The thirty-fifth chapter soldier diary

    Small fleet to [] the main ship rose, two frigates sailed away with Marin Clifford, then as in the past... Dull。

    This is an unpredictable voyage task, and set sail, in addition to routine naval commanders speech, operational goals and objectives are a trip not mentioned.

    Obviously, this action is no trivial matter, on each general fleet soldiers know that they will not hold any doubt, because they are soldiers, obey orders is duty.

    In addition to fleet sailing in the main body of the task, a small part of the ship, for them, they really need to perform tasks, it is the first.

    The protection of a person.


    The essence of Siva soldiers to quickly grasp the words, uh ~ although do not know what is "ideal is abundant / full reality of a number of skinny ', but without prejudice to him after all good idea lost orz.

    He figured very well, was planned, then... No target swollen execution? He never saw Mrs. Anna, boarded the ship left Clifford Marin began, a gentle lady was hiding like can't see, ward at ward.

    Who is wrong? Silva soldiers thinking, feel a strange strange Er ~ Supreme Commander fleet sakazuki general it or put in the heart is good, no need to be too straightforward.

    Anyway, the daily routine to contact their executive over the report, also very ah ~ highfalutin reasons

    In the cabin after Mrs. Anna is on board, they were not allowed to hide the identity of these protectors near ah

    Anyway, the same group of friends all know, gentle lady was sakazuki will hide.

    Even mingmian on science department staff can not arbitrarily close combat troops, according to Wen Er, Mrs. Anna is responsible for the safety of directly by the Supreme Commander for the general fleet, sakazuki occasionally force when not cause, such as Mrs. Anna thought of the outside look at the scenery and protector of busy... Will be energy-saving captain.

    Energy-saving captain is also in the idle state.

    Then, suanlaisuanqu are not what they -- so, idle party private chat, Siva soldiers and a bunch of friends he said, Mr. Boru Salino this is decisive rejection of the rhythm, (* ^ ~ ~ ~ ~ (* (* ^ ^ ~ ~).

    Because with the knee to know, men and women do not like that...

    To the red dog generals hand Mrs. Anna... Keke!

    During the first hot gossip finished their executive and a colleague, and Mrs. Anna, after a woman and two men love can only be sensed, meeting, Silva soldiers said that while a task can result when they loaf, or decisive of the voyage is a fake it go well for elastic.

    Of course, they never forget the protector task, just need lurking, so far, only three days of sailing, will anything unexpected during the voyage.

    Even... After the end of the voyage...

    The final task has not been announced, Mrs. Anna in the position, the Navy during the implementation of the plan, her safety... The defenders of Silva led actually understand that, after landing is the beginning.

    They are also executive general kizaru governing Ministry of science, the real focus of Mr. Boru Salino issued a decree.

    [Mrs Anna] - safety protection that does not have any secondary conditions, that is, regardless of the situation, their protectors, the only task is the wife's safety.

    At any cost.


    A fifth day voyage, sunny.

    The sentry guard after the end of the task, the soldiers in the warship deck Siva, the hand of a bucket with a piece of cloth, a mop... Originally, the rest of the time, young soldiers started to give him another task.

    Er is his punishment to sail, distracted the day he caught a head on the appetizer, the back is the staple food:

    After thorough cleaning the deck.

    For a week, (>, <).

    The sleeves rolled up to the elbows, wring out the cloth, the soldiers Silva hunched, carefully wipe from the deck to the railing, up and down from the bulkhead to rivet, every crevice does not let go, just like the beloved woman to Miaomei makeup, careful and gentle.

    The weather is wonderful, shallow tidal fluctuation, accompanied by bursts of warm air makes people be sleepy straws... It also is very good.

    The first half of the great waterway dangerous sea border, for sailing in secret routes like Starfleet across the red land thing, the more is the shadow also commit all sorts of pirates is invisible, even far to see, like the day before yesterday evening, the observatory issued a message, ten miles found the ship, and the accident result, pirates desperate to change the route, [], rose did not chase.

