The fortieth chapter feast

    Careful exhaled breath, I almost was in awe of the dagger then turned away, waiting for the answer.

    This de force feeling is seastone right?

    Although I have been very careful, never let myself fall into the sea, but for the full range of restraint in their own things, how to say? The subconscious is still very sensitive.

    Cannot describe the feeling, a bit uncomfortable, a bit like no door stood high on the edge of the cliff to look down, slightly dizzy, weak sense of hands and feet...


    A young boy pursed her lips, silent for a moment and then said, "the Ministry of science and seastone stainless steel with forged weapons, it can kill the devil fruit ability."


    The key is to... Give me a servant, who want to kill?

    Red Dog generals?

    Kizaru will you and your colleagues... How much hatred?

    Navy three will each other deep hostility hiding so zhikeyihui?

    Then there are! Three of you will love to kill the other trying to stir into irrelevant people to make is how ah?

    Put the risk transfer topic fell!

    His eyes twitch violently several times, I hard to smile several voices, then slowly shifted the focus to a few degrees, decisive offset shaped with excitement, "little Chipmunks"

    "This guy is siwah." A small opening good wrestler, raised his chin, "today close protection aunt."

    "Hey?" I... I watched him blink eye rub beans sell adorable hairball, thought, mouth with a smoke, "why not restore people? This way will not hurt?" Short legs run, which in case of accidentally stepped on the navy... It feeds!

    "He said that security." I do not know why, can I ask, small wrestlers voice faintly like a molar taste, "aunt do not care about him, anyway, if he is wrong with a dagger..."

    The young boy said his elevation of a few degrees, than a "kill him" the knife lining hanging slightly inverted vertical eye between the eyebrows, some devils taste, "he said, under special circumstances, any defense aunt is not excessive."

    I was embarrassed, paused and embarrassed the next, deadpan stare at small wrestler, a long face heavy shaking, decisively away sight, looked down to hear news "is likely to be not excessive defense 'parties:

    Do not say first Flickertail shake quickly looking up face ~ I feel tearful, seastone blade dagger, kizaru general purpose should be... Uh

    Quickly shook his head, my spirits, hand stroked hair on the back of his little chipmunk, heart feeling you Tucao a sea cover a wave, I prefer to believe in ghosts. Your father!

    Navy interior enmity is really Oh ~ the Warring States Marshal know, his confidant players are trying to kill each other every hour and moment ah!

    Then, what time to sail over!

    Admiral of the ring is too messy I really do not want to mix, quickly arrive at the destination to rescue my son back, Nana and I finally hot kiss to live, all the other men go to hell throw ah!


    Pray my heart was God selective hearing ignored, not long, the man training suit and went to the outdoor red.

    As soon as he appeared and won all the attention, especially powerful aura, Campbell to the station, the scene suddenly rose, especially in perfect silence, membership of a public Navy little buddy, attitude strict silence, can be called the silent.

    The room was full when looked dignified atmosphere, the red dogs will slowly get sight to look around the corners of the mouth down sink, then, is to make people doubt the taciturn mute man waved.

    After man motioned suddenly silent, the training room is cleared, can the heart have one degree.

    I consciously follow the crowd stood up, terrified look set for a major Ronald speed as navy brother tide left by the way (silent Kang hand), trying to retain little brother ran before leaving the Navy escorted away as small sumo wrestlers.

    Small wrestler energy-saving surrounded by the crowd, the Navy little buddy wrapped people go forward, the young boys struggled to look back, is quite hesitant.

    In my view, he moved his lips as to what is said, but suddenly while a shadow over the eyes wander again when your mouth closed, choose decisively muffler.

    The back of the head immediately hang out dense black line, I stare at the training room the door out crowd, silently swallow choking in the throat of a string of all out of order:

    You go to a courageous don't leave me down ah!

    Red Dog generals such as if I call to break throat for someone to save?

    Your brother is not a naval mission to save the common people do! It left me a hello ah! Don't even Flickertail away ah ah ah!

    _ (his / _: 3)


    Suddenly, the door closed on the relentless training room, the indoor suddenly become needing.

    Mouth beat, my stiff while to melancholy back sight, people said, was a harsh admiral silently staring at the pressure Alexander, available online in Kyushin Pills!

    Two person four eyes, a long time at a loss about what to do.

    Mother egg! I'm scared incoherent fell!

    The top as quietly, heart quietly began to bite the handkerchief, another will, in my eyes under the eyes, dark red suit man there was a sudden movement?!

    He, he moved, hidden in the brim under the eyes, as if just stared at me a glance, then... Behind me quietly when the hair on the back of the hand off the Admiral not to utter a single word...

    Before I scared back when he took off the cloak was rolled up carry on the hand, then take a few steps to the front legs, bent his cloak on a stack of boxes on the side up before.

    I gave her a careful look sideways at carefully moved by the way, I will be two feet, a little distance between people.

