The twenty-third chapter Witch of the pupil

    With a little time to digest the contents of the report under the head, a general reaction kizaru is his eyes silently drawn, almost without the brain asked, "Yeah, this is not a ghost spider to Naval Academy?"

    "Huh?" Under the face of a stay, "adult spider ghost will be?"

    "Yeah yeah, not what." Ask the back immediately after kizaru generals could not help raise the amount, look at this much in recent days, Mrs. Anna and the ghost spider two with touch occur chemical reaction, let him... Conditioned reflex, Barbara is called dumbfounding.

    A moment later, let's hand rub the forehead, kizaru up high eyelids, looked at in situ when subordinates want to sink a track, "said again after another, with the people who take her."

    "Yes, general Bolusalinuo." Wenyan, look under the micro whole, pausing for a few seconds, seems to be a plan to fight, then what will the opening sequence of events to report in detail:

    Seven forty-five this morning, Mrs. Anna arrive at the naval academy.

    Five minutes later, the Navy Department, responsible for urban defense forces, under the command of lieutenant general Situoluobeili membership, the sixth column arrived at the Naval Academy Medical Department tried to take Mrs. Anna.

    You find something, Mrs. Anna around the hidden protection officers immediately approached negotiations, get back:

    Two hours ago, between Clifford Town Street and Marin Liao wine business district, morning residents reported a lane corner for the murder scene, the patrol found a man rushed to a terrified occupants remain unconscious.

    Coma nearby rushed to the Naval Hospital, then confirm the status of two students age Chief Naval Academy, izeh.

    Frightened for street girl.

    The location of the ground walls, two survivors, both with large spray of blood, can not find the bodies of victims, the site is left intact female clothing.

    After identification, the Department of clothing belongs to the naval hospital nurse turnover, dolores.

    Slow response to outside street girl, after asking only said, "the black haired woman to eat." And after appease relieve, revealed another clue, and the way she has position, caught a glimpse of the depths of the alley mentioned inside, said a name, "Anna."

    Street girl confirmed that the time after midnight to midnight, she was over a coma, wake up call by nearby residents, soon rushed to the navy.

    J TORO Berry, under the command of the sixth column members according to the confession came to take Mrs. Anna to assist the incident investigation.

    Under the command of general kizaru assigned to protect Mrs. Anna with the staff after unsuccessful negotiations, Mrs. Anna will travel to J TORO Berry to protect the garrison, and connect the snail situation report.


    After listening, kizaru frowned, then got up, "Yeah, then I went to the bar"

    Most of the murder has nothing to do with the lady, street girl's testimony can not explain what, has a name, and other people in a coma after wake further confirmation will be able to come to light, just hiding nearby alerted defenders to deal with this matter is quite difficult.

    He said not only to a.

    Personally in the past, take a reason, in order to ensure the protection of staff in the future that lady moves smoothly.

    Anna, her Tibetan people directly under the kizaru arm, of course, that's not what the two public affair in private, but not long ago under the orders kizaru.

    Admiral kizaru, Bolusalinuo force directly, a month before the start in accordance with the command, select Elite Action Group of the former naval hospital nurse protection, the Navy medical room staff, Anna.

    General kizaru signed military orders, and the income of the highest level within the jurisdiction of the Admiral's secret archives, content:

    Mrs. Anna in Marin Clifford, do not disturb the normal life circumstances, secret protection of her personal safety.

    The protection of specific personnel command, not general kizaru precedent, it is a protective measure for military and naval special events among stakeholders.

    The big pirates era, the world situation is turbulent, due to personal hatred revenge innocent civilians. It is often seen., more shameless pirates wanton killing of Navy family vent hatred, Navy experience many unexpected sacrifice as a warning for the future, protection measures soon.

    The protection plan is navy families with some relatives, but not in the navy camp because of the cooperation of persons causing life-threatening.

    Get the protection of family safety, Admiral Sergeant did not menace from the rear and naval cooperation; and those people, life without worry, not because of the unexpected always go back.

    The protection project once produced, orders issued after the target person even in accordance with the situation for the arrangement of the new identity, leaving the original residence to the more secure secret island.

    Most Navy families are the beneficiaries, while leaving the family separated, but it had oversight to make both sides half the pain.

    The navy camp experienced too many similar tragedies, big pirates era opening, hit the hands of pirate families over the years also reached the peak, the most famous one is the original admiral, the black wrist Ze wife and son died of Pirates revenge.

