The thirty-sixth chapter soldier diary

    Dinner, Silva soldiers again see the protection of his target, Mrs. Anna, and had close contact, and can be a gentle lady sharing a table for dinner, the soldiers said that this award must be decisive for major Ronald.

    When cleaning the afternoon after deck, because disappeared five days of Mrs. Anna suddenly appeared, Silva soldiers very excited, one did not look... Lazy get caught.

    The lady was seasick such energy-saving captain hurriedly escorted back to the cabin, Silva soldiers look back and see. Really. Major Ronald temporary sampling stood not far away, deadpan stare at him, by the way, even behind some not noticeable corner of the white mantle amphibole had a general.

    A good eyesight, unfortunately only exposed from the Siva soldiers silhouette cloak epaulets, see who did not meet the admiral is where sacred.

    [number] rose supreme commander, Admiral sakazuki Mr. Sakas Ki.

    So, this situation is about... Mrs. Anna to the rear deck sun, take the time to plan a telepathic encounter "Mr. Sakas Ki busy? The results failed to do so?

    Leisure will see the idea that the novel siwah tenrai soldiers soon fill out a series of brain, what "overbearing general: exclusive wife", "cold gentle awakening: what the Navy ', etc.... I also understand the second major Ronald black as the bottom of the pot is called what to face.

    He had been very attentive, but become a stumbling block sakazuki will love the road, on the right?

    A few minutes later, he stood siwah soldiers proved his idea: after a week of deck cleaning work is not yet complete, major Ronald wore on lively beat veins added an order.

    All the soldiers toilet cabin, immediately rounded to clean up, and for a period of seven days.

    Major Ronald generals Akainu serious worship, witnessed the idol left disappointed after all the anger to the initiator of evil into gongbaosichou rapid fermentation of corporal punishment.

    Once again suffered workplace violent soldiers said very heart stopper.

    _ (his / _: 3)


    Diligent siwah soldiers, during this period of time in the next to / / / Xian to die, just love does not feel tired.

    Then ah ~ wearing masks to perform the task of soldiers, finally completed today and work, go to the bath, almost missed dinner time.

    Hurriedly rushed to the restaurant, an eye in the past crowded, hungry eyes glowing siwah soldiers lined up to retrieve the meals, for a long time has not been able to find a vacancy, has no choice but to touch the only one left empty position table, pins and needles hard to eat.

    How do I say this?

    The reason is this.

    The Department of naval fleet during the voyage has an unwritten rules, presumably in order to establish the concept of equality, reduction in rank bring class mentality, general noncommissioned officers at least once daily meals and soldiers together in a public restaurant, all free to sit mixed, eating the same food, no distinction between superior and inferior position, the occasional whispered laugh.

    The unwritten rules when there has been no research, the strange thing is always keep it down, gradually become a tradition.

    Rosa, of course is no exception, even if the Supreme Commander is admiral, sailing at the beginning of the daily fixed dinner time, general Sakas Ki will appear in a public restaurant.

    Today is the same.

    Then, today is not the same as Silva soldiers, he was late to ~ when the restaurant in addition to Mr. Sakas Ki this table, other places All seats are occupied..

    Because no soldiers or generals, generals Akainu dare and a table for dinner! Be unable to eat well?

    Inadvertently just in time to see Mrs. Anna, came to see other people at Mount Lu really did not dare to turn around and leave lest too deliberately siwah soldiers said that his buddies had left him in position, it is too sad to feed!

    Can sit beside Mrs. Anna very pleasant, but the next table facing his gloomy face happened to major Ronald uglily, than in the afternoon on the edge and on the edge of the eye knife science department combat troops table person projection... (like ^ person).

    In addition, Mrs. Anna opposite Sakas Ki general, although still very serious meal, but... The soldier is keenly aware of, since he sat down in a certain direction from the strange pressure, really a bit of a porter with hair standing on end.

    Burying her head low almost to face into the food plug / height, Silva soldiers trying to wave spoon, bulging cheeks Da ~ ~ ah chew chew chew chew ah ~ to gangbusters speed, trying to solve the dinner as soon as possible, lest...

    The following afternoon "stumbling block" and later promoted sakazuki general eyes sinking sand.