    On a mission, to encounter pirates, the other got away, don't waste time in pursuit of the navy.

    So ah ~ Silva soldiers think, probably before the arrival of the voyage, I am afraid it will have some leisurely head, just do not know whether this is calm... Atmosphere?


    Just like a small hard worker, bent brush can wipe all bustling about, where the cloth into the bucket, the hand hammer hammer... A little sore waist, sigh Siva soldiers like an old man.

    The weather is so wonderful... Why major Ronald so irritable?

    It is under the command of general sakazuki, hands-on ability after the first reaction is to take action, or workplace violence, corporal punishment / force does not explain, but also in a dead face of Sakas Ki general, obviously not good at admission to terrified children, non strict silence.

    Everyone like their good science minister... A sell an outwardly kind but inwardly cruel person, you have to give him money.

    With the end gas thought, Silva soldiers continued to orz, what general Sakas Ki, Mr. Boru Salino what, smiling is not a good man.

    _ (his / _: 3)


    Sunny sky, Silva soldiers on the deck, rose, with the background of floating a miserable conditions.

    Then, orz by a soldier from far and near footsteps, bite a small handkerchief interrupted the heart of tears, ear received the slight ringing array instantly put eye expressions, grabbed the cloth mop, a pair of hard work, trying to make (likely to test the quality of work), see he did not have any signs of laziness.

    Holding a mop, Silva soldiers quietly take the corner at the corner of oblique, people just appeared, slender figure, walk slowly, step out of the shadow master cover cover slightly lifted, seems to be the sunlight is too bright.

    Is Mrs. Anna... He protected the target person.

    The soldiers quietly turned, a moment later, people walked slowly through his side, seemed hesitated, she turned, "I can stand on the deck over there?"

    "Of course, no problem." The soldiers face a Siva speed, particularly brilliant smile, "you need a chair? Sunshade or the like? The afternoon sun is not good for the skin."

    He is very attentive, perhaps it is too nice? This lady has not had time to answer, and heard from Siva soldiers behind him, along with Mrs. Anna in the nearby Er ~ energy-saving a captain to cold to hum.

    After the Ministry of science of combat troops captain hum to speed up the pace, the first between the soldier and his protection target, round body will be the lady's delicate cover tightly, I lost a supercilious look to him.

    The soldiers immediately defeated silva.

    Well, a hanging head, just intend to sacrifice their own color / soldier said perishing before victory, their combat troops and troops directly under the Ministry of science are not mutually exchanges, energy-saving captain don't know him it should be, who let this line must first do their concealment.

    Homely food is come and go without leaving a trace is to be perfect, posing as a latent state.

    People do not know their own people, then suspected by the way when the original "what lecher, Yan color monitor" this course took the top siwah soldiers do not know how many times orz.

    He forgot the melody ~ Mrs. Anna was originally a baby face, his strengths probably didn't come in handy, not this lady does not love, but men around her... Who will first take him as a potential rival.

    Of course, energy-saving is not like his rival captain, keke!

    Has been hidden in the shadows in addition to perform tasks only hobby is gossip siwah soldiers believe there... Battle captain peach pill... Absolutely, definitely, is used to hate preventive ideas in action?

    From every man may become his father-in-law, = = ~ ~ w


    To poke the hornet's nest, the soldiers are very careful.

    Take the mop began to concentrate on cleaning up the deck, of course, is working on the surface, at the same time, he snatched buzhuohenji observation.

    Mrs Anna leaned on the railing, thin body, not a few days seems to be more a sort of disease gas, also do not know exactly how sakazuki will protect her, looking very white, reflecting sunlight from it...

    Look over it at the moment just back from time to time on his sight and peach pill captain, Silva soldiers keep perfect camouflage mission, began to...

    Should the habit of doubt?

    From the general kizaru issued orders, he hid in Mrs. Anna's side, although not every hour and moment closely monitored, but the target character situation is under control.

    So strange, Mrs. Anna usually appear weak but also not like this disease gas.