    The tragedy that makes them admirals guide downhearted pain, and then make the navy camp lose rock pillar, also make the "protection plan" issued the final.

    Anna, her children Nana, all the audio listener, general kizaru and heavy future bud, the little girl's mother, also must be cautious.

    He signed the order, Mrs. protected, but the measures so far fewer people know better.

    The less people know, the safety factor is higher.

    Once the secret leaks, the chain reaction will be attracted around with Lady peep, her child will also become the focus of attention, then, the little girl growing road, there will be more twists and turns.

    Even... Navy camp have the voice of all listeners, it spread to the outside, coveted and coveted, even malicious envy, numerous conspiracy will follow.

    The little girl's coveted qualification, that some people tried to bring people away from the naval camp.

    Malicious envy, but will try for the child to destroy her.

    In this world, what kind of people have.

    At the Navy Department for many years, he saw the dark side, roll in the more familiar schemes and intrigues, those under flow / means.

    So, the general kizaru from foolish not to luck.


    Fly to the electro-optical flint mind, he went round the office position, neither too fast nor too slow toward the exits. While walking, while stopping my head.

    What is the place where there is strange, kizaru will really remain perplexed despite much thought.

    The lady in the Marin de ten years of living are safe and well, how... This short period of time, her accident can add up to a performance of ups and downs of the drama?

    What is that lady is wrong, or the Navy headquarters and she has associated generals? Or... The lady only when they met the Admiral around killing frequently?

    With the end gas, kizaru glanced behind the subordinate, and chuckled, "Yeah, you go to see J TORO Berry, he said..."

    Listen to his words, was a strange "subordinate, general Bolusalinuo..." A hesitant speech was slurred, "but... According to your word, that sort of thing..."

    "Yeah yeah, never mind." Kizaru smiled to him that his subordinates were confidant, so he is just some other take account of "Anna is his secret lover" this excuse to perfunctory Situoluobeili will better open protection plan, and let the girl early attention good.

    A pool of muddy the waters, that elusive me ~

    Not to mention... He was on the lady... Impure thoughts.


    Frank decided, after the general kizaru face was a confidant of ignoring the pit father's face, her fingers rubbing and laughs research jaw, hidden strange, "believe that Mrs Anna won't mind."

    He is in the protection of the little girl ah ~ or with him, general kizaru reputation.

    If it would be better to it as a false thing becomes true, although too early, but the rainy day ~ me

    The opportunity is for those who are prepared, isn't it?


    Campbell went to the office door, kizaru stature and suddenly pause, gaze at the office door, just open mouth pale complexion as usual smile a little, "Yeah, well."

    His voice down, keep the outdoor speaker informed the guards then, "aokiji will visit, will Bolusalinuo."

    "Yeah," turned towards the subordinates, lift his chin, and received a confidant kicked out of the office of kizaru, standing in a few seconds to waltz back.

    Aokiji, cousin.

    This morning visit a class action, it really is... Afford much food for thought。

    Walked to the corner office sofa guests there, kizaru heavy body seats, hands into the steeple, the time waiting for visitors to appear.


    A little while, a moment ago closed the door again opened, aokiji were slowly walked in.

    "Oh ~ no tea?" The top of a face look undisciplined fell into the kizaru opposite position, lazy general Liao high eyelids, vague and hit a yawn.

    "Breakfast is not completely digested ~" Chi hum a, kizaru to say what equivocate words, the opening cut, "Yeah, you were short ah ~ I'm in a hurry."

    Kizaru will certainly know, certainly not to colleagues to tea, although often sleeping in a general meeting, but were not really an idle man, Admiral aokiji responsibility, were never wrong.

    So ah ~ like "what the wind blow today?" The only work in the boundless greeting, general kizaru now will be able to avoid it, he is really in a hurry to go to there ah ~ J TORO Berry

    Let's first step, he will have to explain it as soon as possible in the past, so no one would believe him personally, the lady can be free in the fastest time.

    She is thin shy timid, she stayed long interrogation room where that place?

    If those interrogators ferocious attitude frighten her, let her like that night a recurrence of how to do?

    Think of the lady covered with bruises lying in the medical department remain unconscious appearance, kizaru changed posture, then reduce a patient, just look but see across the sofa colleagues eccentric silence.

    Aokiji general atmosphere is still sluggish, with eyes... It is difficult for the melancholy.

    Slightly yellow eyes twinkle, ape but did not open, keep the ears look, quietly waiting.


    Two with the rank of general of a silent.

    Every meeting, aokiji hand bamboo rake hair, hesitate to open, "the medical department without their chief executive Greg, who has severe infection..."