    The red dog will let go of the cloak, but not immediately straightened up, I do not know what is in view, he maintained a slightly leaning posture, quiet for a long time, he just suddenly when I strike terror into the heart of a mind, a heavy, cold hum and no debate.


    The subconscious shook, I saw from the corner of the corner sakazuki will slowly straightened up, fingers nianzhuo dagger, head slightly lower several degrees, repeatedly looked at the hands of the weapon.

    Well, this man is very strange love always wearing a hat, regardless of indoor and outdoor, or work to rest, in a word, he and I two people a few times hit a hat for the occasion, three to two of the face, i... I don't have the opportunity to witness, the Admiral Sakas Ki sakazuki the true face of Mount Lu.

    Uh ~ pianti.

    A moment later, holding a dagger left see right to see all the red dogs will finally draw the sword.

    Two kinds of strange blend of forging dagger, gray white blade prolapse black scabbard, blunt blunt exposed in the air.

    A sound, I flung back, the foot side did not want to move in front of a red suit, suddenly, this person disappears, the next second, back hit a hot obstacle.

    It's too fast! I don... A few seconds blank to react to what is really going on.

    Admiral sakazuki, the man suddenly dodged behind me, and get some close, how to say? I can't see behind, but vaguely encounter obstacles, and knocked me back from the intention.

    My waist, waist and lifted a strength, not heavy and light to prevent the spread of the foot to retreat, the temperature suddenly moved faster, like illusion.


    Keep straight posture, the pupil not observable tightening, I only feel the heartbeat is scared, some fast, first is no response, now belatedly began to fear.

    The scalp tingling, the atmosphere did not dare to breathe.

    A moment later, the man standing behind his body seemed to be going forward, there are close at hand I feel strange, breath in the ear, it's contact with the cheeks with hair standing on end to numb.

    "Take it, close your eyes." Sound man very heavy, don't know the reason perhaps is hoarse, with a few strands of vigorous tone range command words, "relax"

    He said, my wrist was rough touch attachment, crammed into the palm... This cool touch... Is to prevent slippery handle sweat silk winding...

    I was holding a dagger, wrist force with elevation to a certain position.

    With the caress of fine cloth, red suit sleeve from behind, followed by his eyes...

    "Elbow back..."

    "The strength on the wrist..." A man's voice to speak, tweak my hand and body movements is a little taste of "guidance, regard it as part of a finger... Stab..."

    My brain is blank, this can be in accordance with the instructions / with his mouth.

    Help what melody!


    The eye is covered with strange man's palm, I couldn't see what was holding, wrist again according to his intention of repeatedly brandished a knife.

    At the back, waist, back.

    Simple and boring action, every action, the wrist was locked away with not observable change, adjust the angle and intensity that seems to be a powerful attack effectively.

    I tried to force yourself to concentrate on the hands of the action, but the effect is poor.

    Nerve endings from start the alarm from the hair to the heel, every cell in the silent scream to escape.


    In fact, I was afraid of red dog generals, not because of what other reasons, it is pure spirits and far, their navy generals a burly force value burst table, a glance gives a powerful sense of oppression, but the process along, I also not too well ~ fear.

    Whether it is the ghost spiders or kizaru, general.

    Violent, manic, tough, deceit, the two senior Navy, each temperament makes me don't want to get close to the character, but in the end did not like this trembling degree.

    Only I'm so afraid of people, general Sakas Ki sakazuki.

    This man is absolutely paranoid to sick.

    From the beginning to now, even never met, just living in Marin Clifford, I had never met the Admiral with fear.

    Perhaps, because the story of those long ago had seen with their own that I was too subjective, unfortunately, accustomed to not change First impressions are strongest, easy.

    Not to mention the general and I had not much intersection, think he is raising his hand will be a magma flying over, lest they shiguwucun me, where the courage to approach such a fierce beast ah!

    The Department of the Navy human weapon, than [ice age or eight feet] meteor volcano, Joan gogok, big fire, is not the choice I hate away.

    Now and then... Help what melody!


    After some time, I have no way to calculate time, in short, wrist began to sour, but also because of the sweat soaked dagger hilt and cold greasy.

    Gradually, I think... Behind this man seems to be something wrong with it?

    In the grip of wrist force slightly tightened, and... Close to avoid heart to caress... I, I feel like the time behind the occasional encounter, bear muscles taut, not observable breathing disorder...

    Stiff, suddenly want to understand why the red dog generals behind very strange, then, I vaguely hear the consciousness of the depths of the sea that door collapse sound.


    Stop... Linger soul light!

    Another hard hit dagger, foot forward with stagger, I try to control the people from behind, did not think that he had expected the same moment of the force, the body leaning forward with wrist force immediately imprisoned back trajectory.

    Hard hit back... No, let it throw dagger, falling down, the hand free hand grab handle quickly, turning blade, hard / back / falling - plug

    Kill you!
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