The twenty-ninth chapter Witch of the pupil

    Kizaru general voice sounds... Uh ~ are high in sugar, apparently because "it right on the spot check seal shop" or by the way in the best of spirits, add a little schadenfreude?

    As for the origin of him will produce behind the kind of feeling...

    I keep my head to the other side of the position, to be far away, pretending to turn a deaf ear to the way:

    Look inside the man?

    Er, it's not, but... Playing mahjong lost the will, once I get cash to make more than half of all fruit, to tell the truth, feel good, strong muscle strong, texture lines full, I would say what sort of thing?

    Wanted to think, and then quietly face more red, even the ears are becoming more hot.

    If it were not before crossing the world, or at this time is Caroline sitting beside them, I can comment on two smiling, dance is an art, with a little love / colour / means more of its charm.

    Unfortunately, now... I'm not thick skinned to unfamiliar and two (male) admirals chat... The human body art related topics.


    Back, I can't see the point of view, the ghost spiders and yellow ape general did not say what the two is... It seems vaguely more strange feeling, I do not know how to describe, in short is to more people on tenterhooks.

    Hold calm, my eyes began to vent, habitual Mianbugaise fufei:

    The general kizaru is really really bad character, and various extent.

    Mmm ~ I originally a young nightclub also did not hide what, Anna married, I am single for many years, bear children as early as you can play to a world of soy sauce, occasionally, who can tell me?

    My life need not be responsible to anyone.

    Even if hit kizaru will also... Uh ~ I'm not his mistress, certainly not guilty, but! In this * touch the positive things, both should not feel embarrassed?

    Why the general kizaru could calm talk ah!

    There are! Will you ask the ghost spider right right? The club you have to feed! Almost staged six countries with large letters, mess in a complete mess, don't tell me you forget, but not early Alzheimer's disease.

    Many also asked what? We are already familiar with similar to old bestie friendship?

    Obviously no good!

    I already feel ashamed in embarrassing episodes of the burst table OK?!


    Because of social barriers plus suddenly broke the embarrassing disease, then, I simply hypnotize a quail, utter not a single word, motionless.

    Kizaru and general in two ghost spider did not continue to stay, probably can't wait to go to a restaurant? The two of them came to leave, I turned to a kindly smile, as to the obligations of the owner.

    Get up, see.

    With two of them back, send God respectfully, by the way, I take the attitude of silence is golden, kizaru will attempt to resist left to eat a dinner.

    That is probably to be inhospitable, general kizaru stepped out and turned back, just like Arno. Schwarzenegger played the momentum of the terminator, except that "I'll be back" saying.

    As for the ghost spiders, he has always been that scared a child's face, I don't know he screwed into a few eyebrows inside, because I refused to invite him to dinner and lead to negative mood index.

    Two admiral duzaimenkou, burly body space together with light cover.

    My hand on the doorknob, looking up face, put a pair of 'too windy I couldn't hear' look, silently watching a moment before claiming to be "hungry" kizaru generals, and hum sound as echo in ghost spider.

    Three people took a while and at a loss about what to do, so, I almost impatient left the door, two admirals and the heart have the same hum sound neat invariably turned to leave.

    Two people goading down speed is very fast, a few eye Kung Fu disappeared at the turn of the stairs.

    Sure they will not suddenly come back again, I quickly closed the door, while the hesitation is to take out a bag of salt sprinkled with drive evil kitchen.

    Then you think well, salt is the money to feed! Don't think the sea fishing Marlin Verde basin of water and sun is salt, who knows the untreated water inside what heavy metals, eat bad belly how to do?


    Back in the living room, intended to pick up guests served tea, do not want to see one eye again at resting on the sofa before Aiji on the two box, I am stunned, suddenly look back the doors shut, and look at the attached balcony window.

    Two people left behind... Uh

    This time I go out or kill rushed to the balcony shouted, probably can also stop human things, but as a result, the follow-up will be more decisively out of order? Finally I have been out of misery, and to get back.

    Sighed, hand shut the box, and put them folded in my hand, turned to find a cabinet drawer lost in, heart decided after a few days and then returned to the two for a chance.

    A jewelry inlaid stone, the main green Yan grandmother deep, a woman of beautiful things me ~ resistance is not high, I also love, but that sentence, no gains without pains.

    The evening is afraid to accept rather baffling, can't sleep?

    Close the drawer, I found out from the mirror cabinet corner began to look at herself:

    Black hair and eyes, white face malnutrition, left and right are looking for more than ten years gradually familiar... So, where there are signs of blue eyed brunette? Why didn't I see it?