    "Are you looking for Greg?" Kizaru brow jump to see fellow eyes suddenly a few silk speculation, thought, and suddenly wake up, "easy? The naval hospital came the bad news to you?"

    Izeh, the second grade students in one of the Chief Naval Academy, an accident in the morning before the parties remain unconscious, kizaru also reported that people in the navy to subordinate hospital...

    Aokiji cousin will come to him, and that severe infection?

    After a moment, the mind sharp, kizaru squinted at 1:00, "he infected?"

    The only way to understand not?

    Aokiji can not only remain unconscious, to mention infection and rather baffling.

    That kid is izeh aokiji early aquaintance's child, the dead and his generals were deep friendship, lost his father, his mother married again and start a new life, has sent cousin side by hand raising teaching.

    The Navy Department similar to the many children, kizaru certainly know, because he himself grew up watching younger war peach pill, is also a similar situation?

    Just don't expect such twists and turns.

    Uninvited colleagues, even for help.

    Severe infection science department secret test venue strange turn and details have been reported, the Navy top generals but also clear, and severe infection are rehabilitation.

    Isawa is a new infection, then aokiji is bound to come to the first science department.

    Just... Unidentified virus is not a specific area on the island Saishener exist? If the new infected Marin Clifford, the consequences will be a terrible!

    Because of that, the previous conclusion will be overturned, the Navy will be unable to accurately judge the Marin islands Clifford range, which some people infected.


    Early work of bad news on the heels of kizaru will suddenly very melancholy.

    A short silence after aokiji were re opening, he broke the remaining few strands of luck, "our situation is the naval hospital doctor Stokes make a diagnosis."

    "Yeah, really bad ah ~" first sighed, continued kizaru looking forward to colleagues in the eyes slightly, "as soon as possible to that kid to science department."

    The Department of Naval Hospital, chief physician Stokes during the surgery, some time ago the Ministry of martial law, Stokes participated in the study and treatment of action of the alteration caused by the virus symptoms appear quite familiar with, the probability of misdiagnosis is minimal.

    Since the identification of infection, has of course to be sent to the Ministry of science.

    But... Thought, kizaru sight up somewhat, decided to let colleagues some psychological preparation, "science department did not accurate treatment plan."

    That kid may finally be healed, but any change, but can not control the science department, because... Today, the city and severe infection situation is not the same.

    Severe infection before getting better, the body close to the critical point of corruption, a step away from death, is indeed due to the king of color and began rehabilitation, or it is the human immune system response in the worst case, the truth can make nothing of it.

    The Ministry of science cannot make accurate experimental data obtained the conclusion.

    Nana... After awakening, the little girl because of mental instability, her domineering temporarily into the dormant period.

    Let's just say has sent to the science department, he had to struggle for a period of time.

    Of course, this kind of thing, kizaru will also really do not know how to explain to you and colleagues, talk ambiguously.


    Aokiji were silent for a while, but pick pick, "no exact solutions, but can life without worry?"

    Get the yellow monkey look sure and shrugged, restore Lanlansansan expression, "ah ~ tortuous process, the result was good, Bolusalinuo words you use such habits or equivocate."

    "Yeah, respect must be cautious empirical." Kizaru stand stand hand, he is the supreme commander of the science department, where can even have the correct attitude? He and aokiji two people worked together for many years, both sides have a deep understanding of nature, some things don't need to say too clearly.

    To reach a consensus, two navy generals on their lax, a touch out of pocket sleep nose bubbles straight take phone snail, it ordered the naval hospital there directly to send a hands-on, toss tea tray, began to take care of late guests tea.

    A moment later, aokiji kizaru to end the call, tea was pushed to the front of his colleagues, generals and other lazy picked up the glass, he poured himself a cup of tea to his mouth, and sip, then lowered her eyes.

    Aokiji brings bad news, let kizaru change his mind to stay in office for new infections from, and as far as J TORO Berry goes, he believed that his henchmen in the past, even with the investigation, the Navy trial that, no one dare not look to the lady.

    I say "to cooperate with the investigation", because just colleagues give news, the emergence of new infections, the severity of the murder this morning to make instant upgrade.

    This is to say the general kizaru, even if their navy headquarters in the Warring States marshal, does not have the power to immediately bail for the lady, unless she has a perfect alibi to overthrow.

    And after midnight last night, but the lady alone in the dormitory admiral, her daughter Nana, staff of Ministry of science and whereabouts record records, Nana last night all night did not coincide with the whereabouts of the lady.