    The soldiers do not want major Ronald Silva again add order, er, although the case, he has That's final. must continue the tragedy at ~ melody

    Sick five days is not easy to adapt to something in public places Mrs. Anna... Observe her close, close to the familiar, these soldiers is Siva plans to complete the task smoothly after all can increase the degree of ~

    But... Sakas Ki's eyes, he is not such a cipher can afford like melody ~ what


    While in the heart in tears, while like a hamster himself on both sides of the cheek bulging, eager to fill the stomach to escape siwah soldiers... Soon the misfortune of being choked up.

    On the spot that spit out too rude soldiers threw off the spoon, pulls out three eyes began pounding on the chest.

    Good uncomfortable... Rosa, chuishiban today is the seastone incorporated into the rice cooking? He was choked to death.

    A close call swallow throat plugging like stone meal, consciously survived the soldier's eyes pan tears siwah... Get a cup on the edge of the pass, there are not heavy and light to pat.

    "Drink first, slowly"

    Gentle voice, and she gently pat his back with the same strength, let a person feel no reason... Safe.

    Blinked, looked at the side of the soldiers stupefied the lady, she also looked at his hands, he handed the cup mouth, forehead has a few strands of concern, "eat too fast, really is a child."

    "Ah... Why? Thank you ~ "the soldier stuttered back to the sound, then covered with confusion took the cup, he didn't even know why suddenly ears burning hot.

    Perhaps this moment to stay in his eyes too soft? Mrs. Anna looked at his eyes hidden shallow smile, as if in the memory of what, deep and quiet.

    He is a child, her gentle tone was unbelievable.

    Hands holding the cup, small mouth sipping water, cramped out of sight, the soldiers thought... He probably... Can understand Mr. Boru Salino's mood... This lady... The time to concentrate on looking at the person's eyes, eyes deep like a swamp.

    A little love, a little care, a little worried...

    I like very little time to be coddled feeling.

    The memory has been blurred face the woman holding him, low coax... Kiss his forehead, a small voice to appease...

    In Marin Clifford, hiding in Mrs. Anna nearby, he had seen her with her child's appearance, and at the moment when he felt as if some, the mother too spoiled children... Don't want to experience when he was...

    The soldiers by Silva looked down the moment, a moment of time over a few color fundus Xu, Mrs. Anna, this woman is very dangerous, especially for men, they have lost all the men, she is confused by /.


    A moment later, put down the cup siwah soldiers hide perfect mood swings, top benefited in every way baby face, smiling eyes bent into two arcs, of course, he did not try to side and wife continue to strike up a conversation, just quietly put the glass on the table, and then bowed his head.

    Pick up the spoon, eat much slower.

    A meal to swallow chewing twenty, well, like a child in the family dinner, obediently not to choke, listen to the words of adults to achieve healthy diet.

    The body side of the lady did not continue to focus on him, the soldiers through the corner of my eye, he seems to find her appetite is not very good, almost no meat dishes, but the bowl of assorted soup in a half.

    Hard to eat siwah soldiers, careful mask to want to own the bowl of soup did not move to push past the intention, because... Pressure opposite Mrs. Anna Sakas Ki general body... Is really bad.

    Spend a little time food will be wiped clean, relieved the soldiers looked up and turned out one hundred thousand courage to look around:

    Public dining room was filled with a very strange atmosphere, each sitting near the people are obscure and take a "you're dead" look at siwah soldiers.

    Soldiers from the mixed sitting in the crowd of buddies on the face to see 'you go ~' compassion look, blood, blood them them.

    Since the day of luck on a voyage aboard the road the difference in the end siwah soldiers, silently choked several times, resolute look back, a turn on as I looked up to his generals Akainu sight.

    Shook, the soldiers said that Mr. Sakas Ki's eye is really... They were very thin Si fear ~

    Then, no then.

    The restaurant staff pushing mobile dining car began distributing fruit, during the voyage to avoid scurvy, need to be fixed daily intake of vitamins, daily meals will be provided after the ship quantitative fruit.

    The car wheels gululu in the sequence table in aisle sliding, stacks of chopped Fresh Fruit Platter placed on the table, while the table where the Siva soldiers put on the central crystal plates, pulp, Asa Ka, dispersion in the air.