    General kizaru and the ghost spiders, two of them are decisive... Color blindness? Seruo? Laoyanhunhua? Don't know or deliberately take the so-called excuse home / play?

    What seems to be a wrong answer.

    Over half a day or miss the point, then I put the mirror back, a fog thrown to the winds along with the fast.

    Two navy general came about because some things, it is a pity that they are not willing to speak out, I do not know what, certainly no way to give the answer.

    In fact, if they are willing to come straight to the point to ask, I must know what is good, because there is no secret that the simple life of more than ten years, worth mentioning, is the basic "home - hospital - market" model, day in and day out cycle.

    My interpersonal relationship is not very complicated, check on the clear, not to mention the Navy already checked, Nana entered the science department at that time, the military has told me that her family background record.

    Kizaru and ghost spiders, they want to pursue, I think it is something I don't even know things, and they take a certain degree of vigilance, so on.

    Of course, I did not feel angry, because I don't even know what it is, not what happened before? Think of the words, in fact, the two generals have been regarded as the act of... Mild.

    You know, deep navy justice, can not see the light of the local buried countless bloody and shady, I am not a child, would be naive enough to think where there's no confusion.

    Not to mention the Navy headquarters, before I come to this world is not there, involved in sensitive / events, will have several good? I have no experience, but the explosion of information on the network, what fantastic things heard?

    Kizaru and general ghost spiders will have to give me this people face, did not arrest the trial is bangqiaoceji.

    So, I have what gas? Continue to pretend not to know.

    The big pirates era to today, only Clifford's Marin civilian life security, for the peace... More than ten years has been enjoying it and never pay what I try to keep it to the Navy, did not have any unpleasant power mentality.

    [guardian] is the navy camp duty, this sentence is true, does not mean I would enjoy peace of peace of mind, doubt can start to hate behoove.

    It is certainly not happy, but I don't have to encounter a tiny bit arrogant foolish, wrong to think the world owes his selfish, indifferent attitude... Can let oneself to get the goodwill of others to help.

    Then it is in doubt rather baffling, I haven't done the wrong of course not guilty, plus... But Nana didn't have time, no superfluous thoughts on irrelevant person.

    Anyway, you will find a way.


    Lose the point of displeasure and suspicion, spend a few minutes to clean the living room, then back to the kitchen for dinner to continue.

    Stand in the oven, while working on my side silently in my heart for your ear to keep eating and feel good... Happy.

    Why not stay dumb two generals to eat dinner because I spend a lot of thoughts... Together with recently repeatedly not heavy like snacks, uh ~ is please to bear children.

    Since the move, Nana could not find her here to carry off all that one has dried fish and bear children to continuous kitchen refrigerator and various cabinet doors, including all can see the location of the home posted a week notes.

    (from ~ delta ~;)...

    O (o) ^))...

    Then (like ^ person)...

    To them, them blood blood...

    All kinds of different colors of text, silent and precisely described her as lightning mood.

    In this regard, the bear children missed the moment when the attack hit the head of a favorite snacks, then lead to the dried fish all fall into the belly of the Karp, I said, very guilty.

    In order to make up for it, this time in the sale, I also particularly hard.

    My rabbit in the food culture has a long history, referred to as "chowhound in" eat sliced or fine, originally like cooking dishes to me, please bear the child guilty, and certainly one...

    So ah ~ kizaru and general ghost spider will not first man's appetite, see two burly figure... In the kitchen to pay more attention on the quality and ignore the components of the dishes, enough to feed them?

    Also, they eat, what to eat Nana?

    Although a bit rude, than my son, two navy general or decisive side go,

    Kizaru general the shameless man, grab my child snacks is not enough, even going to dinner on? This kind of thing, how could I like his wish? Don't take the spatula direct hit out, has seen in his boss's face is Nana.

    Not to worry about the bear children will be narrow-minded kizaru difficulties, where I will be good to even small sumo wrestlers also prepared, also do not want to give Nana closer relationship with colleagues.

    Well, I admit the philistine.

    ............ Split line............

    At a quarter after six, the door came the sound lock on time.

    I put in the hands of the plate resting on the table, and then go back to see their own kids smiling face, the way behind her with a recent period has been Cengfan rub out of habit of small sumo wrestlers, energy-saving.

    Nana probe to look at the table, eyes a bit brighter, then she turned to the kitchen at the foot of a walk, step three Akira, back with the tinkling se taste, just popping up behind fluffy tail shake.