    So, this is for general kizaru that she felt unbelievable.

    If all accidents compiled files, believe... Anyone would think of her unusual works, simply called the emergency magnet, said she was innocent who believed?

    But she is innocent.

    Do not understand the real situation that Mrs. kizaru, he will be the first time she would be a suspect.

    Even if the survey has nothing to do with her, I believe it... The lady will inevitably feel very strange.

    Because it is too coincidence, recently, pieces of the accident, or directly or indirectly, must be with the lady pulls a link, this is not her bad luck to explanation.

    It is part of the Navy and the lady field problem.

    This strange situation in the world are rare, there must be what reasons cannot be learned.


    Quietly go for a moment, kizaru will slow down, and slowly drank tea, sold again picked up the teapot was re filled, homeopathy as colleague with a cup, two eyes touched and staggered, but there is no who speak.

    Pick up the hands of small tea, have put it to her lips, then kizaru will hear the office door, hurried to return under the sound of "general Bolusalinuo!"

    "Yeah, what?" The hand movement meal, kizaru turned.

    He spoke after the office door opened, previously brought to life's stand outside, look...

    Look under a yellow eye, ape brow slightly stirred suddenly feel will, quite strange, his henchmen face sleepwalking, as Neptune class expression is flying in the sky...

    A little time interval, looked at the subordinate temporarily do not wake up, kizaru and on the opening, "Yeah, things done?"

    He asked, kizaru will side silently in my heart surprised to know that he is not Situoluobeilike factions, where good talk to his henchmen to neat solution to the problem?

    "Ah ~ Bolusalinuo general..." God back just under the elevation of eyes, like "Sakas Ki's tone balderdash, personally call Situoluobeili will command the sixth column."

    Not long ago it was a pit under the father, now exposed see Neptune class flying bitter expression, "Red Dog generals confirmed that Mrs. Anna was in the bedroom, the murder occurred when she was in bed."


    Poof - aokiji were sprayed with instant tea.

    "........." General kizaru brow suddenly violent convulsions, almost speechless.

    In the bedroom, on the bed... Whether he should cast aside his colleagues, general sakazuki misnomer? It should be first proved innocent by sympathy, Anna directly to discredit the reputation?

    Sakas Ki's testimony was... As the admiral, even without using the knowledge of color, they are extremely keen five sense, a special attention is not exist, even if undetected.

    Sakas Ki confirmed that after midnight he lived next to the lady have not disappeared, is irrefutable evidence of time.

    But... Sakas Ki's intention is really interesting ah ~

    What is intentional or intentional or intentional?!


    Aokiji were a tea spray rain, and began to cough.

    A general cough gaffe blush, almost accidentally threw a tea, a good half day just calm down a little bit, quickly put the glass on the table, while the hand pat chest SHUNQI, said stuttered, "ah ~ Sakas Ki? Not mistaken?"

    "Yeah, I suspect your ear trouble ~" kizaru will raise the amount of snappily directed fellow cold hum, "well, were you laugh, what to do with."

    So look, my colleagues Tucao certainly do not know where he surge high and sweep forward.

    Sure enough, his voice down, aokiji took the table laughing, "you Bolusalinuo... You and Sakas Ki... There is a ghost spider..."

    Lazy will laugh out of breath, for a long time, a little laughter stop while coughing and said, "the lady, her luck is that I don't know what to say"

    "Yeah, it is not good ah ~ at least after today, Mrs. Anna no longer need to worry about any rumors, really..." Sorry... Kizaru hums to smile a, Mi Mi eyes, the unhappy mood is fleeting.

    Yes, today, no navy headquarters any more about the rumors of mrs..

    Because of a stir in the two generals, no one would believe.

    It is the world's first beauty, never lost a breath in two, not to mention, entranced, ghost spiders, Sakas Ki, and he, in the past three individual woman taste no resemblance.

    As in the past Sakas Ki means simply andpowerful.

    Their general red dogs ah ~ really is... Keep quiet can be scary.

    Deliberately take ignorance is not clear because to actually solve the recently gathered around Anna and the care of the lady tattle and prate, and refused to call her, and Sakas Ki exactly what she... The past?

    It is strange.

    According to the performance of Sakas Ki, kizaru believe there is news, between his colleagues and Mrs. Anna, but he could not find, the lady of the experience of crystal clear, only fuzzy that year, Sakas Ki's whereabouts are a matter of record.

    Two no matter what does not exist in the intersection.

    Really strange.
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