    In addition, in addition to cut fruit, I do not know how I added a small dish... Pickled plums.

    The lapel is sitting quietly soldiers looked across the general Sakas Ki, then General Sir on hand, calmly to the plate to push the central plum table.

    Exactly to Mrs. Anna in front of a push.


    White porcelain plate lined with crimson plum soup is very delicious.

    The soldier's eyes Yu Guangzhong Silva did not, the body side is a lady tried to start, she also finished the meal tray of food, hands resting on the edge of the table, look...

    Stare at the eyes placed on the desktop Fresh Fruit Platter, looked at the pickled plums...

    For a long time, Siva soldiers up, apologetic smile, the cat waist position after careful to leave, leave the fruit out dining car, restaurant staff stopped, after a lot of effort, finally got it back.

    Go back and sit position, put in the hands of the soldiers handed out the "green orange..." Front side to side of the lady send side deliberately ignorant smiled and said, "."

    His side of the lady Zheng Zheng, looks gentle, but also for what he called the "next.".

    Stay a little empty palm, Siva soldiers laughing eyes squint, by the way... Pretend not found across the general hidden murderous look at mr..

    He's really not intentional! Siwah soldiers swear that he absolutely no sakazuki general meaning and challenge, but... According to the observed latency, he will make sense without a brain.

    As a spare not a green orange cut from the restaurant staff there to deceive, lest during the voyage of vitamin intake, leading to this lady's body more corrupt.

    Mrs. Anna has a strange habit, unless she do it yourself, otherwise she would never eat cut fruit.


    Sakas Ki will not observable humming sound, Siva soldiers shook heavily, then slowly open the orange peel to Mrs. Anna suddenly, said softly, "I'm sorry, my personal habits..."

    "What can I say?" Her head and eyes, not look at other people, low voice, as if a "automatic speaking, early sailing, long time travel, I have to eat..."

    Slender finger green peel of orange peel, carefully dissected a flap of flesh, she raised eyes, smile and gentle, "then I can only be very careful lest again accident."

    "Devil fruit." Admiral sakazuki light sound continued, look far not identified, so, in recent days to your room and food, fruit would not touch touch."

    "Yes, devil fruit." She gently sigh, "after that, not personally confirmation, I did not dare to eat fruit."

    Perhaps because she began to explain, the body of the dangerous atmosphere will sakazuki disappeared, the soldiers found the opposite to the man's attention to him here is not like that... It is getting cold.

    Uh ~ but still very terrible is.

    A little confused by Mrs. Anna made redundant soldiers in the heart move either, Sakas Ki will after listening to Mrs. Anna's explanation, no longer take three thousand degrees look trying to let him direct shiguwucun, but...

    Akainu will look at successful conversion, upgrading from a precursor for killing all kinds of hidden hostility at.

    Jealous of men is more terrible, really.

    The soldiers face bitter Siva, sitting up straight, not easy to General Mr. horror with a glance, immediately to see tomorrow the sun's tragedy mentality, the soldier reached out and decided to take a final fruit.

    Pick up a piece of flesh, tears open mouth, bite -


    Taste buds... So unspeakably horrible smell... I saw the mother of heaven ~ melody

    Keep to take a fruit fellbackward soldiers, eyes suddenly appeared a boundless sea, the gates close at hand.

    Good to eat!

    Good... Terrible! In this world there is terrible taste of fruit, ().


    Head straight hit the ground, the scene saw Siva soldier finds himself very strange in full ears all exclaimed in.

    All around without warning become great? He even saw enlarged many times the chair foot?


    A dull after the back lying siwah soldiers face reflects a wonder among the eyes.

    Is Mrs. Anna, her on her side, looking down at him, eyes filled with fear.

    After a while, she got up, she bent down, she stretched out her hand, she... Put him in the palm?

    Dizzy siwah around four soldiers, instinctively reached out... Hey?! The moment of the action is stiff, staring at the hand, head moment stuck.

    He found that he was rested lightly on the table, a lot of chaos far and near, which is the voice of Mrs Anna... Clearly, she said, "oh! It is the devil fruit?!"
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