    Small micro wrestler red face, Yasukyo Keita, but has been changed by the way, "aunt."

    I greeted him to sit down, Nana from the kitchen Tanchunaodai, "wash your hands, to take a bowl." Small eyes stare at the young boys, ah ~ exceptionally polite tone.

    The wrestler but very happy, it suddenly turned around, radiant, quickly flash to Nana and I stared at the two together young people, want to just sit down, decided not to mix.

    The young man ~ sight elevation somewhat, I silently at the ceiling far away.


    The next meal was the guest of honor as Huan (adjective: Uh, what's wrong?).

    Estimation is near section time down there is no way to get too small uninvited sumo wrestler, Nana had to accept it and steal food to her, maybe even add some snacks to share friendship?

    In a word, the child does not have to bear on the table that anxious people threw out the black, occasionally, young boys pay special attention to a kind of dishes she love the red face and then give her food, she also took the way to respond to a smile.

    Anyway, the interaction of two children, I am very pleased to see.

    Good atmosphere on the table until the end, midway stop a blue blue phone in small snail who knows where sumo wrestlers came.

    The boys put in the hands of the bowl and pick out the call Huan snail, press.

    Blue blue sound stopped, the little snail up thin tentacles, liekai tiny white teeth, anthropomorphic expression of the metamorphosis... Uh ~ see my heart sank, and also let Nana smile faded a bit, look more serious.

    "Father." Small sumo wrestler, energy-saving tone is very respectful, and kind of shy to me is not the same, is obviously from the heart to respect and fear.

    "Peach ah ~" general kizaru voice is still so strange, paused, re opening tone... Get some bad words, "eat dinner? Mrs. Anna is enjoying cooking? "

    "Yeah, really good luck ah ~"

    "Originally want you to help me with dinner from the dining hall..." The telephone antenna snail's eyes, eyelids up high, a deputy in the blues like, "your father and I are hungry ah ~"

    "Uh" sumo wrestler, energy-saving glanced at me, "he seems to feel shy... That uh..."

    His speech was slurred, I raise the amount by half hand roll my eyes and then hands down, "in the kitchen preparing a meal, if you don't mind, please bring back under general kizaru."

    Pause a few seconds, the phone of the snail small eyes around the fish eye like glances over, "Yeah, how to face it."

    I'm a face of sincerity, "was originally prepared for you, no respect."

    The phone that snail or dead fish eye look, mouth grin radian but big, 'that I accepted. "

    A slight smoke, i... I almost didn't keep a gentle smile.

    The navy general I almost want to give him use unscrupulous divisive tactics, kneeling.

    How to say? While the family dinner time to call, through anthropomorphic Snail expression, along with tone, shining displeasure... If he is willing, he will open under estimation of dont know what to say.

    The highest executive leadership science department, take any excuse to give Nana wear shoes?

    In view of the bad record of this man, I think I still... The benefits to the point, or bear children outside him to bully.


    Next, small sumo wrestlers eat speed obviously accelerated, may be worried about his family's "hungry" hungry belly? His face no previous light, with little melancholy brow.

    Nana's face was also some bad, adding the accusation look at me suddenly: because I take her to hear a human to do, bear a child's face all unhappy.

    Before long, the end of the dinner.

    Small wrestlers spontaneously help clean up, and Nana together, the two children went to the kitchen and wash clean up the dishes, I sat on the sofa in the living room, listening to the kitchen of the movement, she felt happy.

    Kizaru will not do, the child of his family... At this time to rush home to help do this, my impression of small sumo wrestlers raises many points.

    The boys would do the housework and into the kitchen, uh ~ anyway, character is very good.

    For Nana and very patient, as the mother bear me, looking from the heart feel happy, at least than the military, smelly impish well?

    Don't look not very pretty, than ordinary higher than the top elite, in accordance with the mother-in-law's perspective, behoove is small wrestler for the family to bear children.

    Nana looks calm, in fact she is sensitive to my future son-in-law, patience, must not be a military elite that do not understand considerate two rude boys.

    Don't think I can not see ah ~ especially the izeh, pupils will only use the means of trying to bully girls attracted attention, no wonder Nana hate him.

    The Isawa dragon not encounter setbacks of the boys, met Nana, certainly not the trick, but the comet hit the earth.

    Because my son the nature of this she also awkward mensao.

    So ah ~ I am more optimistic about the small wrestler.

    Of course, er, mainly Nana's son-in-law, who bear children love, I won't care ~ Da


    Two children move quickly, clean up, clean up the restaurant, but also ten minutes to complete all.

