.

    The line of sight intersection, but also in an instant, the other adjustable open eyes, Daoboman humming sound, subconsciously tightening palm fingertips, Ge to the hilt, almost could not resist the attack at /.

    Seemingly with lazy man, brow buried cold hostility.

    It is called the lady voice down soon revealed the stature of the man, nothing on hand across her shoulders, hold her wrist partly hidden and partly visible, thin lips moved, saying what --

    With that I can't hear clearly the language, the pressure rapidly folded to her body side, friction becomes more intense, is like a huge hand kneading extrusion, huge energy gradually converge to her fingertips.

    "Virtual flash -"

    Soft and bright blue suddenly become dazzling, as is the general kizaru radium shooting to kill, to the extreme and bright light disappears without warning, blue lightning snake countless like fled in the air.

    After a few seconds is very shocking shake, accompanied by a terrible explosion, a huge whirlpool off as destructive hurricane tsunami, at the moment the earth cracking, rock collapse.

    The chaos at the foot of the foothold suddenly collapsed, Daoboman only had time to seize the arms of coma girl, the next second is called hurricane blowing to fall below.
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