    It really is... In the cabin of the house arrest caused?

    It is painful... Love has always been the weak soldiers, heart suddenly a sense of justice, he decided today a regular report must be mentioned, and then let them a hero sir.

    Than half do not know how thoughtful, never in the Marin de swim female beauty are rated in the wind, the worst impression of general Sakas Ki, Mr Boru Salino is more suitable for weak ah ~ Mrs. Anna


    Never know the soldiers turn elbow inside, silently in my heart for their praise every hour and moment sir, while they all fufei chief rival, then he will know the eggs, but this is not the slightest whisper, action can come in handy.

    After the huge deck space, it is very clear that it takes time, and this time the target is in character, Silva soldiers come to treat the antique porcelain attitude, almost a particle of dust are not left.

    Back and forth mopping the floor, bathed in the side of energy-saving from the captain suspected alert until successful brain derived by eyes, the soldier blinked, follow the expression adjusted to "idiot band ships meet women all turn not to open eyes.

    In a sneaky way, in a sneaky way, dawdle, dawdled, he had the target person ten meters range, energy-saving has become a captain's eyes.

    Originally like look suspicious, like now... Can not wait to kick into the sea.

    It is not aware of any Mrs. Anna like, reclining railings, slightly turned at sea, between the eyebrows slightly tight frown, pale face, his cage with an indescribable sadness.

    Another close, no captain thin eyebrow side down the shaft, the soldiers found the lady sharp shoulders slightly trembling, look suddenly surfaced in obvious pain.


    He also reminded the sound see leant on the railing body soft down, the rapid reaction of the energy-saving captain hand to help him up but call her away, then she leaned towards the sea, began to severe vomiting.

    Uh... Almost throw mop, called the protector of soldiers was stupefied siwah.

    "Aye Aye? Aunt?" Energy-saving captain is obviously frightened, then just return to God, he will hand out the people planted nearly hold back, and she slipped down the trend with sit down, look on tenterhooks, "aunt... This is how?"

    Mrs. Anna flung will head to the other side, the more violent retching answered energy-saving and asked the captain.

    The same dull for a long time, Silva soldiers first recovered, throw away the mop, disease by forward, "the need for acid, Mei Zi? The kitchen, I immediately went to get!"

    That is what the right right?

    A thunder split into the top of the head, the soldier said epiphany... It must be sour plums!

    He heard that... Can antiemetic!


    "Don't go!" War thunder devils captain peach pill.

    "Immediately!" Silva soldiers a Jiling, answer loudly, "turn around, just taking the pace behind him came a clear anger gave almost didn't speak out normal tone.

    From Mrs. Anna.

    "Stop!" Even angry, her voice was very gentle, uh ~ may be weak?

    "You get pregnant! I was seasick!"


    "Hey? Isn't it?" The soldiers back, his face did not cover down, not pregnant is seasick, but good... Uh ~ well ~ no pity for them, he should be glad he said.

    "Seasick ah -" received close attention wandering heart, the hand of bamboo rake Siva soldiers head, innocent face, "Clinic do not know there is no seasickness drug..."

    Uh ~ should... No?

    After all, there will be no seasick sailors.

    Perhaps what is seen from his face, his face this lady mouth slightly drawn, just like past her when she was alone, look suddenly have a obviously Tucao sense, "I faint for five days, the stomach is quickly spit out, if there is already used up."

    Five days ah ~ surface maintained sympathy for soldiers, my heart suddenly come to understand, five days can not see this lady, why not sakazuki generals under house arrest, but she I get seasick?

    So, what should not needing * happen, they... This is not thrown to the rhythm?

    So... He seems to have lost the underwear to detain out.

    So... This is a good chance to completely fanben.

    At night they report to the executive decision, let Mr. Boru Salino dropped over the best medicine for seasickness, personally, Trinidad night beauty, ah ~ good plan.

    Pinch fist silently in my heart siwah soldiers said that he is not under close interpretation!
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