    Two, I went into the kitchen and took out the things, the two side side to hamper insulation wandering very feel shy little sumo wrestler, explain the way:

    "There is a preparation for the ghost spiders will, uh ~ if meet to the adults, not even to Nana, when to eat supper."

    Although I think the probability of not meeting the ghost spiders at night, but... Two navy general Er ~ I can't call the personnel that favour one more than another, so that the heart is not happy.

    Of course, since a affectation considerate, good.


    My supper when human welfare was sent out, Nana was shrouded in an indignant aura, joint anger to small sumo wrestlers, oblique what eyes can fly out to fly.

    Time to send two children to go out, see their children face more and more black bear, I had to back out of the kitchen, a palm sized tin box from the cupboard, then walked back to the gate, to dawdle Nana.

    She took a look at the open, close the box mouth up.

    Rub in front of me not to play hide emotions bear children head, then smiled and watched two children walked down the stairs.

    The box is filled with candy, do it yourself, a bedtime story in Jinping sugar, Nana was very love, and dried fish and called love, then she eat bad teeth... Uh ~ I also did many years.

    Recently ~ me guilty... So the trick, as the year of the good effect.


    Standing in the doorway, I listened to the stairwell Deng dengdeng voice slowly away, until no longer hear it back sight, sighed and turned, shut the door.

    This is watched the children leave, after moving daily.

    Say, I really... Don't love kizaru general.

    Although it is clear that children grow up one day will leave, but still be angry.

    No other sound in the living room is open, so I don't want to do what, whether it is the home or do what all pass the time, or not the idea.

    Back to the sofa to sit down, just staring at the air.

    It took a long time for a long time before her, shook his head and went upstairs.


    Although the time is early, I still went to the bathroom and shower, put on a long sleeved pants back to the bedroom.

    Lift a quilt before bed, staring at the newly built specially good wall for five minutes in, is not to hold the quilt to sleep on the living room downstairs. After some hesitation, finally... Himself fell into the bed, wrapped tightly.

    A quilt, a head outside, I stared at the ceiling, trying to hypnotize yourself to sleep.

    The summer night is very hot, but...

    The next one can melt the walls of the red dog general, cause I must dress and say goodbye.

    Take the key to open the door to go home the kizaru general, let me not good sleep downstairs living room.

    Marin de Admiralty generals, is called the heart plug.

    If the next woke up, who broke into the... Oh ~ no what surprise.


    After much deliberation, I close my eyes.

    Today a day is enough ups and downs, so all wash off so early.

    What troubles are not asleep, really.


    Put his sleep up soon.

    Consciousness gradually...



    Daze... Daze...

    I like... Have a dream?

    I do not know how, and 00 pictures are strange scenes, intermittent, meaningless, I seem to see a lot of strange scenes, just across the veil, want to see what can't tell.

    The hazy Figure shaking, clearly in the very near the position of a voice can also listen to the partly hidden and partly visible, not clear what, more can't see who it is.

    I tried to concentrate, trying to see Chu near the face...

    The threads of fog barrier vision...

    Deep layers of gauze, that shadow moved, seems to reach out...

    Good hand, strong slender fingers, probing to him suddenly pop up...

    The fog dispersed behind the red fire and burning fever suddenly swept.


    I opened my eyes.

    Heart beat very quickly before the second residual in the mind mood spoil my trembling, panic and fear is boundless, deep deep hatred.

    Just... Why?

    Mouth like a goldfish hypoxia as fast breath, raising his hand to... Uh ~ I threw down, looking down from some fixed near the ground, took just partial head, looking up to the face.

    Just sleep, for, what, what, open my eyes I found myself hanging in midair. Hello?!

    Then, I like to the bag of rice caught in mid air the waist belt... Who?

    Head up, I tried to look up, then see a chin...

    There is a harsh smell of pursed mouth, semi naked to the waist, lead me across the pajamas affixed to the hot temperature, stuck in the waist sinewy arms, almost put me looking to spit out.

    Xu is aware of my actions, the master arm slightly lower face and my eyes to touch the positive.

    A face to face, he immediately returned to sight, to pay attention to the front.

    I wore all black line, stiffly twisted back to the same flat head, eyes, hard to see, then shocked:

    But sleep only, how open your eyes can see the flames? I can't sleep through time? This war devastated Marin clifford...

    On the top of the war?

    The Golden Lion attacks?

    Finally, whether it is running the wrong into the past or future scene, why sakazuki general Sakas Ki will be holding me ah!

    Who can tell me what happened?
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